The Heroes And The "Villain" (IC)

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  1. Misfortune waited patiently in her room listening to any sounds of disturbance. She was in actuality trying to see if she would get a chance to relax today, but then the tower started blaring going on about an intruder. Misfortune got up and everyone was already standing outside of her door.

    "Alright, I'm going. X scan the perimeter and shut this place down, Rogue see if you can find anything, look everywhere downstairs. Search this floor first."

    Everyone dispersed immediately upon her orders and she searched the perimeters and looked around. She had no idea how someone or something had managed to get in here, but they were definitely going to show it a way out. Misfortune's eyes glowed white and she could see everything. Misfortune looked for any bodies moving about besides what appeared to be bugs.

    "Reveal yourself," She said to the air, almost hoping she wouldn't get a response. Almost.
  2. Joseph smiled and stepped out of a corner. He clapped his hands slowly before slipping them behind his back. He stepped to the center of the room and bowed, "You're as good as I thought, maybe even better. Your records really do you no justice." He said as he straightened his back and looked to the side, "Your base however, needs work, I slipped in pretty easily. I was actually a bit disappointed."

    He looked back at her, "Allow me to introduce myself, they call me Somnium." He said as he started to pace, "I've come to talk to you about something, a proposition if you will. Would you be so kind as to hear me out?"
  3. "Somnium..." Alice repeated, the name seeming to sting her tongue. It was a name she had not heard before, "I don't know how you got in here, but I know how you're getting out. If you wanted to speak to me, you could have used the front door... what are you hiding?"

    Somnium's figure was orange in her eyes. She could see the energy pumping through him and it scared her. What was he? All of this power. It was unreal. Alice kept her eyes on him. She couldn't see him all that well in the dark seeing as the lights had gone out some time ago.

    X was looking around for the intruder until he heard voices and he tried to the location of them as quickly as possible. He noticed the intruder straightaway.
    "Who are you? What do you want with Misfortune?"

    "Stay out of this X, he's dangerous." Alice said sternly.

    X looked stunned but he backed down. Rogue had arrived at the same time X and he glanced at Somnium. He wasn't really getting what was going on yet, but it appeared that the man was the intruder.

    Alice knew it would be dangerous to use her powers indoors and she was prepared for hand to hand combat.

    (If our characters do fight, it would make perfect sense for your character to literally beat the crap out of my character at this point in time.)
  4. Liex peered to the side at the new people in the room, slightly annoyed with their appearance. He hadn't expected them to return so quickly, next time he'd have to set explosives as a distraction he mused to himself, "You should listen to her. I only came to talk, but if you interfere I have no problems with... getting rid of you both." He said with a predatory grin. He turned his attention back to Misfortune and stepped closer to her, "As I said, I didn't come to fight. I wanted to ask you to join me. I've kept tabs on you ever since you first appeared as Misfortune. And I've also looked into your... unique powers. To someone who works in the business I do, your powers are very helpful."

    He stepped up to her and looked down at her, "I am an assassin, some might even say I'm a 'hero' like yourself." He said with a small laugh. "I get rid of corrupt leaders and politicians. But, I do all this solo. It's dangerous work as you might guess, so I need a partner. And I want you to be it, surely you want to help right? Instead of being a pet to your government and letting your powers go to waste?" He said as he placed a hand on her shoulder.
  5. "Don't touch her!" X said losing his temper, wanting more than anything then to attack.

    "I'm not going to help you, when you just threatened to get rid of my friends. And I'm no pet." Alice could feel her anger rising. Just who the hell was this guy. And when he touched her, she bat it off. Her eyes glowed white, but clearly she wouldn't use her powers indoors. And X lost it.

    "You don't belong here. And you're no 'hero'," X said staring him down before attempting to use his shadows to grasp ahold of the intruder. Omi could really do anything just yet.

    And Misfortune, for once she was utterly distracted. It was not the first time she had been called a pet of the government. Her memories swept through her. The cage the orders, the training. That didn't make her a pet... she was helping people. Unlike this person who was just hurting them.
  6. Liex brought back his hand and shook it, an amused look in his eyes. He stiffened as X addressed him, Liex concentrated and teleported behind X, dodging the shadows that tried to bind him. He held a dagger in his hand and held it to X's neck.

