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  1. Katrina stood behind the wheel of The Scarlet Night as she steered it towards the port with ease. A grin was plastered against her lips as she shouted orders to the crew below her. She was captain, she was finally captain. Katrina turned to her first mate saying, "Take over will ya? I'm goin' down to my cabin."

    She quickly descended the stairs, throwing open the door that led into her room. Maps, clothes, and jewels were scattered across the young captain's room but she didn't seem to mind. She pulled out her sword as she began examining it. Next to her sat a small bottle of rum, she shrugged to herself picking it up and taking a large gulp. Returning her attention back to the sword, she thought of her father and what the sword had gone through. It had gone through several battles, and a revolution, needless to say the sword in her lap had more history than her old man.

    The young woman had grown up in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father was rich and filled with pride, especially for the prospects of his only daughter. She came from old money but only a few on her ship knew that. Many assumed she was the daughter of one of the infamous pirate lords, but no that wasn't the case at all. She was married to one of the most feared pirate's in the sea. He was the son of the most powerful of the Lord's. Their parent's had arranged their marriage in hopes of resulting in a peace between the families. Sadly, the young bride and groom hadn't spoken since their wedding night and probably never would again.
    Now that Katrina thought of it, maybe, she should write him. After all, he's the reason she was captain of the Scarlet Night. The ship had been his father's before he passed it to her. She remembered the aging man's chuckle when she approached him demanding for his ship. Eventually though, with courage and learning what she needed to survive, the man did hand over his ship even if rightfully the ship was his son's but did he really have to know it was in the hands of his wife?

    One of the crew member's barged into her cabin but before Katrina could yell at the burly man, he all but shouted, "Cap'n, you need to see this."

    Katrina stood from her seat at her desk walking out to the main deck as her breath caught in her throat. In front of her, already docked, was the all but familiar ship. It was the ship that took her away from everything she knew. It was the ship that sent pain straight to her heart. It was the ship that her husband commanded.

    {Okay, so jump in as her husband, first mate, crew member, something. :3 }
  2. William was in his quaters looking at his charts on his desk, mapping where to sail to next. He stood and started to walk to his chest near his bed to get a bottle of rum. As he walked, noticed how badly the wood floor creaked. He laughed and looked up at the ceiling. "Your getting old, Vera" he spoke to the ship as if it was alive. Before he reached his chest, someone knocked his door.

    "Come in" William said. His first mate John walked in. As John opened his mouth, William interrupted asking "Is the ship prepped to sail". "No, sir" John responded. "Then why are you here?" William asked with annoyance in his voice. He wanted to leave port as soon as possible. "Ehh...I think your- Just come to the main deck" John stuttered as he walked out. A look of confusion came on his face as he followed behind.

    As he came up on the deck, John pointed in a direction. When William turned, he was shocked. His eyes wide open as he observed what was docking to port. Scarlet! , he thought himself. Seconds later, his face of shock changed to anger. "Katrina" he murmured. "John, our original schedule will have to be postponed" he said. "Sir?" John responded. "I have to pay a visit to my wife" William said as he made hisvway back his quaters to change his clothes.
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  3. Katrina couldn't do anything but stare. She reached out to the nearest crew member, gripping their shoulder tightly. The young captain could feel her legs going out on her. She knew their contact would be inevitable, so what could she possible say? William would have her head. She had taken his ship from him and right from under his nose at that. It wasn't her fault, though, that he wouldn't attend his father's funeral. Katrina had been with the gruff old man up until his final breath, so that meant she got the ship right? William was off somewhere terrorizing the female population she assumed, so she took the ship. Who else would? Scarlet wasn't meant to sit in the docks of New Orleans, wasting away to the environment. The beautiful ship was meant to be cutting through the waves towards her next adventure. Katrina had only hoped the two ships would never be reunited.

    "Cap, ya okay?" Katrina's eyes looked down at Charlie. He was her gunman and her closest friend. They had known each other for years now and he had been the one to stay by her side after her marriage practically ended. Her light storm grey eyes looked back over at Vera as she whispered, "Looks like the two women from the old man's life are finally reunited." Charlie gave his captain an inquisitive look, not understanding what she was saying until he looked at the ships already docked. It didn't take him long to put two and two together, "I'll pull the trigger myself, if you can't."

