The Hero Club's Misadventures! - An RP about anime tropes, parodies and whatnot.

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    Alright guys, let's rev this baby baby up for the second time! No more 10 page meetings, no more mass inactivity. It's time to truly have fun!

    This RP just died, so I'm going to initiate a remake. However, I need to ensure that I have sufficient individuals willing to partake.

    Here's a trailer-level plot (open)
    Welcome to Hanazawa Co-Ed School. A school for boys and girls from middle to high schools. You are a student here, but not any ordinary student.

    You are a hero of your own story.


    Imagine this - every one of us is the protagonist of our very own anime. Slice of life, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo, Supernatural, Sports, SciFi, a lot of stories to tell about our lives.

    Now, what do you do when you aren't living through the literal pages and episodes of your life? Well, here's the answer.

    You join a club. Going home club? Nope. Boooring.

    It's the Hero Club. A club where you, the hero of your story, become a hero in another tale! Lead by Akizuki Akane, the hero club does all kinds of things - all kinds of volunteer work. Maybe find a cat or two. Some camps. You get me, don't you?

    Anyways, nothing could go wrong in such times! Could they?


    Where there is light, there must be darkness. And a fucktonne of Xehanorts. You are a villain, some form of evil, or something. You have found a perculiar young girl by the name of 'Akizuki Akira', who calls herself 'Tainted Bible'. She acts in a way that intrigues you, you believe that she is what you want - a slave, a minion, a loyal woman to work by your side as you do your evil things, even an evil leader or heir, or simply a potential equal or ally.

    But wait.

    To get closer to Akira, you must first partake in what is known as the 'Occult Club', which Akira leads. After that, you warm up to her. How hard could it be?

    Oh, you don't want to know.

    I need each Roleplayer to have these conditions:

    They must be capable of dedicating themselves to two seasons' worth - or at least one season's worth of Roleplaying. Lots of people were pretty busy.
    They must be cooperative.
    The GM's final word must be accepted. This will apply when there is conflict out-of-character.
    One who is inactive for 1 week will be sent a PM. 2 weeks results in possible elimination by GM's word, with 'considered elimination' beside your character's name. You will only be removed if the GM feels like it(I'm not that bad) or if someone else takes interest in your spot. That is, unless you have a valid reason to be active for 2 weeks or so. Any more and I might have to remove you. tl;dr please be as active as possible.

    Also, this roleplay leans towards the comedic side of things. Don't take things too seriously.

    Anyone interested?

    For oldies, I'll be altering the application slightly. Keep a lookout if you're porting your characters!

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Hero Club's Misadventures! | 勇者部の災難! | Yuushabu no Sainan! |

    Here it is boys and girls!​
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  2. I'm in, maybe 2 character as well
  3. Posting to say I'll look at the reboot threat when it comes around. Probably going to just port Hospitaller if join in.
  4. Lol you know im here,
  5. I'm interested~
  6. 6 including me. I think we'll be good.

    Maybe starting small then expanding is a good idea.

    How's that?
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  7. I think if I give this another go, I'll just port Sophia, and do her up properly in the Cyberpunk genre. Not sure which side to place her, though.
  8. That's 7! It's a big number, but it's small compared to last time. Better start the OoC before we grow!

    I'm aware of the classic rule of nipponese clubs, but we don't have to be established on week 1.
  9. Back in my days in another RP forum, having 7 RPer is already more than enough. So yeah
  10. You know, I honest to god thought this was JUST a high-school RP at first and was about ready to up and leave. But I decided to indulge my curiosity a little and read further...and based on what I saw, I'm interested.

    I have a few questions first though:

    1. Is it allowed, if there are two protagonists? ...Let me rephrase that: Say you have a character that relies on another character for his abilities, a Partner-character if you will. Like Zatch Bell's mamodoes, or Digimon's...well, Digimon. Is this allowed?

    2. When you say villains, to what level can they go? For example: Would I be able to bring in, say, a being known as the Demon of the Apocalypse or Origin of Evil, or would the cap be somewhere in the level of an overlord or mastermind?

    3. And this is the most important one for me, and probably one of the most obvious ones, but I want to ask anyways, just to be sure: Can I play both the hero and villain role, participating in both of these clubs as two different characters?
  11. 1. There will be a 'companions' section in the application for such characters. Fill that in with familiars and such.

    2. Demon of the Apocalypse sounds a little far, especially if he could perform that action by himself. Try to limit your villain. Powerful-ass bull will be considered for nerfing.

    3. Yes, you will. If you are referring to playing your own hero to your own villain of the same genre, I do not reccomend this as it reduces the competitiveness and potential fun. Chaikit has stated his reason, though, so I allowed it.
  12. 1. Wow, Even prepared for that, Awesome. ^^

    2. I see. That's fine, I was expecting that to be too much. Though frankly Nerfing "powerful-ass bull" is actually quite...relieving to hear. Now I just need to figure out which villain to use for this.

    3. I assume you refer to the Dissidia effect. (One hero and villain from the same story.) But if you mean genre as in, no hero and villain from Modern-fantasy...Then I'll probably need to brain storm a bit. A majority is in that genre.

    ...For the sake of narrowing down my choices of characters a bit: Are Dragon-human-halflings (Or Draconian humans, if you will,) allowed for villainy?
  13. Just a warning. 'Modern Fantasy' won't be considered. Just 'Fantasy' will do.

    As for your choice of villain, that will be allowed. Just make sure your buddy blends in well. I'm trying to ensure that the respective club leaders don't suspect too much.
  14. Well he is a teenager, or at least he looks like one...The only thing that could give him away are the scales on his body and perhaps a serpentine dragon tattooed around his arm for freak's sake, and if the name of the game is hiding in plain sight, he can easily hide those in clothes and what have you. ^^

    This is probably a stupid question: But, is it still considered 'Fantasy' if its set in modern times in this case?
  15. Yes. It is. That is the case.

    Yeah, obvious tattoos are frightening and seen as delinquent stuff or something. If you want to hide them, go ahead.

    Also everyone, I'm going to tag you guys in the OoC now. There will be no reserves, so at least make your WIPs as soon as possible!
  16. One more question, just to be clear. I know I asked this already, but I didn't quite get the answer...

    Does my hero and villain have to not be from the same Genre, like both have to not be from the Fantasy Genre. Or do they have to just not be from the same "Anime/Story"?
  17. Both. Unless you have a reason, it is not reccomended that your hero and villain be from the same genre AND story.
  18. And if it is just the same Genre?
  19. It's only one set of rivals per genre, if that's what you're thinking.