The High Seas

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  1. Katrina stood behind the wheel of The Scarlet Night as she steered it towards the port with ease. A grin was plastered against her lips as she shouted orders to the crew below her. She was captain, she was finally captain. Katrina turned to her first mate saying, "Take over will ya? I'm goin' down to my cabin."

    She quickly descended the stairs, throwing open the door that led into her room. Maps, clothes, and jewels were scattered across the young captain's room but she didn't seem to mind. She pulled out her sword as she began examining it. Next to her sat a small bottle of rum, she shrugged to herself picking it up and taking a large gulp. Returning her attention back to the sword, she thought of her father and what the sword had gone through. It had gone through several battles, and a revolution, needless to say the sword in her lap had more history than her old man.

    The young woman had grown up in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father was rich and filled with pride, especially for the prospects of his only daughter. She came from old money but only a few on her ship knew that. Many assumed she was the daughter of one of the infamous pirate lords, but no that wasn't the case at all. She was married to one of the most feared pirate's in the sea. He was the son of the most powerful of the Lord's. Their parent's had arranged their marriage in hopes of resulting in a peace between the families. Sadly, the young bride and groom hadn't spoken since their wedding night and probably never would again.

    Now that Katrina thought of it, maybe, she should write him. After all, he's the reason she was captain of the Scarlet Night. The ship had been his father's before he passed it to her. She remembered the aging man's chuckle when she approached him demanding for his ship. Eventually though, with courage and learning what she needed to survive, the man did hand over his ship even if rightfully the ship was his son's but did he really have to know it was in the hands of his wife?

    One of the crew member's barged into her cabin but before Katrina could yell at the burly man, he all but shouted, "Cap'n, you need to see this."

    Katrina stood from her seat at her desk walking out to the main deck as her breath caught in her throat. In front of her, already docked, was the all but familiar ship. It was the ship that took her away from everything she knew. It was the ship that sent pain straight to her heart. It was the ship that her husband commanded.

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  2. Not many females were on the ship that katrina's husband was on, they were distracting and frankly with the captains wife being gone all the time the man could very well become lustful.
    Instead it was all men, stinky ugly men that followed orders as long as they get paid, all except one man...John Myers, the cabin boy.
    His looks and his charm says it all, he was a gentleman and an adventurer. As he walked over next to the captain who spotted the ship in front of them.
  3. (I'm back :D)

    "Wait, wai-" a man's sentence quickly interrupted by a choking grip. With an angry grimace, William tightly wrapped both his hands around the man's neck, pressing him against a wall. "Mr. Henry, you test my patience." His grip slowly tightened as he spoke. As he struggled to gasp for air, Henry also attempted to yell for help, but to no avail. His faint voice could hardly be heard from the empty, shaded alleyway they were in. "The agreement was, I smuggle your goods and you give me the supplies I asked for. Simple. Now it's time for you to hold your end of the bargain." Henry fell to his knees, rubbing his neck and taking deep breaths when William released his grip. His hazel eyes stared down at Henry as he fixed the cuffs on his brown frock coat, "Have the munitions delivered to my ship by tomorrow morning or I'll pay you another visit and I won't be so pleasant. Do we have an understanding?" Henry responded with a simple nod and a raspy "yes", his vocal cords still recovering from being crushed. "Good man." William reached into the pocket of his black trousers and pulled out a small pouch of coins. "For your troubles." He tossed the pouch in front of Henry and turned away, walking out of the alley.

    As he walked into the street, he paused as he was blinded by the sun's luminous rays. As his eyes adjusted, he muttered "Another boring day." While he felt this way, boredom would be the last thing most people would feel in Nassau, New Providence. Fear would be the most prevalent emotion most common people would feel at the largest pirate haven of the Caribbean. Although it was a British territory, there was virtually no authority in place due to the lack of governance. It was home to some of the most unsavory people and notorious pirates, William Hamilton being one of them. Shanties, brothels, taverns, and small markets, its vendors usually fencing stolen goods, were commonplace establishments here. There was a certain pungent smell in the air and occasional gunfire was the norm. Although, William never felt discomfort here. In fact, he rather enjoyed it sometimes.