    Katrina shook her head, "No, I have to do this alone. William and I have some catching up to do." About that time, her ship docked and she left the ship as quick as she could. She charged over to Vera, but halted in her tracks as she realized what she was doing. Katrina only hoped that she wouldn't be dead by the time the sun set.
  4. William walked back to his quarters. Turning to his bed, he walked over to grab his sword and coat that laying on it. As he put on his coat. He grabbed his holster and pistols off the desk. As he was loading ammo into them, John walked in. "You're going in alone?" he asked. "My wife may be a thief, but she is certainly not a killer", William responded. He put one pistol in the holster on his side and the other in his waist. "But if anything does happen to me, you sink her." William stated as he turned to walk out the door. "I rather see The Scarlet Night at the bottom of the ocean than in hands of a thief. Especially one that was suppose to be loyal to me", he said with anger as strolled out onto the deck. He wondered why she would be at a port in Tampa Bay. Maybe he'll find out soon enough. On the deck, he noticed Katrina running over to the ship. He chuckled to himself, thinking how anxious she might be. He noticed she stopped half-way on the port. William walked off his ship and strolled confidently towards Katrina. The look on her face was amusing to him.

    "Whats wrong, dear? Not happy to see me? Don't you miss your husband?" he spoke with smug tone and a devilish grin. "You look well", he then looked over at The Scarlet Night, "She looks like you've been treating her well." He turned back to Katrina and slowly paced toward her. He opened his arms as he moved closer. "Its been years, too long. No affection for husband?" he said as he smirked teasing her, asking for a hug.
  5. Katrina would have ran into his arms if she would have been naive, but she knew this man. She folded her arms across her chest, shaking her head. The young woman couldn't help but to scoff at his teasing, "I assumed you would have a gun to my head by now, not asking for a hug. Are you going soft on me, William?" She raised a slender eyebrow as she took a step towards him. She kept her hand on the hilt of her sword, not daring to take any risks with him around. She tossed her dark locks of her shoulder, pointing a finger at him, "You know these are my waters. Did your father not write to you before his death? Wait, I forgot, you didn't even show up at the funeral. Did you even know he was dead?" Katrina placed a hand on her chest in mockery of him. That was one thing she never understood, how could he not show up at his father's funeral? She was there for her father-in-law, even after her husband abandoned her. Which in all honesty, she would have abandoned herself too. Sighing, she cocked her head to the side as she studied him. It had been years since their departure, but to her he hadn't changed at all. He was still the devilishly handsome man she had so naively fallen for, which who wouldn't? He had power, money, the looks...But there was more than that right? Maybe not to the common whore or Katrina herself, but it didn't take long for the charm to wear off.

    Katrina took another step closer, boldly closing space between them. She didn't know why she took the step, but it happened anyways. She wanted to challenge him after all these years. After all the last time he had seen her, she would have still been considered a lady. Now she wasn't sure what to call herself. She kept her crew in order, perhaps with her womanly ways rubbing off, but she was still a pirate in nature. Taking a deep breath in, Katrina glanced away not wanting to look at him any longer.
  6. William shrugged his shoulders and chuckled at her comment. "I thought we would be....civil on this, uh, occasion" he mocked at her. He noticed she had her hand on the hilt of her sword. He felt almost compelled to challenge her from this gesture. When she commented about her owning the waters, William tried his hardest from busting out in laughter, though he quietly chuckled. When she mention his father, his chuckling stopped as a blank expression came across his face as the hate for his father began to swirl though his mind. He stared at her for a few seconds, "Don't get cheeky." he responded. He felt somewhat insulted by her. He was also upset because after year of no communication, she was able to offend, and he is rarely offended by anyone's scrutiny. It was nostalgic to William to see she still had the same witty arrogance as before, which was one the traits she had that he fancied. The fact that she was even a captain was also appealing and sparked his curiosity. One of the most feared pirates and in a matter of seconds, he felt somewhat weak and confused. He hadn't really thought about her in the years of separation and yet he still had some affection to her. It was annoying to him. She took a step forward and turned away from him, but he still continued to talk