    "Don't interfere alien. Besides, if anyone doesn't belong here it's you and that dwarf over there." He said as looked down at Omi. "You both don't belong here, I should do everyone a favor and get rid of both of you already. How's that sound?" Liex said as he put some pressure on his dagger, digging it into X's neck.

    He looked back at Misfortune, and noticed that she seemed to be dazed. "Something wrong, dear? You seem confused. Maybe you're remembering how they treated you? Surely you remember how they looked down on you, a small girl that they would craft into a weapon. Hurts, doesn't it?" He said with a smirk.
  7. "Stop it! They praised me!" Alice was shouting, her temper rising and causing Omi to look at her eyes.

    Omi became stunned with fear. He was stuck in a place where only the darkest thoughts resided and he was haunted by them. He couldn't get away as he could feel his very being become consumed with shadows and he coughed on air. He was choked with invisible creatures. There was nothing that he could do as he screamed in what could only be horror and pain.

    "Let go of my friend!" Alice said her eyes glowing white.

    X looked at the intruder. "I do belong here and Omi too!"

    X walked through the dagger and through the enemy himself. X was a shadow in general and he could walk through any solid thing. As for Omi, he was being tormented by Misfortune.

    "Misfortune stop!" X yelled.

    Misfortune's eyes still glowed white and she stared directly at Somnium. "Leave!"
  8. Before Liex could react to X going through him he looked into Misfortunes eyes. He started panting slightly as he felt hands crawling over him. He put his hands on his head as he felt them ripping away at him, he gritted his teeth as he held back a yell. His knees buckled under him as he started seeing visions, thoughts of his old 'family' running through his head, and seeing them being killed.

    He screamed and bit down on his lip, focusing and forcing the visions out of his head. He panted then stood back up, he stared at Misfortune, his face pale. "That... that was good. As I expected. I'm almost afraid to see what you could do if you weren't holding yourself back. Almost." He said with a laugh as he straightened his back.

    "But, I'm not scared enough." He teleported again and appeared behind Misfortune, bringing back his fist and aiming it for the back of her head.
  9. Misfortune was in no condition to move as fast as Somnium. And if that didn't make matters worse, she was feeling sorry. The distractions probably allowing her to get hit square in the back of the head causing her to fly forward. "I'm not trying to scare you..." She said from the ground, getting up again.

    "Misfortune!" Was really all X could say seeing as he was powerless to do anything to stop this villain. He gritted his teeth unable to protect her like he wanted. It just made him furious.

    Omi was finally released from his mental prison and he turned invisible running straight for Somnium, with a punch ready.

    While all of the was going on, Alice was feeling horrid. "I used my nightmare powers..."

    "This is no time to be thinking of that right now..." X mused looking at Somnium, "Stop! She's obviously not going with you! All you're doing is hurting her! Kill me if you must but just stop!"

    Omi stopped mid punch flying back to X, "What are you saying?" His voice child like a kid who had been told no for the first time, "Snap out of it! We can beat this creep or at least get him out of our house... I'm going to work on getting a call through... You just need to delay him until I can get the power back."

    And fast as lightning, Omi was inside the tower's electrical heart. Five minutes was all he needed.
  10. Liex looked down at Misfortune, "You're not? Then I'm more impressed, you made me see things I thought I had forgotten." He said with a low voice, the memories flashing through his mind again. He shook his head to make them go away. He looked back up and blinked as he saw Omi disappear then reappear in front of him, his fist raised back to throw a punch.

    Liex drew back his own arm to hit back but stopped as he heard X shouting. He looked at him then back at Omi, his body stiff in case Omi went through with the hit. Instead he watched Omi run off, saying something about bringing back the lights. He didn't care, it just meant one less person to worry about. He stalked over to X, an amused look in his eyes.

    "So, why so eager to offer me your life? I didn't come here with the intention to kill anyone." He bent down and smirked, "Is it because you like her? How funny. I didn't know an alien could feel such emotions. It's actually bit disgusting when I think about it. As for her joining me... she'll come on her own accord in time."

