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    • Welcome to Hanazawa Co-Ed School. A school for boys and girls from middle to high schools. You are a student here, but not any ordinary student.

      You are a hero of your own story.


      Imagine this - every one of us is the protagonist of our very own anime. Slice of life, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo, Supernatural, Sports, SciFi, a lot of stories to tell about our lives.

      Now, what do you do when you aren't living through the literal pages and episodes of your life? Well, here's the answer.

      You join a club. Going home club? Nope. Boooring.

      It's the Hero Club. A club where you, the hero of your story, become a hero in another tale! Lead by Akizuki Akane, the hero club does all kinds of things - all kinds of volunteer work. Maybe find a cat or two. Some camps. You get me, don't you?

      Anyways, nothing could go wrong in such times! Could they?


      Where there is light, there must be darkness. And a fucktonne of Xehanorts. You are a villain, some form of evil, or something. You have found a perculiar young girl by the name of 'Akizuki Akira', who calls herself 'Tainted Bible'. She acts in a way that intrigues you, you believe that she is what you want - a slave, a minion, a loyal woman to work by your side as you do your evil things, even an evil leader or heir, or simply a potential equal or ally.

      But wait.

      To get closer to Akira, you must first partake in what is known as the 'Occult Club', which Akira leads. After that, you warm up to her. How hard could it be?

      Oh, you don't want to know.

    • [​IMG]
      "Not all heroes wear capes! Or masks! Or... you get me, don't you? You definitely do."

      The Hero Club. A brand new club that constantly does volunteer work, such as visiting orphanages and nurseries to entertain children, helping stray animals find new homes, finding lost children or animals, and all that. Sometimes they may even It's relatively new. It is lead by the first-year high schooler Akizuki Akane.
      You have chosen to join this club, being a hero and all. What awaits? I don't know.

      "Are you my minion? Or are you my equal? Either way, you are now a denizen of my realm."

      The Occult Society, also known as the Occult Club. The club president prefers the former term. It seeks out the supernatural, and seeks out to do the supernatural, to find the supernatural, and to be the supernatural. Their activities range from finding supernatural occurences in the town to doing so outside the regular comfort zone. It is lead by first-year middle schooler Akizuki Akira, who has a case of chuunibyou. You mistake said chuunibyou for a reason to see that this club is more legit than the average Occult Society.
      You have chosen to join this club, since you feel that it is beneficial to you. What awaits? I don't know.

      Rules and Notes

      The usual - no godmodding and powerplaying and all that.

      It's reccomended that you have a maximum of two characters, one on each side if you are aiming to do so.

      I do not reccomend playing your own rival or foe. However, if you have a reason, such as fearing that your conditions may be a little too specific, I will consider. Try to avoid doing so, though, as it reduces competitiveness.

      For Hero Club members, your character is roughly based off the concept of anime protagonists. For Occult Society members, your character will be their respective antagonists, rivals or foes.

      For two characters that share the same 'genre', I would prefer it if you used the same or at least similiar concepts. For example, the hero uses Getter Rays to power his mech, but the antagonist must use something similiar, and not something different like Spiral Energy. You can't just pull angels into a setting with solely ghost exorcists that shoot talismans and crap. You get what I'm saying, don't you? Of course, there are minor exceptions here and there, like the hero using a sword and the villain using cool magic, but please, while I do wish to see a great deal of differences and contrast, don't make these differences TOO far-fetched. Make sure both hero and villain would fit into the same universe context.

      As mentioned, this school hosts both middle and high school students. So the age range is 12 for pre-birthday 1st year middle school, to 18 for post-birthday 3rd year high school. Each has three years.

      I do encourage wacky occurences, but I'll have to make sure your abilities aren't broken. So please cooperate.

      My word is final. And I'm a very benevolent person as long as you don't nuke everything.

      The banned genres are anything romance-oriented, because those might complicate things, especially harem and its sister genre, reverse harem. If you want story romance, try making one among our characters in-story. Romance will be present in the story if a character initiates it. Slice of Life are banned too, because this IS A SLICE-OF-LIFE ANIME RP THING. And that would be redundant. Very redundant.

      Avoid or at least reduce directly mixing genres together. You can however, borrow concepts from other genres, like making your mech or mecha musume exosuit run on some kind of magic or demon magic. This rule is primarily in check to observe the thin line between Fantasy and Supernatural.

