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  1. The Wolf In The Sand

    Name: Kira Unzumie
    Age: 14 ~ 21 (time skip)
    As a kid she was hyper and fun a normal preteen growing up. She looked to the bright of every dark stormy day.

    As an adult she became broken during her time as a prisoner. She gives off a strong and powerful presence with ability to back it up. But, emotionally she is in turmoil. She must up hold her air of power though to remain alpha so she confides in no one. This leaves her feeling alone and out casted at times. With no home to return to she hopes old friends and allies can help her build a new home for her pack. In return they will dedicate their powers to them.

    The beginning this story:

    Kira rocked on her feet as she waited near her villages gate in the land of ever trees. Her black hair short and framed her small face. She had always been small for her age. She was fourteen now and a ninja for her clan. The clans head band sat on her narrow hips.


    Her mother stood near hear holding Kira's much small hand. Ren her childhood friend stood next to her as well. "It will be okay Kira you will only have to stay there for a little while." Ren tried his best to cheer up his friend but she never looked up from the spot she was staring at on the ground. Her yellow gray eyes burning a whole through the earth it's self. "I could be there a year or longer how is that a little while jerk." She hiss out causing Ren to flinch. "Now Kira Ren is going to go with you don't start fighting with him now." Her mother crouched down In front of her. Her mothers hands lossly holding Kira's shoulders. "You at emu daughter a natural alpha with power that incredible even at your age. I want you to survive the war no matter what and if that means sending you to another clan across the lands then that is what I shall do. Me and your father are going to finish this war and come get you. So, be strong my daughter." Kira puffed her cheeks out but nodded to her. "I will listen mother."

    Just as she spoke the sound of approaching feet, grabbed their attention. Three people in total, Kira's eyes rose to stare down the path. She formed a hand sign and two wolf like ears appeared on her head. "They are close about half a mile around the bend. They are talking about an escort mission it must be the ninjas from the sand village." Her hands came apart but the ears remainder. "That's not fair Kirs you can already summon you beast forms?" Ren complained at her progress. "You have to teach me on the trip it's about a two month journey right?" Kira waved off her friend Ren, "Ya, ya Ren I'll teach you. Now, hush they will be here soon." Kira's mother only smiled at the two kids at her feet. "Good bye dear, wait on these ninja and leave with them." She bent down giving Kira a quick hug before walking into the village.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Alea Sarutobi ( Real last name: Kaguya)
    Age: ( 18 - 24 )
    As a teen she is rather quiet but laid back kinda of like her elder brother and disapproves of smoking or an bad natured things (Make out paradise. Tactics ect included) She is rather tame and doesn't show her abilities often due to their nature.

    When older she becomes rather soft and mature. Though she has many secrets which she hides deep within herself. (you will figure more out as we go, Being a survivor of the Kaguya certainly makes things complicated.)

    Blood In White & Red:

    The attack on the leaf failed... Sand and sound defeated...
    Though the master mind Orochimaru escaped....
    Even A leaf ninja Sasuke Uchiha vanished that same day...

    Now a month later, still no Hokage was selected...

    Standing in the office of her adoptive father was very tough for the young woman with white hair. She was taken in at the young age of eight. Ten years in the village hidden in the leaves and very few people knew of her existence other than her older brother Asuma and her adopted mother plus some of the sarutobi family. Holding the hokage hat which her father once wore with the symbol of fire on it she sighed softly as the office door opened to be her elder brother shaking his head.

    "apparently the old man's wishes was for you to join a squad... you technically are a chunnin Alea it should be good for you to make friends" Asuma says slipping his cigarette packet into his pocket. "Yes I heard that from mother she was absolutely certain it was a good idea" Alea said smiling gently placing the hat on the desk for the next hokage to wear and picked up a scroll with her name on it, as she walked to the door past her brother "I already apparently have a teammate to locate"

    "well good luck you probably will not like his reading" Asuma says as he walked to the desk as Alea left the hokage building to find her teammate. Re opening the scroll Alea read the name Kakashi Hatake. She wondered what this man was like. Shrugging she wandered around the leaf looking for this jonin. Maybe he would find her? Alea had no idea. ​

  3. Blood In White & Red:

    Kakashi had his nose in make out paradise While he waited on the new member of his team. No, one had met this women and she only became a chunnin. Only a couple years younger them him self she probably could be Jonin. "I wonder why she is just now being put in a squad.

