The Hero of our Story

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  1. Have you ever wondered what a story would be like if you flipped perspectives? What would you experience playing a character with a different upbringing, an alternate past?
    My challenge to you is to create a character within the world of an existing story and give an idea of what we were missing while we were following the hero.

    I encourage you to consider questions like: How has the hero with all of their grand actions affected my character and their way of life? How would your character and the hero react if they were to meet? Could your character have been the hero if they'd been at the right place in the right time?

    Be sure to tell us what world you plucked your character from and give info about what makes them different!
  2. A girl named Rain. She lived with the boy with out a fairy or so he once was. The boy's name was Link. He was meant to be the Hero of Time not her. Nor was she suppose to be a sage. The boy didn't know her nor did many of the others. She never got a fairy. She never fit in she thought that maybe her and Link were a like. No she was wrong. One day when she finally woke up she saw the other fairly-less child running around looking for a shield and he was trying to find the sword within the lost woods. But he wasn't alone he had a fairy named Navi. 'Great even he has one.'

    Once he had everything she sneaked to follow him to the Great Duke Tree and there they learned of his destiny. Link saved the tree not her. She was wondering what was so special about him but not her. She followed him and hide from view. He many times felt that someone was following him but he decided that it was only an owl. When he diapered for seven years she thought maybe Ganon defeated him young and that she wouldn't have to deal with the jealousy of him saving the world. She was wrong. He returned to the lost woods years latter. And he did eventually defeat Ganon.

    He left after the celebration to find Navi but came back with no luck. Rain secretly wanted revenge but she did not really understand why. Eventually years latter she did meet Link it was in an effort to stop Ganon to ever be brought back.She hated him wanted nothing to do with him. She did not speak when they met just watched. He asked things she would not answer. She never told him what she thought or how they once grew up together.

    She never shared anything with him for she decided that if Ganon did come back she would be there and that Link would not win next time for I would be her. She would have used Ganon to get rid of him then take what she rightfully deserved. Acceptance, People who respected her, noticed her. She didn't care if it was out of fear or at least not anymore.
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