      I'm trying to avoid special snowflakes as they are called. Please cooperate or you will be eliminated. Any sign of blatant Mary Sue-ness will be noted.

      Remember that this is a comedy Roleplay with a shared universe context.

      Avoid blatant references! (without my permission, but usually if you do ask I'll say 'no' and be unconvinced no matter what you say) This is our world, not the world of other official series. Only I get to throw in blatant crossovers, but even then I won't do it too often and leave them as surprises.

      Absence of one weeks will result in a PM being sent to you to remind you. Absence of two weeks will make your character be considered for deletion. Three weeks worth of absence is definite removal. If you have your reasons for being absent, say them! In other words, make sure you can stay dedicated!

      If your character is considered for deletion, [INACTIVE] will be added beside it. During such, I may allow others to take your spot.

      There is one exception to the above two rules. I will require all roleplayers to post once before anyone can post again. This will apply for each arc, event and such. If it has been 72 hours since the last post, the roleplayers may post as normal.

      To prove that you have read this, include in your application under 'Appearance' your height in METRES AND CENTIMETRES.

      Hero Club Application

      (Picture here)


      Other Names: Your real identity maybe? Or an alias like 'Mahou Shoujo Somethingsomething pirupiru Towairaito Supaakuru'?

      Hero Club

      : Male. Female.

      Age: Your age at this school.

      Real Age: Are you some kind of long-lived thing?

      Grade: Middle/High School, which year?

      Species: I would really prefer human, but if you must, well...

      Genre: Some kind of anime genre perhaps? Mahou Shoujo? Mecha? Mecha Musume? Battle Shonen? Supernatural? Fantasy? Idol? Gaming? Well, it can be any anime genre except the banned ones.

      Series Name: Well? If you want your counterpart to name it you can just put a ???.

      Description: Any traits not displayed in the appearance.

      Personality: A paragraph at least. Maybe noteworthy 'moe' or 'dere' traits you can point out. I want variety, just to ensure that not everyone is an edgy kiddo whose parents died and now they're emo and stuff like that. You get me.

      History: Please try to make it sound like one of those anime plots. Because like I said earlier, you are the protagonist of your very own anime, taking a break from the literal episodes and pages of your life. Also, have variety.

      Equipment: If it's big, like REAL big, do something, like put it in a hangar or give it the ability to be small enough.

      Abilities: Your supernatural capabilities that can be performed without the need of your equipment.

      Skills: What skills do you have? Cooking? CQC? Sewing?

      Companions: Do you have something like a familiar or pet perhaps? Maybe even a butler or something? We could always fill the club with more members! If you do have companions, include a brief personality, their appearance, and even their capabilities if any!

      Reasons for joining club:

      Voice Actor: Just insert a voice clip or something of a fitting voice actor(Nipponese Espanol or something) in here. So that we can visualise this thing.

      Counterpart Requirements: What MUST your counterpart have?

      Other Information: Anything that doesn't fit up there?

      Occult Society Applications

      (Picture Here)


      Other Names: Real name, or even something like an alias. 'Maou Mahou Shoujo Shingan Crimson Z' or 'Dark Grasper' or something. I don't know.

      Occult Society

      : Male. Female.

      Age: What's your age at the school?

      Real Age: Your TRUE age.

      Grade: Middle/High School, which year?

      Species: Oh my summoned servant, what ARE you?

      Genre: Well... you know how it verks.

      Series Name: Well? If you want your counterpart to name it you can just put a ???.

      Description: Any traits not listed in the picture above.

      Personality: A paragraph, please.

      History: Once again, make it sound like an anime plot.

      Equipment: You know what I'm going to say again.

      Abilities: Supernatural capabilities without the need of any equipment

      Skills: Well...

      Companions: Do you have a few minions underneath you? Maybe just one loyal henchman to stand by your side. Or what may or may not be a stuffed animal like our Club President - or king. Wahaha... Our dark armada could always use more firepower!

      Reasons for joining club:

      Voice Actor: Your voice rings a bell. You sound like a person worth noting.

      Counterpart Requirements: What MUST your counterpart have?

      Other Information: Anything that does not fit up there? Maybe even a theme song that blatters SAVE MEEEE FROM THE NOOOOTHING I'VE BEEEEE COOOOOMME.​

    • For the time being, there will be no more addition of genres. We'll need to fill those empty spots first!!!

