The Heist

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  1. I have yet another plot on mind called The Heist, it's a sort of vague plot line, if anyone's interested - comment below or send a PM. We can tweak it if needed. c:

    Plot (open)

    Setting: Post apocalyptic, chaotic, dreary, etc. The city is trying to rebuild but several are still running with the chaotic nature that had the town consumed after the government was overthrown. However, it's being reestablished by force, though many are resisting.

    Pairing: Bad Guy and 'good guy'. (He could be a detective, cop, etc. Anything along the lines of trying to maintain the chaos and havoc of the destroyed city that's trying to rebuild.)

    A small group of people, they're a group of burglars who steal anything and everything from wherever they plot to go. They're usually very successful in their attacks, normally they don't kill people unless they feel a blood lust or feel the need to protect themselves or make a point. One day, however, they get caught by Character B when they're in a bank. All flee except Character A - who is in the back and didn't hear Character B's entry. Character B takes in Char. A and keeps him as a hostage in order to find the group of the burglars since they're the biggest threat that needs to be eliminated. Char. A is too stubborn to rat out his friends so Char. B decides to charm the other, determined to make him fall in love. Though after some time passes, Char. B develops emotions and when Char. A discovers that he was being used in the beginning - he feels betrayed.
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  4. I would love to give it a go then. :)
  5. Awesome, I'll send you a PM. c:
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