The High Seas

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  1. Katrina stood behind the wheel of The Scarlet Night as she steered it towards the port with ease. A grin was plastered against her lips as she shouted orders to the crew below her. She was captain, she was finally captain. Katrina turned to her first mate saying, "Take over will ya? I'm goin' down to my cabin."

    She quickly descended the stairs, throwing open the door that led into her room. Maps, clothes, and jewels were scattered across the young captain's room but she didn't seem to mind. She pulled out her sword as she began examining it. Next to her sat a small bottle of rum, she shrugged to herself picking it up and taking a large gulp. Returning her attention back to the sword, she thought of her father and what the sword had gone through. It had gone through several battles, and a revolution, needless to say the sword in her lap had more history than her old man.

    The young woman had grown up in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father was rich and filled with pride, especially for the prospects of his only daughter. She came from old money but only a few on her ship knew that. Many assumed she was the daughter of one of the infamous pirate lords, but no that wasn't the case at all. She was married to one of the most feared pirate's in the sea. He was the son of the most powerful of the Lord's. Their parent's had arranged their marriage in hopes of resulting in a peace between the families. Sadly, the young bride and groom hadn't spoken since their wedding night and probably never would again.
    Now that Katrina thought of it, maybe, she should write him. After all, he's the reason she was captain of the Scarlet Night. The ship had been his father's before he passed it to her. She remembered the aging man's chuckle when she approached him demanding for his ship. Eventually though, with courage and learning what she needed to survive, the man did hand over his ship even if rightfully the ship was his son's but did he really have to know it was in the hands of his wife?

    One of the crew member's barged into her cabin but before Katrina could yell at the burly man, he all but shouted, "Cap'n, you need to see this."

    Katrina stood from her seat at her desk walking out to the main deck as her breath caught in her throat. In front of her, already docked, was the all but familiar ship. It was the ship that took her away from everything she knew. It was the ship that sent pain straight to her heart. It was the ship that her husband commanded.
  2. Logan was busy plotting the course of their next voyage when his mate knocked on the door "captain, you need to see this." Logan stood up and made his way to the deck of the widowmaker. When he reached the deck his mouth dropped in shock as he saw the ship he never thought he would see again. It was the scarlet night, the ship his wife commanded.