The Hex of Sunset City

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Sunset City. Back some years ago gold was found in the nearby mountain. Settlers from all over flocked to the area, each trying to stake their claim. But something was off about the area. Some say it was old Indian magic. Others say the Devil placed his cursed on the town. Things never went right. When the mine shafts collapsed, that was the end of the town. Folks packed up to move away. ...Yet, they couldn't. Try as they might, once they hit the borders of the land, somehow they found themselves riding right back in to town. There was no denying it then. There was a Hex on Sunset City. Once you arrived in town, you ain't never gonna leave.

Years later, all the folks in town are pretty used to their fate. Sure, every other week a Ghost Stage will ride through. You might have to deal with a zombie or two shambling out of the nearby swamp. No one really cares about the critters runnin' loose made only of bone. You just deal with your own property and your own problems. And every once in awhile some poor new soul comes walking in to town...

Brandy James was standing behind the saloon bar cleaning up a class like she always did. Same thing every morning. Clean up the glasses, serve breakfast. Clean up the dishes, deal with some foolishness from the towns folk, then serve up lunch. Same thing tended to happen for dinner too. Once upon a time, Brandy had her own property just outside of town. But one wouldn't couldn't run a ranch without her husband. He died in the mine shaft, and there she was selling their land to set up a Saloon in town. At least hers wasn't filled with Harlots and Vampires. Nope, only good honest folk came in to her Saloon and she liked it that way.