    It was a short walk through the town back to small port where his ship, The Eel, was currently docked. The Eel was a large sloop equipped with 24 cannons and crewed by around 100 men, most of which were part of the raiding party. With good speed, maneuverability, and decent firepower, William was content with it. Although he desired the better equipped and larger Scarlet Night.

    He walked a plank leading to the deck, his short, brown unkempt hair blowing from the sea breeze. A crew member yelled "Captain on deck" as he walked onto the ship, to which the deck crew acknowledged William before proceeding back to their duties. William peered around the deck looking for his first mate. "James?" he yelled. "Aye, Cap'n" James responded, who was standing next the helm, recording the ship's status in the journal. William walked over, "Is everything in order?" he asked. "Mostly. We're low on rifle and cannon ammunition. Also we're lacking the tools needed to repair some of the hull damage." James responded with a tone of concern. "No worries. I had a little chat with our friend, Mr. Henry, about punctuality. If he fails to understand the meaning, I'll be more than happy to reiterate. What about the crew?" James gazed over William shoulder, not responding to William's question. "Captain, is that-" He cut his sentenced short as William turned around. William's body stiffened as he sighted what he thought at first was an illusion from the heat. But as it drew closer to port, it was no hallucination. For the first time in years, William has finally laid eyes on the Scarlet Night. Coming out of his state of shock, a devilish grin appeared on his face. "Katrina" he muttered. He turned back to James, who was just as surprised as he was. "This day just might turn out to be fun." he said with an excited tone. He walked toward the ship's railing, leaning on it as he watch the Scarlet Night come into port. He stared at it, peering to see Katrina was on the deck and, with contained excitement, to see what her reaction would be.
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  4. The moment her ship was docked, Katrina all but jumped over the side. She found it amusing that her and William hadn't run into each other by this point, but she had after all made a name for herself. The young captain couldn't be fooled with old politics related to her marriage. She tried to remember what the last thing she said to him was. Had it been their vows? Surely the old Celtic vows of her family weren't the last thing she said to dear, dear William. It hurt to remember that she had changed her name for him only to run out on her. No, she did remember the last thing she said to him. They had been standing on the balcony, overlooking the streets below them as she whispered, "Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton." It was all surreal or at leas that's how she felt that night. Katrina Hamilton. She had to admit it had a nice ring to it but it would never truly be her name. She hated William. She truly hated him or maybe she hated her father more. They had been friends for a time before being thrown together into a marriage neither of them wanted. What had ruined it anyway? She knew the answer but she wouldn't admit it as she stormed over to his ship. The Eal, what sort of name was that? Katrina scoffed in her rage as she thought of her late father-in-law.

    The blasted ship her husband now commanded was a wedding present. It was meant to take them wherever they desired. Wherever she desired her ass. She knew that ship would take her away from her life and freedom, well what little freedom she had. Laughing to herself, she thought of William's father and how he believed she could become a great captain. She had done it. She had succeeded. That showed William, after all who was in charge of the Scarlet Night? Sure wasn't William. His father had given to her. In his will at that! Who's the better captain? Well that was up for argument but if her crew learned to take orders from a woman, then couldn't any man? Katrina was a force to be reckoned with after all.

    Seeing the grin on William's lips as she climbed aboard his ship only fueled the fire more. Storming over to where William stood, she drew her pistol, pointing it at his head as she said, "It's wonderful to see you again, love."
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  5. "Move Johnny boy!" One of the members of The Eal said as he pushed the cabin boy to the side.
    Everyone in fact gathered as Katrina drew the pistol to her husbands head and everyone chanted for a fight, except one measly bloke who stated his mind...
    It wasnt the cabin boy, but as the duties of the lowly he was blamed and pushed to the front of the crowd and thrown at Captain Katrinas feet.