    Liex looked down at her, "I've planted the seeds of doubt in you. You'll think back to how they treated you, and realize I'm right. You'll remember their praises, and realize they were just smiling and nodding while thinking of the many ways they could use you." He said with a grin, "You'll realize all this in time.
  11. Alice gritted her teeth, her eyes normal now, ceasing their white color. She was considering saying nothing, but she gathered some courage enough to say, "I won't join you. What you're saying is a lie... The government needs me."

    But even as she said this, she didn't fully believe herself either. The government wasn't using her. She was helping people because she wanted to. Wasn't she?

    X flinched at Somnium's words, "How dare you make such accusations! You're not so high and mighty. She won't ever join you! The government treats Alice like a Goddess. You're lying and you know it."

    Omi was still working on getting a call through. A few more minutes and the government would be sending reinforcements to their position, they just needed to hold out a little longer.

    Alice looked at Somnium, her eyes cold and unforgiving, "You don't know who you're dealing with Somnium. Leave before I get angry again. And kill you..."

    Alice held back so much in her battles, under strict orders by the government not to use her full powers. And in time, the government had found a way to forcibly suppress her powers through her mind, though Alice didn't know that. On top of which, this mind contraption could be broken with a few uses of her nightmarish powers which was the true reason they had been restricted in the first place.
  12. Liex raised an eyebrow and the corners of his mouth turned up into a cheshire grin, "They need you? Oh I agree, they do. Who else will do their dirty work that's too much to handle? They won't give it to me anymore since I already turned against them." He stood up and glared down at X.

    "Still your tongue alien, not once did I believe I was 'high and mighty'. I'm the lowest of the low, I'm a man soiled in blood and sin and I embrace this. Why? Because I'm willing to do what it takes to clean this world, even if my very soul remains stained." He hissed through gritted teeth as he continued to glare at X through narrowed eyes.

    But his safe softened slightly as Misfortune spoke to him. He reared back his head and laughed loudly, he looked back down at her, still laughing softly, "I think I do know who I'm dealing with," His eyes closed and he meditated, his muscles on his arms bulged out slightly. He opened his eyes, and gave Misfortune a piercing gaze, "It's you who doesn't know who you're dealing with. So, get angry, it won't matter since you've been held back from reaching your full strength. I guarantee you won't so much as hurt me." He said with a smirk.
  13. Alice's head hurt as Somnium's stare made her remember.

    A memory... (optional read)
    "Why? Why are they looking at me like that? Have I done something wrong?" Alice thought to herself.
    The people in the room looked down at her, their faces stern. Even Maximus whom Alice had grown fond of, was staring at her with disdain. She just didn't understand. Was it because of yesterday? When she hurt those guards. She hadn't meant to. She just got scared and she didn't know what to do. Alice closed her eyes, hoping it was all a dream and she closed her eyes.

    Don't cry Alice," Maximus said to her, his face softening, "You're a wonderful child and everything is fine. No one here is mad at you."

    ice looked up at Maximus and then smiled when he smiled at her. For some reason, his smile was different from all the other times. Like when he used to buy her ice cream and take her for walks. But now everything had changed. But then the people around Maximus started talking.

    "She trusts you?" They asked him.

    And Maximus nodded, "I think she's perfect. She is exactly what we're looking for." He looked back down at Alice and suddenly everyone was smiling. "Let's go have fun Alice."

    "I'm not trying to hurt you! I just want you to LEAVE!" Alice yelled, her eyes closed as things around her started breaking and falling to pieces. Not wanting to hurt anyone, she brought bad luck upon herself and fell through a hole that had suddenly appeared.

    She fell and she watched as the sky darkened.
    "Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts." Alice said to herself.
    She had continued to ignore the fact that she was falling. Her small body quickly descending the height of the building.

    X looked gritted his teeth and glared at the Villain before jumping down through the hole after Misfortune.
  14. Liex was taken aback by Misfortunes yell, not expecting it all. He stepped back as things started to break and fall. Wondering if maybe he had pushed her too far. He saw her fall down a hole and almost ran up to jump after her but stopped as X glared at him and jumped in after her. Liex stopped, and looked down the hole, debating between jumping down and helping her, or letting X do it instead. He sighed and stood up, he reached into a bag he had and pulled out a rope and hook. He placed the hook near the edge of the hole and stomped on it, burying it into the ground.

