The Hero Club's Misadventures - a Roleplay about Anime tropes and whatnot?

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  1. Basically, I'm planning to (truly) start a roleplay using this one as a prologue. The contents of the prologue... will not concern your character. To sum it up.

    We are school kids. We have our own stories of glamour and glit and all that. Our rivals are in the opposing club. We have fun. We do stuff. Club stuff. Since everyone is throwing in female characters some of these stuff may or may not involve makeup and makeup.

    The cast template will be pretty much identical to the one of the prologue. Sorted by genres, club affiliation and such. If you have questions just ask. Most of the template-based stuff will be ported, like a Nintendo game.

    Welcome to Hanazawa Co-Ed School. A school for boys and girls from middle to high schools. You are a student here, but not any ordinary student.

    You are a hero of your own story.


    Imagine this - every one of us is the protagonist of our very own anime. Slice of life, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo, Supernatural, Sports, SciFi, a lot of stories to tell about our lives.

    Now, what do you do when you aren't living through the literal pages and episodes of your life? Well, here's the answer.

    You join a club. Going home club? Nope. Boooring.

    It's the Hero Club. A club where you, the hero of your story, become a hero in another tale! Lead by Akizuki Akane, the hero club does all kinds of things - all kinds of volunteer work. Maybe find a cat or two. Some camps. You get me, don't you?

    Anyways, nothing could go wrong in such times! Could they?


    Where there is light, there must be darkness. And a fucktonne of Xehanorts. You are a villain, some form of evil, or something. You have found a perculiar young girl by the name of 'Akizuki Akira', who calls herself 'Tainted Bible'. She acts in a way that intrigues you, you believe that she is what you want - a slave, a minion, a loyal woman to work by your side as you do your evil things, even an evil leader or heir, or simply a potential equal or ally.

    But wait.

    To get closer to Akira, you must first partake in what is known as the 'Occult Club', which Akira leads. After that, you warm up to her. How hard could it be?

    Oh, you don't want to know.

    Also don't take everything too literally. I once had this guy who took metaphors too literally but I couldn't explain it to him no matter how hard I tried.​
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  2. alright, sign me up.
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  3. That's one down.
  4. Kamen Rider Fae when?

    Updooted for Xehanorts. Will also join as Super Robot pilot maybe.

    But no, seriously, hit me up if you ever wanna take another go at henshin.
  5. I guess I have been busy. Maybe I'll be able to-

    -yeah promises lead to procrastination for me. I'll just set the goal to type this baby


    Anyways, getting on dem mech should be a possibility.

    Also, do note that I'll be integrating the old cast into this baby.
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  6. This sounds pretty funny xD
    Hm is it possible to play more neutral characters? Like a hero that has no problem with killing or stealing to reach her goals or a villain that doesn't actually want to do really bad stuff?
  7. I'm in ^^
  8. Definitely. Neutral characters are very possible.

    Of course, you'll need to join a club. Do you prefer solving problems or talking about cool magic stuff?
  9. I'm wondering... Is there already a masochist character in there? I haven't done that one much.
  10. Let's see... ummm...

    ... I don't think there's anyone who shows signs of blatant masochism yet.
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  11. Both avtually xD
  12. Then it will be super blatant!
  13. Yeah, I don't think I'll make exceptions anytime soon so choose one and choose wisely.
  14. Hm magic then x3
  15. Well, this signifies a...

    Four. Four is a good number. Let's hope it's enough to throw the old balance in.
  16. Huh, sounds interesting enough. I'm game
  17. I think I can set the thread up tomorrow evening. It will be a blast.
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  18. I'll get mine up in a bit
  19. I'm facing obstacles, so I can't promise a certain time.
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