    "Were talking about the present and how you ARE going to give me my ship" he said in a demanding tone. He already assumed what she would say, but he wanted to antagonize her even more. It was entertaining to him. It was almost like a game in his mind. Still, he goal was to get The Scarlet Night which rightfully belonged to him
  7. "You and I civil? That'd be a sight I'd like to witness." Katrina shook her head at his statement. Did they even understand the word civil? They all but had to spit out their vows. She wasn't sure how she got through the wedding without slapping him. She was fairly positive he didn't remember her name on that day, but she knew his. She knew his last name better than anything about him. It had been something she had been trying to hide for years. Katrina wouldn't dare let anyone know she was tied to her father or William. For the young captain, this was easier said than done. Her blue hues darted up to his face, searching for his bluff. He wouldn't try to take her ship, would he? His father had given it to her, perhaps in spite, but it was still hers. For four long years she had taken care of the ship. This was the ship she learned everything she knew on. This was the ship where she took over the crew. Some of the crew even believed her to be the long lost sister of William, not his long lost wife. Would he dare challenge her in such a way? She knew he would. His ego was bigger than the universe, and even that was an understatement.

    Katrina unsheathed her sword, pointing it at his throat, "The Scarlet Night is my ship. She has been under my command for four years, my dear William. I would rather die than see her in your hands."
  8. William didnt even flinch when she pointed the sword at his throat. A devilish grin came across his face and he coldly stared into her eyes. "You must have forgotten who I am" he said with anger in tone. "You think I fear death? I am a walking agent of death" he said as he walked closer until her sword was pressing against his throat. "Go head, do it. Kill me and see if you'll live to tell the tale." His hand was ready to reach for the pistol in his holster.

    He had a manic look on his face. He enjoyed killing and the prospect of death. Also, he already ordered his firstmate to sink The Scarlet Night if he was killed. He was more than likely watching from the Vera. William wanted to test Katrina to see if she would actually risk the ship just to kill him. If she did, he would please him knowing that ship will be at the bottom of port
  9. Katrina knew she couldn't kill him. She didn't know who it would hurt worse, her or him. In all honesty, and something Katrina wouldn't admit, she did admire him and perhaps at one time believed she could love him. With her navy colored eyes lowered away from his own, she pulled her sword away from his throat. She slipped it back into its sheath, a scowl on her face. He irritated and angered her to no end. Standing on her toes, she pointed her finger at his nose, "This is between me and you. You will do nothing to harm my crew or my ship. If you sink my ship, I sink yours. Scarlet and Vera can spend the rest of eternity together on the sea floor."
  10. He continued to stare at her while she contemplated her choices, hoping she'd be stupid enough to try to kill him. As she pulled her sword away, he lightly chuckled. "Smart move" he said as he moved his hand away from his holster. He was pleased by her irritated expression in her response. He really wanted her to fall for his manipulation. Even though she didn't, he still was pushing her. He would continue to "persuade" her through his coercive games

    Although Vera had enough firepower to sink Scarlet, he knew that Scarlet had an equivalent amount to sink Vera. Losing 2 of his ships wasn't a positive outcome for him. "You and me, huh? Well, the more I stand here debating with you, the more I get tempted to just sink Scarlet and harm your oh so precious crew. So, how's about we talk terms over dinner, just you and me? Or you can refuse and we all just die here." He turned his back to her and faced Vera. "I must tell you though, I have no problem with the second option" He said as he raised his hand to his firstmate John, overlooking from the deck. John's yell echoed from Vera as its crew readied its canons to fire. All they waited for was William's signal and all he waited for was Katrina's reply.
  11. Katrina raised her eyebrow as he mentioned dinner. Was he going to try to sweet talk her? What was his angle? She couldn't figure it out, but she knew there was no way she'd be talking terms with him over dinner. She'd rather them settle terms right there. Smirking, Katrina raised her hand, mimicking William's own motion, as she turned around to look at Charlie and her first mate. Her first mate, Liam, knew exactly what the very young captain was thinking the moment she raised her hand. He had been watching Vera from the deck of Scarlet and knew just what William was about to do. Liam shouted to Katrina's crew to prepare their own cannons. She looked back to William, grinning devilishly, "I will agree to going to dinner with you, but on one condition, we have dinner on my ship. If not then I guess both Vera and Scarlet can sit together in port for all eternity. I'm sure they have lots of catching up to do."