    He quickly tied the rope around the hook and tossed it over the edge, watching it fall and wondering if they'd even use the rope. He shrugged and spun on his heel. He had messed with her head enough, now he needed to wait and see what she would choose. But, he was confident she would side with him eventually.

    He looked over his shoulder at where the hole was and stopped. He rubbed his chin before nodding to himself, he looked around and found a notepad, he took out a pen and wrote a note on it. It read, "In a few weeks I'll be making a move on a target here. Ask your superiors for Somnium. They should know the date that I'll be pulling this off and they should tell you. They could use the extra muscle after all."

    He nodded as he read over the note, satisfied with it. He left it by the hook and walked off, humming to himself as he let himself out the base. His phone started to ring and he grumbled as he reached into his pocket and answered, "Yeah? Yeah... yeah I'm done... how many are coming? Yeah, fuck good thing I'm done... no... no!... because I said so and it'll bring unwanted attention. How is who?... oh, her. I think she'll be joining us soon enough... when's the hit? In two weeks you idiot... where? I've told you a thousand times, in the plaza that has that big statue... yes you'll get a cut, why else would I even bother bringing you into this... alright just drive off in the car. I'll meet you at the base." He gave a frustrated sigh as he turned off his phone.

    Liex looked to over his shoulder again before running off into the nearby woods, teleporting up into a tree and jumping from branch to branch.
  15. Alice fell heavily like a rock, only to stop when she noticed X's form coming after her. She realized what was going on and she saw the rope. She just assumed Omi had thrown it. The government had arrived only to be several minutes late and extremely infuriated by the condition of the tower. Alice flew herself back up while X climbed up the rope. Alice waited at the tower, repairing the damage as best she could. Only to realize that the government was not mad about the tower, but about her powers. Her heart nearly sank and she waited to be decommissioned on the spot. At this point, it was a more than likely possibility.

    "Look, Maximus, I didn't mean to..." Alice said her voice small.

    Maximus just glared at her, "What have we told you about your nightmarish illusions, Alice?" Maximus said her name as though it were poison and so quietly that no one but Alice heard.

    "I just got angry, because there was this guy who kept telling me..."

    "Guy? What guy?"

    "Somnium. He's after me Maximus..." Alice responded.

    "He was here? Why didn't you call as soon as he arrived. He's dangerous!" Maximus shouted.

    "The power had gone out and he was just too strong. I couldn't beat him. I didn't know what else to do, so I sent Omi to make the call, but when you got here, it was too late." Alice said looking at the ground.

    Maximus simply nodded, "He's after someone important. If you run into him again, call us with this." He said giving her a strange device. "Well I'll be off now..." Maximus said walking away, "He's nearby, find him! Search the trees the woods! Everything, I want him found!"

    Maximus was shouting orders on his cellular device. He was not happy.
  16. Liex hid in a bush and watched the road that ran by the forest, there was a checkpoint stopping any and every car that passed by, 'No doubt they're looking for me...' He mused to himself, he fingered the pistol that he had on his hip and took his hand off of it. He was trying to run away, not get into a fire-fight. He wasn't in the mood to have a shoot out, even if they already knew he was in the area.

    He looked down the road and contemplated stealing a car, then shook his head to get rid of the idea. They had a vague idea of how he looked, they'd see him and then stop him. He looked up the road at the blockade, he then looked up at the branches hanging over head. He grinned as he teleported and grabbed onto a branch, he climbed up then hopped from branch to branch. He jumped past the checkpoint then teleported to the ground.

    He dusted himself off then ran up the road, making sure to get as far from the checkpoint as possible. Once he was a mile or so away and felt there wouldn't be anymore check points he stopped a car and dragged the driver out. He jumped into the car and drove off, looking into the rear-view mirror at the driver he had dragged out. "Well that was easy." He said with an amused voice.

    He spent a few hours driving, then took a turn down a dirt road and abandoned the car. He hiked through the trees and brush and reached a cave. There he had hidden a cache of weapons, he went over them counting how many he had and what he'd need. Once he was satisfied that he had everything he'd need he walked to a table and spread out a map.

