The Hidden Beneath the Sun

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  1. It's hard to think that I had spent so much of my time wandering around. My leads brought me nothing. My fights only brought me bloodshed and now I'm afraid. He had joined so many causes to defeat him, yet he lives again. It had been seven years since my last encounter with him, and yet his words are still so new to me. I have to save those who have been threatened, and now this is my last hope....

    Chapter 1: Blood
    Kyla had recently been captured by a secret organization known as The Secrecy.
    This group has acted as a hired military for all villans including Dracula.
    Recently they have been bought by Vlad Brackus, a associate of Dracula.
    Vlad is not a vampire but he serves to them, and worships all vampires.
    Blade has only come up against Vlad once, and he is very cunning.
    His intentions are unknown, but what is certain is that Dracula is back.
    Blade has only one more lead to follow, and he is heading to the docks of New York.
    Kayla wakes up with large shackles around her and her wings.
    There are two bodies guards to your left and right, and in front of you is a mysterious man.
    OOC: Note you do not know anyone is coming to save you and have no clue who Vlad is.
    Also put a description of your character so I can get a good grip of who she is.
  2. [​IMG]

    Her eyes are brown and her robes are blue. Her skin is tattooed with runes as well. Note: her memories were wiped when she fell from heaven, she doesn't remember her past))

    Kyla groaned and lifted her head, feeling tight shackles on her wings. Her brown eyes opened wide when she saw a strange man standing in front of her, she said nothing as she looked around the room trying to figure things out. She looked to the guard on her left then the one on her right, the girl then eyed the man in front of her again. She could feel he wasn't human but she didn't know who he was at all. "Look here buddy, I don't know who you think you are but you just can't go around chaining people up. You sure left one hell of a bruise on my head, what the hell did you hit me with anyways?" she muttered. Kyla was a Nephiliam, a cross between an angel and a human, she was the most spunky and fowl mouthed out of all her kind.

    "If you know whats good for you, you would unchain me and let me go." she growled pulling at the chains wrapped around her wrists. Her wings were aching and the could feel that they had broken a few of her feathers, this only made her more mad than she already was. "Look, just tell me what you want and I can see if I can help. If you are up to something bad, well I can't help you there." she grumbled as she pulled against the chains again, she winced a bit feeling blood ooze down between her shoulder blades. She grimaced and wrinkled her nose trying to figure out how she could escape, it seemed to her though, that there was no hope.
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  3. Vlad looked at the girl with keen eyes. What they had captured was something interesting. They had seen one like her before but there was something different. "Listen girl, there are worth quite a sum currently to a high powered man. So if wouldn't mind please stay still, we don't want you too tender." Vlad snapped and two cloaked men came into the room pulling a cage behind them. As they moved it was almost as if they had been shot or stabbed, they walked so limp that it looked as if they couldn't stand up. They stopped in front of her opening the cage and pulled her in. Blade moved through the back ally ways into a small park area there he sat down and waited till he say his target move into the warehouse. He shook his head figuring it was too easy. Vlad was cunning enough to be able to set a trap so he'd have to travel through the back ways. Quickly, he moved to the back of the warehouse. There were three guards roaming around the shipyard. This was going to be easy just as long as he kept them quiet. One at a time they fell silently, Blade had done so much more than this and yet they put this outside their warehouse. He took a key from one of the guards and went through the back door. Blade kept his hand on his pistol just in case another one of Vlad's guards showed up. Surprisingly there were no guards inside, they must have been moving quickly and Blade didn't appreciate it. He moved through the right corridor then the left going until he reached a set of stairs supposedly leading to the basement. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he put his hand on the door then listened to what was going on in the room.
  4. She stared wide eyed at Vlad then she let out an angry growl as she was shoved into the cage. "By the angel, if you know what is good for you, you would let me go. I swear to the gods I will rip your heads off." she snarled and she reached a hand out slamming one of the men back. She winced, is she could just get her wings free she could get out of there. "Let me out you child of Darkness." She snarled as the runes on her body seemed to shimmer and she slammed her hands harder against the iron bars. It wasn't a good idea to piss a Nephiliam off, and Kyla had a bad temper to go with her power. She suddenly stopped and turned her head, she could sense Blade outside the door.