    John quickly stood up and held his hands in front of him as if hes saying he means no harm, the other men laughed.
  6. Mixed emotions were stirring in William as the Scarlet Night docked. Excitement, anger, and resentment were the strongest. Though he contained himself behind a grin, he was highly animated. Once he spotted Katrina, he kept his eyes fixed on her as she disembarked and walked over to his ships. Old memories flashed to his mind when looked at her. They used to have a decent friendship when they were younger. That slowly changed after their arranged marriage. William was more focused on his ambition and neglected his duties as a husband which, inadvertently to some extent, meant neglecting her. Though he was by no means the conventional husband, he never deliberately attempted to harm in any fashion. Being that the majority of their conversations ended in an argument didn't help the already unstable relationship. It also didn't help that his father left the Scarlet Night to Katrina without him knowing directly. While him and his father had an abysmal relationship at best, he never would have thought his father, the Infamous Martin Hamilton, would give his prized ship to a woman, regardless if it was his daughter-in-law. The fact she accepted the ship, knowing that it was supposed to be his, without notifying him bothered William even more.

    As she marched closer to the ship, William could see an expression of anger on her face. "Oh, this should be good." he muttered to James. Even after 5 years of being separate from each other, he recognized that facial expression and the pending argument that usually comes afterward. Charging onto the ship unannounced and without permission, several of the crew looked with confusion as she walked toward him. He remained on the railing with his back leaning on it. He kept his grin and raised his hand to his crew, gesturing to stay calm. As she drew her gun on him, several of the crew rushed around them, some with their weapons the ready. James immediately pointed his pistol at the side of her head.

    He continued to lean on the railing, unwavered by her bold action, though he felt exhilarated. The only moments that gave the equivalent feeling was during raids or battle. To his surprise, she was unmoved by all the weapons pointed at her as she remained fixed on him. Even the cabin boy falling at her feet didn't seem to distract her. Looking passed the barrel of her pistol pointed right at his head, he stared directly into her eyes of rage. Well, that part of her hasn't changed, he thought to himself. He chuckled as he looked around at his crew, as they were all uneasy with an uninvited guest pointing a weapon at their captain. "Gentlemen, don't be so rude to the lady. This is my wife here. Put the weapons down." he said calmly. Everyone ignored, keeping their weapons fixed on her. William sighed and stared back at Katrina. He placed his finger inside the barrel of her pistol. "Would you mind holstering your pistol? You've got my crew on edge. They get a bit irrational when on edge." he said jokingly.
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  7. Sarah hustled, bare feet slapping on the cobblestone as she raced across the port, blonde hair streaming out behind her. The Eal had docked. Which meant William was walking his deck, looking out over the town. She hurried towards him, past ship after ship, with a jug of rum in her arms.

    Maybe this time William would take her away from this town and out onto the open ocean. She was tired of being a whore, dreamed of being a pirate, to go where the winds took one, to take whatever one wished instead of trading for it by lying on her back with her legs in the air.

    Final she reached the jetty stretching out towards the Eal and moved from cobblestone to wooden planking, wove around the omnispresent stacks of wooden crates and netted bags of supplies and up the gangplank onto the ship. What greeted her was an interesting tableau. A woman held a pistol to William's head, a woman Sarah didn't recognize. She did, however, recognize the hair. She'd worn a wig that resembled the woman's hair to make William happy from time to time. Was this some old flame?

    "Ere now?" the whore asked, "What be going on 'ere then?"
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  8. As she pointed the pistol at William's head, their last argument as husband and wife plagued her memories. It had been nearly six years ago, maybe five, and instead of a pistol, it had been a candle stick. They were in their room, even though it could hardly be called their room, and they had been arguing for god knows how long about god knows what. She just remembered how much she wished the candle stick in her hand had been a pistol. In her heart, Katrina knew she could never pull the trigger. Even if she couldn't admit it to herself, deep inside, she knew she still cared for the bastard standing in front of her. He had been as much apart of her life as she his and now it seemed a reunion was in order. A god or some higher being had made it fairly clear the estranged husband and wife were meant to meet again. Glancing at the crew surrounding her and then down to the cabin boy at her feet, the young captain knew she could never win this battle. William did have the upper hand being on his ship. Putting the pistol back into its holster, she reached down, yanking the cabin boy to his feet. Katrina held him by his collar, asking, "Have you been at the seas so long ya forgot what a woman look like?" Katrina hadn't realized he had been shoved down at her feet but she didn't have time to be dealing with measly cabin boys, so shoving him away, she turned to look at William.

