The Hidden Academy

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  1. The Hidden Academy
    Another year was coming to a start here at Harrington, Hidden, Academy, and the students were starting to wake from their hibernation. As each student started to stir, they woke to their second day here seeing that the first was simulated by the eraser.

    Melika woke to the normal feeling of being less than whole. It was like a part of her life was missing. Looking around her small dorm, she sighed and pushed back the covers. Standing she looked out the window, it was a cloudy stormy day. Going to pick up her phone, she noticed it wasn’t charged. “Great.” She muttered under her breath. Placing it on the charger, and letting it connect, Melika looked at the device and concentrated. Within a few seconds, the phone became fully charged. Thankfully, Melika was able to do this trick frequently because of the fact no one shared rooms.

    Grabbing her shower supplies, she went to the bathroom down the hallway. The first floor, which was extended, was the boy’s dorms, and then the second and basement was the girls. Walking in, she noticed a pair of girls in the far off corner injecting themselves with something. Melika rolled her eyes. “Pathetic!” She called out. Jumping into the shower, she scrubbed herself clean. Grabbing her towel that hung outside of the shower itself, she wrapped it around her and went to the sink. She brushed her teeth, and then collected all of her things leaving for her room.

    Once inside her room, she closed the door behind her and locked the door. She went and changed into the outfit for today. A cute look for a damp fall day. She then continued her morning routine by doing her hair and make-up. When both were perfected, she packed her messenger bag and left her dorm. She popped in her head phones; however, one was blown out. Melika frowned, and then smiled. The best part about being a techno genesis was the fact she could fix, recreate, and do almost anything with technology. Acting like she was adjusting the earbud, she fixed the broken speaker and continued down the hallway, to the cafeteria. She didn’t want to miss breakfast, seeing that they only served high quality food.

    When Melika reached the cafeteria, she saw the group of cheerleaders at the center table. They waved at her, and she smiled at them. She then went to the left and got into the breakfast line.


    Jesse had woken up earlier then all of the other guys at the school. He wanted to get a morning run in for the cross country team, though he was the only one to go in early. He was running in the extended running trail at the school; however, no matter how far he ran against the wall there was never an exit. The wall lead to the watch tower, and then back to the school. Jesse didn’t understand why the academy was fenced in like this. The wall was nine feet tall for Christ sake, no one in their right minds needed that kind of security for a school. No one.

    Jesse ran back towards the school, seeing that the sun was on the horizon and was rising. Half way to the school, Jesse noticed some of the guards in white out there talking with each other. “Sometimes I feel sorry for the little freaks, and then I remember that they deserve to be erased.” One said. Jesse, by now, had hid himself safely behind a tree as they walked by towards the guard tower. Jesse’s curiosity started to eat at him, but he knew that it was a bad idea to follow them. He sighed and took off towards the dorms.

    Once inside his dorm, he walked to his closet grabbed his things and went to the showers. He clean himself up, brushed his teeth, returned to his room, and got dressed. Jesse hadn’t realized that no time had passed since he got in the shower. He fully had his time freezing ability, but he didn’t know it. He dried his hair, and grabbed his bag before running out the room to meet his sister for breakfast.

    When he had arrived in the cafeteria, he had immediately spotted his sister. It was like the twin effect, seeing that both of them knew the other’s location with ease. However, that only seemed to work when the two were near each other. Walking up to his sister, he smiled. “Thanks for saving me a spot.” He said. The line split in front of them, the hot breakfast with the cold breakfast. Mel liked hot, and Jesse liked cold. He waved as he split off to the cold line to get cereal.

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  2. ~.~Sunny~.~
    Her dark blonde hair stuck to her forehead as she was running from something and to someone. "LENNY!!!!" She could feel her throat was raw from her screaming as she ran towards her only family she could count on. He wasn't very far ahead of her because he was running as well. Her older brother motioned for her to move faster because running was better than being wiped. She tripped over her own feet screaming for her brother again before the darkness descended taking her from her family from her brother. The Eraser took her life from her, his face haunting her in her dreams.

    Sunny shot up in her bed her throat felt raw and angry. She threw the blankets off her. 'What an unusual nightmare.' She thought to herself as she approached her closet pulling out the clothes and accessories that she wanted for the day. Despite the horrible nightmare she felt like she slept wonderfully. She carried her things and bathroom necessities to the bath room to shower. She cringed as she passed by the two girls injecting something into their veins. She found an empty stall and turned the hot water on full blast. She pulled off her sweat soaked night clothes and climbed in letting the hot water ease her muscles and relax her after such a vivid nightmare that she would of course tell no one about.

    When she was all done she pulled on her clothes and such combing out her thick dark blonde hair before heading back up to the common room to wait on Lenny. He was such a lazy ass sometimes but she loved the goof like a brother. She felt closer to him than just a normal friendship, maybe because they arrived at H.A. on the same day or maybe it was just how they acted around each other like siblings.

    She shook her head as she pulled out a book sitting in one of the chairs waiting on him to finish getting ready. Her book pulled her in deeply as she sank into the arm chair further. Sunny's blonde hair falling over her shoulders slightly dryer than when she finished her shower up earlier. This was her usual routine from last year with Lenny; she would be ready first and wait on him and they would go to the cafeteria together laughing and joking. That was usually when she broke off with him as he headed to the joke table and she to the nerd table to hang out with Theo. She was totally absorbed so she didn't notice when someone approached her. ​
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  3. ~Ann~
    It was another long morning for Ann, and she could hear her alarm reminding her she had to get up for breakfast go off. With a grunt, the tall girl forcefully dragged herself out of her small bed in her dorm. Shaking out her messy teal hair, Ann prepared for yet another stormy and silent day. Ann was having a hard time even speaking to herself anymore, afraid to open her mouth for lack of a better reason than it would hurt those around her. She was tired of being afraid of everything, and everyone, so much so that sometimes she just wanted to rip out her own vocal chords. Ann had been taught from her time at the academy that them seeing her power was a threat to her and her friends, not only in the fact that she could hurt them, but in the fact that she might get herself taken out in the process.

