PROMPT "The Hero nobody wants to Call" Challange

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  1. Alright everybody, this Challange is pretty simple:

    Come up with the absolute Worst idea for a superhero/supervillain and post it below. They can be classified as a "bad hero/villain" by four categories:

    1. Uselessness
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Traits/Characteristics
    4. Stupid Powers/Abilities

    Once you have completed the hero/villain, you have to use the hero/villain in an RP (even if its just a brief mention or cameo), linking the post back here. You'll have to include the following:

    • Name of Hero/Villain (secret identity and hero/villain title)

    • Powers/Abilities

    • 4 Reasons why this Character Sucks.

    • An image (self-drawn or Internet-found, doesn't matter)

    The rules are that you can't use an already existing character such as the Wonder Twins (they always get the short end of the stick). You MUST have an original idea for them (meaning they can't turn into Water monsters. If their water-based, then maybe they only turn into a puddle)

    Anyways, lets get'a posting these sucky ideas! Please bear in mind that younger users may browse these forums, so try to keep vulgarity to a minimum.
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  2. • Name of Villain: Mr. Inator

    • Powers/Abilities: Building Weapons of Mass Destruction

    • 4 Reasons why this Character Sucks.
    1) Weapons of Mass Destruction always blows up thanks to the red self destruct button.
    2) Talks to him self.
    3) Doesn't have an archness so makes his own out of something simple and still loses.
    4) Names everything with inator in it.

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