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    "Akira, it's been a month, how are you doing with your club?" Akane questions her younger sister as they walked.

    "It's an utter disaster," Akira spoke monotonously. In order to avoid any awkward silence, Akira proceeds to ask, "Onee-chan, how about you?"

    "I guess I have to say it's not that different. I'm sure it'll mend up in another month~" Akane tries to cheer Akira up.

    "I'm not really sure..." Akira speaks.

    Realising that her sister was gloomy, Akane tries to pep Akira's cheeks up. "Akira~ break a leg~"

    Akira sighs, "whatever. It's been a month, and another month can't fix things."

    Akane thought that it was Akira's time of the month, which explained her semi-foul mood. She felt that it was best to halt as they reached their opposing doors.

    "See you after club~" Akane says as the two sisters unlocked and slid the opposing doors open, allowing them to enter their respective club rooms.


    Akizuki Akane steps into the club and waits for the members to arrive, one by one. Feeling mildly bored, she takes out some snacks to consume.

    It was a shame, really. The chance for the club members to bond never did come, due to their request being disapproved. Some even left after that. Even that could not suppress Akizuki Akane. After all, what could?

    But hey, there was good news.

    "Let's see..." Akane looks at a sheet of paper. "Kimiko Martin... why are there so many foreign students this year? Akiyama Shin... alright. We've got five members."

    Akane starts to smile. She seemed to be holding something inside of her, but what was it?


    "A fortnight after, I still cannot comprehend..." Akizuki Akira ponders, unwilling to accept the fact that she overslept on the night of the first late night excursion. "My memories of that period... it is clear that some entity was interfering with our mission... nevertheless, I must set that aside, for whatever it is, our new Apostles will intimidate the being back to the heavens. What do you think, Bahamut?"

    Akira stares at her Alligator plushie.

    "That is a good question. Their names are... where was it... don't tell me I forgot to take it."

    Akira notices that the door was sliding open, signalling that someone was entering the room.

    "Show yourself, my Apostle!" Akira's palm faces the mysterious individual as he or she enters the room.​
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  2. "Apostle? I don't remember delivering a message recently." the Demon's Maw entered the room with steps just nimble enough that it was clear she was exerting effort to move silently. "So, prez, what are we doing today?"
  3. Kimiko Martin had not been having a good day. She had struggled in most of her classes and the usual weird looks the Japanese-English girl got had been weirder than usual. In short, she needed a place where she could go without anything really going wrong. Fortunately, her first day in Hero Club was today.

    She opened the door to the club, noticing someone was already there. "H-Hello. I'm Kimiko, and I'm here for the Hero Club."
  4. Reika was standing in one of the empty hallways and was staring down at the piece of paper as her soft purple eyes gazed over it. A small map one of the students made for her was on the piece of paper, blatantly clear that the student couldn't draw that well. "Much to be desired, like chicken markings." Her German accent was faint, but it was present and could be heard by those that listen closely. She huffed softly and started to walk in the direction of the club room as her red hair bounced as she moved. The sound of her boots echoed throughout the hall, her gaze shifting between the piece of paper and hallways. After several moments of being lost, she had finally found the room she was looking for, a sigh of relief escaping her lips. Reika watched another student step into the room she was to find and that told her where she needed to go for sure. She strode to the open sliding door and gently tapped against it, her voice soft and polite as she spoke. "Excuse me, is this the Occult Club?"
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  5. "Apostle no! I am Ann!" Shouted the little girl as she barged through the door, holding a flower pot. Planted inside was a purple gladiolus. When she entered the room she placed the flower pot against the wall near the door on the inside of the room. Then she scanned the room and locked on to the first thing she recognized which was Akucchi (@Karakui). "Target Locked, engaging in friendly bonding protocols," she mumbled before grinning mischievously. "AKUMACHI" She jumped landing on her back. She immediately wrapped her legs around Akucchi's waist and placed her hands over her eyes. "GUESS WHO GUESS WHO." Ann was just so happy to see her friend again. Things have been so busy lately, and by busy, she means she has not been able to preform her 2nd favorite job, Binary Border Patrols. Who knows what evil was lurking around the city. Still at least she gets to see her friends, while Holding on to Akucchi, she waved at Akira (@Crow) "Akira Akira, i brought a new flower! It so pretty, it took me like... uhh... 2.5632 Months to get it to this stage but now its pretty!" Then she noticed a new person in the room (@CrimDemon). "INTRUDER we have an Intruder. Akumachi engage engage, Together we can stop her!"

    Ann has been getting in a lot of trouble recently with mother but finally she was free from all of it thus making her a very happy Android today... Very HAPPY

    The Gladiolus flower... It is pretty <-Ann Roslyn
    that is what the flower looks like... so love it... it so pretty
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  6. Akucchi rolled her eyes. Despite what this creature did, she found it impossible to bring herself to hate her. "Annbot. Add command line to beginning of file 'Friendly Bonding Protocols': 'Before engaging program, run operation 'is engaging this program going to earn being dropped out of the third floor window?' If answer == yes, cancel engagement of Friendly Bonding Protocols program". She removed Ann's legs from her waist and put the girl on the floor beside the plant. "Yes, your 'curious android' act is very impressive but doesn't it get tiring keeping up that character all the time?"
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  7. "Annbot. Add command line to beginning of file 'Friendly Bonding Protocols': 'Before engaging program, run operation 'is engaging this program going to earn being dropped out of the third floor window?' If answer == yes, cancel engagement of Friendly Bonding Protocols program"

    "Sorry user lacks elevated permissions to insert commands in this model please. Input passcode to for root account" Ann joked as Akucchi (@Karakui) set her down next to the plant.

    "Yes, your 'curious android' act is very impressive but doesn't it get tiring keeping up that character all the time?"

    Ann picked up her plant and smirked. She half closed her eyes but continued looking at Akucchi with confidence. It was almost arrogant, as if the two were playing the game and Ann had the upper hand. "Only when people believe it." Ann always found her interesting. If this was a Binary Patrol, Ann would engage her without any second thoughts and "play" with her until she lost that mysteriousness. At last, it was school and Ann had her orders from Mother.

    Then Ann blinked snapping back into the innocent and playful little girl that she was suppose to be. "But we do have a intru... i mean, a new person." And walked up next to the new red hair girl (@CrimDemon). "Hi hi, I am Ann Roslyn and this is my Gladiolus." Ann hoped the new girl liked flowers. That was pretty much all Ann had going for her, that and the annoying Android act she pretends to do. It was a good cover up for some of her poor social functions and it allowed her to get away with messing up a lot. As an added bonus, it made her seem like a real normal human girl for some reason in class. She never understood it but what ever gets her through the day.
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  8. Akucchi enjoyed their games, if not simply because she felt if she didn't interact with such an odd character, she might find her personality being consumed by her rather ironic identity as the consumer of demon lords. Of course, she knew it was all a joke, but she always felt a little bit pissed when Ann got the upper hand. She did what she must - a technique she believed would be a surefire way to render the girl speechless, which she may or may not have taken the idea for from a pisstake anime the night before. She walked up to Ann and knelt down, her steely serious expression locking with the plant-girls. "An-chan... suki yo (I love you)".

    Akucchi here is hoping Ann'll do something hilarious like this:

  9. Personally, clubs weren't really Shin's thing.

    At least, in the sense of "socializing and getting to know people like oneself, meeting up through similar interests." Truth be told, old man Mousou was the one who bothered him into joining a club, telling him that he'd need more friends and that he needed to build up social skills if he wanted to function in the real world. But that was kinda dumb. Does "real world" imply that life up to college or so is a "fake world?" Maybe a "practice" or "training" world, but either way, the interactions one makes in a place like High School were just as real as any other, right? Shin had to wonder why adults like him had to act high and mighty, but at this point, he was just rambling.

    Either way, why did he even join the Hero Club anyway? It almost felt a bit childish, and Shin was almost afraid he'd simply be surrounded by people suffering from chuunibyou, but optimism won out this round and he was sure he'd find himself in the company of good people instead. Besides, being part of a "Hero Club" was gonna look on a resume, and he may as well help others instead of rotting away or something, so there was really no loss for this, right?

    With that in mind, Shin would stumble around quite a bit before finding the place he was supposed to be at. Upon entering quietly without bothering anyone, glancing at the other members of the club who he imagined he wouldn't recognize, he would be met by the sight of the club president, one Akane Akizuki. Huh. A little younger... and smaller than expected for a Hero Club, but it's as they say; don't judge a book by its cover. With that, he'd put up his arm and give a small wave.

    "Ah... hello. It's nice to meet you all," he simply greeted.