    A sigh left his lip u de this mad as he push him self off the wall he was leaned against. Never taking his nose out of the book he turned to face a hound women with white hair. "Are you Alea?" His one eye looked up from the book to examine the women. His eye showed the same bored look as they always did, yet he was systematically taking in her external details to map out what type of Ninja she was.
  4. Blood in White and Red:

    Her search took her everywhere around the village with no luck at all. Whoever this Kakashi was he was not wanting to be found.

    Alea heard the voice of a male who was now standing in front of her. Raising a brow she looked him over "yes I am Alea are you Kakashi?" She asked realizing the rubbish the man was carrying around in his hand. Crossing her arm's she waited for a reply. If this mission they were about to do was a success she could finally become a jonin. "Since my brother said you're taste in reading was something I would hate I'll assume you are Kakashi" she says with a sigh.

    Wolf in the sand:

    After the failure of the invasion of the leaf and the realization to a young man that life has new meanings than death. With his elder siblings on either side Garra approaches the mission objective. The young man looked to his elder siblings for guidance as he noticed two figure's up ahead both very similar to his own age. "It's alright Gaara you will do fine I promise" the tall girl said knowing her younger sibling would be nervous. "Temari is right no need to look concerned this is a mission we can do" the taller male said with a playful smile. Garra's gaze returned to what was in front of him as he examines the two they were approaching.

    Gaara only fourteen himself had managed to contain his demon within him. Taking missions for the sand village. He was slowly trying to redeem himself.

    As they drew closer Temari stepped forward with a light smile as they stood in front of the two kid's. "I shall assume you are the escort mission correct?" She asks bluntly looking at the two children both the age of her younger brother Gaara.
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  5. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Blood In White and Red[/BCOLOR]

    "Yes, you have assumed right." Hey laughed scratching the back of his head while he put his book in his pouch. Kakashi stopped laughing like an creep and his face turned semi-serious. "Well if you fallow me I will take you to meet the other two on the team.
    We are being spit apart during some missions but for the most part they will be your new partners as well as me." He turned rather sluggishly before walking down the crowed streets.

    Once they got to the old team sevens training grounds Naruto and Sakura waved at them. "Kakashi-sensei Over here. " the blond boy around fourteen yelled waving both hand in the air"That one there is Naruto Uzimaki the town number one hyper active Knucklehead." He sighed as they approached the two. "And this one is Sakura." "Hello It's nice to meet you." Sakura smiled with a slight bow as she spoke. "You two this is Alea Sarutobi. She will be joining team seven." "Wha--what" Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs Only to be interrupted by Sakura. "What about Saskae Kakashi -sensei?" "For now she will be taking his spot until further notice on the situation." both kids faces turned solemn as they thought about their friend.

    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]The wolf in the desert [/BCOLOR]

    When the taller blonde girl began to speak Kira released her Jutsu and her wolf ears puffed away. Causing Ren to grumble under his breath" "wish I could do that already." Kira gave a soft warning growl to the boy before putting a smile on her face. "That would be me" Kira stated." He's a tag along." She pointed back at Ren with her them causing him to glare at her. Ren was quickly distracted Kira raised and eyebrow at his now curious face as he sniffed at the air. "Hey Kira One of them smell funny." Kira almost fell over with Ren's comment and quickly smacked his head. "Idiot!" Turning back to the three new comers she tried to plaster on another smile but the rage from her dimwitted friend was hard to hide. "You know what ignore him." She gae him another warning growl this time louder than before and he backed up a few steps hanging his head with a whimper. "I'm KIira Unzumie . This is Ren Trite." She pointed at her self then at the cowering boy with black hair behind her. "I would seguest we go our clan is at war and its not safe out side these walls for to long."
  6. Blood In White and Red

    Following the jonin closely she enjoyed the walk through the crowded street's. The chunin was not normally allowed out of her home without Asuma or if it was night. It was no surprise nobody really knew who she was.

