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  1. So I had this idea that would take a long time, mostly because I love long rps. I like having the same partner for a long good while. I’ll be posting the same beginning from now on and I hope you read it or at least get to know it so you can just skip over to the plot. For this one, I prefer the female but we can talk it over.


    • I want a partner that is loyal enough to last the whole rp, sorry, that sounds really rude but I have people disappear on me and some were really cool.
    • I don't care for the length, I need something reply to. I don't think a cliffhanger is nice, so please don't.
    • I don't care if you are a beginner or have been at it so long you are really Intermediate, I care that I don't have to question you as much as you question me.
    • If I have an idea, don't tell me that doesn't make sense....I will never say that to you, just ask for an explanation.
    • I do one liners when I have very little to put in or my detail matter is low, which happens if your post puts me there. THIS IS A HEADS UP!!!
    • Lastly, talk to me, I know we hear this a lot, but if you can't rp because you have a bad day, your mood is not up for it or your personal life just won't let you, PM me, I will listen. I am empathetic by nature, sorry, but I will try my best to be sympathetic. It's not that I don't care, but I'm that person that wants to be physically there to threaten people on your behave then just talk shit about them. I will get attached and I will give you as much focus in anything you want to talk to me about. WE DON'T NEED TO RP EVERY TIME WE ARE TOGETHER!!!!
    • I will take on more than one partner for the same RP, so don't think this is taken and you can't do it with me. I also don't mind if you use this idea with another rper. But I would rather you do it with me.
    • I play either character, but honestly, I like my males better.

    Small Detail

    Setting is a Sci-Fi spaceship

    Character 1= Female. Main character and princess.

    Character 2= Male. Lead criminal and main character

    NPC=these are more of the character from C2 and C1’s separate parties; ex: C2’s partners in crime would not be controlled in any way by C1’s player. And C1’s people would not be controlled by C2’s play. C1’s people have an exemption, upon permission, C2’s player can have a few characters in C1’s people.

    Character Sheet




    Appearance: (prefer a picture, anime or real will be discussed)


    C1 is a princess traveling with her people to join in marriage with a prince from another planet. This would join both planets as allies and give her planet a king. C2 is a criminal that knows that the princess travels with two main treasures. One is a gift of riches that is sealed in a vault that he doesn’t care to even try to take and the two in a card like item with incredible powers, handed down from Crown to Heir. C2 has a buyer that would pay three planets worth for this small item and C2 has already gone through several other competitors to get the job. He sneaks onto the ship with his companions, hiding weapons when the ship docks for fuel, taking out as many of C1’s people to take their place so there aren’t too many people added to catch any attention. After some relaxing time with these people C2 decides it is time to begin. His men (can have female partners too) and he go for their weapons and open fire, killing just the guards that don’t back down and catching the attention of the ship. They force the people into the cargo bay, leaving the princess and a few of her trusted companions to get to tell them where the item is. No takers, they know they can’t kill the princess but they also know she might resist more if they start to kill anymore of her people. So, they take the ship, in good well, they dock and release half of her people, sealing the rest in their courtiers. Promising that if they say anything, the ship will be destroyed, (they can split up families to keep the others quiet) and the princess executed (somehow beheading is what I want to favor for this threat). C1 is the only one allowed to visit with her people and walk the ship, this is when C2 and C1 would get to know each other, at one point falling for each other. C2 comes up with another plan. If they can’t get the card, they can take the riches. C1 gets wind of this plan and before C2 can ask, she refuses. There is no way she could do that, with all the riches are the gifts her people collected for the future king. This would get C1 in trouble and place C2 in a bad position with his own.

    That is about it, we can get further into everything and add some stuff, but that is where I ended.
Thread Status:
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