    Start out small, eh?​
  10. Reika glanced between the three girls in the room, all of them seeming odd in a funny way. For a brief moment, she was second-guessing herself and thought to just leave and turn around. But, against her better judgement, she inwardly groaned with annoyance and stepped inside the room. Her eyes drifted down at the girl that approached her and talked to her (@Unyielding), confused by the smaller girl's speech pattern. The demon wondered if the girl was ill or if she normally talked like that. Reika brushed the thought away as she folded the piece of paper and pushed it into a pocket. "Ann Roslyn. Such a beautiful name." She then glanced towards the flower, smiling at it as her eyes drifted back to the android. "Your flower matches your name's beauty." The smile lingered as she slightly lifted up her dress to give Ann a courtesy bow. "My name is Reika Miyuko. A pleasure to meet you and your flower, Ann Roslyn."
  11. "Ah, you must be Martin-san, it's good to see you," Akane greets the newcomer. She looked like she was her sister's age, so she would be comfortable with the young one. "Come on, have a little seat while we wait for the others- oh, there he is."

    Looking at the sheet of paper, she reads the name. "Akiyama-san. It's nice to see you," she smiles sweetly at the young lad who entered. "Since both of you are the only new members, I think it's safe to introduce myself now. My name is Akizuki Akane~ usually, I'm just a run-on-the-mill charisma gal, but today, I'm your Club Leader~ There are two more members left, and I want to do a full introduction of all five of us when they get here, so for the time being..."

    Akane unleashes a basket of sweets.

    "... why not we have a little chat. Maybe I can find out what else you all want to do in this club."

    @daird @Verite

    "That is a most good question, young... uhh..."

    If there was something Akizuki Akira sucked at, it was remembering the names of people she had known for less than six months.

    "... Akucchi! Today we will be holding, once again, another ritual. That's what we always do. This, in particular, is to welcome the new denize- e- e-"

    Akira gazed upon what appeared to be a newcomer. She was charming, like eye candy. "Excuse me, is this the Occult Club?" Those were the words that emerged from her mouth.

    Akira was in a daze as she approaches the newcomer with few words emerging from her mouth. "H- hi..." It was rather clear that this was not the Akizuki Akira the other two members of the club were used to.

    As the lady introduces herself as Miyuko Reika, Akira bows. "It's nice to meet you, Miyuko-san. My name is Akizuki Akira. I'm the Club President..." Akira looks at the lady from head to toe as her face turns a little red, but she hides the redness with both of her palms.

    @Karakui @Unyielding @CrimDemon
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  12. Taking his usual route to school, he silently drew his anchor. He moved to where the window was, and stopped to think for a moment, knowing he'd be early if he went now. "I wonder how they would respond if I went through the door this time instead of using the window...." though, who knows what will happen if I don't use the door.... they might come after me...

    Shrugging off his worries, he smiled slyly and walked through the building and to the club room. As he opened the door, he heard a lot of noise coming from across the hall. He shook his head dismissively and walked in. "Hey Prez, who are the new people? If I knew we were going to have new people, I would have gone through the window like usual....." He noted the two people quickly and continued about his normal motion of sitting and spinning his rings while waiting for the others to show up.

    "How have you been? I'm sorry to hear that the activity never went through still..... I was going to bring marshmallows." Jem almost laughed at the idea of the bag he planned on bringing in.... one of the few more-than-a-pound bag of mallows.
  13. Reika glanced over towards the Occult Club's president when she approached and gave the demon her name, mentally noting the girl's name (@Crow). "Akira Akizuki, hmm? It's a pleasure to meet you, as well." She thought silently to herself for a brief moment, before she opened her mouth as her words flowed like velvet. "Should I address you as President Akira, Madam, or my lady?" She smiled warmly and chuckled quietly. It was half a joke and half serious, waiting for a response from the young girl. It was a polite habit. Many people wanted to be addressed in certain ways so she wanted to be sure what Akira would liked to be called. Even when the girl covered her face, making Reika tilt her head in confusion, she waited patiently.
  14. Ann raised her flower and cheered. "Thank you thank you. See Akumachi I," She turned and saw Akucchi kneeing on the ground. What was this action. What was she planning now? Akucchi stared into Ann's eyes with a new level of seriousness. Then she said it.

    "An-chan... suki yo (I love you)"

    Ann was confuse and you could see it on her face as she tried to decipher the message. It took a few seconds before it was don't. "Love?" Ann started blushing. She covered her mouth with one hand. Ann was shocked by the gesture but no normal human could capture her attention. Not like "her." Ann put the plant down and leaned in too Akucchi (@Karakui) as if she was going to kiss her. She stopped and grin mischievously while lowering her eyes, "Love... Does... not... Compute." then she chuckled.
  15. Shin listened to Akane's words quietly, his hands in his pockets as he nodded, before peering briefly at the basket, though hesitating to take one of the sweets for the moment. Hmm. Talking, huh. Well, socializing was what a club was all about, so it wasn't like this wasn't something he had signed up for. But... what exactly to talk about?

