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  1. Another day in Hanazawa Co-Ed School passes as the school bell rings. It had only been two weeks since the start of a brand new school year, and this day is usually when all clubs are about to commence their first sessions.

    This is the tale of two such clubs, which were always destined to have intertwined fates.

    Two girls walk down a school hallway, carrying a large cardboard box each.

    "Akira, you really don't want to join my club?"

    The tanned, slightly-blonde girl questioned a more petite, silver-haired damsel in gothic dons.

    "Onee-chan," the younger one pouts, "I- I'm not really a kid anymore... so..."

    "Alright, alright. You've made your decision, right? Oh look! We're here. How time flies, huh? I guess I'll see you after school, Akira," the older one winks as she slides a door open.

    "B- bye bye, Onee-chan..." the younger one sighs as she slides the door right opposite to the other open.

    Two doors, right opposite of each other.

    "Four members on attendance. I can't perform any official club activities, and I've only got two weeks to get one more member!" the gyaru-style false charisma gal, Akizuki Akane, panicked as she scurried around the room.

    This was the room of the Hero Club, some sort of volunteer club of sorts that also helps around the school.

    "I better get decorating."

    Akane places a box on the table.

    "My Pentagon will soon be complete as my dungeon drowns in darkness, Wahaha!"

    That was the sound emerging from the doors that lead to the Occult Society. The very voice was the Middle School First-year Akizuki Akira. She donned what she called a 'ceremonial dress', which resembled a blood-red gothic-style outfit. Her very voice and fashion gave the vibes of chuunibyou, the very dark eras of our 14-year old selves. Apparently, she developed it two years early.

    She closed the curtains, blocking the very rays of the sun from entering the transparent windows. The next step was to unveil a blue tablecloth - designed with the motif of Eastern Dragons and Koi Carps - over the table.​
  2. Being 6 years more intelligent than her fellow first years, the Demon's Maw breezed through yet another class, her hands robotically scrawling answers onto a sheet of paper while her brain thought through the events to come. She had come to this school after she found rumours of supernatural links, but so far the closest to the demon realm she had found was a tap by the sports field that seemed to occasionally turn itself on if it hadn't been shut tightly enough. Today, she hoped, she might get a step closer to the power she seeked. This hope heightened slightly when she heard the words of the person behind the door that faced her, and heightened considerably more upon sensing a very very faint magical presence besides herself. Both of these hopes were dashed when she opened the door and found a very... interestingly decorated room, and a considerably more... interestingly decorated individual. None the less, this was the best lead she had so far, so she persevered and tried anyway. She addressed the girl, who upon a closer inspection was one of her classmates, though she had never spoken to her before. "So... I don't suppose you know anything about the supernatural do you? Specifically in connection with this school. I'm looking for demon lords." She was fully aware of the rule that you weren't supposed to involve mortals in the realm of magic, but ever since discovering her power absorption talent, she had had a "screw the rules" attitude anyway.
  3. "This is boring"

    Jonathan yawned, a long one, as he kicked the body pile in front of him. There's like, 5? No, 8 people stacked on top of each other. They was kinda stupid anyway for judging the book from it's cover. These, 'yakuza' was trying to get themselves some easy money by robbing weak-looking high school students on their way home. Kinda what the school bullies used to do, or would do, but instead of bullying, these guys uses bokken and pipes, and won't hesitate to hit their prey. How low these 'yakuzas' has fallen. It's not just that they failed to get some money out of our Jonathan, they also failed to fulfill any of the conditions stated few sentences back. First he's not on his way home, he's just going to buy some food to bring to the club he's going to join, second he's technically not high school student, if he didn't get held back several time, and third, he's nowhere near the word 'weak'. Well not the Jonathan anyway, but the Ripper.

    "You don't have to be THAT rough you know" the voice inside his head, or more specifically, Jonathan Lionheart himself, spoke up. "Can't help it. Class was so damn boring i could just tear the teacher apart" John said, cracking his knuckle. "Well at least you didn't killed them, and that's an improvement" Jonathan said, rather happy. "Feh, improvement? I call it disgust. These guys ain't even worth getting my coat dirtied" John said, as he kicked another body to make his way. "MY coat" "Technically it's mine, since i'm you anyway" "At least calls the ambulance or anything, don't just leave them like that" "Heh, just be thankful i didn't kill them" The two person banters. John then pulled out his megaphone, and screamed loudly.

    "SINCE WHO THE F*CK CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE ANYWAY" John shouted, followed by a long maniacal laughter. From the voice and amplification, the sound itself should reach the school. Of course, do to his unique ability, no one heard the scream at all, since they forgot that there's a shout at all, except those who have strong will and proved themselves worthy to NOT be killed by him. "You know, you don't have to do that" Jonathan grumbled, seemingly annoyed, since they shared the same ear, therefore he also heard the shout, and that made his ear rings.

    "Meh, like i said, who the hell care" John said, as he looted the 'yakuzas' pocket, and taking all of their money. "I can get some quality food for a week with this" John mumbled, as he grinned ear to ear, showing his devilish smile. "Welp time to get some grub" John said, ignoring anything Jonathan said.

    Minutes later, the Ripper, who's now back in his Jonathan's appearance, is now standing in front of the notice board, pondering his choices. "These all seems boring" John mumbled. One thing does piques his interest however. No, make that 2 things. "Hero's Club and Occult Society? Doesn't seems to be something that belongs in a high school" Jonathan said, confused. "Heh, if even the cub thought it's silly, then it must be the advanced silly!" John mumbled again, chuckling this time. "Well maybe because you never bothered to check one?" "Not that i have time for this, pleasantries" "Yet here you are, pondering your choices" "I just got bored. Maybe finding some new prey in this, club thingy, could do well to satiate my lust for battle" "Stop that, you're attracting attention" The two banters again, this time however some students managed to get a glimpse of him. As usual, he drew his megaphone, and shouted.

