The Heralded Coming

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  1. (So... I caved.)

    Hello! Many of you probably know me by Stephanie (or... actually, let's not go that far back), if you're a refugee from MoonWings. I thought I'd try out a new name if I am going to come here, and was named a very pretty name by one of your own, in fact. You can call me either Elyd or Stephanie, and we'll see which one sticks. xD I am here because I finally miss people from MW enough to try and see if I can find you all again, and hey, maybe there'll be nice new-to-me people to meet here, too. I'm not a big RPer, but you can see if you can talk me out of that. *shrug* I could be willing to learn.

    So, I'll be looking around and poking at things. Please take good care of me. *bows*

    (Furthermore, if you bother me, I reserve the right to go crying to The Butterfly! :P)
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Elyd also known as Stephanie.

    I would be one of the Nice 'new-to-you' people. Hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing you on the forum!
  3. Stephanie! :D
  4. *pokes at Diana with a microscope* Hmmm... iiiiiinteresting...

    Thanks, October Knight!
  5. *places Stephanie in a suped up Pope-mobile and stands guard outside it*
  6. Finally! Sheesh woman!
  7. *giggles* I love you too, Ocha. <3
  8. Well hello and welcome to Iwaku.
    I've been told a great deal about how lovely you are by Miss Diana, so I have great expectations!
    I look forward to roleplaying with you.
    I'm Kitti, by the way. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask.
  9. *gulp* By Diana? That's a bit intimidating... ^^;; Hello Kitti and thanks for the welcome. I might ask for help choosing a roleplay to get my feet wet in, but we'll see what happens... xD;
  10. Hmm...Willing to learn...I may have to start a 4E game for learners...Or maybe even 3.5! Or AD&D, cause I have those books now.
  11. I have no idea what any of those numbers signify, but sure?
  12. Dungeons and Dragons my dear. The various editions. AD&D is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, aka 2E
  13. I was under the impression you can't play D&D online...?
  14. Wrong! Albeit goes at a much slower pace. Playing online is known as Play-By-Post. There are numerous ways to handle the various aspects. Take maps for example. You can do free form (mapless), ASCII maps, or GM and/or Player map .jpg editing.
  15. Dammit, Diana. I KNEW you were fattening Iwaku up so you could offer it up as a sacrifice to the internet gods... Moonwings herself to be specific!

    Anyways, hello Stephanie. It's a pleasure to have you on the site, and I hope you enjoy yourself here, and find it to be a place of enjoyment.
  16. Welcome, Stephanie!! *tackles and hugs!*

    Hell, if you're going to do that, *I* might be convinced to play!

    I've done some table-top (still have my old character sheet, too!), and did some AD&D and White Wolf LARPs for a time as well.
  17. @Jumi: Actually you can thank The Butterfly for my joining rather than Diana. Although who knows, she usually does have nefarious and subtle plans about.

    *hugs Alan back*