    "Ah, right. It's nice to meet you too, Akizuki-san," the young man replied with a nod, scratching his head somewhat awkwardly before taking in her suggestion as to what they should discuss while waiting for the others to arrive.

    "What... I'd like to do here?" He repeated with a blink, before really pondering that. What did he want to do here? He had been thinking quite a lot about what he would inevitably end up doing that he never really gave thought to what he wanted to do.

    So that would be the answer he'd give.

    "I'll just... do what you and the others want to do," Shin spoke somewhat flatly, "What exactly will we do here?"

    Looking back, maybe he should have read up the club better, but hey, the deed was done now.

    @Crow @daird
  16. "Ah, Two, I'm glad you took the door," Akane greets. "Why not you introduce yourself to the new guys? Akiyama-san, Martin-san, meet Two. Now Two, why not we have a seat while waiting for Sophia. Let's see... I think Sophia said something about being late, but I want her to see what I have in store today..."

    Looking at Shin, she responds, "Akane will do. My sister's in this school so it gets a little confusing sometimes. Anyways, I was about the cover that later but I think now is as good a time. You see, this club's objective is to... well, to put is loosely, help others. I aimed for something bigger like a little volunteer work and all, but it's good to be more general and close to home. You'll see what I mean soon."

    @daird @Verite @TK (shlav)

    "Should I address you as President Akira, Madam, or my lady?"

    Those were the words emerging from Reika's mouth.

    "M- my lady?" Akira was feeling a little something inside her. She felt... "M- my lady? W- will you-"

    Akira was starting to tremble.

    "Wahaha~ If you wish to refer to me in such a respectful manner, I will have no qualms! In fact... I think that I might... I might..." Akira covers her face with her hands once more, "I think 'Akira-chan' or 'My lady' will do. No one has really called me... 'my lady' before, so maybe it'd be great if..."

  17. "My lady, then. If you don't mind me calling you that, of course. A lady with higher authority should be referred to as such." Reika chuckled softly once more, her purple eyes soft. She glanced towards the other girls before her eyes lingered back to Akira. Curiosity was in her eyes, remembering that she heard the word "ritual" before she entered the room. "What did you mean by ritual, my lady?" Her first thought was of a demonic ritual with people in black robes sacrificing humans or animals. She was sure Akira didn't mean that, but she wasn't entirely sure what other ritual they would do.

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  18. "It is a pleasure to meet you, everyone." Kimiko smiled, thinking she had finally found someplace in school she could fit in. "I actually have an idea for what we can do for volunteer work. You all know the park down the street, I assume? Well, I was walking through there and I noticed that all the wood in the benches was starting to wear out. Maybe we could start by making new ones. Of course, if Akame-san or anyone else has ideas of their own, I'd be glad to listen to them."
  19. "Well then, I guess I will." Laughing at one of his internal jokes he turned to the two new members. "Hello you two, i'm Jem, or as everyone calls me, two." He stopped momentarily for emphasis. "I hope you get why...... two rings....." shrugging, he continued. "Well even if you didn't get it that's why, though it does have a much more exciting and......" turning to look at the president he smiled sneakily "magical story..... but what is it they say? Another story for another time?" He slid his rings back onto his fingers. "I'll just let you know one thing now, and that's that if you need help with anything............." another pause. "..... go somewhere else, my family actually normally keeps me inside training my body and mind." he laughed. "I'm kidding about the help, feel free to come to me anytime."
  20. Being called 'my lady' felt so good for Akira. Oh, the kid probably shouldn't get too full of herself.

    "Ehehehe... ehehehe..." Akira felt a little dreamy for a bit, blocking her off from any questions, but she snapped out with a large burst.

    "Wahaha~! Let the ritual begin..."

    From the depths of her bag, she unleashes a set of tarot cards, before shuffling them slowly. "I believe that you might wish to discover what this ritual truly is, Miyuko-san. Here is how it works - pick a card, any card."

    She then looks over to the other two lovebirds doing godknowswhat.

    "It is... time again. Let us all observe our fates. My comrades, let us commence... ummm... comrades, are there any flaws present?"

    @CrimDemon @Karakui @Unyielding

    "I hear that they're going to fix those soon," Akane responds to Kimiko's suggestion, "let's add it to the list, then I'll propose it and see if we get the deal and all." Akane then looks at Two. "Well Two, I guess I can count on you to take care of the rookies, as long as you don't go too far."

    Akane coughs for a bit.

    "So, how was the weekend?"

    @daird @Verite @TK (shlav)
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