      Also we'll need more gender balance. As such, 1 of 2 remaining spots must be male characters! If you can't figure out how, use some imagination!

      This is Session Rei. In Season 1, I will be able to remove the above stated limitations and you can be free to choose genres not already taken!

      Hero Club MemberGenreOccult Society Member
      Akizuki Akane(Club Leader)Akizuki Akira
      Aikawa RyuiroBattle Shonen
      Jonathan Lionheart
      ???Mahou ShoujoAkucchi
      Aragami RyokoMecha???
      Sophia WeissCyberpunk
      Lost Generation
      Tsukami Rei
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  1. Do we need to submit our character sheets here again, or...?

    Also, pertaining to my counterpart, I'll just wait a while and see what turns out for my genre.
  2. Yes. Submit them here once more. I made very slight adjustments to the app templates.
  3. [​IMG]
    "Y- yo... you're here for the club, aren't you?"

    Akizuki Akane

    Hero Club



    Real Age:

    High School, Year 1


    Akane stands at 1.65 metres tall. She has a bust size of about a C. She is mildly tanned and her hair is blonde is hue. No one has bothered to ask if those are natural hues. Maybe they do but she just changes the topic.
    Her white socks appear to be a little loose, sagging in a 'kogaru'-like fashion.
    She might wear her circular glasses out of habit, but when you point them out, they'll be removed.

    Akane seems to be part of the 'gyaru subculture' as some may call it. She tries to act charismatic and cool, but can't seem to hit the notes. Despite this, she continues to try to be a 'true gyaru'. She's kind of trying to be flirty, flirting with and teasing a few boys and girls she considers friends, even if it scares them.
    Despite her efforts, she is a nice girl who is trying to be a charisma gal, and it is kind of hard to hide in her case. While trying to act tough, she takes little effort in veiling her sweet personality, constantly baking cookies for her club mates. She treasures her club mates a lot, since she formed this club with great effort. Not really great effort but you get me.

    Akizuki Akane is just a regular ordinary girl who wishes to be popular. Previously, she was just a girl in twinbraids and circular glasses, but now she has attempted to evolve in order to become more popular. Such attempts were either short-lived or an utter failure.
    Upon hearing that her little sister would be attending the school, she thought that this was a good opportunity to set a good example for the kid. As such, the Hero Club was born from the very depths of her mind and soul!
    Unfortunately for Akane, her little sister didn't join her club, and as expected, made another.
    Today, she waits for new members, as the start of a new era dawns upon all.

    None for the time being. If anything, she can buy pepper spray.

    Who knows?

    She can cook, clean, and all that, much like a housewife. Or a big sister.
    She has basic self-defense skills.
    Her charisma is pretty great.


    Reasons for joining club:
    She didn't join the club. She made it because she wanted to do a little good, maybe set a good example for her little sister.

    Voice Actor:
    Kido Ibuki

    Other Information:
    Anything that doesn't fit up there?
  4. Jem has returned!!!! But ill add what hes missing soon.....


    Name: Two

    Other Names: Jem (Jeminas) Kato

    Hero Club

    : Male.

    Age: 17
    Real Age: 21

    Species: Human

    Genre: Fantasy

    Series Name: ???

    Description: 179 cm tall, 81.93 kg.

    Personality: Jem's bloodline has been known to be adversely cold to the people around them, though it does not stop them from being protective. If someone is intentionally trying to anger him, or anything close to it, it generally is brushed off, though if one of his comrades is threatened or injured...... well, we don't talk about them anymore. He follows a strict form of comradery, and holds it to himself to follow it.

    History: Jem was born to a family where the biggest thing that you walked away knowing was that his job was to defend, period. There was no specific thing to defend against, but more of everything. His family was blessed that they would have a weapon that would be able to aid them on their mission, though it was only a single weapon. When he was born, trained, and ready, he acquired the same blessing. The outcome made him the center of question as not only did he receive one blessed blade, a blade that could utilize a single element, he received two blessed blades. The red can burst into flame, whereas the blue is covered in water or ice. His father hid this from the rest of the family, and told him he was only allowed to show the blue one, which he obeyed. In secret, he was trained to fight with both equally as strong, and impressive together.

    Months later, he was sent on a trip to learn about surviving on his own, and returned to almost his entire family killed. Of the survivors, only one other made it out alive. He had found his father on the edge of death, and was given two orders: Defend and Survive.

    Equipment: His twin blessed blades, him being the first to acquire both. The red is linked to flame, whereas the blue is linked to water. With the use of each one, the entire arm is covered in a plated armor, either having streaks of the same color through the hand. When not in use, the two blades look like two rings (naturally, they reflect the color of the element), one on either finger.
    The Ring (open)
    Like I stated above, they are just colored the same, so one is red, the other is blue.

    Abilities: Without the blades, he is able to control either element weakly. He also has amazing eyesight,which can be compared to a falcon, and his physical traits are about one half stronger than the strongest, fastest, most balanced, ect (normal human, not other char)

    Skills: He is an amazing tracer (parkour), he can also cook and sew.

    Companions: With him, he has a stunted panda, which can fight nearly as good as he can. Jem had grown up with him, after raising the panda from birth. Her name is Nyu.
    Nyu (open)

    Voice Actor: (Naturally, everyone understands him, this is just the best I could get at his voice how I thought of it)

    Reasons for joining club: It provides him a chance to discuss with others what specific thing he should be defending against, and gives him a chance to have people to talk with about defending.

    Counterpart Requirements: I would prefer it if my counterpart was someone who didn't use just swords like Jem has, maybe if they used like a fist weapon, or maybe a hammer? You get the idea there. I would also like it if they had something to do with the killing of his family, as that is one of the reasons for his complex.

    Other Information: He kinda has a defense complex..... it's kinda weird to explain, and I don't know how drastic it will be yet..... I guess we will find out together...
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  5. Appearance change because the original link broke


    Name: Gouto Ce
    Gender: Female
    Genre: Battle Shonen
    Description: Roughly 5"9 and 137kg
    Personality: A friendly and fun young girl, she us often seen as the ideal best friend. Gouto loves nothing more than seeing people happy and smiling. However, she can often be seen as a "mega bitch" as her ways of getting friends out of tight situations are very extreme. She is also very naïve and sometimes easy to manipulate.
    History: Having been abandoned at a martial arts temple, Gouto was trained in the ancient arts. Going to Hanazawa is actually a second, "normal" life for her.
    Equipment: A bo staff and a sansetskon
    Skills: Cooking, martial arts and first aid.
    Companions: Fruitsie, a cat that follows her around but hates her.
    [​IMG]< - - This guy
    Reasons for joining: Every other club seemed boring to her.

    We in?
  6. Firstly Riki, your application, particularly your history and personality are too short.

    Secondly, we have a new app.
  7. :blah:

    Oh, uh, sorry.
  8. TK, please remember to remove the 'Supernatural' part. I thought you did that the last time.
  9. lol I will be sure to
  10. [​IMG]
    Trauciel Hilbred

    Other Names:
    Trau (pronounced “trow”)

    Occult Society



    Real Age:




    Series Name:
    Symphony of a Distraught Ghost

    While she stands at 1.67 metres tall, Trauciel is virtually weightless (on account of being a ghost). Having left her physical body behind, Trau chooses to don the outfit of a maestro as a ghost. Her hair is white and her skin pale - the only outlying factor to all this blandness being her deep red eyes. She’s a B, but pays no mind that fact, as it means little to her anyway.

    Trau is a very self-confident person, to the point of being overestimating of her own abilities (even though her physical combat skills are almost nil). She keeps to herself, but won’t mind butting into things just to show how sassy and overbearing she can be. The poltergeist isn’t really one to help others, and is known to only do so in return for payment or so someone owes her a favor later on. The girl is relatively calm in a fight, but can get a bit crazy if someone actually manages to “push her hard enough against the wall”.

    Trauciel Hilbred was born to a well off family full of renowned individuals. Her father was an artist and her mother was a musician. They raised her to be proficient in both talents, but she much preferred the flute over the brush. Unfortunately, this would eventually lead to problems with her elder sister, Karicia Hilbred.

    Although she was born first and had practiced music for far longer, Karicia faltered in comparison to Trauciel. Both had their eyes on becoming musicians. Their father, who wanted Trauciel to take up the brush with him, put much stress on Karicia to become a better musician so Trauciel would give up the flute and join his side as an artist. Much to his dismay, Karicia could never catch up to Trauciel.

    Becoming enraged at how easily things came to her superior sibling, along with the stress coming from her father, Karicia’s behavior became more and more reckless. On the day that a piano was being delivered to their house for Trau’s 17th birthday, the 20-year-old mustered all the strength she could and pushed the piano (which had wheels on the legs) out of the music room window, where it fell on top of Trauciel, who was petting the family cat (who luckily escaped injury).

    Trauciel died upon being crushed by the piano, and her worldly goals and regrets kept her tethered to the world as a ghost. At her funeral, her sister, who was grief-stricken over what her actions had caused, placed a hand puppet with her sister in the coffin before she was buried, along with her favorite flute.

    Unhappy with her death, Trauciel donned her current maestro outfit and decided to mess with aspiring musicians who were following their dreams. This didn't start right away, but began simply as an urge while watching other musicians succeed past the point where her hopes were crushed, literally. After a year of suffering, she broke and began torturing musicians, starting with her sister, who, despite her causing her death, was following through with her desires to make a name for herself in music. Using her transforming conducting baton (her former favorite flute) to play horrifying symphonies, and her hand puppet (which allowed her to interact with physical objects and people), Trauciel drew her sister to madness until she ultimately killed herself (leading Trau to garner another skill).

    After causing the death of her sister, Trau didn't stop there. She continued to haunt musicians, leading many of them to death, and eventually grew to love the experience and treat it as a game. Her range would soon increase, until she was targeting not only musicians, but other talented people as well. She'd decided that her success would be in their failure.

    Unbeknownst to her, there are people who can actually see and combat poltergeists such as herself. Her first encounter with one nearly ended up in her being erased from existence from being caught off guard, but she was able to fight back using her baton magic and her hand puppet. Future encounters would all too easily end the same way - with her adversary laying in a puddle of their own blood and her triumphing over them, laughing as she relished in her "success".

    Her actions soon warranted attention from an elite group of ghosts, who asked her to take in a job for them - to locate and capture a girl that was viewed as having extraordinary spiritual power. It was rumored that she was attending a school, which Trau was happy to go along with. Schools meant talented people, and many opportunities for her to further her "success".

    A conducting baton that can transform into various musical instruments and a hand puppet with a mind of its own.

    Lullaby - Trau plays a song that puts all who hear it to sleep. How long it takes depends on the person's will, and it can range anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

    Trance - Trau plays a song that puts all who hear it into a trance, making them dazed and confused for a short time. Like Lullaby, how long it takes for the effect to take place depends on the person. In addition to taking a certain amount of time to take effect, it also wears off after a period of time. This period of time is also dependent on the person.

    Hand Puppet - Using her hand puppet, Trau is able to interact with the physical world. She can use this to attack people with objects such as knives, along with anything else she sees it useful for.

    Invisibility - As a ghost, only people with heightened spiritual sense can see her.

    Daydream Orchestra - This ability allows Trau to play a large array of tunes at a time, making it sound like an orchestra. The ability works on one person at a time and causes a great echoing of distorted music in the person's head, causing their head to ache, and possibly become confused or disoriented. It is during this time that Trau will launch an attack. Unfortunately, this ability takes a while to set up before it can be used.

    Nightmare Symphony - This ability is much like Daydream Orchestra, but it may only be used on sleeping targets (usually followed up after Lullaby). This one, however, causes mental damage and can leave a target scarred. Music like an orchestra is played as the sleeping target is pulled into a world where they are forced to watch all of their worst nightmares play before their eyes. This ability takes a while to set up but can be used for as long as the target is sleeping (though the trauma usually causes them to wake up).

    Double Note - This ability allows Trau's baton to transform into a clone of herself which resembles her elder sister. This clone also wields a hand puppet much like Trau (only on the opposite hand), and can use it to fight. If the clone is hit with any form of spiritual energy, it dissipates instantly. Another downside to this is that Trau is unable to use any other abilities while the baton is a clone. As such, she usually uses other abilities first before using this.

    As a ghost, Trau can levitate and permeate physical objects. Other than that, she can cook and has amazing musical talent.

    Her baton clone and her hand puppet, named Sebbie.

    Reasons for joining club:
    On a mission to capture the girl who is said to possess extraordinary spiritual power. That, and to further her "success".

    Voice Actor:
    Asami Shimoda

    Counterpart Requirements:
    In Trau's world, ghosts are the only supernatural entities that journey about. Her counterpart for the Hero's Club would have to be someone that is in pursuit of putting her spirit to rest. The practice of putting ghosts to rest in her canon story is much like it would be elsewhere - to resolve whatever it is that is keeping her attached to the world. Ghosts are not commonly acknowledged in her world, as only some people possess the ability to see them. Items to be used against ghosts are those commonly noted in Japanese mythology.

