The Hermit

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    Mac wasn't really used to all the husstle and bussle of a town, considering he had been spending most his time out in the woods, hunting and living away from all the nastyness that was humanity. It'd been a long time since he needed to come into town for supplies, but today was the day and he wasn't going to waste his time. With a empty cannister in his one hand and another tied to his backpack, Mac kicked up the dust as he strode down the road.

    The folks surrounding the plaza would stop and stare, doing double takes at the handsome hermit. Most women would whisper to one another, wondering what a man like that was doing out in the woods by himself, why in all that was right he didn't find himself fit enough to stand around the rest of them. Men saw the strong young lad and silently questioned why he never signed up for work, knowing all the money he could make with working body. But it wasn't the people that Mac didn't like, it was the way the town worked, the way the people treated eachother based off their roles within it. Living on his own left him to his own devices and no one elses.

    A large callosed hand pushed on the worn wooden door of the trade shop, forcing it and fitting his wide shoulders inside. The rusted bell that dangled above the structer jingled, catching the attentions of the store owner and his clerk.

    "'Morning Mac! Nice to see you decided to grace us with your presence!" The dark haired woman behind the counter laughed, placing a gloved hand on her curvacious hip. The store manager shushed her quickly, stepping out in front of Mac to help him with his load.

    "I'm assumin' you've come for the usual?" The withered and graying man tightened his jaw as he picked up the cannister that Mac made look so light. He struggled with it for a moment before setting it on the floor. "You brought the same today too?"

    Mac turned up his deep brown eyes, looking out behind the short curtain of even darker brown hair.

    "Naw sir, got some choice cuts of meat this time. I got lucky findin' a couple bucks out in the thick; easy catch when their so busy fightin' eachother." He smiled, showcasing a set of straight teeth; surprisingly all still there.

    The old man's eyes lit up as Mac removed his backpack, pulling back the zipper and withdrawing several bundles in thick brown paper all tied with twine.

    "Enough to get me what need for a couple months I'm sure?" Mac smiled, hinting at the necesities he had come for.

    "Well sure! Always a pleasure doin' business with you Mac! Of course; Of course! With that the little man was off gathering the usual: Paper, water and grain.
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