    Slowly dragging herself to the bathroom, Ann ignored the stares from other women as she walked into the shower, not minding the other girls around her. She was never very good friends with any of the girls around campus, but there were a few people who she could open herself up too. Finishing her shower quickly, Ann paid no attention to the girls injecting themselves with things to fuel their happiness in the corner, and instead focused on making sure she looked alright. After the proper hygiene was carried out, she slowly made her way down to the cafeteria, where she could eat her breakfast.

    Walking into the cafeteria, she let the buzz go on around her as she tried not to take in too much of it. Too much equaled explosions, and that was never good. Slowly getting in line for meals, she split off to the cold breakfast side, looking around absent mindedly until she saw Jesse in front of her. She mentally smacked herself for being so ditzy. The man was two inches taller than her, how could she not notice. Tapping his shoulder, Ann smiled gently, waiting to see if he would turn around to say hi to her.
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  4. Ryan Taylor Rincon ღ Sophomore

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    Morning sunlight spilled into Ryan's dorm room, illuminating the small space. It didn't take long for the light to reach Ryan's face, causing her to wake. She grunted, pulling her dark blue comforter over her head to shield herself. It can't possibly be morning already, she thought as she snuggled into her pillow. I just laid down. Maybe someone's shining a light in my window...

    Beep! Beep! Beep!

    As it usually did, Ryan's alarm clock proved her wrong. The lazy teen allowed the buzzer to go off for several minutes, and she might have let it go longer had it not been for the banging on her wall from the girl in the dorm beside hers. "Yeah, I'm getting it," Ryan shouted, though she knew she would just barely be heard. The walls were surprisingly thick, not that she was complaining. "Calm your tits."

    After jumping down from her bed, Ryan pushed the 'off' button, turning to look out of her window. She assessed the weather, and then chose an outfit she felt would do: A grey t-shirt that had the Van's logo across the chest, which she covered with a red plaid jacket, matched with black skinny jeans and black Vans.

    Since her hair took too long to dry Ryan always took her showers at night, which meant she could wake up later than most of the other girls attending H.A. The brunette hummed as she brushed through her hair, applied some foundation, and checked her phone. A glance out her window told her that it'd be a good time to go eat breakfast, and so she gathered her things. At the door she gave a sorrow filled glance at her skateboard, which was leaned up against her desk. The cafeteria is too close to bother riding it, she decided before exiting her room. But, maybe I'll find some time to ride around later.

    Stepping into the hallway each morning was like being smacked in the face with a rainbow. Granted, at this time most people gave off mainly brown and green aura's, which symbolized them being distracted and restful. But, there was always those girls who consistently gave off a nice shade of red- materialistic thinking- and blue- sad thoughts- because that's just how their personality was. And, every so often Ryan would notice someone with a white aura, which meant they were sick. Luckily, there was no one she needed to avoid touching today. So far, at least.

    For the most part, Ryan had figured out what each color meant. All except for purple, which until arriving at this school she had thought she understood. Everyone always had flecks of purple throughout the aura, except for the majorly depressed because they are not connected with themselves spiritually. But, at this school everyone had larger area's of purple, stronger shades. It was all very confusing.

    But, she had long since given up on trying to figure out what it meant. All she ever got from it was a migraine. By now she had reached the cafeteria, which was already buzzing about with students. Without a glance at the tables, Ryan went straight for the warm breakfast line. It wasn't until she had gotten her tray and some scrambled eggs that Ryan bothered to look at who was around her. She realized that Melika Daniels, someone who Ryan was not fond of, was directly in front of her. She resisted huffing.

    Just don't say anything, she told herself as she placed two sausage links on her tray. It wasn't that Ryan hated Melika, she just didn't like her. Before long she finished in the lunch line, paid for her food, and then went to go find a place to sit. Instead of seeking out friends, like a normal teenage girl would, Ryan located the most vacant table and decided to sit there.


    Theodore Kale King ♣ Elite

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    As usual, Theodore woke up three minutes before the alarm on his phone would sound. He was in no rush, so he made no effort to even sit up until the soothing sounds of a waterfall came from his phone. Reluctantly, he reached up to dismiss his alarm, and then he continued to lay in bed for a few more minutes. Sadly, he knew he'd have to get up eventually, and it was better to just get up and get the day over with.

    If Theodore was being honest, he hated everything about this school. He hated the ridiculously high fence that surrounded the campus. He hated the men in suits that were posted in every hallway. He especially hated the required meetings with a councilor to talk about his 'feelings' and 'what he remembers about his family.' As far as he knew, this was the only school of it's kind. And he'd rather be anywhere else.

    Theodore moved like a sloth as he made his way to the showers, keeping his head down once he entered the bathrooms. Teenage boys are animals. Around him, Theo could hear the whipping of towels and the talking of girls. But, he wanted no part of their activities. All he wanted was to get in, take his shower, and get out. Sadly, as soon as he exited the shower he realized that his glasses were missing from the towel of which he had left them on.

    Heaving a sigh, Theo's hazel eyes scanned the nearby boys. It didn't take long for him to find the culprits. Getting them back, however, took longer than it should have. After that Dylan decided he would get a water bottle and wash his teeth in his room, because already he was done with his peers.

    Once he was safely back in his small dorm room, Theo dropped his towel and moved to get dressed. His phone- as well as the clouds outside- told him that it would be slightly chilly. So, he dressed in a light sweater, some jeans, and his normal sneakers. After cleaning his glasses he slipped those on as well, and then moved in front of the mirror to style his hair.

    Several minutes later Theodore was going through his mental checklist, making sure he had everything he needed before he left. Once he was sure he did, Theodore slipped out of his room and began his walk to the cafeteria. However, only halfway out of the dorm building he recognized a familiar figure sitting in the lobby: Sunny. After some contemplation, Theodore decided to approach her. Maybe they could walk to breakfast together?

    "Morning, Sunshine," Theo said as he approached the girl, smiling brightly. He noticed the book in her hand instantly and curiously asked, "Whatcha reading there?"

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    Kyler Maxon Stokes ☾ Junior

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    A hour before several of his fellow teenagers even bothered to wake up, Kyler was in the weight room. His morning routine was always the same, and it went as the following: Wake up, run five miles on the treadmill, shower, get dressed, go eat with the cheerleaders. He never wavered from his routine, because if it's not broke don't fix it. Of course, he'd be back in the weight room later that day too to use some of the other equipment. He just didn't have time in the morning for a full work out.

    Without slowing down Kyler threw his head back, squirting water from his bottle into his mouth. His green eyes watched the screen as he came closer and closer to his daily five miles, instantly hitting 'stop' once he reached it. Kyler had learned the hard way that he shouldn't work himself so hard, especially before breakfast. Which is why five miles was his absolute maximum. As the treadmill slowed down Kyler took another gulp of his drink.

    Kyler went straight to the gym showers, because they were less crowded in the mornings. After a hot shower to rinse all his sweat away Kyler dressed himself in a red hoodie- which he rolled the sleeves up for- and some dark jeans. He then pulled on his running shoes, which he actually used as casual shoes. Same difference, right?

    After brushing his teeth Kyler put in his headphones, and walked back to the dorm building. He ignored everyone as he made his way up to his dorm room. Once there, he threw his backpack- which had his showering supplies and his water bottle- on his bed. He then fished out his water bottle, dumped the water into the plant he kept on his desk, and proceeded to make himself a protein shake.

    After that, the young jock finally went to the cafeteria. He waited through the line rather impatiently, getting three scrambled eggs and three pieces of bacon. Then, without a single thought to it, he went to get sit at his usual table. He knew Melika would be there, as she always was. The two weren't friends, but he didn't mind the girl either. He was actually waiting on Quinton, his best friend, Gabrielle and Lennox. It was unusual for him to beat them all to the table, so he had to check to make sure that he wasn't running early. Only by ten minutes, he thought, shrugging and beginning to eat his breakfast. They'll be here soon.

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  5. Isabelle || Izzy/Belle || 16 [September 14th] || Crush: Open || Cafeteria || X
    The loud beeping of the cat shaped alarm clock rang through the girls dorm. With a yawn, Isabelle awoke and slammed her hand down on the alarm. The beeping was going to give her a headache. Something she could go without. After a quick stretch, she quickly got out of bed and did her normal morning routine. Dress, brush hair, brush teeth, then make sure all's good. She didn't really wear make up but she did put some pink lip gloss on her lips. After a quick look in her mirror, Izzy was grabbing her bag and out the door. She made sure to lock it since she didn't want anything stolen.

    With a soft sigh, Izzy entered the cafeteria. Walking over to the food bar, she grabbed her tray and piled it with a salad and some other healthy things. With a slight nod to the women behind the counter, she turned and walked to her usual table. On her way, she noticed her friend Kyler. Smiling, she waved to him with one hand but quickly put it down. She'd ruin his reputation. Picking up the pace, she reached her table and sat down. Like usual, she was alone but didn't mind. As she set her things down, Izzy started eating while staring at the table, thinking about the outside world.


    Quinton || Quinn || 17 [August 7th] || Crush: Open || Cafeteria || X
    With a groan, Quinton realized that it was morning. His most hated time of the day. Slamming his loud alarm clock off, he sat up and looked around his dorm. Though he thought of it more like a comfortable prison. With a sigh, he sat up and walked into his bathroom. The sound of water running meant he was taking a shower and sure enough, ten minutes later, he walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist. Walking over to his closet, he picked out an outfit and slipped it on. Once that was taken care off, he brushed his teeth and fixed his hair a little before ruffling it up. After a quick check to make sure he looked fine, Quinn grabbed his bag and flunged it over one shoulder. He made sure to lock his dorm as he left, so no one saw his little mess inside.

    Reaching the cafeteria, Quinn first noticed Kyler. His friend. After grabbing a tray and filling it with random things that counted as breakfast, he walked over to the table and sat beside Kyler. Turning to his friend, he smiled. "Sorry I took longer than usual. I hate mornings." He apologized, laughing a little afterwards.

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  6. Gabrielle had just awoke from a beautiful dream. She was on a yacht in Italy, traveling the beautiful waters...then she woke up in her dorm, annoyed. Gabrielle was usually already awake by this time, but this dream felt so real, that she didn't want to wake up. Standing up, she shut her window curtains, annoyed by the soon to be rainy day. She looked down at her pillow, smiling happily. Usually when she got up from her pillow, there were snowflakes covering the outline of the pillow, today there wasn't, which only meant that she was getting better at controlling her powers. In this place, Gabrielle couldn't risk being exposed...not until she figured out what exactly was going on. She took a minute to fix up her hair, even before she went to get ready, she still had to LOOK ready.

    Once she got to the Girl's Showers/Bathroom, she saw some dumb girls injecting themselves, with some dumb things. She walked over to them. "Get Out..." The girls didn't hesitate at all, they ran out the bathroom, leaving Gabrielle by herself. She loved seeing how everyone feared her, with just her words she got her way...just imagine if she could use her powers freely...what a world it would be. She took a nice shower, with her Vanilla Scented Body Wash. Her mind drifted away from everything...a few minutes later she noticed that the water wasn't touching her anymore.

    Anticipating the inevitable, she opened one eye...the water had frozen and turned into ice sickles in the shower. She sighed and tried to melt the ice by Conjuring a waterproof heater, it worked but Gabrielle was still aggravated. Maybe she wasn't in control of that power yet. Making the heater disappear, she got out of the shower. Gabrielle went to the mirror. When she went to touch it, the mirror started to form ice particles on it, she retracted her hand really quick like. She used her towel to clean the ice off...this was going to be a long day.

    Gabrielle was getting dressed in her dorm now. She had decided on something Fun & Flirty, like her, to wear for the day. It was the beginning of her fourth year at H.A., hopefully her last year too. After fixing up her hair, she put on her necklace and grabbed her clutch purse. "Time to Shine." She flipped her hair behind her shoulder, walking out the door. Walking down the hall, she noticed Sunny and the nerd Theo. Gabrielle liked Sunny, but she couldn't stand Theo. If only Sunny stopped hanging with the losers she would be Gabrielle's friend. She waved at Sunny and ignored Theo. Lennox treated Sunny like a sister, which meant she had something about her that was cool...right?

    When she got to the cafeteria, Gabrielle saw her girls waiting for her to come over. They waved at her like little puppies waving at their master. She smiled at them, going to the Hot Breakfast line. She wasn't going to get a lot of food, but she still had to look like she was eating...if people knew what she was dealing with, she would be a social outcast, and she couldn't have that now could she. Seeing Melika in the line, she skipped everyone and glided over to her number one girl. "Hey Gorgeous, great day right?" She giggled, getting one sausage and some eggs. She started walking to the Popular Table, saving seats for the others.

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    The boy in the solo dorm was fast asleep. His alarm went off three times, before he finally woke up. He could feel the rain clouds starting to form outside, it sucked having powers over the weather and not being able to use them to stop the rain. Yawning loudly, Lennox punched his alarm clock. He stood up, stretching out of his bed. He knew that Sunny had been already probably been waiting for him to meet her. He had gotten close to Sunny through the years...she was like the only family he had was weird how they connected so fast. Ignoring the idea for the moment, he grabbed his shower stuff and went to take a shower.

    Some of his boys were in there just fucking around, he high fived them all. He sat in the shower, washing himself off. If he wanted to, Lennox could have just showered in the rain water...the most pure source of water, but that would have definitely caused suspicion. He wrapped his towel around his lower body, walking back to his dorm room. He tried his best to get into his outfit quick. Sunny was a pretty patient girl...but everyone had their limits.

    Once he made it to the area where he and Sunny always met, Lennox spotted her with...Theo. He tried to hide his annoyance...but failed. "Hey...Sunny" He tried his best not to get angry, or he would end up shooting a fireball at Theo. He wanted to tell the nerd to jump off a bridge...or better yet, let him, throw him off the bridge, but he stood there waiting for Sunny to move towards the cafeteria

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  7. The alarm clock sounded. Then stopped. Sounded again. Stopped. And sounded again, and again and again till the repetitive motion of hitting the snooze button had gone on around 10 times. The last alarm that sounded was different. The soft chiming of her wake up light was the last indicator that she had to get out of bed, or she'd miss breakfast all together. Not that she'd mind, but having a rumbling stomach in the third hour wasn't exactly something she looked forward to.

    The curtains of Emma's room were never closed. Light spilled in, and together with the light coming from her wake up light, it was more than most people could sleep through. Emma however, had no issues with it.
    Groggy she rolled far enough to throw her legs over the edge of the bed and sit up. With her eyes closed, and hair mess, she sat there for a good few minutes before showing any further signs of life. Mornings really did not sit well with her. Why couldn't they just skip mornings all together and head straight for lunch? It would make the world such a better place.

    Not one for showering in the morning, Emma could stay in bed longer than most others. It still wasn't enough of course, but it was something. Breakfast. Standing up Emma head straight for the door and stopped in front of it. Being more than just a little forgetful she had made sure to place the mirror there so she would see if she'd forgotten to change part of her outfit. Wouldn't be the first time that she went to the cafeteria in her night wear. To be honest, she didn't care. Her night gown wasn't all that much different from some of the summer dresses that she had worn, so what was the big deal? Okay, she didn't wear a bra in her night gown, but that was about it. Man, she really did look like a mess today.

    It didn't take her long to find a suitable outfit for the day. A white high neckline short dress, black stretch belt around the waist, black and white high heels and a pearl bracelet with a black bow. Black and white. Simple, yet elegant enough.
    It was a good thing she had hung the mirror so high, as she would otherwise have to crouch just to see what she looked like. All she'd really need to do to make herself presentable would be to brush her hair. However, her grandmother had always followed a simple wisdom. Before you leave the house, brush your hair, and wear some lipstick. More make-up wasn't necessary.
    She grabbed her brush off of the shelf next to the door and straightened out those tangles.
    And just like her grandmother, she put on just a bit of lipstick. Enough to make her lips a few shades darker than normal, which gave a healthier and lovelier complexion.

    Quietly the tall blonde head out to get some food. Inside the cafeteria life was bustling as usual. How could anyone be so... so... energetic this early. Making her way to the line Emma payed no attention to her surroundings. Mostly still coping with waking up. Already being very tall for a woman naturally, plus the added 5 inches of her heels made Emma nearly a giant amongst the rest, towering above nearly everyone.
    Soon enough she'd gotten herself some bread and a glass of orange juice. A quick glance revealed only a few spots left to sit down. Not really having a set table where she always was, she sat down, moved her breakfast over to the side and planted her face on the table before her. "Someone please fast forward to the afternoon..." She complained to no one in particular.

  8. ~.~Sunny~.~
    She raised her eyebrow when she peered up from her book her smile growing seeing Theo. "Well its about the greek goddesses and gods." She held up the purple book revealing the spine which said The Blood of Olympus. Theo was by far her favorite person he was cute smart and usually could keep up with her wild mind when it came to books and other nerd things. Although she did not consider herself a nerd more of a free floater considering she hung out with Lenny as well. She seen Gabi passing behind Theo and gave a wave to the girl. Gabi was nice enough a little stuck up when it came to Theo or any other 'nerds', but when she hung around Lenny she was super sweet. Their rooms are right next to eachother so its usually them getting ready in the mornings together. She shrugged noticing a slight look of disgust on her face seeing Theo.
    Sunny really didn't care what others thought of her Theo was her best friend and she loved him, more than she really cared to admit to most days. She spotted Lenny coming towards them and raised an eyebrow at his obvious, well obvious to her, hatred of Theo. She jumped up sliding her book in her bag with a smile, "Its about damn time Lenny." She said playfully to the boy she viewed as her bother, when her head began to throb suddenly causing her to sit back down in the chair. 'What in the world is going on.' Just then the boy in her dream flashed threw her mind; he looked just like him. Could it be Lenny was the boy in her dream her actual brother. No that was too preposterous to even consider they were closer just like family should be both were wards of the state it just made sense they formed a family bond right. Clearing her mind finally she stood back up and looked between the two boys. "No instigating anything, do you understand me Lenny. Theo is a close friend you will respect him." Her tone was authoritative and firm before she looped arms with both of them and made her way to the cafeteria. ​
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  9. Melika

    Melika waved her brother off as she moved into the hot breakfast line. She didn’t mind not spending all her time with her brother. They lived two different lives that only joined because of their DNA; however, she couldn’t imagine the world without him. Standing alone, she could feel the looks she got from the freshman boys. Looking over to them, she waved at them. She still didn’t think they were attractive, but attention was amazing.

    It wasn’t until long that she heard a familiar voice. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Gabrielle. “Hello darling.” She greeted her. Gabi was head cheerleader, and Mel was his right hand. “It would be better if the sun would actually come out!” She grumbled. Taking a sausage and a hash brown, Melika moved from the line and to the table. Taking a seat by one of the cheerleaders, she took her food to the check out and paid.

    Walking over to the table, Melika saw Kyler was already there. “Hey, Kyler. How’s your morning going?” She asked him, taking a seat across from Gabrielle. She wasn’t rude to people that bothered to get to know her, though sometimes that didn’t even matter. Certain people rubbed her the wrong way. Anyway, Kyler she considered a friend, seeing that they hung out in the same group and he was nice.
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    Not long after he split off from his sister did Jesse feel the small tap on his shoulder. At first it wasn’t something he’d take notice in, thinking that someone accidently knocked into him or something, but then Jesse found himself turning around to see a familiar face. Ann. “Hey, there.” He said with a smile at the girl. Ann was the same height as him, which was okay seeing that Jesse didn’t mind things like that. “How are you?” He asked her. Ann and Jesse had built up their friendship since the start of last year. She was really nice, and accepting of a lot of things. Jesse could truly say that he trusted her more than anyone else, besides his sister. In the past month or two, he started to miss Ann and that was when he realized he liked her as a little more than just friends. Though he was too scared to say anything about it, seeing it could risk their friendship.
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  10. :~:Ann:~:
    Ann smiled gently as he turned around, offering it up as a sign of being alright. Ann had really opened up to Jesse over the past year, and he was one of the only people she trusted. She had been starting to feel there was something more, but it terrified her think about, and it often caused her powers to spike and give her headaches. "Good morning, I am good. How are you?" She said, all smooth, calm and softly spoken as she moved to grab her breakfast. Cereal was always the best in the morning, with a bit of coffee. Sometimes she liked hot breakfast, but today was just not one of those days. She had also adapted this habit of simply following those people she did know around.
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  11. ♫Sayuri Sonzaku♫

    Sayuri was awaken by her phone alarm. Sayuri had set the the alarm to one of her favorite classical songs " Gymnopedie NO. 1". Yuri was a light sleeper, so the clam and smooth music easily woke her up. climbing down from her bed. Yuri could barely see without her glasses, but her dorm seem to still be in order from last school year. "Odd, I hardly remember yesterdays' orientation. I hope i remember where my classes were" Yuri put on her glasses and gathered her bathroom bag. It was a simple red beach bag with all her bathroom essentials in it. Slipping on her rubber slides, Sayuri grabbed her dorm keys,locking the door behind her, and headed for the bathroom.

    These days the drug using seemed to be much more apparent. Sayuri saw the remains of syringes in the girl bathroom. "Its like they don't even try to hide it" Yuri puffed out under her breath. There were not many girls in the stalls at the time, so Yuri was not too concerned about people hearing her. After her quick shower, Yuri brushed her teeth and headed back to her room. Deciding to wear some cute heels today, Yuri paired them with a nice causal Outfit. grabbing her Tokidoki purse, Yuri put up her glasses and placed the glasses case in there. Yuri headed to her mirror and worked on her Hair and make-up . Yuri tried to remember where she learned how to do her make up from. Maybe it was from her mother, but lately Sayuri couldn't seem to remember exactly where her parents were. Sayuri knew that she had a very good memory, but it was failing her on simple matter on her family. "It's probably just the morning haze, I need breakfast. Coffee specifically." Yuri plugged in her Blue butterfly headphones and chose Nujabes' "Windspeaks" breakfast track for the day. Finally Yuri poped in her clear contacts, picked a random book from her bookshelf, and locked her door on her way to the cafeteria.

    After getting her serving of Apple and cinnamon oatmeal and large cup of hazelnut coffee, Yuri took a swift view of the table situation. Not seeing anyone in the chaos of the room, Yuri settled on an empty table. She was not the type to really get work over "cliques", but she had hoped to see at least one person that she knew before the day was other with. Maybe she would have some classes with interesting people. Yuri downed a big gulp of coffee before cracking open the random book she had. It was titled Tantalized.
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  12. August Radley


    It was daylight. August was sure of that. His eyes were simply deceiving him, showing him something that was obviously not true. His internal clock screamed that it was at least noon, not the pitch black darkness he was seeing. The brunette walked further down the road he was on (it felt like a road, he wasn't sure though), the only sound that could be heard was his footsteps hitting the concrete. He was taking it slow, trying to get a feel for his surroundings. With his luck, he'd probably trip on a pothole and break his neck. It wasn't until he heard a bloodcurdling scream come from further down the road that he started running. The hair on his neck stood on end, his breaking became labored. No, it couldn't be. he thought. His brother couldn't be there. Not here, not now. Another scream broke through the darkness, sending shivers down the older boy's spine."I'm coming, Jules! I promise!" he screamed, throwing his hands into the air.

    And just like that, the darkness disappeared into nothingness. The sun bore down onto August, blinding him. The last thing he heard before he woke up was his name being called..


    "No!" he yelled. It took him several moments to realize he wasn't on that road. Instead, he was in his bed with his covers thrown off of him. He was in his dorm. His brother was no where to be seen and would probably be at home with his dad's. He would be safe. August let out a soft groan, letting himself calm down. His heart was racing and he was sweating as if he'd ran a marathon. God, he needed a smoke. The Senior climbed out of his bunk bed before searching for the jeans he'd worn the previous day. Eventually finding his cigarette pack, he lit a smoke and began breathing in the carcinogens. It quickly eased the panic from the nightmare.

    He took the jeans that he got the cigarettes from and a Nosferatu shirt from his closet and put them on. He didn't bother showering and instead just sprayed cologne on instead. He grabbed his phone from its designated charging area and slipped on his black converse shoes before leaving for breakfast. His hair was still a mess and he looked like Hell, but he could care less. It wasn't like he dressed to impress or anything. He was here for the education, that's all.

    August grabbed a black coffee and an apple from one of the lines and headed to look for his breakfast buddy. Yuri Sonzaki, that was her name. They had some stuff in common and she was actually very nice. She was one of the students who he didn't hate with all his soul. The brunette eventually spotted her at an empty table and walked over to her. He sat in the seat across from her.

    "Hey, Yuki! Whatcha reading? Is it any good?" A smile graced his lips as he took a sip of his coffee, wincing at the heat.


  13. Ryan Taylor Rincon ღ Sophomore

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    It wasn't long after Ryan began to eat her breakfast that she was distracted by a blonde female, who Ryan recognized as Emma Naaktgeboren. Ryan had only taken the time to learn who she was because she had a peculiar aura. It was consistently brown, which was rare. Most people only had brown aura's when they were under pressure, sleepy, or daydreaming. But, even as Emma worked she constantly radiated a nice shade of brown. Which only meant that she must be a distracted young girl.

    A smile formed on Ryan's lips, understanding Emma's dislike towards mornings. Ryan was more of a night owl herself, so early mornings was a special kind of hell for her. Deciding she shouldn't stare at the blonde girl who sat a few feet away from her for too long, her eyes drifted back to her plate. She worked on finishing her eggs, and then fished out her headphones from her pocket. She never went anywhere without them.

    She plugged the cord into her cell phone, and then the buds into her ears. But, she made no effort to turn on any music, she just liked having them in. It usually kept people from bothering her, and it gave her the freedom to listen in on other's conversations. She'd never admit it, but Ryan was obsessed with other people's drama.

    The brunette bit into a sausage link as she looked from person to person, reading their aura's with ease. Sad and angry, but there's some grey and red. She's probably either jealous, or just broke up with her boyfriend, Ryan thought, He's way to happy at this time in the morning. She's going to have a horrible fever tomorrow.

    A sigh escaped Ryan as she finished her food, pushing the tray to the side and reaching for her hot coffee. She stared down at her drink, feeling it's warmth on her fingers. It's probably very rude of me to do this every morning, she realized, how people feel is none of my business. But... then why would I have been born like this? She shrugged her shoulders, lifting the drink up to her lips.


    Theodore Kale King ♣ Elite

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    Upon seeing what Sunshine was reading, Theodore's face lit up. He had always found Greek Mythology fascinating, and due to a phase he went through he knew a lot of little facts about many of the Gods. The tall male was about to take a seat and share some of his facts, but he stopped halfway through the motion. Sunny was waving to someone behind him, and when Theo turned to see who it was he felt his smile lessen.

    It was no secret that Gabrielle Swarovski and Theo didn't get along. Actually, he wouldn't mind her if she didn't hate him so much. The worst part was that he had no idea what he had done to her or her brother, Lennox, to make them hate him so much. But, they did, and Theo was terrified of confrontation. So, as soon as he saw Gabrielle, he turned back around.

    Theodore might have still sat down, had it not been for the untimely arrival of Lennox. Speak of the devil, Theo thought as he stood up straight again. Oh, right, Theodore realized, mentally smacking himself. Of course, she was waiting for him! Theodore really should have guessed that before, considering the two were practically inseparable. Theo once thought they were dating, but Sunny had explained that they were practically siblings.

    As much as Theo would like to, he didn't believe that. He was sure there was some sort of attraction between the two. Why else would they hand out all the time? Why else would Sunshine choose to spend time with such an awful person? Theo couldn't see any logical reason except for a crush. Which was really disappointing, because in a different world he might allow himself to like her.

    Instead, the nerd was forced to swallow his feelings for Sunny. Lennox was more competition than Theo could ever handle, and if he was being honest with himself Theo could see why she'd like him. He was tall, came from good money, and was a sports superstar. Where as Theo rambled on about pointless things and played video games.

    A bright blush appeared on Theo's cheeks as Sunshine stood, warning Lennox to be nice. 'Lenny,' as she called him, was not one for playing nice and Theodore knew that all too well. So, he cleared his throat, and said, "Actually, Sunny. I think I'll just catch you later." His eyes shifted briefly to Lennox before meeting Sunny's blue eyes again. "It was nice talking to you."

    With that, Theodore turned to escape. His fingers reached up and ran through his hair- a nervous habit of his.

    @Shattered♦Secrets™ @Poisoned Rose

    Kyler Maxon Stokes ☾ Junior
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    Just as Kyler forked a big bite of scrambled eggs into his mouth a blonde female walked by, waving to him. Smiling brightly at Isabelle, the girl who had waved to him, Kyler instantly dropped his fork to wave back. However, he had only just started when she dropped her hand, turning her head and scurrying away. He watched her blonde hair bounce and her red skirt shake from side to side as his smile fell. Was it something I did?

    He would have waved her over to come eat with him if he had been given the chance. But, Izzy always seemed to decide to avoid him just as she was acknowledging him. Which was really a shame, because thoroughly enjoyed her company. She might be one of his nerdier friends, but he felt no shame in being seen with her. He wondered if she was ashamed to be seen with him.

    The teenage boy was pulled out his thoughts as his best friend, Quinton, arrived at their table. Kyler's smile returned immediately, waving off Quinn's apology of being late. "No big deal, man," Kyler said as he took another bite of his eggs. "We all hate getting up early." Even though Kyler got up earlier than Quinton every day he still knew what it was like to force himself out of his bed. It was harder some days more than others.

    Before Kyler could say anything else, he was being greeted by another one of his friends. He looked over to Melika, smiling charmingly. "It's better now that I'm graced with your presence," he replied, winking playfully. Truthfully, Kyler felt no attraction towards most of the girls he flirted with, but he still continued to flirt. He figured if he never let himself feel anything real he'd never have to experience real pain.

    His green eyes shifted to Gabrielle, who was accompanying Melika, and he smiled to her as well. "You both look beautiful today, by the way. How are your mornings going?"

    @XxDreamingxX @Shattered @Autumn_Burns_Red @Poisoned Rose


  14. ♫Sayuri "Yuri" Sonzaku♫
    Yuri was pulled out of the book she was starting to regret, and was greeted by a fellow face. " Morning August. Enjoyed your break?" Yuri once again tried to remember what exactly did she do over the break. Yuri knew that she had fun, but could not recall real details about her time with her family. Yuri took another sip of coffee and started to work on her now luke-warm oats. It was a bad habit of Sayuri to become immersed in a book, and neglect her eating. Luckily she had a cool stash of junk food in her room that she regularly munched on.

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  15. Gabrielle laughed at Melika's comment. Melika was the only person, other than Lennox that Gabrielle didn't control...which made them two her closes friends of the bunch. Sitting in the center seat on the right side of the table, HER seat, Gabrielle looked at Kyler. "Do you see the weather? It's going to be a horrible day...I can feel it." Gabrielle ran her fingers through her hair, twirling her red locks. She looked down at her sausage and eggs, taking one bite of her sausage and nibbling her eggs. She wasn't really hungry today, which didn't surprise anyone. "Kelly, do you want my lunch...again?" Kelly was one of the younger girls on the Cheerleading Team...she idolized Gabrielle, but who didn't. "Sure Gabi!" She smirked at Kelly, pushing her food to her.

    Gabrielle looked at Melika, with a big grin on her face. "Mel, this is your Junior Year. You're finally up there with the Royals of the are you Ky. Princess Melika and Prince Kyler...ha!" Gabrielle always looked at herself as the Queen of the school...which most people would agree with, she tended to get away with being a bitch to the "commoners", and never has she ever been stopped from doing it. She popped open her purse, taking out her lip gloss, applying more of it to her lips. She turned to the opening Cafeteria doors, seeing Lennox walking in with Sunny. "Lennox! Get over here!" She waved him over, then she smirked at Melika. Gabrielle always hinted at getting Lennox and Melika together...they would be so cute dating.

    I: @Autumn_Burns_Red @Brea
    M: @Poisoned Rose

    Lennox only nodded at Sunny's command, sounding like a sister or something. He would play nice...only because of Sunny. Lennox saw how uncomfortable Theo was around him, which just made him laugh inside...the punk knew that Lennox could crush him with one finger if he wanted to. When Theo said he would catch up with Sunny later...Lennox grew a Cocky smile on his face. Glad that the geek knew better than to stick around him. "Got to go so soon?" He waved Theo off, almost flipping him the bird. "Let's go Sunny, your "friend" can't handle all of this coolness."

    They walked into the cafeteria, and the first person to say something was Gabrielle. Lennox waved back at her, Gabrielle was a pretty cool chick, that was his girl...she was full of drama most of the time, but he still had her back, just like she had his. Him and Gabrielle were the most hated and feared in the entire school...which obviously made them best friends because of it. He looked back at Sunny. "Do you want to sit at my table today...or with the "others"..." Lennox knew that Sunny would probably go with her nerd friends...but at least he asked, he did feel bad sometimes just walking away from her, but he was never going to sit with the geeks and freaks...yeah right.

    I: @Poisoned Rose @Brea
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  16. Samara, Luke, and Mark
    The triplets always dressed similar there clothing was definitely cordinaited. Samara wore a black skirt and a grey shirt that had a v-neck, she had boots on that went to her knee. Her brothers wore black shirts and jeans and black hiking boots. Anytime the triplets walked in any where others moved. Being Elite, they had the attitude that they ruled the school. There dark demeanor also helped that and made people literally jump out of there way. The triplets walked into the mess hall and grabbed breakfast. They went to sit at there table and ate silently. They talked amongst themselves and sighed.

    Samara leaned back in her seat as she pushed her food around. Her brother Luke touched her and shocked. She smacked him,"Watch it." She snapped at him. He gave her a look and frowned. She sighed and pushed the plate away and her brothers did the same. They look at the other students with dark looks. They whispered to each other, and looked as a student that was a freshman approached the table. "Are you lost?" Luke asked."I mean if you we're we could help you find the hole you be burried in." Mark said. The student look fear stricken. Samara sighed."They mean get lost." She snapped at the freshman. She watched the kid run off. They all laughed and shook there heads.

  17. ~.~Sunny~.~
    Sunny's heart squeezed in her chest when Theo said he would just catch her later. She couldn't help it but she really cared about Theo, she actually was in love with him but she could never admit it to him. Sunny feared rejection above all else and she looked at Lenny and frowned almost angrily at him. She unhooked her arm from his and punched him in the bicep rather hard. "I swear if you were nicer to my friends Lenny they would stick around but your stupid Jock complex won't let you be nice." She huffed before smacking Lenny's arm again heading towards the cafeteria pulling him towards the cafeteria. She slowed down and looked at him. "Look Lenny, I really care about Theo and you being an ass to him doesn't help me at all. You are like a bloody brother to me." She clenched her jaw before lessening it she could hear the thunder her eyes flashed to the sky. "Come on lets go in side and yes I am going to sit with my friends but I will see you at Lunch maybe depends on how deep into books I am at the library." She smiled some linking her arm with him again.​
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  18. Melika
    Smiling at Kyler, Melika blushed. She had no physically or mental attraction to Kyler, but he did have a way of making someone feel special. It was always a great boost in the morning. Especially when you worked hard on looking the best you can be! "You are so sweet." She gleamed. Kyler was a gentlemen, and well a good friend. He knew how to lay on enough charm to help you out, but not too much to lead you on.

    Taking one bite of her hash brown, and one of her sausage, Melika pushed her tray aside. She never ate much, and well the councilors thought her to be anorexic, but she assured them she ate enough during the day and at Bruno's. Though she lied through her teeth at them. There was something not right with the food, it always tasted a bit off, though most people thought it was the way they prepared it.

    Looking over to Kyler again, she sighed. "My morning was good as always, except the sun playing hide and seek, and the girls in the bathroom. God they could find a better place to shoot up then in the open like that." She said. Even thinking of them sent shivers up Melika's spine. She never understood why people would choose to waste their lives away on some drug that makes you feel good, instead of trying a bit harder in life and succeeding in the right way.

    Melika was lost in her own thoughts when she heard Gabrielle call Lennox over. Lennox was a cutie, and well it would be a lie to say that Melika didn't like him. Though she kept her feelings toward him a secret from Gabrielle, feeling as if she would have an excitement overload. Though Melika had made them very clear to him the year before, and thankfully it worked out in her favor. Seeing the Lennox arrived with Sunny, she remembered that she would be studying with the girl later on.
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    Jesse smiled at Ann. He grew use to the low tone she used in public places, and well found it easy to hear her know. Especially since he learned to read lips better. "I'm good. Went on a morning run, and got some fresh air." He told her. He liked morning runs, it helped clear his mind and allow him to think. Not only that, but investigate the school some more while everyone else was in bed.

    Moving up the line some more, he grabbed a small one serving size box of Lucky Charms. Looking back to Ann, he smiled. "Did you want to sit with me today, maybe outside on the patio?" He asked. He knew she wasn't fond of crowded places, and well with the weather like this everyone thought it was going to rain; however, Jesse could tell that it wouldn't rain just yet. And if it did, the patio was covered.
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  19. :~:Ann:~:
    Ann smiled back at Jesse, grabbing her own serving size of Lucky Charms as he talked, smiling wider as he asked to sit with her. She already knew about his morning runs, she could see him from her window sometimes when she woke up in the middle of the night. There was an advantage to being in a single room, no one could see her when she had nightmares, which is good, considering she had them quite often. "I would love to sit outside with you." She said, letting her feet carry her as she walked up to the coffee. Ann liked her coffee close to black, as it kept her awake in the morning when she lost sleep. Taking up her coffee, she smiled at him. "I would love to eat on the patio." She said, taking a sip of her coffee.
  20. Alene, Queen of Shadows
    Alene sighed softly as she rose from her bed. She didn't get much sleep last night, which was pretty much usual for her. It was rare for her to get a good night's sleep at all, let alone the day after all the other students came back from break. After all, it was just a reminder that she had no where to go, no family or friends to stay with. Instead she had to remain in her dorm at the school... alone... with nothing to do. Honestly, it was horrible, but she preferred staying her over going back to the orphanage. Quickly getting dressed in all black, Alene brushed her hair so that it flowed down her back before grabbing her shoulder bag and walking down to the cafeteria. She kept her eyes on the ground, not looking at anyone, not touching anyone, not even saying a word. It was like she was invisible.

    Finally, reaching the cafeteria, she grabbed some food and looked for a table to sit down at. Were there any empty ones left or was she too late? If she couldn't get an empty table, she usually sat with the 'nerd' population of the school... even if they didn't speak much to her. No one did, really. She didn't speak to them either, after all. Sighing, Alene ditched the idea of an empty table and headed towards the 'nerds', sliding onto the very edge of the table and leaving plenty of room between her and the closest person to her. Restraining another sigh, she dipped her spoon into her cereal and took a bite, almost gagging at the taste. There was something definitely off about it, but she didn't care much. At the orphanage, any food you could get, you ate. There wasn't much to go around, and the mentality kind of stuck.​
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