The Herd

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  1. Humans are gone and a new race that had been thought to be purely fiction, arises.
    Torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse. These creatures are brave and peaceful, they live in meadows all over the earth and are ruled by only two. The Herd King and Queen. They decide what's right and what is wrong, and who gets to join the herd.

    There are two major herds, The Comis herd and the Imperiosus herd.

    The Imperiosus herd is led by two ruthless leaders who have drastically different rules in their society. They believe in survival of the fittest and selective breeding. If you are weak you are left for dead, but if you are strong you are accepted or forced into the herd. They often expand their territory by attacking and gathering the neighboring herd into a circle. They then capture the strongest (unless they come willingly) and chase the weaker ones away. If any refuse either 'choice' they are killed.

    The Comis herd, is led by two caring and strong leaders. They accept anybody with good intent into their herd, and treat everyone the same. Even their own foals. They have stayed in the same territory for years, but are now being threatened by the ever advancing Imperiosus herd.

    But not every centaur has a herd. There are Solus centaurs as well. Centaurs that travel by themselves and wander through no man's land. These centaurs live by their own set of rules unless they choose to join a herd.

    Rules (open)
    Rules (open)
    - No Godmodding/Gary Stus/Mary Sues
    - Romance is allowed but keep it PG.
    - Please use proper grammar and spelling.
    - Every post must be at least 3 sentences. Third person, past tense.
    - Site rules apply.
    - If you are in a herd but want to join another herd or become a Solus (loner), then give a valid reason. Don't just run off.
    - Foals are 13 and below. Guardians/Warriors are 14+.
    - All orientations are allowed but the King has to be male and the queen has to be female, so they can have foals.
    - No anime appearances.
    - No superpowers. And no elves. All centaurs have a human upper body and a horse lower body.

    Imperiosus Ranks:

    Lead King
    Lead Queen

    Comis Ranks:

    Lead King
    Lead Queen


    Character Sheet
    Bio: (3 sentence minimum)
    Horse body description or picture:
    Upper body description or picture: