The Heroes Saga

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  1. The night was cold and the small village was quiet, everything seemed to have frozen in place as the snow fell leaving the village to appear peaceful and safe. Though that didn't last long for the screeching roars of the flying serpent were heard over head.

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  2. The screeching echoed through the Village as everyone was sent into terror, a dark shadow slowly walked into the village silently with all the commotion not a person seeing. (Its oki :D Just continue to RP xD)
  3. It was almost too perfect, like it had been a play rehearsed. The shadow continued to approach, silently like a snake in the field. Yet what the shadow hadn't planned on was that there were two unlikely heroes watching from their hiding place in the Bell Tower.
  4. As the dark mysterious shadow walked slowly towards and past the church light finally escaped through some clouds, as the figure was a man in a long black trench coat that was soaked. He pulled down his hood and shook off flipping his medium length hair with reddish highlights in it out of his eyes and sighed mumbling to himself as he sat down and watched the sky silently waiting for something.
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    A bolt of purple magic flew through the night air illuminating it's surroundings as it made it's way towards the serpent. The source; a winged angel wielding a magic staff in one hand, and a sword in another flying towards the serpent from the sky, ribbons from her clothing practically seemed to flow behind her as she flew... She knew she had arrived too late to intercept the serpent, but she wouldn't allow it to deal any more damage than it already had.
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  6. The two figures in the Bell Tower were known as the priest that worked in the church, the elder out of the two motions for his pupil to journey down to investigate. The pupil does as he's told and approaches the mysterious man "Sir, excuse me."
  7. As the sky became dark the large beam of light shot by and brought light back to my subtle looking face as i stared up at the Pupil and answered. "What is it.." I spoke in a bland voice.
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    The beast screeches in agony and falls slightly but regains it flight pattern, it circles around and exhales a fiery blast of purple light towards the newcomer and circles around screeching once more, causing a scene.
  9. @Kanja Sionji

    The boy shook, his purple eyes flashed with sheer nervousness "I wouldnt find it w-wise to stay out here with a dragon out and about..." he stutters "Father Erik wants you to join us in the church." He mumbles.
  10. I stood up slowly and stared him in the eyes mine glowing slightly as i turned away and walked up inside the church and up inside the bell tower slowly. I approached Father Erik slowly, holding my hands in the pockets of my long trench coat that was torn at the bottom a bit as i spoke. "I assume you are this.. Father Erik? What do you want.."
  11. Father Erik nods "Yes, yes I am. As for what I want, it is simple...I beg of you, you must help us rid this village of the beast. I am sure you saw it."
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  12. I shrugged slowly and walked to the edge and rested my elbows there and stared up at the sky and spoke slowly. "You mean.. that thing up in the clouds?" I glance back a bit looking back up at the clouds slowly.
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    He nods "Yes, can you please help us?"
  14. (lol its oki i do have cat reflexes :3) I leaned off of the edge and stretched slowly cracking my knuckles, I walk by him as i slowly pat his shoulder and say. "Don't worry about it, I wont let anything bad happen.." Before he could speak i jumped down the hole to the church and walked out past the pupil.
  15. The angel just barely manages to dodge the purple bolt of magic, feeling the heat singe her wings a little. Ignoring the slight pain, she dove towards the serpent as fast as she could, knowing she wouldn't have time to charge up another magic attack. Deep down she knew this battle wouldn't be finished so easily though.
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  16. @ Kanja Sionji

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    Father Erik watches worried for the newcomer, he turns to his pupil "Matvey, go with him." Matvey froze shaking "What? Why me?" He shakes as he is pushed toward the door. "Just go!"

    Outside, the massive dragon spots the young man and roars circling several times before landing in front of you, its orange eyes flash with an unknown emotion.
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    The dragon narrows its eyes and roars snapping its wings as it takes towards the sky at a much higher height "You think magic will work on me!? I am the father of magic!" It bellows.
  18. I jump from the ground to the top of the bell tower, and from there into the air as my eyes glew brightly and air force knocked the angel away and i floated in the air looking at the large dragon. "Do not harm the dragon, Hold for now friend.." i looked back at the angel.
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  19. @Kanja Sionji and @York

    The dragon watched curiously, it had never heard such words before and wasn't to sure how to react.

    Down on the ground Matvey stumbled slightly panting shortly as he caught his breath, he could the angel and mysterious young man confronting the large scaly beast "Please let them be strong enough" he mumbled to himself his heavy accented voice was full of worry.
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  20. The angel stopped in her tracks upon hearing the dragon's words about to question the dragon further about what it said. However a strong gust of wind blew her and sent her flying again. With her wings, she herself from flying any further away and "hovered" in the air flapping her wings listening to what he told her "Why not?" she asked the new arrival, cocking her head and looking at him curiously. "Perhaps it's because that dragon was the father of magic... But why would the villagers be scared of it then, they should be aware of something like this, right?" She thought to herself as she waited for a response from this mysterious man.
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