    He decided to hide in an apartment complex that faced the plaza directly. He'd have to find the blue prints of it, he mused to himself. He wrote up a text and sent it to his partner, ordering him to find the blue prints and bring them back. Liex then sat down on a rock and looked out of the cave, watching the sun setting slowly.
  17. Maximus was busy shouting orders away through the phone.

    "A car hijacking? When? ...Moments ago... I bet its him, track that call and see if we can't get the victim to tell us where he went! Don't dilly dally Lawson!" Maximus bellowed.

    He closed his phone, infuriated. He wondered if the victim had gotten a good enough look at the fellow. That would mean they would have a face. Maximus shook his head, "Of all the bloody..." His phone blared again, "What is it? Argh! You let me down Lawson. We'll have to continue later."

    Maximus punched a nearby wall, having lost track of Somnium yet again, "I will find you!"

    The Day Of The Assassination

    Alice was sitting alone in her room like always. She meditated as she always did to keep her emotions in check. This way she would not get angry like she did the last time. It would mean risking a lot of people's lives. She breathed deeply and then for the first time that morning she walked out of her room. Alice wasn't smiling. In fact, it was safe to say that Alice had not smiled since that time she had been taken away from the orphanage. Her birthday was relatively soon and she wouldn't have parents to celebrate it with like Omi or X. She sighed. There was no time to ponder such matters.

    She put on her costume. Today was the day of the Assassination according to that Somnium person. She had not come into to contact with him since that time she had almost lost herself to her power. Alice shivered at the thought of meeting him again. There was something strange about the whole ordeal and she just couldn't seem to shake the feeling of doubt that rose within her. She looked at X who was busy working on something she didn't understand, but he didn't seem to be bothered by Somnium's questions at all.

    Omi was doing what he normally did and playing video games. It was a habit he had grown quite fond of. In Alice's mind, it only made him look more like a child. She hated to be a nuisance, but it was time for them to attend the inauguration of the Vice President. Where the assassination would supposedly take place.

    "It's time to move out everyone..." Alice said her voice monotonous.

    As they were flying about in the Vehicle, or rather a hover craft they called Vehicle. Alice noticed that something seemed to be bothering X. However she left it alone when they arrived and forgot to ask about the subject entirely. There were a lot of people at the inauguration. There wouldn't really be an assassination here would there? Was Alice's team even needed?

    The SWAT surrounded the new Vice President who was waving energetically at the crowd. There were rumors that he had one the position using numerous dirty tricks and schemes such as blackmailing and bribing, but no one was speaking out. Most likely because the new Vice President was an all too powerful man.

    The Vice President prepped himself and began his speech, "Good Morning my fellow citizens! It's a good day for Schwarz is it not?" There were numerous cheers," I believe we are all tired of the secrets the government is holding-"

    (OOC: sound presidency enough? I tried to make him seem hypocritical... hope I succeeded.)
  18. Liex looked down the scope of his rifle, he watched the Vice President with an annoyed look, the corner of his mouth turned up in contempt. "Keep parading around VP. Enjoy it while it lasts." He mumbled to himself. He pulled away and took a drag on his cigarette before exhaling a cloud of smoke.

    "Hey man! I'm hungry, we're going to do this soon or am I going to have to order a pizza?" Liex jumped slightly then gritted his teeth as he looked over his shoulder at his partner. "Relax you idiot, we're doing this soon. And don't you dare order anything and have it delivered here. It'll blow our cover." Liex hissed at him.

    They had sneaked into the apartment complex and had noticed it was emptied and had SWAT team members guarding the place, no doubt in an attempt to find Liex. Him and his partner had quickly dispatched of them and snuck in and settled into an empty room. "Well fuck hurry and take the shot, I'm growing impatient." His partner, Jake, said. Jake had his hand hovering over a detonator, his hand twitching slightly.

    This set Liex on edge, when Jake got impatient things had a habit of blowing up. If Liex were to be honest he'd say he despised Jake, but he needed him. No one else was as a big of a pyromaniac as Jake, and that came in handy when bombs were involved. And they were, they had rigged the VP's car with explosives as a fail safe if Liex were to miss and the VP taken away by his body guards. Jake was also a mercenary like Liex, being loyal only to his next paycheck, and at the moment that paycheck was Liex.