    Other Information: While the hand puppet only becomes physical while in direct contact with something physical, if it should be burned with fire in this state to the point of incineration, Trauciel would cease to exist.​
  11. gdgd. Accepted.

    So once again, she's just wandering school and not attending it?
  12. Yeah. It would be hard to work her in as an attendee. Sorta only has one hand to interact with the world with. XD
  13. [​IMG]
    The Ripper


    Name: Jonathan Lionheart

    Other Names: John the Ripper

    Occult Society

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Real Age: 21

    Grade: High School Grade 3, held back several time.

    Species: Part human part spectre

    Genre: Battle Shounen

    Series Name: ???

    Description: Jonathan is 1,7 meters, or 172 cm exactly. His black arm has kind of pointed finger. His fangs is actually longer.

    One respectable young man, pinnacle of one's manner, living example of a good human being, and one psychotic mass murderer that kills for fun. The Jonathan part is what you would expect from your textbook example of student council member. Dignified, calm and collected, helpful, charismatic, and also admired by his peer. The John part however, is what you would expect from a mass murderer. Psychotic, trigger happy, unstable, twisted, and easy to kill. It's like what would happen if a child ever get a hold on his inner demon. He won't hesitate to kill, and won't care where, since whatever happened, he always gets away with it.

    Jonathan Lionheart was not born this way. He was born normally, got proper education and proper care, graduated properly, and lived his life properly to the T. His parents was pretty strict about his behavior and manner, therefore did everything they can to shape him into the perfect example they always wanted. This caused some stress inside Jonathan and it continues to grow inside of him. Jonathan never really cared about it however, since his parents already drilled the importance of those points deep into his mind. He thought that it was something that he direly needs if he want to survive the world.

    One thing however, turned his life upside down. For whatever reason there is, at the age of 17, the first year of high school, while walking through an antique shop at night, he found a megaphone. It looks like an ordinary megaphone, but it really isn't. The fact that Jonathan noticed it, despite not looking at the shop at all, already proved the point. Jonathan then knew soon after that it's a megaphone that no one should ever touched. The moment he touched the megaphone, his whole body froze up, and then he fainted. If it was just a megaphone that made people faint, the story wouldn't take such a drastic turn.

    A spectre was already haunting the megaphone, and as soon as Jonathan touched it, the spectre decided to take Jonathan's body for himself. As soon after Jonathan fainted, he woke up again, but this time, it's not Jonathan, it's the spectre. His hair got grayer, his teeth formation became more devilish, his skin got darker, and his left arm got dyed in black. After laughing maniacally, the spectre Jonathan proceed to kill the antique shop owner, before laughing maniacally through the megaphone, alerting the whole neighborhood. He then vanishes into the night's sky.

    Somewhere along midnight, Jonathan regained control of his body. The first thing he saw however, was that his uniform and hand is bloodied red, and that the megaphone that he found earlier was already in his possession, tied to him by a chain to his trouser. No matter what he does, the chain wouldn't break, and the megaphone would still sticks with him. Bewildered, Jonathan decided to seek help from his parent, and he ran home. After reaching his home however, the spectre took his body again, and murdered his whole family, before letting Jonathan take over again, while his hand is still in his father's stomach. Grieving and in deep despair, Jonathan decided to not go out at all.

    Knowing that going out would trigger the spectre's reappearing, Jonathan locked all the door inside his house, not letting a single eye outside sees the inside, and vice versa. This proved effective to suppress the spectre inside him, since the spectre didn't know about the whereabout of the key, therefore unable to go out. As day passes however, the despair started to consume Jonathan bits by bits. The permanently bloodstained furniture, the smell of rotting corpses from the backyard, the image of his father's spleen burned into his mind, slowly but surely chipped away Jonathan's mind.

    Until one day, the spectre decided to make an appearance on the mirror in his room. Taking on his form and voice, the spectre managed to drag Jonathan even deeper to the abyss. While reluctant at first, Jonathan, with his already weakened state of mind, eventually decided to give in, and made a deal with the spectre. His only deal was to make the spectre mess with his memory, and erase the memory of his family's death, and allows the spectre to take control of his body whenever he bleed or fainted. With the condition offered, the spectre agreed,

    Only that he never agreed to let Jonathan controls his body again.

