The High school Curse

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  1. My sister, Gwen, and I sat at a table in the corner of the lunchroom of Riverston All Girls Academy. Gwen sighed scanned the room for another seat, preferably far away from mine. She found one by Nicole Hanson. SHe looked towards me, not showing any shame.

    "Sorry, Nikki, I, unlike you, have a reputation to keep." She said as she quickly jumped from her spot and made a mad dash to the other table. I sighed. Yep, I was different. Everyone who mattered in this school liked guys. I was the only one who liked both genders. It seemed as if I was the only one who wasn't important. I sighed adn shoved a pile of mashed potatoes in my mouth. I hated it here.
  2. Being new I didn't know where to go or what to do so I walked around with my head hung low my brown hair falling in my face. "God! I hate this place." I thought as I walked towards a table with a lone person at it. I looked through my hair and sighed sitting down across from you. "Hey" I said softly.
  3. I stared down the full hallways of my new school. I had jus bought my new uniform last night and woke up extra early o ensure this day wouldn't be totally :music:
  4. Ren wasn't a girl. "She" was a cross dressing guy. It's not like he wanted to anyway. He sighed as he walked down the hallways.

    Being born into a family full of older and younger sisters, he hated girls. Being made to cross dress as a girl was his oldest sister's idea, who used to go to this school. She dressed him up and made him go to this school under the name "Reina". He sighed angrily before bumping onto a pillar. "Stupid pillar," he mumbled angrily.
  5. I stared at the girl. Her brown hair looked soft. I had to stop myself from being an idiot at stroking it. I smiled as best I could.
    "Hey, you're the new girl, right?" I asked trying to sound casual and cool at the same time. I totally failed a it. I studied the girl's face as best I could through her hair.
  6. Missy frowned and yawned, in her usual bad mood. Or rather, it wasn't a bad mood, but an indifferent one. She didn't really care. About anything. She wound her way through the halls, thinking maybe studyhall, maybe not.
  7. Ren made his way to the toilet. He locked himself in a cubicle and ruffled his hair. While doing so, he accidentally touched his ahoge, and shuddered, and blushed involuntarily.

    "Shit.." He murmured to himself.

    I should be more careful, he thought, and left the toilet.
  8. Not watching where she walked, Missy ran straight into Ren as he/she came out of the bathroom. Missy fell flat on her butt and looked up through her messed up hair. "Ow." she said, rubbing her hip.
  9. Ren looked at the girl nonchalantly, before kneeling down and lending his hand to her. "Hey you alright there?" He asked, trying to make his voice not sound so boy-like. He was cross dressing as a girl, after all.
  10. "Why..." there was a girl with whitish pink hair and bright pink eyes standing in front of Riverston All Girls Academy, " all places why an all girls school?!" shouting didn't work for Rayne, her voice was still soft and gentle just like her appearance. It annoyed her knowing that both her parents made her go to an all girls school, it sickens her so much. She was wearing the school uniform neatly done and tied her hair in both sides making sure there was nothing covering her face. Sigh, no matter how much she hated it there is nothing she can do.

    She carried her bag and entered the building, Rayne was quite impress with their system, still it was an all girls academy. Why does she have a huge grudge about girls you ask? even though she is also one of them she couldn't forgive what her friends had done to her before, after that incident she hated them ever since. While she was heading to her next class, she hadn't notice that her phone had fell. Well let's just say she's a really deep thinker.
  11. I sighed and waved to the girl. I ran out of the lunch room. I almost tripped as I swerved to grab a phone off the ground. I picked it up and searched for any identification. I found a name, well a first name. Rayne. I sighed. I thought I knew someone with a name like that

    "Come out, come out where ever you are, Rayne!" I called, waving the phone in the air. I saw out of The corner of my eye a firmiliar site. Lisa Jocabs. I groaned and pretended I couldn't see her.
  12. Rayne flinched once she heard her name, at first she wanted to ignore it but couldn't help but look back. "What the...." a girl was waving a phone in the air, she must be crazy-- finally she realizes it was her phone. She still had a plain blank expression on her face, it became a bit darker since it was a bit embarrassing for someone yelling your name in front of everyone. Slowly she walked in front of that girl and stared at her while holding out her hand, she could have been better if she was just nice.
  13. After helping the girl up, Ren quickly walked to his home room, which apparently was room 39. He quickly went to the furthest seat at the corner near the windows, and sat down.

