The Hellheim Cronicles

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  1. This is a private RP for me and my friend joker. It is the continuation of an RP we started long ago and includes pokemon. There will be action, adventure, and romance.
  2. All right...
    Light pours into Lillys room by the window behind her bed, leaving a trail of light.
    Gizmo sleeps under the covers, only his Zoroark head shows above. his arms are wrapped around Lilly, the love of his life.
    Grace is sleeping next to Gizmo, her arms around his waist. She smiles as she sleeps, her black spread out and freckled face is relaxed.
  3. [Oh, geez. Gracie is in the bed with them?]

    Lilly stirs. "Mmmmmnnn. Morning, Gizmo" She sees Grace. "Oh-ah! What is she doing in our bed?!"
  4. (what you forget their whole little escapade thing?)
    Gizmo remains asleep, eyes closed. He snores quietly and doesn't seem to hear Lillly at the moment.
    Grace mumbles something unhearable, shifting to her other side.,
  5. [No, but I didn't think it would continue!]

    Lilly shakes him. "GIZMO! WHAT IS GRACE DOING IN OUR BED?!"
  6. Gizmo wakes, groggily. "what?" is silver eyes look tired. He notices Grace, he strokes the back of her hair. "Hey Gracie..wake up.."
    (also, i say they all have their clothes on. Except Gizmo, cause Gizmo is a pokemon..)
  7. Lilly looks at him. "Well, we're both dressed. So we didn't do anything. Shouldn't she sleep in the servant's quarters?"
  8. Grace lifts her head, smiling at the two. "hey cuties.." she says half asleep.
    Gizmo chuckles, whispering so Grace doesn't hear. "she still thinks the three of us are a thing, i think she's harmless. She just snuck in here in the middle of the night." he kisses Lilly's cheek. "how's the baby?"
    Grace moves over to her and rubs her pregnant belly gently.
  9. Lilly looks over at Grace. "The babies are fine. But I'm getting as big as a house." Thinks for a moment. "Maybe we should lock our door at night..."
  10. Grace giggles, "silly! how would i get in here then..?" she hugs her, warming her up. "we're all together right?" she smiles.
  11. Lilly turns serious. "Gizmo, do you want to tell her, or should?" She whispers to him. "You are the only other person I want in my bed!"
  12. Gizmo chokes, clearing his throat. whispering, "Lilly, you started this whole relationship thing with her, after everything we did. your gonna tell her that?" sadly.
  13. Lilly looks at him and whispers. "I didn't tell her the three of us were a thing! You kinda encouraged her!"
  14. Gizmo chuckles, "me?! I remember you giving her permission to to touch me.." he looks at Grace. "Grace, can you please make me a little something? "
  15. Grace smiles and nods, "sure! Pancakes sound good?"
    Gizmo nods and pats her head, "yes, please."
  16. Lilly nods. "Make some for me too, please." She whispers to Gizmo. "Only to make her feel better!"
  17. Grace stands up and nods, "okay! Be right back!" She gets up and leaves.
    Gizmo sighs, "you're terrible..."
  18. "I'm terrible?! I'm only thinking of our safety! What if she snaps?!" Lilly sighs. "Can we put her down gently?"
  19. Gizmo smiles, putting an arm around her. "You forget I'm here, I don't think she would do that." He sighs sadly. "I'd feel bad if we did..but.." he looks into her eyes.
  20. Lilly sighs. "But what?"
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