The Hidden Neko (lewi and I)

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    His name was Jack Letio. He was a tall very handsome male with a strange feel around him of something that didn't come from earth. he rarely smiled but he often stayed silent and was jumpy if someone snuck up on him. alot of people called him the Kitty of the school, little did they know how right they where about that. today was gym and he hated it as dodge ball was today. he sighed as he changed, his ears and tail hidden by his magic force he kept aroudn him to hide his cat like features, like his tail, claws and ears. But his personality was very cat like and you could have sworn he ate raw fish once in the life of the school year.
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    Kieara didn't talk much. She was a huge quiet type. She read a lot, could be frequently found in the library, and she didn't really have any friends. She often wore long sleeves and long pants. Why? No one cared enough to ask. She was a beautiful girl. Well. By what of her someone could see. When she changed for gym it was a long sweat pants and sweat shirt outfit with a pair of nike shoes. She had her fiery hair pulled back into a bun. Her eyes were bright green, and her attitude sort of mimicked his. Well. At least in the sense of being jumpy. She'd always thought he was attractive, and often she couldn't help but watch him, but she never spoke to him. She was too shy to. She'd just sigh and watch from afar as she read her books in class. She didn't much care for dodgeball. The main reason was because the last time they played she wound up with a broken nose.
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  3. The male was playing on her team and sighed gently as they got seperated as the game started and he dodged alot of balls thrown right at him. He watched as most of his team was gone and balls aimed at him and the girl with red hair. he had seen her alot and thought she was pretty and watched as the balls pelted at them, he grabbed the ones coming toward her to keep her from getting out and started throwing them back. He then flipped off the wall and onto the basket ball hoop and stood there stuck his tounge out at the others who shouted and snapped at him throwing balls but he dodged on the rim happily keeping goood balance.
  4. Kieara wasn't the most athletic person in the world. Yes she was in shape, and yes she did well, but she had no prowess for sports. She would flinch as balls came at her, but he would save her from the ones she couldn't dodge. She blushed as he did and watched as he stood on the rim of the basket ball hoop and her mouth fell open a bit. How'd he do that? There was no way! That was something that no natural person could do. Something was different about him. She was knocked out of her thoughts when a ball smacked her in the back of the head knocking her over.
  5. The boy giggled as he caught the ball in his hands nd threw it back sharply as the ball hit the last four people and smiles as his team won the game and he climbed down landing on all four to exsorb the shock and smiles gently as he held out a hand for her to take to help get up smiling "You ok?" h asked slowly.
  6. She blushed bright pink and let him help her up. Her voice was soft and shy as she spoke. "t-thank you....yeah. i'm ok." She said as she dusted off. She was a petite girl, and besides being covered all the time, she had a very nice set of assets in front and behind. So it was uncharacteristic for a girl with her additions to remain covered as such. She looked up at him shyly and her face went more red. She had a huge crush on him.
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