    Katrina wasn't sure if William would accept her proposal, but she felt much safer on her ship. She'd have Charlie and Liam to watch her back. She wasn't confident in going head to head with William, if it came to that. She did value her life after all. She placed her hand onto the hilt of her sword, taking a daring step towards him. Her blue eyes met his as she looked up at him. At one time she felt herself falling for him, but in that moment she found herself naive and stupid. How could she ever love such a monster? She had been barely sixteen when they had gotten married, and now she was nearing her twenty-first birthday. So much had changed in so little time. She only wondered just how much about William had changed.
  12. The sounds of the crew of Scarlet readying their guns caught William's attention. He slight turned his head toward Scarlet and looked from the corner of his eye, watching its guns point to Vera. A smirk came across his face. He didn't expect her to so bold against him. William turned back to Katrina. "On YOUR ship" he chuckled, "Still forgetting whose ship it really is." he paused for a few seconds and stared into her eyes. "We wouldn't be alone on Scarlet. We may be in a room, but I'll till be surrounded by your crew. This not alone."He said he shook his finger with sarcastic tone. He turned toward the town and smiled, "We're at a port with settlement. I'm sure there is some establishment here that serves food. How about that instead?" He turned his head back to her. "If not, you might as well give your crew the signal right now" shrugging his shoulders. "If yes, we go back to our ships, put away our weapons, and find a place to sit, eat, and talk. Can a husband not ask this of his wife?" he asked, slightly mocking her.

    Though he'd been in worst situations, he didn't want to be on a ship full of people too anxious of him. Though it would have been amusing to him, it wouldn't have been smart move. William can tell that she was uneasy around him, but he needed her to be away from ship so she would focus on him alone. He thought it would be the alone way to persuade her without trying to kill her. Deep down, he didn't want to harm her. He still cared for her, even when they married in their youth, but his ambitions came first. As a result, he never focused on her even though he wanted to. It was almost sickening to himself that he, a person of his sort of reputation, felt some guilt.

    He abandoned her, concentrating on his goals, but he was only 18. He was living in the shadow of his father's legacy who didn't care for him. Who saw William as competition and treated him like a burden. It was like this since his mother passed when he was just an infant. All he wanted to do was to out do his father, his true enemy. He almost damned his own family name, for people only thought of Gerald Black when they heard the name Black. Now, at 23 years of age, William Black is one of the feared most names. The only thing now that would make him feel complete is to captain his father's ship, The Scarlet Night. Ofcourse he wouldn't tell William about his health and would even leave it to Katrina, still spiting William in death. Thinking about it, William hated and admired this move by his father. He admired it because it was smart. Leaving his ship to the one person William left, knowing she wouldn't give it to him, and making it more personal because it was William's wife. William hated it because it his father never let up his dislike toward him, even on death bed.
  13. Katrina lowered her hand, calling to her crew, "Lower the cannons." She wouldn't attempt at sinking Vera. It was a bluff, but she wished he would have fallen for it. It appeared to her that she would have to fall into his hand to figure out what he wanted. Taking in a deep breath, she nodded, "Very well. I'll agree to dinner as long as my first mate can come with us. John is welcome to come as well, that is your first mate's name correct?" For Katrina it felt like centuries since their wedding night, but she remembered her husband's first mate very clearly. She had found his looks rivaling his captain's, but there was always something about William that she liked more. She couldn't pinpoint it, but it was something special. Katrina wanted to scoff at her own thoughts, the captain special? What had they slipped into her morning rum? Or perhaps it was the rum itself...

    Shaking her head, Katrina held out her hand, "Do we have a deal, love?" The word love slipped out quicker than she could take it back. Katrina didn't know why she called him love, it was only a term she used on people when she cared for them. If Katrina wasn't careful, then William would see the confliction in her eyes. The older captain already had the upper hand, and he certainly could tell her discomfort, but she needed just a small amount of leverage. She didn't know what it would be, perhaps her ship and crew, but she knew neither of them would like the outcome of their meeting.