    "YOU SAW NOTHING" John shouted again, in a lower voice, and as always, they forgot what they just saw, and people around forgot they heard something, unique. "Welp, now that that's out of the way, time to check this Occult Society" John said, as he made his way to the club's location.

    Some other steps later, and some more model-student acting, John finally arrived in front of the club's room. The door is open, and inside, both John and Jonathan saw something they never thought would see. A girl, tiny one, with such frivolous gothic dress so out of place, that a sore thumb might be ignored, and another girl, taller one, wearing a pair of, floating? Ribbons on her bright pink twintails, in a room with lots of magic inscribing and stuffs. John just stared blankly into the room, with both of his hand still in his pocket.

    And there's the bell.

    Ryoko stretches her hands for a bit, before plopping on to her desk. Today's lesson was especially draining. Math, history, physics, geography, and literature. Not even the whole bag of sweets (around 20 candies) could help her survive the hell on earth. She'd rather fight a tons of government's lackies than stay another hour in this class. Well a good thing now that it's finished. Despite her prowess in battling mechas and swordfighting, Ryoko can't stand the studying she has to take. Despite that, she managed to score almost always above 90. She may dislike studying, but given enough time, she could easily memorized something she heard. Which is why her phone is full of recording of the lessons. She then usually bring these recording up to her mecha, and listened to it while she slashes and dices the enemies mechs.

    After enough time planting her face to the desk, Ryoko decided to stood up, and packed her stuffs up. While packing up her stuff, she found out something that even she couldn't believe herself. Something so magical that could turns her mood upside down just from the sight of it. Rain in the desert! Food for the marooned! Like a koi jumping out of the pond! Like a vulture doing 360noscope on a rabbit! A cheetah doing somersault to a bear! Stabilizing an egg on top of a katana blade! And that thing ISSSS

    Another bag of candy.

    Someone seems to have left that there. During her time at the Hanazawa school, she often got mysterious present like this. Maybe some guys was trying to get close to her. Maybe some girls want to cheer her up. Maybe the God himself decided to spawn a bag of candy to cheer her up. For whatever reason, she found herself smiling, just a bit. She really can't show much emotion, and that bothers her. Not that she can't because she has to limit it because of some evil organization is constantly spying on her to try and blackmail her for some reason, but she really can't smile like everyone does. Maybe due to the fact that she never had any proper childhood. Well that's a story for another day.

    In any case, Ryoko could sense that someone is overjoyed. Maybe they took a picture as well, who knows. All that she cared right now is that she got another bag of candies, and that's enough to make her world go round. Just as she was about to open the bag however, she suddenly heard a loud scream, followed by a maniacal laughter. She was abruptly alarmed, and pulled a ruler out of her bag, and got into her battle stance.

    There's nothing however. Even her classmate started looking at her like she's kind of a freakshow. Strange, nobody seems to be hearing that, even though it's pretty loud. Since that it doesn't seems to be the case, and that no one heard it except herself, Ryoko decided that it's nothing. But given the fact that she's already in her battle stance, just putting the ruler back in her bag and walking out seemed really awkward, so she decided to do something to make it less awkward both for her and her classmate. She quickly scanned the room, and found a single, unlucky, mosquito. With one swift movement, she swung the ruler down, and hit the mosquito. She then picked the mosquito, and placed it on her palms.

    "Mosquito......annoying" Ryoko said, as she dropped the mosquito corpse to the floor. She often does stuffs like this, due to the fact that she's easily alerted by anything out of ordinary, and usually, she ended up doing a battle stance in a middle of crowds. Mosquitos and flies are usually her reason, but sometimes she improvised and used something else, like catching a flower petal or leaves, sending trashes to trash can, those sorts of thing. So far, it doesn't get her into trouble, except for the fact that there's girls that swoons over her when she does that. Not that it bothers her, but it's kinda, out of place.

    In any case, it's the first day of the Hero's Club activities, and Ryoko have been looking forward to it. She packed her stuff again, popped one of the candies in her mouth, picked the guitar case, with the Haven pair inside, and went on her way towards the club room. Along the way to the club room, Ryoko heard the same voice again. Despite being hardly audible from her position, she definitely heard something just now, and the voice sounded similar to the first shout. And again, no one seemed to notice it. Ryoko again dismissed it, although this one made her more alert than before.

    Before long, Ryoko arrived in front of the club room. From the look of it, it's seems that she's the first one to arrive. Maybe not, but there's certainly fewer people in the hallway, and there's no sound from the inside. She did a double check on the room number, the location on the map on the brochure she picked, and the surrounding. Upon confirming that it's indeed the club room, Ryoko gave a knock on the door, and opened it.

    "Excuse me....Is this the Hero's Club?" Ryoko asked as she popped her head in.
  4. Another day, another set of boring classes. Sophia appreciated the chance to have a normal education, but it was still a bit dull, even if it wasn't all remedial. If her Japanese weren't still bad (and supplemented by skillsoft chip) she probably wouldn't even bother and would have gotten herself into a class with other students her actual age. The entire arrangement wasn't quite her choice, but she couldn't control Diva's whims and learned soon after meeting the hacker that it wasn't worth the hassle of micromanaging her "genius" at work.

    As-is, Sophia paid attention like a good little student, and breezed through some classes while struggling with others. She'd made a few friends, even if she had her moments of being just a little off. She actually had to hold back in PE, lest someone think something was suspicious. Even so, she was shaping up to be a minor athletic star, and ha to fend off a couple invitations to try out for the sports teams and clubs. She already had her eye on a different club that would probably serve as a good excuse, and maybe even let her just become everyone's volunteer walk-on teammate.

    She made her way out of the classroom and wandered the halls, eventually getting to the club rooms. It took a bit of wandering before she was pretty sure she had the right one, and she wasn't alone standing outside of it. "Ah..." She wasn't sure how to deal with the upperclassmen, yet. "Senpai, are you looking for the hero club too," she asked, putting on as much innocent sweetness as she could muster without making herself sick to her stomach. "Is this the right room?"
  5. (im going to call M.E.O. Rei as to not confuse anyone)

    Rei was flying down the streets after receiving a call about a break-in. Normally She would let the Binary Safety Patrol (BSP) care of it but she has not shown her face in a while. Mother always praised her when her presences boosted Binary's support and today was no different. She giggled as she zipped in between cars allowing the blue afterburners leave a glowing trail of heat wherever she went. Cars new to avoid her or else she might get mad. After arriving on the scene the population praised her like always. They had too or else she would get mad. She did not bother to wait for an explanation because she already had her solution.

    She smiled obvious to the bullet storm which targeted her. She slowly walked toward the building. everything around her was blurry, even her on body was not detailed. Most of the bullets pass through her sprinkling a path of blood behind her. She smiled while tilting her head to avoid a head injury. Their weapons were cheap, and useless against her. The damage was too small and her body's defense, the nanobots, were already making preparations to minimize the damage she was taking from the bullets. As she stood in front of the building the spray of bullets stopped. "Out of ammo already... So... Boring," she said while stretching and showing off the holes in her body that were already healing. "CRAP, SHE'S HERE... BINARY SENT HER!" Shouted one man. "She... She is immortal... we cant win... Please spare us. Please Eve," Said the other man while slowly walked into the open and getting on his knees. The other man joined him crying. They did not want to be captured for they knew what Mother did to her prisoners.

    Everyone knew but did not speak. Mother did not like people speaking bad about her. She was a very sensitive lady who cared for her children and their manners. Anyone one who "misbehaved" was punished and put in time out. However when they returned they were not the same. They would not tell what happen but most rarely live past that week. Nobody kills them but they just, give up on life.

    Lucky for these two criminals Rei was a kind good girl. She did not want these people to suffer the fate most people did when they wrong mother and she was ready to show them a new light. She smiled offering her hand, "Cheer up, I will not let Mother have you. As long as you learn your lesson," she said with a innocent smile while closing her eyes and tilting her head, "Did you learn?"

    The men got up thanking the girl, "Yes, thank you M.E.O. We learn promise never to do it again." "Great lets make sure," Rei giggled as a flamethrower materialized in her hand, "It never happens." The men backed up confused and scared. They screamed for her to stop but she only lifted her other hand and materialized another Flamethrower. A giant canister appeared behind her back. Then she opened her soulless eyes cheesing with excitement. Flames danced as they left her weapons avoided the men and burning their surroundings. The flames raced around the building blocking off any exits. The men screamed as the heat boiled their skins but this was just the beginning the flames have yet touch them. Then she called for a bottle and one of the BSP men ran to her, handing her a bottle of a strange liquid. She threw the bottle and it shattered at the men's feet splash them with liquid. The fire became alive as it tasted the liquid. Then it swirled around the men burning them alive. There screams echoed until they dropped and with them the rest of the building.

    Rei turned around smiling and bowing to the public who was shocked in horror. She opened one eye and saw they were not clapping. There was a brief pause before everyone cheered in fear. They always did that or else she would be angry. Then the BSP dispersed the crowds and put out the fire. The leader of the team walked up to Rei who was sipping on a soda that one of the men brought her. "Ms, Mother requested your presence."

    Rei was excited, Mother always praised her when she did good work. Maybe she would get a reward like that new playmate she was staring at the other day, The little blind girl who was scared immediately after she felt Rei's presence. those who fear power made the best playmates. The fun they would have and if she was bad, Rei could disciple her oh the joy. However that is not what Mother wanted. Rei stood at attention as Mother ripped into her. How she acted without her permission. How she caused a scene without the need. Rei apologized trying to please Mother. Finally Mother was ready to give out her punishment. She took away all of Rei's playmates.

    Rei threw a tantrum not wanting to give up her friends. She worked hard to train them to be so good. All the burns, scars, and bruises represented a lesson they learned. Now she would have to start over. However mother forbid that too. She said how Rei needed to make real friends, how she was too old to play with playmates anymore. Then she tossed Rei a packet about a school and left after saying that she would attend this school starting tomorrow. She said that Rei had to use an alias and hide her identity. Rei was completely against it. She loved her abilities but she also loved used them on people. She did not want to get rusty. It was no use though. Mother's words were final and Rei had to prepare for this school.

    The next morning Rei packed her backpack. She had her number 2 pencil, notebook, a white eraser, and 10 energy orbs. What else did she need for school. She looked around and saw her rose. She grabbed it and ran out the house. On her way to school she watched as all the students moved around so care free. Nobody paid her any mind as if she was not Mother's favorite. She wanted to yell at them but remembered what mother told her. She had to hide her identity. She was not M.E.O. But Rei Tsukami. She quietly carried her plant to the school. When she walked in a few bigger guys saw her. They grabbed her plant and ran away. She tried to get it back but she could not use her abilities. Also she did not know what a normal person could do. She held out her hand but they were gone.

    She started to cry but held in the tears. She had to be strong. She would find those kids after school. Then she would beat them up after figuring out how strong she could be while being normal. She was signed up for classes like Japanese, PE, art, writing, and other boring classes. She studied the other kids, while getting in trouble with the teacher for not paying attention. She knew some Japanese but not enough to be great at the class. She felt embarrass and almost cried but she held it in. She had to be strong. In PE she was too scared to run or pick up anything. She got yelled at a lot but she stayed firm and did not cry. However another student caught her eye. She was really good at everything and yet it felt as if she was holding back. She tried to get closer to her but because she would only walk everywhere and the teacher continued to yell at her. She could never catch her. Other other classes were all the same, She did not pay attention to the teacher and got yelled at. However art was different. She drew pictures of flowers and did not get yelled at. That was going to be her favorite class.

    Then At the end of the day she found the boys who took her plant. They did not have her plant. When she looked around she saw it trampled and the pot broken. Water filled up her eyes as she picked up the dead plant, "NOOOOO FLOWER... I'm... sorry... i could not protect you...." The boys laughed and walked away before Rei could react. She tried to follow them but they moved too fast and she would only walk. After a few minutes she was lost in the school. She wandered around and eventually walked into a room.

    This room was very... different. It had weird shapes and candles and was strangely dark. Weird symbols were everywhere. However that was not what caught her attention. It was the group of 3 people. One was a guy who was tall and looked much older. The second one was a girl with pink hair. She too looked older. Finally the last person was a girl in a fancy dress. Her outfit matched the weird feeling in the room. Tears were still in Rei's eyes as she was still sniffling. She walked up to the group rubbing her eyes, "What is this?" Her curiosity was started to override her depression as she continued to analyze the room.
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  6. It had been a typical day for Ryuiro. It had started with waking up, then progressed through getting ready for school and onto the completion of various lessons, with breaks and lunches scattered amongst them. During these breaks, she had demonstrated some simple card tricks upon the request of a group of students in a lower year, but otherwise the day had been somewhat uneventful. At the end of the final class, she had slowly packed away her notes and begun to dawdle home after changing into a pure white version of the school's uniform using a little bit of Sleight of Hand. As she was leaving, she heard a muffled voice from the other side of a door. Her curiosity grew a little when she read "Hero Club" on the sign above said door, and after a short hesitation, opened aforementioned door and stepped inside, making a casual greeting to the occupants of the room.
  7. [​IMG]

    After decorating the tables with the fine blues, Akira moved on to her favourite part, which was illuminating this dimly-lit room.


    Five lava lamps were placed circling a central sixth one. That was six lava lamps in total. The rainbow illumination radiating from the table was the only sign of light in the little room.

    "Oh? What might we have here? Wayward souls, perhaps?"

    Recruits entered the fray, closing in to Akizuki Akira. Three individuals to be exact.

    "Welcome to my lair, new denizens. I go by many names, some of which not even I possess the ability to pronounce. However, the alias I will assume right now is Akizuki Akira! Wahaha~!" Akira stands up swifty from her position, making a pose from a certain oddly-styled anime and manga series. "This is the Occult Society, and our goal is to unravel the mysteries of the supernatural. Mysteries that only our combined effort can unveil together... Wahaha..."

    She then turns to another part of the room. "I almost forgot. Bahamut, assume your throne!"

    She summoned an odd beast from her bag, an odd beast that resembled an alligator plushie with sunglasses and a beanie. The fabric dragon was placed on the area in front of Akira, assuming its position as guardian of the realm.

    "Speaking of our eventual destiny, shall we play a game?" Akira smiles as she conjures a great deck, before tripping and making a mess, causing many cards - specifically tarot cards - to be scattered across the room. "Ow... ow... I guess I made a little mess~"

    "Oh! Ya~ hoi~" Akane chirps as she sees new members enter a clean, partially-decorated room, "my name is Akizuki Akane~ I'm a first year high schooler, and today, I'm the Leader of the Hero Club~."

    Looking at some documents, she cites some things.

    "Aragami Ryoko-san, Sophia Weiss-san, was it?" She had the relevant information of her new members. A foreigner? Well, that was unexpected. Maybe her sister got one too, but that was unlikely. She looks at the new person who was not previously mentioned, before taking out an empty form. "A fifth member... perfect! What's your name, Miss?"​
  8. Jonathan did a double check. The sign does says Occult Society, the people around does look like the part, and decorations in the room does gives off the supranatural vibe, but why in the great heaven that he felt something was obviously off here. Something doesn't seem right, and Jonathan couldn't pinpoint what is it. Was it the shorty? Was it the humanely decorations strewn around? Was it that of for heaven's sake plush alligator that shorty calls, what was it again? Bahamut? Was it the tarot card that she suggest to play with? Was it the context of the place? Or even the context of the story itself?

    Jonathan did his best not to go through the other dimension and pulled his mind back to reality. This exist, and the shorty is serious. He himself couldn't detect any kind of threatening aura from the shorty herself, but one thing for sure, he felt some powerful aura from the other girls. Something he never felt before, something he never experienced. The shorty might not be the main feat here, but the other being around him sure is the main dishes. Jonathan couldn't barely contain his excitement, as he started to give off a low menacing laugh, as his body transformed to The Ripper's body gradually, while he started to enter the room.

    "Hooo! What a bunch that gathered here, huh?" Jonathan said, baring his fangs. The excitement is clearly palpable on his face, as his Nero di Anima danced on his left hand. "I wonder what are you lot capable of" Jonathan added, as he settled just near the door. "I'm Jonathan Lionheart by the way. Call me John, or the Ripper" Jonathan said, still baring his fangs.

    While she was waiting for the answer from inside, another girl came up to her. Short one, but something tells her that she's not as young as she looks. The twintails and her stature does gives off a loli vibe, along with her voice, that does have a level of sweetness to it. Maybe she was imagining things, and the girl is as young as she looks. One thing for sure, she never saw her around the school ground. Maybe she overlooked her, but with that twintails, Ryoko should've seen her at least once. Then again, there's a lot of girl with twintails around, even one with such outrageous color, so maybe Ryoko actually saw her once, but forgot about it.

    "....Yeah... I think it's right" Ryoko replied to the girl. True enough, not long after she replied to the girl, a voice came from inside the room, and the door came flying open. From inside, emerges another girl with blonde hair. Physically, she's around the same height as Ryoko, although she does looks a bit younger than herself. Ryoko reckoned that she might seen her once or twice recently. Those tanned skin does stands out in this Japanese crowds. From a glance, you'd think she's a foreigner. The same can be said to the shorter girl. Then again, the school itself does accepts several foreigner, so it's not really a big deal.

    The girl who emerged from inside then introduced herself as Akizuki Akane, a freshmen. That explains her age and her heritage, also the fact that she never saw the girl before recently. She was the leader of this Hero Club, but in all honesty, the girl seemed, normal at best. She doesn't give off the vibe that she fought some battle with the government, piloted a mecha, or anything. She seemed too normal, that Ryoko was actually jealous that there's a girl who's ignorant about the bad part of the world. Well it's not like she wants normal civilian to get in the line of fire. Then again, Akane might be just hiding in plain sight, just like Ryoko.

    In any case, both herself and the shorter girl was addressed. The shorter girl's name is Sophia Weiss, definitely not a Japanese name, nor Asian name, which cleared her suspicion on her heritage. So there's actually a foreigner, but it's not like she hates it or anything. If anything, it's actually nice to have a foreigner, since diversity sells well is a nice thing after all. Still, Ryoko wonders if someone would actually have some unique skills and power. Maybe Akane has one, maybe Sophia has one. No way to tell for now.

    And after that, came another girl. This one however, is unknown. Akane doesn't seems to know who she is, so she might be a new member. She does looks normal in most part, but Ryoko has this feeling that tells her the same thing like when she saw Sophia. Something is, different. Well it's not like Ryoko is a good judge of character in the first place. Ryoko brushed those overthinking away, and bowed to the crowd.

    "Yes...I'm Aragami Ryoko....3rd year high school....Nice to meet you" Ryoko introduced herself. By bowing, she also made the guitar case clank, due to the sword hitting the case. She's used to it though, so she doesn't notice it.
  9. The Demon's Maw smirked upon seeing the tarot cards. "A Card-based magic style? This could be interesting." She dug her claw into the tip of her middle finger, and summoned her sword, which she aimed in an en garde stance at Akira. "Now, girl. Give me your demon!" She was so caught up in this event that she neglected to notice the so called "Ripper" behind her, although perhaps she ignored it because she disliked how he assumed that anyone might care who he was. As far as she was concerned, you only introduce yourself in battle after you crush your opponent, so that they know who they lost to. No point wasting energy saying your name if you're going to die anyway.
  10. "You honestly think that I will surrender my greatest ally and closest comrade to someone else?" Akira hugs Bahamut rather tight. "I refuse to! Wahaha~!"

    But damn, was this kid trying to steal her toys?

    Akira then looked at the blade, and how its razor sharpness shimmered in the darkness. That wasn't very pleasing. From a slight sign of intimidation you could tell that Akira had kind of a hard time eating her three daily meals.

    Hugging Bahamut even tighter, stepping backwards, Akira rises up, unleashing her umbrella. "This is unbefitting of a Club Leader, but I guess I'll do it anyways. Wahaha~."

    "Aragami Ryoko-san..." Akane ponders, "Aragami-san, it's nice to meet you! You can all just call be Akane~."

    Looking at the other three in the room, she declares, "we're waiting for the final member to arrive. It shouldn't take long, but..."

    She took a boardgame out. "Maybe this will pass some time while waiting."​
  11. Rei watched as a blue cloth with a fish designs was laid over the table. Then 6 glowing objects with floating goo was placed on the table giving the room a weird glow. Rei had never seen such a object and it interested her. Suddenly Rei felt a strong urge to analyze the object. It looked warm but gave no obvious sign of heat. Rei's arms shook as she practice self restraint from changing her left eye red. She could not give away her identity or else Mother would be highly upset and punish her more. She took a deep breath and exhale. Then she head someone speak

    Then the little girl introduced her self as someone with many names. Rei turned to the little girl and tilted her head slightly. What other names did this girl have. Rei was amaze because she only had 1 name, Model Eve Omega. Still people did call her M.E.O and she went undercover as Rei Tsukami but one was just a acronym and the other was not her real names. This Akizuki Akira was very strange indeed. Was this girl hiding an identity? Why did she need so many names? So many questions flooded Rei's head and the girl was not finish talking.

    She said the club was called the Occult Society and they wanted to unravel the mysteries of the supernatural. Rei did not believe in supernatural. Mother knew the answer to everything. There was never a time Rei could even imagine something Mother could not answer. Still Rei could not offer that as a solution because Mother was very busy. She had no time to cater to a child's whim, so Rei only watched.

    Suddenly the girl reached in her pocket as if she was grabbing a gun. Rei took a step back ready to fight as she was not going to be fooled. The nanobots in her body started surging ready to morph Rei's body into a tool of her choosing. Then the girl pulled out a stuff animal which resembled a dinosaur Rei once saw in a book. It had a cute little outfit and did not look bad at all. Rei pouted upset that she could not engage on the girl. Now that her systems were warming up, she was itching for a fight. Rei did not pay attention to the stuff creature nor did she bother to remember its name. Then the girl pulled out a deck of cards.

    The sound of the word "game" was what really grabbed Rei's attention. She was great at all games and always won. She felt unbeatable and loved to show if off to anyone who challenged her. Her eyes sparkled ready to play until the girl tripped spilling all the cards on the ground. Rei sighed again because the only thing better then beating someone at a game, was beating someone who was good at a game and she clearly was not getting that.

    Suddenly she head a quiet laugh from behind her. The same kind the corporate men gave when making deals between companies. It was strange indeed, was this man a member of a rival? Rei clenched her fist debating on whether to blow her cover and attack first. Then she remembered the last time she acted out. Now she is suffering and lost her favorite plant which was her only friend she had left. She sighed and relaxed. He could not know who Rei was. Rei had a Japanese like name and worked really hard not to blow her cover. She fitted in for sure.

    The man introduced his self and as Jonathan Lionheart but said he had 2 other names also. Rei was wondering why people had so many names. Not to mention none of those names were Japanese. Still she had to bite her tongue and not say anything. This John guy was shady at best but as long as Rei kept her eye on him, she had nothing to worry about. Until she saw something black moving in his left hand.

    Her eyes shifted to the unknown substance and she slowly backed away putting some distance between her and the weird matter. She wondered what it was. Then out of nowhere she heard a scream. Rei looked back to see Akucchi holding a flying sword which pointed at the little girl with multiple names. Rei could not let her be killed. Sure she killed dozens of men but that was because they did something wrong. This girl had done nothing wrong as of yet and as the Binary Safety Patrol Officer she had to do something. That is what Mother would want.

    Rei screamed and tackled Akucchi. She did not activate any of her abilities because she still wanted to keep her identity a secret. Still her blood was boiling with excitement. This woman pulled a sword out of nowhere yet she had no nano bots on her. Rei only wished they were in the streets so she could really test the woman's potential.
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  12. Sophia nodded. "Good, good," she said to Ryoko. It didn't take long for someone to appear from inside the club and confirm their suspicions with a polite greeting. The older girl towered over her, and Sophia silently rankled at the unfortunate fact that she wouldn't be getting taller any time soon. She didn't let it show, but it did bother her a little to be the shortest person in the room, pretty much at all times. Between being new and facing students three years her senior, it's not surprising she didn't know any of them.

    She bowed politely in reply to Ryoko's bow. The muffled clank from the 3rd year's guitar case didn't pass unnoticed, although she wasn't sure it was even something to bring up. "Yo. I'm Sophia Weiss," she introduced herself with her name in Western order. "Nice to meet you, Ryoko-senpai, Akane-senpai." She followed the others into the room, keeping a polite distance from the older girls. "Sorry if my Japanese isn't very good. I only moved here a few years ago." She continued her introduction as Akane got out the board game. While she considered the merits of joining the game, she glanced around the room.

    The sparse decorations, she couldn't really get a handle on what a hero club even did. But the flyer said something about helping people, didn't it? She was good at that, although it wasn't always a charity operation, nor doing good deeds out of the goodness of her heart. The place certainly looked innocent enough. Like...well, like a typical club room.

    "You'll have to explain the rules," she answered the offer of a game. "But, I'll play. We have to do something to pass the time."
  13. Just as he expected. The other girl, the taller one, does have some special ability. She doesn't appear to have brought anything, but there it is, a sword, out of nowhere. There's no way that those kind of feat is this world so called 'magic'. That's a genuine magic there, one that Jonathan, no, The Ripper, hasn't seen in quite a long time. Just the sight of a pure magic in full blown cover in front of him is enough to make him excited. No scratch that, TOO excited. So excited that he's about to get himself some fun time. His grin is getting wider by seconds, and his Nero di Anima is dancing like crazy now. Jonathan also noticed that the shorty with plush had drawn her weapon as well. At a glance it seems like a normal umbrella, but due to the fact that she pulled that out as a mean to fight the sword without any kind of hesitation made Jonathan think that there's more than meet the eyes.

    Just when he's about to throw down however, the other shorty rushed in and tackled the sword wielding girl, effectively knocking her down. The other shorty doesn't seems like it, but she's actually pretty strong. Then again, anyone would fall down when they're tackled from the back without any prior notice. Ah, the element of surprise. In any case, now that the switch inside of him is flicked, there's no going back for now, not until he got his fair share of battle. Still, attacking the downed girl head on isn't such a fun thing. So The Ripper assume his battle stance, and readied himself. For obvious reason, he's more interested in fighting the taller girl with sword rather than the shorty with umbrella.

    "Come then, i have ample stock of blood after all" Jonathan said to the downed girl. Judging from her ability to just summon a sword out of nowhere, he needs to at least assume the Dread Ripper for at least 5 minutes.
    A foreigner that only arrived recently huh. Not that Ryoko has any problem with it anyway, since there's a lot of foreigner in the Remnants, so working with a foreigner isn't really such a bad idea, or a burden to her. The foreigners have proved that they are indeed more skilled in several subjects compared to the Japanese, especially regarding tactics and warfare. Still, one would expect that a foreigner would be much taller than Sophia is. That's stereotyping isn't it? Ryoko silently apologized to Sophia. Ryoko does wonder what should she call her however, since westerner introduced their first name first, while the Japanese introduced their last name first. Since she's both foreigner and already here, it could means both way. Ryoko assumed that she introduced herself in Japanese way, since she's here after all. When in Rome they said.

    Not long after that, the club leader, Akane, pulled out a board game as a means of waiting the 5th member. So this is what they do to pass time? Ryoko was expecting something, more. Like taking down base camp or outpost, infiltrating factory, those kind of things. Then again, Akane doesn't seem the kind of girl who's used to doing that kind of thing. At the moment, she's having hard time telling if she's actually undercover, or really just an innocent civilians. If she's undercover, she really did her best in doing that. Oh well, a game of boardgame isn't such a bad thing though.

    "Sure...I'm not good though.." Ryoko replied to the offer, as she placed her guitar case and bag on one corner of the room, making another clang. Then she took out the bag of sweets she got earlier. She popped one in her mouth, and offered the rest to the other. "Want? Akizuki-san? Sophia-san?"
  14. Akucchi was startled by the sudden impact, which knocked her to the floor and dispelled her sword. Of course, such a minor attack wasn't going to defeat her, but it was still annoying. She didn't like being winded. After regaining her breath, she stood up and in a quick motion, rebuilt the sword from the blood scattered on the floor. She felt no magical presence whatsoever from the girl who had attacked her, and came to the conclusion that she was simply a normal human. The same could probably be said for Akira too, but she was distracted by the slight magical trace that the tarot cards gave off and assumed she was somehow disguising her existence. Finally, there was the one who had called himself the Ripper earlier. He was making no attempt to hide himself and instead looked ready for a fight. She could practically feel the excitement exuding from him. She could, however, also sense a considerable amount of power and killing intent in the creature, even without taking magic into consideration. In proportion, the killing intent she could feel of the other two was almost nothing at all. Still, she was aware that this fight would not be an easy one to win by any means, and she was also aware that fighting in this environment would cause a lot of problems, and the first rule of magical girls is not to let anyone know you exist. She sighed, and voluntarily dissolved her sword, reabsorbing the blood into her system. She glared at the tarot girl. "Your demon has a useful ability, so I will be coming for it sooner or later. You should save yourself the trouble and hand it over now. Unfortunately, that does mean you dying anyway though. I guess some sacrifices have to be made to secure your goals. More importantly, right now," she assumed a different, less threatening tone, and turned in the direction of the door. "I can feel several powerful existences a few meters in that direction. Does anyone know what may be going on?"
  15. Rei though these people were monsters. They did unexplainable things, and they did this inside of a school. Was this not a normal school? If these people could use their powers, why could Rei not use her nanobots or truth strength? It was not fair. She got up and stood between the club leader and the other two future members. They were dangerous and she might have to break a few rules despite Mothers orders. The nanobots surged through her body ready to react at a moments notice and granting her access to her usual strength. If they did something else destructive she would take action. A small smile showed on her face as she felt her restraints removed. Her next attack would not be so easy to brush off.

    She turned her head to the side so that the club leader could hear her but she could keep an eye on the other two. "Akizuki Akira of many names. I wont let them hurt you." She continued to keep her stance as her desire to fight slowly rose. The though of what those 2 could show her was overpowering.

    The other girl switched her focus to something else while mentioning strong people existing outside this room. Rei was itching to change her vision. It was driving her mad to keep her secret. What was the worst that could happen, sure The school might burn down, sure innocent students might die in her effort to save one, but what would mother say. She sigh and continued to practice self control to the rest of her abilities.
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  16. Huh.

    The taller girl doesn't want to fight. Now that's disappointing. A fight is only good when both sides gave it their all. No holds barred. All or nothing. Dead or alive. There's not even a slight joy in fighting anyone who doesn't want to fight back. It's just like stomping on an ant. There's no excitement in that, not anymore. Despite his reputation as the Ripper, Jonathan actually doesn't like fighting anyone who doesn't fight back. If he doesn't need any bloods, he won't just go around killing people as he wishes. He might be doing that in the past, but recently, it has become quite stale. He's more powerful than any normal human being, therefore he doesn't really needs to do anything to beat them. He was once out for blood, but he's now out for excitement. Just when he's about to have that, the opponent doesn't seem to want it.

    "Huh? Pulling back before the fight?" Jonathan said, clearly annoyed. His smile is no longer there, instead replaced with a frown. Just as he got his hopes up, the girl doesn't want to do it. What a turn off, just when she managed to get him all excited as well. This excitement ain't gonna go away anytime soon, so he needs to let it off some way or another. Besides, there's no way he can go out with this built up excitement, people might started to get suspicious. "Really now?" Jonathan added, still annoyed as hell.

    Then the other shorty came and interrupt the scene. The shorty seems to want to protect the club leader, the one who's fighting with an umbrella. Now that's a shorty pair. In all honesty, Jonathan has no intention of hurting those two shorty, especially since he couldn't sense any kind of magical power from their part. Well only a bits from the umbrella shorty, but that's still nothing compared to the taller one's magic power. Jonathan also have no intention of concealing his annoyance. He's so annoyed, that the only thing he could think off was to fight someone, or kill someone. And he'll do just that.