    When that arrived at the training grounds she recognized the two chunin right as Kakashi introduced them. "I know about both of you from my father it's nice to put faces to name's" Alea said politely with a bow. The two gennin did not look very happy with the fact Alea was joining their team. The loss of their other team mate Sasuke was still an open wound. Standing beside Kakashi she looked up to him. Naruto looks to his sensei then the new girl. "Your not a gennin are you?" He asked beginning to investigate her. "No no I'm a chunin soon to be jonin" Alea said smiling as the blonde pouted before asking another question "are you as strong as Kakashi sensei?" He asked as Alea shrugged "doubt it". Naruto kept going "what do you mean doubt it?!"

    Poor Alea looked a little shocked by the boys overwhelming personality. She couldn't exactly say I don't know the limits of my strength and that she could fight with blood and bones. Man it sounded creepy. Which was why she was really nervous about being part of a team.

    Wolf in the sand:

    Temari nodded "I was already ignoring him... Anyway we know your clans situation and we are ready to leave now" she said as Gaara and Kankuro walked forward. "But before we do this Is Kankuro and Gaara" she says softly pointing to each one as she said their name then turned to move "also I am Temari I will be moving at the front you both in the middle Gaara and Kankuro at the back".

    It was a standard formation and Gaara understood why he was stationed at the back. Technically he was the a strongest in this team and they will be soon travelling across a terrain suitable for him to fight in.
  7. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Blood in white and red [/BCOLOR]

    "Now Now Naruto, Calm down your going to over whelm her." Kakashi sighed with an exhausted look on his face. "Now, that we have names down. why don't we do a bit of training to get used to each others movements? We have two different missions coming up here soon and we need practice together while we can incase we come back and get through together in a mission with no time to practice." Kakashi turned to Alea with a smile in his eyes. "Does that sound all right." He leaned in to Alea and whispered "Give Naruto a hard time. He strived to be as strong as Sauske and now he's gone. You should be his new goal? " He sure didn't want to do it to much work was involved. "All Right time to do some training" Naruto yelled jumping up a fist in the air. Kakashi was interested in seeing her talents as well she was hidden away for all these years. It was rather interesting. Also she was to be his main partner since Naruto and Sakura would be paired up in most missions. He wanted to see what she could even if just a little.

    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]The wolf in the sand[/BCOLOR]

    "Hey I like this one she bosses your around." Ren snickered as they walked in formation. She glared at the black haired boy with a look of rage before her lips curled in a snarl. Her growl though wasn't a warning this time simply playing at anger. "Well Ren she might call the shots right now but remember this I'm your alpha." Kira put Ren in a quick head lock before playfully pushing him to the side. "Pay attention Ren you need to be alert until we get out of the forest around the village. Do as I do." She put her hands together at first glance it looked as if it was the tiger but instead of the fingers interlaced in font the knuckles where simply butted together while the two second to last fingers where tip to tip in a triangle. "Picture, your beasts image. I know you can't do a full transition yet but you have seen him in your dreams right. picture the ability you would like to borrow from him." As she spoke she pictured her own wolfes ears and the appered atop her head a deep black in color they twitched as she released her hands. She noticed Ren was muttering beside her concentrating on trying to get it down while he walked. She smiled throwing up her hands and linking them be hind her head as they walked. "That will keep him busy" She laughed as turned around to look at the two boys behind her. "Ren was right though one of yall are different its not the Temari It's one of you." Her ears twitched with curiosity. she leaned to Kankuro her she took in his sent not noticeable enough as Ren did subtle only other clan mate would realize what she was doing. "Wood" She mused before leaning to the one called Garra. He smelt like sand of course the gored on his back was sand she could see that. But, there was something else. Another sent maybe , one that gave a warning of power and fear. Her head cocked to the side in interest as she walked backwards with the group a small grin on her face.
  8. Blood in red and white

    Alea sighed a little in relief but also due to being really nervous. "My abilities are what most people would call horrific so I'll stick to standard combat skills if that is okay?" She asked looking at Kakashi unsure if he knew anything about her at all. Bones and blood is rather creepy to children.

    Watching Sakura and Naruto start a sparring session she was impressed by their movements but as her father always said stealth is not in Naruto's nature or being quiet. Stopping for a moment Sakura looked at her sensei "are you two going to spar or will this be a two vs two training session?" She asked as Naruto nodded in agreement "I want to fight Alea and Kakashi sensei! " he declared making Alea laugh lightly as Naruto pouted.