    She then turned and glared at Vlad as she started to rock the cage, her hands gripping the bars. She was not going to go down with out a fight. "Let me go, let me go damn you. You Shouldn't ever capture a Nephiliam." she snapped. "Oh shut up." a voice said as a guard walked in a gun pointed at her. "Can we just shoot her and get on with life? She is going to be a pain in the ass all the way there." the man said. Kyla glared at him but bit her bottom lip as she shut her mouth and let out a sigh. Tears came to her eyes, she wondered if she would ever get out of there. One thing Vlad didn't know what that he was hurting her badly already, her wings were starting to die from the lack of blood to them.
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  5. Blade heard the noise inside the door not sure what it was. Without hesitation he whipped his pistols out then burst through the doors. Five targets in all, the two guards, the hooded men then Vlad. He shot the two guards then elbowed one of the two hooded men and then tripped the second. Blade gritted his teeth then pointed his gun at Vlad. Vlad kicked Blade's gun upward and then hit him in the chest. The powers bestowed on him were not that powerful, only powerful enough to keep him alive. Vlad continued by tripping Blade with which Blade responded by tumbling then firing a round at Vlad. Vlad dodged then he felt it pass through his body. He was done for if he didn't get out. Vlad picked up a crate behind him and threw it at Blade. As soon as the crate connected with Blade he bolted out of the room into the dark night. Blade fell back as the crate hit him and then immediately got up. He pulled his sword from his sheath then started to run for Vlad, but then he stopped looking at a new face."Who the hell are you?"
  6. Kyla kicked the door open of the crate, she ripped the chains from her arms and legs then started the half breed Vampire in the eyes. "I am Kyla, a Nephiliam, an angel hybrid. And thanks for getting me shot." she growled at the Vampire as she ripped the chains from her wings and let out a pained groan folding them tight to her body. She held her arm where the bullet had hit her, she watched the Vampire slowly come closer and she backed away from him. "I should ask you the same thing, who the hell are you." she snapped as her blood dripped from her arm. "Please tell me your one of the good guys, I don't want to kill you." she grumbled.

    There were more shots fired and the angel opened her wings and flapped them sending the guards tumbling back. One shot at her though and it hit her wing joint. "Damn it.....what is with these people." she growled and grabbed her weapon from off a dead guard. "Nehty." she cried and the sword flamed blue and she ran at the guards slicing them all down. She winced again and fell to one knee, she pushed her sword back into her sheath. "Gods, I don't want to die." she whimpered before she fell to the ground, her blood pouring out of her wounds, it wasn't normal red blood, no it was golden and smelt very yummy.
  7. Blade watched as Kyla disabled the incoming guards. Those must have been to keep him off of Vlad. Now he had several bodies on his hands and a mysterious woman. He didn't know what a Nephiliam was. What the hell did he just walk in to. Blade shook his head about to leave, but then he realized that Kyla could be an important asset. He didn't care for much, but if he was able to defeat Dracula again, then he would be at peace. Blade picked up the girl and made his way out of the warehouse. He had to track his way back to his home with some passed out girl. Blade had parked his motorcycle a little ways away, so he carried her to it again going through the back ways then he sat her down. Blade perched Kyla on the motorcycle and then started it up. Fifteen minutes or so went by riding on the motorcycle until they reached his headquarters. Blade unlocked the door then brought her in. Once he got downstairs he laid her on one of the operating tables next to one of the covered vampire bodies. He wasn't sure what to do with this mystery girl. What would she be able to tell him. Blade put his weapons and jacket all up and watched the girl till she awoke.

    OOC:(Just to get an idea of how Blade would act, what age is Kyla?)
  8. She looks 17 but her real age is about 1000)

    Kyla groaned and wrinkled her nose when she scent of rotting evil hit her in the nose. She rolled over holding herself weakly up but then slumped against the table again. "Damn it....hit with unholy bullets, way to go girl. Your dying." she muttered to herself unaware Blade was there. "Fenrir is going to be so pissed at me. She hates hell, besides its not the Rider's job to bring my butt back from the....." The angel turned her head and stared at Blade. "Your a half breed Vampire. I knew it..." she said from his scent hitting her. She shook her head and felt more blood leaking out of her wounds. "Look, my time is running out, I have a few hours of life left in me and I would like to get back to my boss before she gets angry." she muttered.