    "TO HELL WITH IT" Jonathan shouted, as he charged towards the taller girl with full intention to kill. Well, correction. He doesn't charge towards the girl, but instead, he charged towards the nearby table. Seems like one of the tarot card from earlier made its way to Jonathan's feet, and the unsuspecting Jonathan steps on it with full force, making him slip, and hits his head to nearby table with a loud thud. Well luckily for him, his unique condition saved him from an eternal embarrassment. Due to the fact that Jonathan is two soul sharing the same body, with The Ripper in full control, whenever The Ripper went unconscious, Jonathan's soul took the body back temporary, until the Ripper awake from his 'slumber'. And of course, Jonathan never knew about it, since The Ripper never went unconscious, ever.

    "Huh?" Jonathan looked around, dumbfounded. His hair started getting blacker, and his skin started getting lighter, just like before he gets all Ripper mode. "Wait a sec, i CAN actually get my body back?" Jonathan added, standing up now. He then looked at his left hand. Sure enough, his Nero di Anima started going deeper into the skin, dispersing the black hand. He was kind of, overjoyed, so overjoyed that he actually shed a tear, and jumped around, happily, so out of character though.

    "Ah" Jonathan mumbled, as he noticed his situation right now. "Ah, sorry about that" Jonathan apologized, as he bowed deeply. "Also sorry about the Ripper earlier. He tends to get trigger-happy if he's annoyed" Jonathan added, as he straightened his body. Compared to the Ripper, his attitude and manner is like heaven and hell. Despite The Ripper's attempt to be as neat and organized as Jonathan, he always lets out several mistakes and faulty, a proof that he never needed to do this kind of thing. Well he's asleep now, so it doesn't really matters. "Oh right, my name is Jonathan Lionheart, the real one. Pleased to meet you" Jonathan said, bowing again.
  17. "Strange, I just sensed a massive shift in magical power." She looked around for the source of this change, before her gaze settled on the one who called himself Jonathan. She looked at him, puzzled. He had much less potential now, kind of like a magical girl after transforming back to normal. She had heard of male magical girls before, and had indeed even killed a few of them, but this one seemed different, somehow, as if the contracted demon wasn't a demon at all and instead was something she had never encountered. "Just what are you, Jonathan Lionheart?" She mispronounced the name wonderfully, and decided in her own head to call him simply "Jon" from now on.
  18. This was not good, not good at all.

    Through all this dilemma, all this... fighting... this was not a Club. Well, it was, but not the way it is. Among the battle frenzy, the craze, Akira didn't like it. Not at all.

    A tear began to flow down one of her eyes, but they were so caught up in this gig, it wasn't very noticeable.

    "This isn't... what I want..." Akira sobs. "This isn't... this isn't... a club..."

    Soon, the dainty, fragile Akizuki Akira began to shatter into a thousand tears, her wails radiating across the room, echoing through the very spaces around the room.

    "I just wanted to get along with others like me... show my sister that I can make friends without her help... what you did... that wasn't a very good first impression..."

    Akira's words were being filtered by her weeps.

    "I wish I could forget this hap... pened... I think it's best if I had a little bit of alone time for a bit..."

    Akira was currently sitting in a corner for a bit, crying her sadness out and wiping her continuous tears away. "Please leave the room for a while. Maybe that'll make me forget about this..."

    First days weren't always easy, but this was a little too much for her to handle. Clubs that weren't the Fight Club were never made to fight.

    The card Jonathan tripped on landed on Akira's hand. She revealed it to them.

    "Death. Upside down. I don't think you all will understand if I told you..."

    "Huh? Oh~"

    Akane was a little dazed as she looked at the door. She was wondering how her sister was doing.

    "Anyways, this is called 'Three Kingdoms: The Boardgame'. My senpai back in middle school gave this to me before leaving. It's reccomended that three people play it but an extra one player is no problem at all," Akane nods as she showed the pieces. "Wu, Shu, Wei. I don't know why there's a Nobunaga piece in here but I'm guessing it's for Player 4."

    And so, the wait begins as Akane explains and they begin the game. It was similiar to a certain other noteworthy boardgame...​
  19. Ignoring the Jonathan for a second, Akucchi noticed the short girl crying. She hated when that happened, she never knew how to deal with it. On the best of days, she said something that wouldn't affect it. Most of the time, she made things worse. Unfortunately, she also had a tendency to always say things she wanted to say, which was why, when Akira mention the tarot card Death, Akucchi hesitantly said "Well, y'know Death represents change, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere. Change is a good thing!" The uncertainty in her voice she felt would be easily noticed, but she was panicking at this point, and really didn't want to lose her first lead in months.
  20. The Ripper guy charged at the tall girl with blood lust but slipped on a card and hit his head. Instantly Rei's hunger for the fight diminished and the nanobots in her body started to settle down. Surely this guy was just all talk and that black thing was just a show. Then the boy spoke and with a new personality. She was started as every minute something new was breaking the norm. Then a loud wail sounded off behind her. Rei turned around worried only to see the girl crying.

    Rei watched as the girl just backed into a corner crying and telling them to leave. Rei did not know how to react. Nobody has ever told her to leave, except mother. Her heart skipped a beat. Did the girl hate her. Did Rei do something wrong. What was this weird torture school. Suddenly a tear formed in her eye. First she lost all her playmates, then her only plant was stolen, she was yelled at all day by teachers, she was unable to use her abilities, her plant was killed, finally she was being kicked out. She about had it with this place. Rei ran out the room pushing aside The woman and Jon with the force of an grown adult male, as she forgot to limit her strength. The ground were she was standing was cracked and when she slammed the door behind her it about feel off the handle.

    She as she turned she tripped and fell on her face. She crawled to a wall and started to cry, "Why Mother... why did you send me here?"
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