    The wolf in the sand

    Gaara listened to the two ninja bicker amongst themselves. One was very submissive the other dominant. It was an odd way to live being an Alpha or an omega. The red head choose to ignore it and move on still finding himself fascinated by the black haired girl. Kankuro found her sniffing rather odd and raised a brow at the young girl "you have heightened senses don't ya" he comment's still keeping in formation. Though when the girl turned to himself Gaara felt rather uneasy maybe it was the grin as she walked ahead?.

    "Why are you smiling?" the red haired boy asked as Kankuro looked at the two surprised by Gaara speaking. "Come on time to pick up the pace we need to get far away from this territory" Temari calls back as she goes from a walk to a run. They needed to travel through the desert by nightfall. There was a sandstorm due in two days time.
  9. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"Blood in white and red[/BCOLOR]

    Kakashi looked at Alea before nodding to Naruto. "Okay, we will let you get set up I have a feeling Alea here is just as good as I am."Alright Kakashi-sensei" Naruto yelled as he took of into the tree. Sakura Rolled her eyes before nodding and taking off her self. "So, Alea you take sakura and Ill get Naruto he can be a bit over whelming with that mouth of his. I can see your a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation right." Kakashi smiled with his eyes at her. "And how about this if you catch sakura faster than I do Naruto. Ill buy you dinner?" After that Kakashi held his fingers out three of them counting down in silence when his last figure dropped he took off in the direction Naruto ran off in.

    Kakashi pulled out his make out paradise and began to walk through the trees . It want long until Naruto came charging out with a direct attack. He quickly diverted it nailing him hard in the stomach. "shadow clone" Kakashi sighed just as the copy vanished in a cloud of smoke. before he could even take a look around he heard multiple shouts. Looking up from his book he sighed again. there is nearly fifty clones here. "guess this might take longer then I thought." Soon he got to work clearing out each clone.

    After about thirty minutes Kakashi finally had the real Naruto tied up. "Come on Kakashi-sensei let me have another try." Kakashi through Naruto over his shoulder. "I took enough time already. I'm going to have to buy that women dinner now." he complained. "Oh, so you have a date with her now? Alright I'll let you catch me this time." Surprisingly enough Kakashi was stunned by his words. A bit shocked it took him a second to answer causing Naruto to give him a sly grin. "shut up you knuckle head you have no choice in the matter." He just had to hope she didn't already have Sakura back at the starting point.

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]The wolf in the sand[/BCOLOR]

    "Ah, wolf sense" She motioned at the wolf ears sitting atop her head. She looked back at Garra surprised his voice was that low, almost a whisper . "Nothing, maybe I'll tell you latter." She smiled and turned to face forward and began to run. "Come on Ren speed up." with that she smiled the whole way to the edge of the desert. Her time through the forest she simply found interest in trying to figure out what the red haired boy was. It interested her not just because he seemed strong no that was interesting but her wolf was interested as well. Pacing in her mind her wolf wanted to know what was inside of him. Of course she couldn't tell but she could tell there was something there. When the reached the edge her body stopped on its on. on the edge of the grass land and the dessert was a large cliff not one they could easily jump down but still she stopped. of course Ren sensing Kira's panic stopped imminently. "Kira will she let you do it.?" Ren asked a worried look on his face. Kira began to pace at the edge her eyes set on the desert below. "Give me a second to calm her down she's not to happy about it but we both know it has to be done." Kira continued to pace as her ears sunk down and back as if threatened in some way.
  10. Blood in red and white:

    Alea listened to Kakashi's proposal and chuckled lightly "well I accept your challenge" she muses before waiting in silence to go capture Sakura. Watching the final three seconds count down Alea moved right as Kakashi did but in the direction of Sakura. Finding her was not to hard as she had loosely set up traps all over. "Hmm clever" Alea said moving to a bush nearby throwing what looked like white pallets at her but they purposely missed as Sakura avoided it but ended up in the middle of her own traps as she held what she thought was a pallet.