    The girl gave a cough and blood leaked from the side of her mouth, she wiped it on her tattooed arm and then stared at Blade. "Your wondering what I am aren't you. Well my name is Kyla, I am a 1000 year old Nephiliam which is a cross between an Angel and a human. And your friends back there just shot me with your unholy bullets. Now I could sit here explaining things to you or your can let me go. I'm dying alright, and I need to send a message to a friend of mine." Kyla groaned. She sat on the side of the table coughing hard into her hands, blood streamed down them, dripped down her wrists and onto the floor between her legs.
  9. Blade looked at the girl. He had never encountered something like her before. He had heard of Angel from the X-men but he had never seen him because he preferred working alone. He pulled out couple of bandages and started to work. Blade plucked the bullets from her skin then cleaned the wound and then bandaged. After each bullet he took out he would set them in a little pan next to him. She got hurt and what was worse, he had no clue what she was. What if she was going to die because of some sort of weird poison or something. Blade didn't understand what she was. Blade poured a glass of water and set it on the table next to her. Then he sat down and waited till she awoke. While he awaited he pondered what she had said.
  10. Kyla opened her eyes a few hours later and sat up on the side of the table feeling her wounds over. "Damn it.....they didn't heal....what the hell did that Vampire do to me." she grumbled thinking back to Dracula. Her hand moved to her neck and she felt it over just making sure she wasn't bitten. She wasn't so that made her relax. She turned and looked over at Blade her wings creaked as she moved them. Her head turned and she plucked a feather coming from her wing, she raised an eyebrow and then cocked her head to the side.

    "Well I thank you, for the help. Least I am not going to die, yet." Kyla muttered as she shoved her wing back into its socket before she stretched them out wide plucking the broken feathers from them. She looked herself over then she suddenly stopped moving her hand, she grabbed the tip of her wing and brought it down to her eye level, her eyes went wide. Her fingers move to her mouth and she pushed two inside her mouth pulling them back from her mouth to see two small prick holes in them.

    "No wonder I felt like shit earlier, that bastard bit me." she growled and slammed her hand down hard on the table. "Look, I know who you are, I know your scent. Blade.....he was talking about you but first I didn't know who you were until some of his men walked in. Same scent.......well are you the good guy or bad?" she said as she shut her eyes feeling her head throb. She was changing into a half breed vampire herself but it would be different. She opened her eyes they were red with slitted pupils, but for some reason she had no crazy for blood.
  11. Blade looked at her, she had turned and that to him meant a threat. He pulled a small knife from his desk and held it in his hand. "Alright now we need to stop the nonsense. Tell me what is going on. Are they mutating you, making weapons, or is it that you are just caught up in this. What ever you are talking about doesn't make any sense to me. This is Earth, and here we do things differently than from where you are from." Blade set down the knife and handed her the tray of bullets. "Those are just normal bullets, nothing unholy about them. In this world holiness is just a myth, everything here is either good or evil. There isn't no extra parts to it. Now tell me who you actually are." Blade was tired of her, he had no clue what was going on and how she was caught up in this. Blade sat down and folded his arms. Before this it was all simple. There was vampires and him. He was the protector of those who had no clue what lurked in the shadows. What does he make of this new half-breed, he knew that it wasn't good.
  12. She rolled her eyes and leaned back against the table for a second then she shook her head. "You know what, I am not even going to bother explaining it to you. Lets just say I am a mutant, since those are on this planet." she muttered and reached a hand down and lifted the try staring the bullets over before she sat it back down. "Don't believe me do you, the bullets." she moved her hand down picked one up. Her hand started to smoke then she dumped the bullet back in the tray.

    Blade could see her flesh burned down to the bullet. "They are either copper mixed with silver or they did something to them." she grumbled then stood up as she folded her wings tightly to her back, the seemed to vanish from sight. "Oh, don't worry. I am not going to attack you blade, I won't attack anyone. I just want to go home alright." she grumbled as she stood up, her wings had healed and so had her wounds now, she plucked the bandages off and dropped them into the trash.

    "Look up Nephiliam, its in the book of Enoch as well as the internet. That will explain to you what I am." she grumbled. He was really starting to piss Kyla off, she just wanted to walk out of there and head back home. "I am a good guy alright. I have know clue what that Dracula guy wanted with me or why he bit me. That is for you to figure out." she snapped before she eyed the window. She wanted to make a break for it but she thought it would be better to stay where she is until Blade left or had his back to her.
  13. (Let's continue from the post you were to make next. Basically Blade and her made it out and are heading to the S.H.I.E.L.D Base to talk to Nick Fury, Blade's contact. SO do your jig.)
  14. Its your turn though, she had just ran away and gotten in a fight with another half breed and Fenrir, she is now bleeding on the side of a building.)
  15. (I thought Blade has thrown the grenade and destroyed the building. Then he grabbed her and started to head for shield.)
  16. OMG I will just repost my post after yours.........)

    She panted slightly as she sat in the car with Blade, she turned her head and saw Fenrir make her way out of the rubble, the Ghost Rider got onto her bike and was soon after them more pissed than ever now. Kyla raised her eyes and kept watching until she saw where they were headed, she growled not about to see Nick Fury, she hated that man for what he had done to her friends. "I am not going to be talking to any Nick Fury today. He is a monster worse than you." she hissed as she ripped the top of the car.