    Liex looked back down the scope and watched the VP, he moved it around to get a better look at his bodyguards when something caught his eye. He zoomed in and saw Misfortune in the crowd. A grin split Liex's face, "Oh? Looks like our guest of honor came after all." He moved the scope back to the VP and his grin grew twisted, "Let's get the show started." He pulled the trigger and watched with satisfaction as the VP's head snapped back from the force and then fell to the ground.

    He looked back at Jake and nodded, "Do it." Jake smiled a crooked smile and pressed the button, the car stationed in front of the podium exploded, sending debris flying everywhere.

    Jake stood up to run but Liex grabbed onto his shoulder, "Nuh-uh. We're waiting here. We have a... special guest we need to wait for." Liex said with a smirk as he popped a flare and set it down on the window sill. Making sure to catch everyones attention.

    (OOC: Yeah that was good. Don't worry about it.)
  19. "THERE!" Maximus yelled pointing in the direction of the flare, "Capture him and bring him to ME! NOW!"

    Alice watched in horror as the Vice President fell to the floor, a sniper round was lodged cleanly into his head. She looked around for the source, but an explosion caught her attention, "The people!"

    Alice protected the citizens with her shadows as well as X. They both didn't want innocent people to get caught in the explosion and debris flying around at an incredible speed. Shortly after the explosion, Alice noticed the flare, "It's him... Why did he kill the Vice President?" Alice wondered to herself. Had she been thinking with a clear head, she would not be pondering over such a thought. However, she did not go in the direction of the flare. She looked for Maximus who was no where to be seen. Alice searched the crowd numerous times, before convincing herself that Maximus had gotten himself to safety. She had not heard him shouting orders.

    Maximus watched the flare disappear. He was concerned about Alice's team going after the villain. If Somnium was indeed after Alice, Maximus would not give him any chances to infect her with his twisted thinking. He walked back to the direction of the podium, seeing Alice looking about the crowd.

    "Don't go anywhere near that flare." Maximus said sternly, "Somnium is more dangerous than you know and he has a cohort now it seems."

    Alice nodded, "I understand, but sir, you have to understand that not even you can catch him on your own. You need my help!"

    Maximus tried to grab Alice's arm, only to pull back when he saw the shadows creep around her. He cursed, having no choice, but to let her go. Next time he would not be so nice. This was a very unfortunate situation. He smiled. The irony.

    "Misfortune, where are you going? Please don't tell me you're going to him this time?" X asked, obviously concerned.

    Alice nodded before flying off and leaving her team behind. They would catch up shortly. Alice ended up near a building, but she couldn't determine where exactly the flare had come from and there was no sign of Somnium, just some guy who stood up and then crouched back down.
  20. Liex felt Jake slap him on the back of his head, "What are you doing idiot! You've ruined our cover now they're coming after us!" Jake yelled at him, slight panic evident in his voice. Liex looked back at him with a cocky smirk, "Bet you my cut of our pay for this that we get out of this just fine." Jake looked down at him with a raised eyebrow before a smirk cut through his face as well, "Fine. But just know I'm going to spend your cut on hookers and drugs."

    Liex stood up and set the rifle aside, he picked up an assault rifle and tossed it at Jake, "And I'm spending on your cut on something that's actually useful. Now, we're about to get swarmed by SWAT, and by our special guest. Once we get rid of the SWAT you take on those aliens I told you about."

    Jake reached out and caught the rifle, he cocked it and raised an eyebrow at Liex, "And what are you going to do? How the hell am I supposed to handle them!" Liex shrugged, "Use those flash bangs. From what I can tell one of them is made of shadows and the other is just very fast. Those flashes will affect them I'm sure."

    Before Jake could say anything else they heard feet stomping down the hall, "Oh! Looks like they're here." Liex kicked over a table and crouched behind it, using it as cover. Jake jumped behind it right when the door was kicked down, Liex took out a smoke grenade and tossed it over the table as he and Jake came up and opened fire. As Liex crouched down to reload he took notice that the smoke was flowing out through the window, 'Good, I was expect her to be coming soon.' He thought before going back up and opening fire.
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