    "You missed" Sakura says smiling as Alea shrugged then says "look in your hand". The pink haired ninja opened her hand looking to see it was the bone from a humans fingertip. "Wha... What? " she mumbles as Sakura looks to Alea seeing the skin begin to close on her fingers. It took a moment to comprehend as Sakura dropped the bone grossed out then fainted.

    "That was nothing though" Alea mumbled knowing Sakura had also seen Alea's skin close. With that quickly over she carried Sakura back tying her hands together on the off chance she woke up.

    The wolf in the sand:

    Just looking more confused than before Gaara kept his speed up and kept an eye out for any followers. As they arrived at the edge of the desert Gaara stopped examining the ears vanished from the girls head. Was she afraid of the sand?. He didn't understand. Was it him? . "kids we must keep moving! Also Gaara! The sand storm has hit early were going to need your help!" Temari called out from ahead. To any normal person they couldn't sense the storm but Temari and Gaara could.

    It would not take long to hit and Gaara needed to get moving. "The sand will cause you no harm while I am around" he said hoping that it would persuade the girl to move as he held his hand to her.
  11. Blood in red and white

    "Well looks like I lost." Kakashi mumbled dropping naruto at Alea's feet. "Hey that's too much sensei." Kakashi quickly untied Naruto. "You two go on home and rest Naruto help Sakura get home she looks a bit dazed." "You got it Kakashi sensei. Have fun on your date." Naruto waved as he walked away. Kakashi shook his head slowly. " that kid." He slip his hands into his pockets and took a few steps before speaking. " so where do you want to eat."

    The wolf in the sand

    Ren started to laugh at his alpha. "Kira come on I know you haven't had to face you unbalance and all yet but your going to have to now." Kira glared at Ren before setting her eyes on Garra. "I'm not scared of the sand Garra." She growled a bit at him than regretted it. "Ah, I'm sorry it's hard to explain I...." "Enough sometime you have to tackle this litteral sense ment." Ren smiled before tackling Kira over the egde her face turned to shock as the plummeted to the open and baron land bellow. "You ass!" She yelled as she pushed away from the now laughing Ren. A tail appeared behind her midnight black as well as she turned in mid air as the ground approched the red sand taunted her and in a panick she realeased a large amount of green chakra. Below her on the ground a large tree sprouted she caught her self on the branches.
  12. Blood in Red and White:

    "I didn't mean to make her faint" Alea said looking rather nervous and almost a little shy from what Naruto said. The quiet ninja has never been on a date. "I really have no idea where we could go for food" she said looking at him "you choose" she said hoping it didn't make her appear strange that she knew no places for food.

    The wolf in the sand:

    Gaara looked rather disappointed by the wolf girls response so when he landed he looked ahead feeling the tree sprout through the sand. He could sense the storm moving closer and closer. "Hurry!" Temari yelled and walked to Gaara who moved to the front already feeling the sand from the storm up ahead.
  13. Blood in red and white

    Kakashi smiled unde this mask, the smile showed in his eyes. "Asuna filled me in on how you had to stay hidden. I just thought maybe you had heard of someplace and wanted to try. But, to learn more about the team I'll take you to the play Naruto eats every day. Hope you like Ramen" he waited for her to catch up and kept her pace walking beside her the whole way there. He noticed how she turned shy all of a sudden. It confused him makeing him self conscious of her. He sighed just as they reached the ramen place. He took a seat waiting for her to sit next to him. "So, now that it's just us I would like you to tell me more about your skills. I'm sure Sakura got a good look. But, you will mostly be my partner. I look forward to working with you Alea."

    The wolf in the sand

    Kira felt horrible for snapping at the boy even her wolf was hanging it's head low. Kira could hear the storm aproching but she could also hear something worse. "Wait Garra Temari they sensed my release of chakra I'm sorry but can you us the storm to conceal us the sand will block my sent." She walked up to Garra sher feet a bit shaky. When she reached him. She tugged on the sleeve of his red coat hanging on to it a bit. "You said the sand won't hurt me. I'm not scared of the sand just my wolf didn't like it she's freaking out wanting to run back to the woods and just fight you have to make it so I can't see the forest or get back on my own. I can't control my wild instincts yet." Just as she stopped talks no howls could be heard from the top of the cliff.
  14. Blood in red and white:

    Alea nodded quietly and thought about it smiling "I have heard about that place once before" she mused walking at the same pace as him. As the two arrived at the Ichiraku Ramen stall and she sat beside him. "as for my abilities well let's just say they are not normal haha" she says with a nervous smile. "Since we are to be teaming up together I will tell you the truth about real last name is Kaguya and I have rare abilities to manipulate my blood and bones" she said giving an uneasy smile to him. "I promised my father if I ever joined a team I would tell the truth if I could"

    Wolf in the sand:

    Gaara looked at her then shook his head "I am not halting the sandstorm I am merely protecting us from it" he says as the storm was now visible and Temari looked at her youngest sibling as all the sand coming towards them and which was below them began to rise. "Don't worry Gaara knows what he is doing just get walking okay?" Temari says making sure the young girl and boy were moving as the storm was all around them but not touching their skin.
  15. Blood in white and red

    Kakashi ordered their bowls before talking again. "Interesting, that's why Sakura fainted like she did." He turned to face her. He watched her again assessing her now that he knew how strong she was. But somewhere in his mind a thought came out she was rather attractive. It had been along time since he thought that of a women. He shook his head lightly before speaking "I have a feeling we will work well together. I have been hearing that we will have a mission coming up soon but they have yet to fill me in on the details. You wouldn't happen to know would you?" With out thinking Kakashi reached out and slid a hand through her hair before bringing a leaf between them. "It was in your hair."

    The wolf in the sand

    As the storm closed around them Kira looked back to the cliff one last time to see five wolves standing near the edge their yellow eyes looking right at her until the last bit of sand closed around them. He grip on Garra's sleeve tightend as they walked forward. Would the come after them through the storm. No, they wouldn't but she was still worried. After a while of walking and no sounds but wind and sand she relaxed and backed away from Garra. She lost her self deep and though her face placid but her eyes fare away. Why did she have to leave of course she knew why her parents didn't want her to be a caged pet for them if the city fell. But, still she was the only one who gets to escape? Ren seemed to notice her face.
    "Kira, come one you think about one problem after the next. Your not pack alpha yet. Your just my alpha you aloud to be afraid all you want. Understand." Ren put a hand on her shoulder trying to give her some comfort. "Shut up Ren. Anyways" she put a fake smile on. "I think she is calming down about the terrain. She's uncomfortable but not trying to force me to run back to the woods. I should be good now guess I passed my balance test." She gave a victory Hand sign to Ren as they walked keeping a proud look on her face.
  16. Blood in white and red:

    Alea was certainly feeling rather flattered that he thought they would work well together, especially knowing what she was capable off. Though one thing she failed to mention purely because she didn't know herself was that the Kaguya were a very battle ready clan. When in a fight one day she could have trouble stopping. But that was an issue for them both to figure out in the future. "well I only was told it was a mission near Suna the village hidden in the sand" she said with a shrug. "apparently we are already fixing ties with them" Alea commented as Kakashi removed the leaf from her hair making her cheeks go a light pink. "thanks" she mumbled.

    Wolf in the sand:

    Gaara lead the way in silence, there was no way for any creature, person or ninja to track them anymore. To most people they would be presumed dead in such a storm. "I will get us to the cave that is five hours from the village so we can rest" Gaara said still finding it hard to think of others. But the way the girl had clung to him made him feel more responsible. 'I still owe you Naruto...' he thought as they travelled for hours and hours until they reached the cave to rest Nobody even noticed that the sand closest to them was sand from the gourd which Gaara carried. It all returned into the gourd as they all entered the shelter as the storm continued outside. "nice work Gaara" Kankuro says with a grin still finding it weird not having to fear his younger sibling though he was still a little on edge.
  17. Blood in red and white
    Just as he was about to speak. The ramen was sat down in front of him with a warm eat up phrase. Kakashi smiled before pulling his mask down to eat his food. when he was done he turned to face her again. Pulling his mask up as well. "Well what ever it is I'm sure we will work fine together. I will walk you home. Our meeting with the hokagae tomorrow morning to get our mission and you can show me what you can do. I have a feeling you could even give me a run for my money." He stood up and held his hand to help her up. "Shall we."