    Kyla then did a back flip landing on the trunk of the car before she shot into the air and landed on the roof top and began to run away from the HQ that they were headed for. She suddenly felt a pain in her back and turned to see a female half breed vampire behind her and an arrow in her back. "Oh." Kyla said before the vampire grabbed her and started to head towards the side of the building. "You leave her be. The girl is mine." Fenrir snarled, she had rode her bike up the side of the building and now was on the roof waiting and ready to fight.

    Kyla pushed against the half breed vampire and started to fight her off only to let out a pained cry as the vampire's sword peirced her side. The girl fell and then heard the two fighting, neither paying any attention to Kyla as she mad her way towards the side of the building. The girl weakly stood then jumped making her way over the gap between buildings where she then hit the roof, the impact was so bad, her pain great that she landed on her face and passed out. Fenrir looked over and began to make her way for Kyla, she had defeated the female half breed for now.

    "Hang on, I am coming to get you Kyla." Fenrir said as she got on her bike, she revved her Harley up and then shot towards the building clearing the gap and landing with a loud thud. Kyla lifted her head and watched as Fenrir was hit in the side of the head by the female half breed. That just pissed the Ghost Rider off, she stood grabbing the Vampire by her neck before she walked over to the side of the building. "Good by, hope you can fly." she said and dropped the girl to the ground below.
  17. Blade hopped out of the torn vehicle and headed to the buildings where the fight was being continued. He looked up seeing as a a body was being dropped from the building. This was annoying, why wouldn't she listen to him. Blade had only recently contacted S.H.I.E.L.D about this because after Silvereye captured him, it seemed that they would have more information about Dracula than him. S.H.I.E.L.D may have tried to take his blood and use it to enhance it's men but at this point it didn't matter to him. He had to deal with some girl who had been in contact with Dracula. She was being a brat and didn't understand what he was up against. All his life vampires had taken his down, brought him up, and almost kill him. He hated them, at times there were exceptions but overall he did hate them. Blade growled seeing as the ghost rider was alone with Kyla. He had to get her back otherwise he would be left at a dead end again. Blade looked around and saw a set of windows that could get him to another set of windows then he would be able to get up to the top. One step after another he hopped from each window to the next then finally got to the top. He breathed then stood up looking at Fenrir. Blade pulled out his sword then ran toward Fenrir.
    The slithers and hisses were heard as the last of the victims was finished. This was only the quiet before the storm, they had taken this for themselves. The one piece left was her, the one who would seal the deal. There was so much rage in her that she could kill those who stood in his way. Men and women stood in lines before they took their final oaths of the cult. The fell to their knees seeing their king above them, roars erupted from the crowd as he began to address them. "This is our last time before we take the world by storm, all we need now is the girl. Her blood will make us the kings of the land! FOR THE NEW BLOOD!!!
    Chapter 1 End
  18. Fenrir dogged his sword attack and then she grabbed it with her bone hands and held it tightly her flames burning the metal till all that was left was the butt of the sword. "You need to listen, the girl belongs in hell. She is not like you Blade, she is far more powerful. She is going to destroy this world if you do not let me take her away." Fenrir said then turned only just in time to see Kyla run at her sending the Ghost Rider over the side of the building. Her wings had lost all there feather's they were just bone now. She watched as Fenrir curled and vanished off with her bike. Kyla stood up taking up the knife Fenrir dropped, she brought it to her back. She turned and looked at blade with the reddest eyes ever, they were slitted like that of a cats.

    Her hand moved severing her wings from her back, all that was left was bone sticking from her shoulder blades. She didn't even wince as blood ran down her back, her wings hit the ground with a dull thud. She suddenly turned to only take a chest full of bullets from one of the S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicopters. She staggered back a few steps before she landed with a thus at Blade's feet. "You fucking moron, you were not suppose to shoot her, the other one. The Ghost Rider who isn't on the roof." someone snapped and hit the man with the gun in the back of the head. Kyla grunted as she started to spit the bullets out, her flesh healed over but she still was weak, her back was still bleeding and she wasn't herself.