    Ren leaned on the back of his chair and started observing the people around him, which of course, were girls.
  14. I smirked. I was a head taller than the girl.

    "Not until you say please." I said. I tried to keep the mischievous tone out of my voice, but my high school curse prevented that. Everyone has a curse. My sister's
    is her popularity. Mine , well, I can't hide emotion. Just then Lisa walked by. She gave a sickening smile.

    "An all girls high school, perfect breeding grounds for I gave the girl her phone and waited for patent pock-up.lesbians. You two make a perfect couple." She scoffed. That was the last straw. I'd had enough. I pulled back my fist and punched Lisa square in the chest. I glared.

    " Leave her out of this." I growled. A couple of Lisa's stronger guards lunged for me. They got a few hits. A teacher broke the fight. Now, I was suspended. Great.
  15. "My..! My Phone..!" Rayne yelled while they were fighting, she could have at least gave her phone back before getting into a fight. Who knows, it might have broken or maybe fell down the ground! There were even important pictures there, she walked up the girl annoyed and held her hand out. Instead of screaming for it back for the first time she gave a sweet smile and said, "Please give me my phone back.... jerk." she said with a gentle voice.

    Before she came to this school, her old school she was one of the best actress there is. Doing a sweet and innocent get up while she was not even close to that. That's how she used to deceive people, too bad it doesn't work for her parents. Great another fact, she knew she was already late to class.
  16. I remembered what I was doing. I turned to the girl. I handed her the phone. I nervously smiled.

    "Not such a great first impression, I guess. Sorry." I whispered, trying to calm down. I sighed and went to my locker. I didn't want to go home. My mother would kill me. I turned back to the girl and waved. My thought went wild.

    "She's so adorable!" I thought, but I had thought out load. I gasped and covered my mouth. A deep red blush washed over my face.
  17. Rayne grabbed her phone, this time she placed it in her pocket. "I've seen worst," she said, hey she might act a bit spoiled and 'unsettling' that's how her parents call it but she has a nice heart in supporting other people. Even though it's a girl. Turning around she began to walk away, she looked back and saw her waving back, she couldn't do anything but give a small wave. Afterwards she continued walking, once she heard her shouts she stood there stiff. That girl... i swear is the most embarrassing one in history of man kind!

    Looking back again she gave a weird smile and waved, i hope she will be okay. She continued walking then arrives at her class, she was supposed to sit at the back though there were girls already sitting there. Instead she sat at the 2nd to the last, she didn't mind. That girl before, man she was strange. Maybe i'll see her again, who knows. Carefully she grabbed her phone and looked at the time, she was suspended right.. maybe i could help her. Most of her friends thinks Rayne was the creepiest girl out there, because of her being in a wealthy family she gets to research a lot with her father.

    That's not the worst part. Rayne scroll down the numbers on her phone then pressed 'Nikki'. She was most likely called a 'stalker', before she goes to other schools rumors said that she knew every students number and would scare them. The scaring part was fake but knowing the numbers was true.
  18. My phone buzzed, awakening me out of my trance. Who was it? I panicked as an unknown number appeared on my screen. I answered it watch a cautious "Hello?"
    It was Rayne. I sighed.

    "Hello, Rayne." My voice cracked. I blushed involuntarily.
  19. Rayne placed both her feet on her table and laid back relaxing while talking to her, "I'm bored, where are you? I wanna skip." she said with the same plain voice as always. She noticed some students noticed how she acted, her expression darken "Do you have a problem perhaps..?" finally they all looked away.
  20. I got shoved and kicked. Me being so short and all. I saw a fight break out and stayed away. "Ariel don't even try" I heard a sarcastic voice say.