    Katrina knew she didn't hate William. In her eyes, there were still many admirable traits she could find within him. Even if many of them were deep down and hidden away from prying eyes. They knew each other, or at least she believed they did. They knew the ticks that set the other off, perhaps a downside to them being married so young. As young as they were, they weren't stupid. The moment Katrina met William, she tried to find what set him off in hopes of him leaving her, she just didn't know it would hurt as bad as it did. Their constant bickering and fighting had brought them closer, and it had brought Katrina to where she was today. If William had never left, she'd have the Scarlet Night, but as his wife and not as its captain. Other than his old man, she didn't see William as the captain. She only saw the ghost of the old man and herself manning the wheel. William would have to fight with her until her dying breath if he ever believed he would call himself the captain of the Scarlet night. Katrina could only hope her last breath wouldn't come tonight over dinner.
  14. William was surprised she'd remember John. Him and John were bestfriends since they were kids and were practically like brothers, but he didn't think she'd care enough to remember. Even so, he didn't want anyone else coming along. This slightly confused William as well. She was so adamant about not involving the crew, yet she wanted her first mate to come along. Also, after she called him love, William concluded that she was uneasy and conflicted. At first he thought she was mocking him, but the uncertainty in her face proved otherwise. Still, he wanted be completely alone with her.

    "You must not understand the definition of the word alone. Am I really that menacing? " he asked jokingly, grinning at her. He sighed and folded his arms. "Look, I have no intention of killing you and if I recall your the one who foolishly started the threats by drawing your sword at me. If anything I should be worried. " he said mocking her. His lackadaisical tone and attitude showed he really didn't fear her.
  15. "William, I am not an idiot. I understand the word alone, but yes, you really are that menacing. I have no reason to trust you and I know my crew doesn't trust you enough to leave me alone with you." Katrina knew that was partially a lie. Her crew didn't trust her skills to leave her alone with any other captain, especially William. She also didn't want them to know her true relation to the feared William Black. A few believed she was a Black herself, but she knew even they had their doubts. Katrina let her eyes drift up to Liam's who gave her a small nod. Taking a deep breath, Katrina nodded, "Fine, I will have dinner with you, alone." She didn't know what finally made her agree, but she wouldn't leave herself completely unprotected. She would get Liam and Charlie to follow them to whereever William chose. Running her fingers through her hair, she added, "Shall I dig out on of my old dresses for tonight?" It was funny to her now to think of herself in a dress. She couldn't remember the last time she had worn one. Hell she couldn't remember if she still had one on the ship, well she did have one. She just didn't believe a wedding dress was appropriate for dinner.
  16. William laughed at her comment. He almost took it as a compliment. "Trust? Oh, you already have chosen to trust me as soon as you left the Scarlet and approached me. You didn't even realize" William responded to her with haste. He spoke with confidence because he knew he was correct. If she didn't trust him enough to confront face-to-face, she would have never left the ship.

    William smiled when she agreed to go alone. He thought he would have to convince her more before she agree. When she commented about her dresses, William responded "It would be a pleasure, my dear" with a posh accent as he bowed. He was being cocky, feeling some satisfaction that he persuaded her. "I'll go back to my ship and uh....unarm myself, then we can make ourselves into town, yea?"
  17. "Unarm yourself? Wow. I see we've moved to a more civilized approach. I believed you to still be barbaric." Katrina curtsied to the best of her ability in her pants before turning on her heel going back to the ship. She ran her fingers through her hair, wondering the last time she had washed it. Had it been yesterday or last week? She wasn't positive, but that didn't matter. She had to tell her crew that she was having dinner with William, their former captain's son.


    "There is no way in bloody hell you're going to have dinner with that maniac!"

    "Do you wish to be killed, cap?"

    "You met his father, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

    Katrina pinched the bridge of her nose as she stared at the men in front of her. They had been ranting for at least twenty minutes on how crazy William was. She couldn't blame them, but still, she was the captain. Raising her pistol in the air, she fired it, finally gaining their attention, "Shut it! Just shut up you bloody idiots! None of you are my father and I am going to go and have dinner. Wait up for me for all I care. I can take care of myself. I am the damned captain of this ship after all." Katrina stomped past them as she growled at their mutterings of apologies. Letting out a long breath, she closed the door to her cabin. Looking at the bucket in the corner, she realized Liam or Charlie must have left it there for her to bathe. Those two men had to be the most civilized pirates on all the seven seas, but they also understood their captain was a woman. She couldn't so easily let go of her womanly ways.