    "Need a ride?" a woman said as she jumped form the helicopter as it landed on the roof. She moved towards the girl but kept her distance, for some reason she knew that Blade was watching over her. "Come on Blade, we can get her help back at HQ." she said and backed up as the door the helicopter waited wide open for him. "We can fix your sword as well, poor girl, shame what happened to her." she whispered to one of her men as they stepped out and circled Blade and Kyla. They picked her wings up and then the woman nodded to Blade before she got back into the helicopter and waited for him to get in. "Its happening, he is coming, he is coming for me. Don't let him, don't let him take me. I don't want to die, I don't want to be a vampire." Kyla cried suddenly.
  19. The S.H.I.E.L.D squad took them to a government sanctioned base. It was a one story building by Manhattan, that was enclosed by gates and guards. The agents took Kyla out of the helicopter and took her down into the tunnels of the base. Blade was left alone with a couple of the agents to talk about her. Kyla was alone, and that wasn't good. As the agents brought her to a gurney and strapped her into it. The agents were rather rough with her and they easily restrained her. As she was laid down one of the men stuck a small needle in her neck. Kyla then slowly drifted off to sleep again, like before and was taken away into the building.

    Blade walked into the meeting hall to speak with one of the representatives of S.H.I.E.L.D when he was confronted by Nick Fury, Nick pulled him aside and brought him into his office and sat him down. Nick pulled out several papers as well as a couple pens and pencils. For once Nick seemed troubled about something, and usually it wasn't good. Blade looked up at Nick and he held his hand up. "Look the information we gathered came with a price, Dracula has finally gathered an army and is wanting us. Now before you say anything he is not alone anymore, his ideas have changed. There are two who have decided to join his army. Mephisto and Doctor Doom, it's strange but we have no clue what is going on. Recently some of the heroes have been disappearing. Recently Black Widow, Hawkeye, Cyclops, Mr. Fantastic, and lastly Gambit have all gone missing. I understand this may not mean anything to you but you are in grave danger. The only reason that there is a new Ghost Rider, or any new super hero is because of this. Now for your orders, you are to kill this girl no questions asked and then you have out word we will kill Dracula.

    Blade looked at Nick nodding at him. All he had to was just kill some girl then it would all be over, but it wasn't that simple. He assumed S.H.I.E.L.D would capture him and try to take his blood again to create super soldiers. If super heroes were disappearing, then that means some old villains would be surfacing. He had once encountered Mephisto when he fought with Ghost Rider during the Ultimate Alliance conflict. This was odd that these specific villains were coming together,yet he knew there was more to it. Where had this all come from, Dracula had only been recently been resurrected why did he get so much support. All of it was blur to Blade, he didn't understand what to do and he needed help, but not from S.H.I.E.L.D, he would need better help. Blade jumped out of his chair and headed for the door, Nick stood up but Blade had already made his decision. Blade ran down the hallway until he came to a door with two guards in front of it. Blade quickly brought them down then continued on his way to save Kyla.

    Kyla awoke in chains bye a small wood burning fire with man sitting in front of her. He yawned and then leaned back in his chair. "Our tests will begin my daughter, you will soon join The Order of the New Blood in a matter of time. Test one, obedience. The man started to bend her mind to his will for the first time, and it would not be the last.

    OOC: ( I am deeply sorry that I have not been posting as much. To be honest you are a great Rper and it is hard to keep up with you at times. With school starting and my procrastination that I will try to get over I will try to make time for you each day. Thank you for participating.)
  20. Kyla gritted her fangs together her mind still fuzzy from the drugs but she was not going to be someones pet, she would put up a fight as much as she could. She pushed back using her own will power, she was strong but still the drugs had screwed her mind up pretty bad. She looked up at the man her eyes narrowed, she couldn't get free of the chains and she couldn't take the man out. "Let me go, god damn it. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you hurting me? I just want to be free, I don't want to join some order. Please tell me what is going on, why is this happening? Am I the only one your doing these things to?" Kyla cried out.

    Her head was pounding badly and she was trying to push the man out of her mind, she could feel him entering into her brain, her thoughts and feelings. "I am not going to be some pet. I will fight you if I have too, I am not some dog you can order around, I am a living being for fuck sakes." she hissed. Her brain felt like it was going to explode, she shut her eyes tightly and let out a pained cry. The more Kyla fought the worse the pain got, she wondered if there was a way around it. She was sick and tired of fighting, she just wanted to live alone somewhere and be free of burdens but people were after her and now they wanted to kill her as well.

    "Get out of my HEAD!" she roared shaking her head madly, her eyes squinted shut tightly. She shook her head over and over as she clenched her fangs tighter together. Klya let out a sigh before the pain was staring to be to much for her, she knew she was going to pass out again. She heard noise in the background some where, maybe someone had dropped something. Kyla then suddenly felt everything go black as her head slumped against her chest and her body fell forward, the only thing holding Kyla up was the chains. She just felt so tired, she didn't want to wake up anymore, not if things were this bad, maybe she could just stay dreaming.
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