    Therefore, the spectre wiped the soul of Jonathan Lionheart, and took over his body, as John the Ripper.

    Using the estate that he 'inherited' and the memory of Jonathan, John decided to take over Jonathan's persona as a guise in broad daylight. Whenever he's in school, he would take form as Jonathan, and using his memory, perfectly mimicked his behaviour and prowess. Whenever he found target however, he turns into his Ripper persona, and started killing his target, before vanishing without any trace. This killing habit takes up most of his time, and caused Jonathan to be held back several time, due to the lack of knowledge.

    Despite his habit of often disappearing whenever there's a murder, Jonathan was never placed on blame or even suspected, due to the fact that his behavior is still of a model citizen. Sooner or later, Jonathan managed to get into 3rd grade of High School.

    Now then, who should i kill next

    Megaphone with the ability to 'hack' into the mind of those who heard it. Used to spread panic, put them to sleep, make them forget, etc etc. It basically a mind control device that works using sound.

    Superhuman speed and strength whenever he dons his Ripper persona. Able to lift up cars, throw a javelin with enough velocity to pierce even tank. The strength is boosted by his black arm, therefore making his right arm almost useless in battle.

    While in his Dread Ripper state, most of his body is covered with the black substance, making most of his limb able to do superhuman feat.

    Bulletproof skin. When the black substance covers a part of his body, that part of his body won't be able to be hurt at all.

    The black substance can be moved to any part of his body, but with the same volume as the left arm is. The movement speed is as slow as a leaf on a calm river.

    Ruggito Leone - Using the megaphone, John can controls up to 5 people at once within the 50 meter radius. This can only work if they're not aware of the presence of John nor his megaphone. If they're aware of it, they can't be controlled. For making them forget however, anyone who heard the megaphone is instantly affected, although the extend of memory erased depends on each person's willpower, alertness, and range. If he puts the megaphone right beside the ear of the victim, he could erase the memory of the 5 seconds event. Further than that, he can only erase the memory of them hearing the megaphone.

    Nero di Anima - The name John gave to his black substance

    Passo di Lupo - Using the black substance, John can jump 10 times higher than normal human's jump, and run as fast as a speeding car.

    Sangue Tigre - Using his own blood, John can make the substance move faster, as fast as a skipping stone. The blood that he used to accelerate is gone forever however

    Morso di Sciacallo - By biting the victim, John is able to suck up the blood, and used it as his own blood. Of course, wrong blood type could lead to some, unpleasantry. It does help that Jonathan is O+

    Folle Rabbia - By draining his blood per second, John is able to go into a frenzy state, producing 5 times of the black substance, which can cover all of his limbs at once, his entire back, and part of his neck. The rest is left exposed. The record of length John can stay in this state is 15 minutes, which then gave John anemia-like symptoms. Also known as Dread Ripper mode.

    Lupo Cantus - By draining his blood even faster, John is able to turn into a werewolf-like being, covering most of his body with the black substance. John can only stay in this state for 5 minutes. Aside from losing the blood, John also slowly loses his sanity. That 5 minutes was from his blood, but if John loses his mind completely, he might not be able to turn back.

    He's above average smart, due to his Jonathan's memory. He's also cunning and able to devise an intricate plan, despite disliking it, noting that it "wasn't fun". He's also pretty athletic at core, able to climb a 5 meter fence, drop from that 5 meter, and run without any injuries, altho this might be due to the black substance effect. Despite disliking the plan and stuffs, John actually like playing game that needed his mind, such as chess and strategy game. He also likes playing cards.

    Jonathan Lionheart. Despite the Ripper erasing his soul, Jonathan seems to linger around his body. This Jonathan only able to converse with him in his mind however, and has succumbed to the spectre's power. Now he serves as an imaginary 'friend' who John converse to when not killing, since Jonathan refused to help him in that.

    Reasons for joining club:
    For the fun of it. Maybe finding someone strong to spar with.

    Voice Actor:

    Counterpart Requirements:
    Someone who can contain The Ripper's madness, can stood on the same ground with his intelligence, and someone who can fight against him on the same level.

    Other Information:
    His heart part is always exposed, and the black substance never touched anywhere near the heart. The glasses "is just for show". And as requested; Theme song:
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