    It didn't take long for Katrina to bathe and dry her hair to the best of her ability. Quickly she worked her fingers through it, deciding to let it dry to the harsh wind outside. If she knew William, she imagined he was pissed that she was almost an hour late, but she couldn't really care all that much. She opened the trunk at the foot of her bed, looking through old memories. They stung, but she would suck it up, she couldn't let William see her in that state. Finally! She held the satin dress in her hands like she had won the biggest prize in the world. Katrina could remember the day she had gotten this dress, it had been a present from her father-in-law. He had said she could always use it when going into port, not everyone would be so accepting as a woman as captain. Shaking the memory from her head, she slipped on the blood red dress turning to look at herself in the mirror. It had been so long since she had looked like a woman.

    Walking out onto the deck, Katrina couldn't help but to blush at the gasps from the crew. She handed her sword over to Charlie, asking, "Watch her for me?"

    Charlie kissed Katrina's cheek, nodding, "Always."

    Katrina smiled up at him before walking down onto the docks where she assumed William would be waiting.
  18. " I think you've been around my father too long" William responded. As he turned to walk back to his ship, he saw a small group of four fishermen near a fish stand. He asked them if they would like to barter for some goods. They agreed to and followed William onto Vera. As he boarded, he told the fishermen "Make your way to the cargo room, see if you like anything." He ordered one of his crew to lead them down. John then walked over and asked "What happened?" William turned, "We're having dinner", he responded bluntly. John was puzzled by this response, but he knew William had a good reason for every action. "Is there a plan?" John asked. William chuckled, "Oh, most definitely." William told him what he planned and what to do.

    William walked into his quarters. There was a large chest in the corner of the room. He walked over and opened it, buried underneath stacks of paper was a tailored overcoat, slacks, and shined boots. He had this outfit for times he needed to sneak his way into places of high class. As he groomed and dressed himself, he felt a bit nostalgic. The last time he dressed like this for Katrina was during their wedding, but William shrugged off this thought. He double checked himself before leaving the ship. As he left the ship, the four fishermen he invited on Vera were leaving with barrels. He bid them farewell and waited for Katrina at the dock

    About ten minutes later, William spotted Katrina coming off Scarlet. Even from afar, he was stunned by her beauty. He was mesmerized, staring at her as she walked closer to him. She was more beautiful then he had remembered her from all those years ago. He quickly tried to snap himself out of it, not wanting to show any weakness for her. When she was close enough he greeted her with a smile. "You look riveting, Katrina." he said looking into her eyes.
  19. Katrina couldn't help but to blush as he complimented her. She let her hair fall down into her face as she nodded, "Well flattery will get you no where, my dear William." She let her eyes wander as she looked at William. She would be lying if she didn't believe that he looked handsome. He was more than handsome. In her eyes, he could have been mistaken as a god, but she couldn't be thinking such foolish things. They were going to dinner, not to renew their vows. How could they be so civil with each other? Taking a step closer, she smiled, "You look nice, but I believe the look of a pirate suits you better." Her voice was soft as she spoke, as if she was treading on thin, but being so close to William she knew she very well could be. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she asked, "Are we ready?" She let her hands run over her dress as she tried to smooth it out. It was easy to see her hands were shaking out of nervousness. He made her more nervous than he should have. Blushing furiously now, she shook her head, "Sorry. Sorry." Why was she letting him get to her? All he had done was compliment her and she was already melting in his hand.
  20. "There is a fine line between flattery and honesty, my dear" he responded. Even though she tried to hide it, he noticed she was nervous. She still had the same shyness from the first time he met her, though the fact she showed it proved she still had feelings for him.

    "Thank you" he said while straightening his collar. It was a weird awkwardness between them. So many years of separation, yet there was still emotional tension. Her blushing, red checks made him chuckle. It was almost like that they just met each other all over again. "Yes, we are ready" he responded. He held his arm out for her to wrap hers around.
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