    He sure hadn't changed, not in the least. She could almost find it amusing that he had refereed to her as his wife. She also found it amusing that hardly none of his crew recognized her. Hadn't they been at the wedding? Well she knew James had. Hadn't he and William been friends since boys? She couldn't remember so she shoved that thought back into its proper drawer. As he joked with her, she only wanted to slap him more. Maybe if she couldn't shoot him, she could slap him? It didn't take Katrina long to decide, so she slapped William and damn did it make her feel good. Cocking her head to the side, she said, "If I had to see that damn trademark grin of yours one more time, well I believe I would've sent myself to Davy Jones himself." Turning her head to look at James, she said, "You can shoot me now. That's all I really came here for." Taking a step back, she turned on her heel as she spotted the blonde. "Bloody hell, William. When did you start going for blondes? Especially one that is a whore..." Trailing off and with a roll of the eyes, Katrina realized that the whore had asked a question. With her hand on the hilt of her sword, Katrina quickly replied, "A reunion between husband and wife but I was just leaving, so if all of you will excuse me before I decide to kill your captain..."
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  9. William remained composed, staring Katrina in her eyes. At that moment, he was actually uncertain if she would shoot him. While he assumed she didn't have any strong desire to kill him, he knows that she sometimes act off of impulse That much about her still remained true proven by the manner in which she come on to his ship. When she holstered her pistol after glancing around, noticing the situation she was in, he nodded to her. "Thank you, darling" he said jokingly. He then glanced at his crew and gestured for them to lower their weapons. "See, boys. No harm done." he said playfully, trying to ease the tension. Although she was outnumbered, William wouldn't have let any of his crew harm her. He may not haven been overly affectionate to her in the past, but he still cared for her.

    After Katrina tossed John, which William and much of the crew got a good laugh of, William's chuckling was interrupted by a hard slap from him. The sound her hand impacting his faced silenced the crew's laughter. The left side of his faced slightly turned red, but he still kept his smirking expression. While the crew, with the exception of James, was surprised by this, William wasn't. He could almost say he expected it, as a slap was an undisputed ending to her rage induced moments if he was in arm's reach. "Well, I'm glad to see I'm still devilishly charming. A smile can still get a reaction from you." he responded jokingly to her comment about his grin. Katrina was the only person that has ever slapped William without getting, for the most part, an unpleasant reaction. Although, given his reputation, no one would ever try to attempt to assault him. Still, even after five years, he only reacts to her with a smug remark.

    Even though William was enjoying the excitement, Sarah the last person he expected to show up at that very moment. "Ah, it get better and better" he muttered under his breath when he noticed Sarah walking onto the ship. "Her job entails receiving men like me. Separated husbands" he responded to her comment. Sarah was the only prostitute he's indulged himself whenever docked at Nassau, in part because she was by far the cleanest. Although not all of his visits were of lustful nature and infrequent due to his time at sea, it was clear that William was her favorite.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]William had a short outburst of laughter when Katrina boldly stated she can kill. “OH? There have been many men who have failed. What makes you think you can? Have you forgotten who I am?” he stated while confidently walking towards her, excited to see her reaction. He was completely unarmed at that moment, but it didn’t faze him. He was very adept in swordsmanship and knew several ways to disarm an attacker. His skills are mostly from the results of his father’s harsh training during his youth to young adulthood. He knew how to handle a sword better than he could speak as a child. Now, after experiencing a large number of raids and close encounters, fighting is second nature to him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As he walked towards her, he kept his palms up by his hips, ready to anticipate a strike if she decided to attack him. Although his intent wasn’t to actually fight her, he did want to pressure her and get some more enjoyment from her anger. It only seemed fair to him considering she initiated the situation. To others, this situation would have seemed volatile, but to William this was just another argument and it wasn’t uncommon for it to get like this. So far, Katrina was winning. It was time for him to tip the balance.[/BCOLOR]
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  10. How dare she call her a whore? It may be true but Sarah didn't appreciate the comment. The utter blatancy of the statement shocked her. Sarah gaped at the drama before her. She had no idea William had a wife. Now here she was, flashing her eyes and acting like the jilted lover. No wonder William had occasionally been distant. His thoughts had probably dwelt upon this spitfire woman in those instances. At this moment Sarah truly wished Katrina dead. She was very undeserving of such a man as William. How dare she point a pistol at her man? If only she had a pistol of her own. She'd gladly shoot the pirate wench in the back.

