The Heist (working title)

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  1. A group of criminals, a bank, a vault; the usual. Cristian Rosenberg, one of the biggest fish in the pond, is planning a heist, and it's gonna be a big one, as per usual. This man has more heists and cons on his record than you have hairs on your head, especially after his wingman's done with you. One problem though: No one knows who this Cristian guy really is-- is his name an alias, does he even exist? But for some reason people trust him. And if they don't, his right hand man is there to convince them otherwise.

    There will have to be insiders, computer experts, brilliant conmen, a driver. This is going to be the heist of the century, and they all know it. And why? Because it's going to happen in broad daylight, no masks, no threats, no guns. These guys aren't bank robbers, they're thievs, and they're damn good at what they do. They are at the top of their respective fields, not all of their names unfamiliar.


    For this RP I am looking for some top criminals of course, but I also need police/FBI officers, bankers, lawyers, innocent bystanders, husbands, wives-- you name it. But most of all, I need a traitor, or maybe two to keep things exciting. This heist is, despite all planning, not supposed to go well, although in the end, they will have to be able to get away with the money.

    Please keep in mind that the people involved in this heist are not complete strangers. Although they might have never met before, their names, or at least their aliases, are known, be it to the police or in the underground society. These people are big, bad and good at what they do. They are professionals. Some of them might have already worked together once before, or perhaps they even worked against each other.


    Any takers? Any questions? Additional ideas, maybe? Shoot! This isn't the most original of ideas, I understand that, but I do think doing this kind of thing is challenging. You don't get the chance to be a criminal mastermind every day.