The High School Rebel, Female Needed.

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  1. Name: Alex
    Age: 17
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: Black

    Personality: Typically a trouble-maker in school. But secretly sweet and goofy
    Known for: Getting Detention, Talking back to teachers, Pulling horrible pranks on teachers

    Alex has not been known to be a perfect angel. He has been elected "Most likely to go to jail" In the high school yearbook. Despite all the horrible things he has done, he actually has a big heart. One thing he always wanted to do? Fall in love with the perfect girl and maybe someday marry her. He knows he will sound like a wuss if he ever said that out-loud, maybe thats why he act the way he does? To hide the way how he really is; a huge sap for romance. Can a girl steal his heart and change this rebellious teen into the prince he actually is? Or maybe it's all in his head...
  2. Name: Emerson Swan
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Black with dark purple tips
    Personality: Emerson "Emma" is a very sweet and caring girl, but she could also be very moody and hot-headed. Though she's a very stubborn person she can also be a very loyal and loveable friend.
    Known For: Her intellect and winning of most academic competitions for the school.

    Emerson has always been a perfect student and an even better person. With her volunteering at the animal shelter on weekends to her going and helping out with the senior citizens on most weekdays. She was voted "Most likely to be successful" in the school yearbook for her intelligence level and deep and thought proking conversations with some students. She has never really though about a relationship after seeing how her father beat and kill her mother ending him up in jail and her in the foster care system. Will she actually want to give up her heart to someone or will she just tuck it away with her other emotions?
  3. Name: Delilah

    Age: 16

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Red

    Personality: Delilah is a sweet caring girl, she is always seen smiling even for no real reason. She is a music and animal lover. She's playful which can make people call her childish.

    Known for: Her very caring nature and magnificent musical talent.

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    Name: Karin White
    Age: 17
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: light brown with red tips
    Personality: Karin is hotheaded and quick to judge. She is always jumping to conclusions and getting herself into crazy situations. Karin has a soft spot for anything handmade. No matter how poorly done, she is honored anyone would even take that time to make it for her. She is stubborn and once she reaches a conclusion she is an unmovable rock, and has a lot of enemies because of it. SHe has a small friend group and she is extremely loyal to them. She has a high set of morals and if some breaks them she isn't afraid to give them a piece of her mind and chew them out for it.
    Known for: getting into fights and brawls, being loud mouthed, being standoffish and awkward

    Karin is and always has been open and fervent in her beliefs and some people find it obnoxious and rude while others find it endearing and a sign of strength. Either way, you either hate her or love, and there isn't much of an in between. She wasn't voted anything in the school yearbook, although nominated for many awards, good and bad, there was too much conflict in the votes for her that they eventually just took her off the ballot. Most people don't see her as much of a girl and only one person has ever had the gall to confess to her, and he dumped her in a week.

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