    Then Katrina slapped William! Sarah's blue eyes opened wide in shock. She'd never seen anyone show William disrespect, not ever. That was part of his charm. She was about to scream, walk over and claw the woman's eyes out when William simply smirked. It brought a smile to her face. That was so like William, taking everything in stride. At that point she figured he could resolve things without Sarah stabbing Katrina in the face with a broken bottle.

    Sarah took the opportunity to slowly strut around the edge of the ship, keeping close to the rail, giving Katrina a wide berth and ensuring she remained visible to Katrina at all times. Sidling up next to William Sarah leaned against William's left shoulder blade, ensuring she didn't block access to his right hand drawing across his body from his left hip. She intended on putting her claim on William right now, right in front of this bitch, by putting her arms around his waist if he allowed.
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  11. "It'd be impossible to forget who you are, love, but have you forgotten who I am? Whose father is a war hero that fought against the Hapsburg's? Whose father was a famous naval officer? Whose father-in-law is one of the most feared pirates in all the seven seas and who commands his ship now? Who is the wife of William Hamilton? Certainty not the blonde who is so boldly claiming you...If I wished to kill you William, well I would have a long time ago. I know you better than anyone..." Taking a step towards William, she pressed her chest against his, looking up to him. Cocking her head to the side, she laughed, bitterly. Taking her hat off of her head, her dark hair fell down to her waist. It was considerably longer than the last time they had seen each other. It was barely to her shoulders when she had last seen her husband. Her thoughts wandered a little to Will's dad. She missed the old bastard, if she could so boldly admit that.

    What had been his last words to her anyway? They had been about a year before his death but for the life of her she couldn't think of them. It had been something utterly stupid...Brushing the thought away, she thought of his laugh. The famous pirate was never one to laugh but that was Katrina's specialty. She could get the old man to laugh and that was something she enjoyed. Before she was molded into being a pirate, she was just a lady. Lady Katrina Claire McKenzie of Caithness...It was almost laughable now. She wasn't truly a lady. They had moved to the colonies when she was a baby, leaving behind the life of nobles in Scotland. Living in Charleston wasn't easy but then moving to the French colony of New Orleans wasn't any easier. That was where their real problem came into light. It didn't take long for the spitfire McKenzie's to meet the equally as fiery Hamilton's. So this is where they stood today, a shaky alliance that could fall apart at any moment.

    Katrina didn't understand why all of this came to light as she stared up at William. If it would've been five years ago, well she would've leaned up and kissed him, especially at the sight of the blonde woman, but this was a different time. She almost wanted to challenge William, he was always one to never back down, after all, he had an ego to protect. Looking over his shoulder to the blonde, Katrina did her best to smile, but anyone could tell it wasn't one that was genuine. Placing a hand on her hip as she asked William, "Do you remember that night on Scarlet? We were newlyweds and had our first argument...Well our first argument as a married couple, we've had plenty of arguments to last a lifetime, but the sex after that argument...I remember you had to carry me for a whole day afterwards, your crew found it rather amusing." Staring Sarah straight into her eyes, her smile turned into a grin, mirroring the same grin William had only moments before. Katrina couldn't lie and say she wasn't enjoying this, hell, she knew she had the upper hand and to see blondie's reaction, well it should've been a priceless moment.
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  12. Sarah's mouth gaped open wide. To wantonly speak of such things openly. It was lewd. It was boorish. It was something a whore would do, not a lady. Whores often remarked on which of them had the better clients.. As a result the statements irked her. She was a whore, yes, but William was better than that. He was going to take her away and turn her into a pirate princess and unlike this recalcitrant, ignoble bitch, she'd be worthy of him. The blonde's blue eyes went cold, turning to ice as she thought of ripping off Katrina's hair and using it as a wig.