    The wolf in the sand

    Kira cocked her head to she side as she watched the boy in black speak to the red haired boy unlike the girl he smelt a bit uneasy. Garra sat away from everyone one else while Ren dramatically complained about how tired he was. Kira's gray eyes never left Garra. Eventually she walked over to Garra and sat down on her knees beside him facing him and sniffing just a bit. "You smell different. Why does he seem nervous around you.?" Her head cocked to the side with the question. She liked the way he smelled it was a calming sent for her. "Your diffeent I can smell that much it's intresting."
  18. Blood in red and white:

    Alea smiled after her delicious meal and looked at Kakashi flattered that he would walk her home. This was certainly a whole new experience for her. Taking his hand she stood up "thank you so much for the meal and good company" she mused as she then spotted her brother who was approaching them. "Well Kakashi I'll walk Alea home" he said finishing his cigarette. Alea looked at her elder brother with a disgusted look "smoking again" she grumbled.

    Wolf in the sand:

    Gaara heard the girls word's and gave himself a moment to answer her questions. "I suppose it's because of who I was which makes him uneasy" Gaara says as his safe way of answering. "Though I do not have anything interesting about me.... Just a bad history that has to much blood involved" the red head said looking at the wolf girl then to the ground. He was far too nervous to speak to anyone yet somehow he felt little more at ease with this girls presence.
  19. Blood in red and white

    Kakashi felt a rush of disappointment when Asuma showed up. Kakashi pulled his hand form her's putting them back in his pockets. "Well I guess he will be taking you home then." Kakashi began to walk away throughout up a backwards wave. Before he got to far he stopped and slightly turned back. "The mission meeting is at six tomorrow morning I will see you there Alea." He turned back around and walked off.

    The next morning he stood outside of the villages main meet he didn't feel like going in first to wait for Alea. Something made him want to wait for her out here he leaned against a tree trunk reading make out paradise as always. Yet he found him self looking up for Alea more than reading. He wanted to ask her a lot for some reason learn more about her. Maybe he will have a chance as they head to their destination. He hoped they would have time.

    The wolf in the sand

    Kira smiled at him before sitting beside him back against the face all. "Everybody makes mistakes some worse than others you just have to find the people willing to forgive you." He eyes fell on Ren she though back to the accident that almost too his life. She gave a sad smile before looking back at Garra. "You don't seem scary to me rather calming actually. If it wasn't for that your two team mate would have probably had to drag a very panicked fulling transitioned wolf into the desert." Her eyes smiled at him before she leaned back and gently closed them. Ren laughed "that's an under statement last time she freaked out she almost killed me and hurt a few of the adults in the pack. My alpha has the combination of two two tracks that are highly respect in our pack." He gave a proud grin while Kira let her face drop into his palm. "How can he brag about this all the time." She mumbled. "See see. We have two separate chakras ours and our wolves. You have two types of wolves a multi Terrain and a sigle terrain. Kira there is a forest wolf solely I am a multi so my power is weaker in each terrain I hold. But, her natural chakra is a force to be reckoned with. She has control over both systems she just need to stop worrying about last time and train." Ren and Kira glared at each other before Kira stood up and moved to the other side of Garra to hide from Ren.
  20. Blood in red and white:

    Seeing her older brother Alea returned home with him not really saying much at all other than swatting the cigarette out of his mouth and saying how bad of a habit it was. At home in her room she was grinning like an idiot. It wasn't a date. But it felt like one for Alea. Flopping on her bed fully dressed she fell asleep.

    Waking up the next morning really early to be changed, clean Alea was running ahead of schedule to meet with Kakashi. Being so new at being with other people she was really excited for their mission as partners. Still with her smile on her face she saw her partner leaning against a tree reading his ghastly book making her smile fade only slightly. "Good morning Kakashi" she calls out happily walking up to him.

    The wolf in the sand:

    Gaara was certainly a little shocked when told that he was calming. It was something he never thought a person would feel around him. "They have forgiven me it's what inside me they cannot forgive" Gaara says I now looking at Kira with a faint smile on his face. "You have a kind friend maybe you and I could be friends?" He asked to her curiously. The red head only had one friend which was Naruto, it would be nice to have others. "Well only if you want to..." Gaara mumbles as he realizes his siblings staring at him smiling. They were relieved their little brother was trying to change.
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