    "How dare you!" Sarah declared, taking a stride forward around William's body with a swirling of her skirts, "You brazen slut! I'll show you how it's done in the back alleys!"

    Reaching into her skirts though what was seemingly a random tear in the cloth she withdrew a crude knife, it's cracked wooden handle wrapped with cord to better the grip and hold it from falling apart. She brandished it, like one would towards another whore, threatening to cut at at the face for a whore with a disfigured face was near to useless. Placing one bare foot in front of the other she advanced. That William might step in to stop her never once entered her mind. She just wanted to lash out.
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  13. William looked at Sarah leaning on his shoulder from the corner of his eye. He gave no reaction to her, but he understood her motive. He allowed her to do as she pleased, trying to harass Katrina even further. Though it foolish to attempt. Katrina was not one to back down and loved challenging William. Sure enough, Katrina reminded him of this when she approached him. She was correct in the fact that she knew him best. He would never intentionally harm her and this is a primary reason why she is one of few people to ever willingly challenge him.

    Although he tried to cocky composure, his heart rate increased when she pressed against his chest. She did begin to slowly break his equanimity the more seconds she kept that close. Her long hair, her laugh, the expressions of her face; time hadn't changed her at all. She was still, if not even more, beautiful. Staring into her eyes, William started to have small flashbacks, one of which when they first encountered each other.

    Martin, William's father, had worked his way up from privateering to an aristocratic standing. Under English authority granted by a Letter of Marque, he garnered considerable wealth through the raid and capture of Spanish vessels throughout the West Indies during the buccaneering days, with occasional unsanctioned raids. In retrospect, buccaneering was piracy. Évelyne, William's mother, was a prominent French baroness who owned a fair amount property in New Orleans and in a few other territories in New France. She died of illness shortly after given birth to William.

    Being the most powerful among the families in New Orleans, it was natural for the Hamiltons to be hostile against the newly arrived McKenzies, who were on an equal standing. Ever the arrogant adolescent, William rashly challenged Katrina's father, who was the McKenzie patriarch. Almost effortlessly, William was nearly killed. It as Katrina that convinced her father in that short moment not to kill him. Looking back at it, he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Although he doesn't remember what she specifically had said, he did recall her saying humiliation is worst than death or something of the sort. It was amusing how their first encounter was a near-death experience for him. From that time on, well at least until their marriage, they kept a limited relationship under the mutual understanding that it was ideal to keep your enemies close. While their families competed in a more political, with occasional indirect violence, manner; between them, it was a contest of wit, intimidation, and mischief.

    When Katrina begun to reminisce about their first time they christened their bed as newlyweds, he envisioned that night as well other lustrous thoughts of her. It was clear that Katrina was being vindictive toward Sarah between her expressions, insult, and her indirect expressed claim on William just a second ago. Before he could respond to Katrina, William interrupted by Sarah's explosive reaction. William turned to her, noticing the knife in her hand as she went for Katrina. Just before she raised her hand to swing at Katrina, William wrapped his left arm around her waist to lift and pull her away, laughing as he did so. "Oi! No, no. I wouldn't do that. She will easily and happily give you an early grave." Knowing that she was trained by her father, his father, himself for a short time, and that she was a captain, William knew Katrina had considerable fighting skill.

    William carried and placed Sarah back into the crowd of the crew. He snatched the knife from her hand. "Give me that." He then grabbed her chin, directing her face to his piercing gaze. "Know your place" he said with a commanding tone. When it came Katrina, he disliked when other people jumped in. However, even though she was insulting Sarah, Katrina was being truthful in the fact that Sarah was a whore. Also, regardless of being separated, they were still married. He thought it was a bit foolhardy for Sarah to get so furious.

    He focused his attention back to Katrina, pacing closely towards her. "Your manipulation is charming as ever." Chuckling as he spoke.
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  14. Sarah's blue eyes danced widely as she advanced. She raised her knife, the wound cord rough against the palm of her hand and made ready to slash. It wouldn't be a killing blow. Whores didn't go for mortal wounds. They slashed at faces.

    One step, then another, then an arm circled her waist and drew her away dragging her bare soles back over the planks. Strong arms pinned her, turned her and thrust her up over a stout shoulder and Sarah growled. She found herself carried, arms beating uselessly against William's back and bare feet kicking at the air. What made it worse was the chortling mirth coming from William's crew at her plight.

    When William placed her down and promptly twisted the blade from her hand she thrust out her lower lip, her blue eyes blazing. He grasped her by the chin as one would a child and bade her mind her place? How dare he treat her this way in front of the crew? How would they respect her when William took her away upon the waves to teach her the ways of pirating?

    When he released her she wasn't sure what to do. Arms grasped her, William's crew, doing their duty and obeying their captain. She pulled against them but to no avail as she struggled to free herself.
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  15. There was that unmistakable cannon blast sound and a orb of iron and fire sailed overhead, crashing into the cobblestone nearby. In the distance but approaching fast was a war ship. Massive she was yet she slid so swiftly across the waters. She bore the flag of Britain and didn't seem to take kindly to the presence of pirates. It could had been any lawful vessel looking to bring in the bounty of two pirate groups in one fell swoop, but it had to be THAT one. It had to be the one that didn't wait for shore to hang its prisoners, and did so right on the ends of the sails and turned their corpses into food for the one person they spared, the captain. It had to be the one that was commanded by the most feared pirate hunter in history: Lieutenant Robert Maynard, the man who killed Blackbeard. image.jpg
    The man himself was in his cabin, sharpening his famed cutlass, rubbing his fingers against the crack where it had broken with glee. "Yes yes. Your just as beautiful as you were that day. Soon your thirst for fowl bilge rat blood will be satisfied," Robert chuckled. He made sure all his medals were all polished and his suit was that fantastic snowy white that is just BEGGING to be stained red. He choose the red flag as his cape for today, raised to signal a battle to the death, now resting casually on his shoulders. The Lieutenant exited his quarters and made his way to the main deck, placing his hand on the railing and watching his ship near the pirates'
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  16. Katrina covered her mouth as she attempted at hiding her devilish laugh. Shaking her head at Sarah, she asked, "Who do you think you are? To challenge a captain? So front of two pirate crews nonetheless, well I would call you a fool." Pressing a hand to her hip, she ran her fingers along the hilt of her sword as she cocked her head to the side. Looking over to her ship, she noticed that much of the crew was gathered on the main deck, watching the estranged husband and wife along with the foolish and annoying whore. Katrina had to remember that some of the crew, especially the younger members, weren't as well versed in her marriage with William. How could you really tell someone that you were married to William Martin? Some men found it intriguing but many tucked their tail between their legs and went the opposite way. No one would be a fool to mess with the property of William Martin then you would be a bigger idiot to mess with Katrina McKenzie Martin. Once William was in arms reach, Katrina reached out and pulled him to her. Leaning up, she whispered in his ear, "Keep her safe." Katrina could see the ship coming over the horizon and it sent fear right through her heart. It was clear neither crew nor William had seen the vessel yet and she didn't want to strike fear into either ship. If her and William could keep the crews calm and collected, then they could get out of this alive. Kissing William's cheek, she was about to say something else but cannon fire was heard and she could hear screams from the citizens. Pulling away from William, she said, "I never thought I'd see the day we fought together."