The Heist: Floor 13

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  1. Your character wakes up in a mysterious dark room, like an interrogation room from an old police movie. A solitary light swings above you. You're already sitting at a white round table, but you have no idea how you got here. Also at the table are a variety of people who all look just as bemused as you are. A hologram is emitted from the table:
    "You have all been chosen for this mission, for you are the best of the best. The smartest, the strongest. Your mission
    : to break into the San Helios Bank. The Bank contains all of the riches in the galaxy. But your target, is Floor 13. Floor 13 is 300 Metres underground, and contains one object. The Jade Dragon. Bring that Dragon to me, and not only will I send you home, but I will give you the combination to unlock the vault which contains your greatest desire. But first, you must work together. After getting into Floor 1, you will meet my contact. This hovership will soon arrive at the bank.
    Until then, get to know the rest of the group."

    And with that, the Hologram fades. You can hear the Hovership almost arriving at it's destination. Let the Heist begin.

    Alright, here's the information you have to give when you sign up:
    Character Name:
    Character Powers:
    Character's Greatest Desire: (Doesn't have to be an object-it could be seeing their father again, or something like that).
    Then just jump in! :)

    The Rules:
    1. Standard Iwaku Civility Rules apply.
    2. Keep it PG-13. No excessive gore.
    3. No God-Modding. That's my job. :)
    4. No One-Liners. It's pretty annoying.
    5. Be gentle with me, it's my first time GMing a game. Updates will come every 2 days at the longest, or sometimes more depending on how long a Boss Fight, etc, takes.
    6. Pretty much any character is allowed, including OCs.
    7. Have Fun!! (Yes that's a rule).

    Next update will be out tomorrow. Enjoy!
  2. I may look at this and read it later. I am too tired to process data effectively at the moment. XD
  3. looked into it. one Question before really getting started. Would you allow a Dragon Character?

    In Case Yes or both (open)

    Large image (open)


    Name: Code / Public: FireDrake (Prefers Fire) Real Name: Izana

    Powers: As a Fire Dragon, he has the ability to manipulate nearly everything about a flame, mainly its size, heat, and color. Can Switch from a 7ft tall 14 ft long Feral form, to a 6ft Anthro (Humanoid, still covered with blue scales,
    dragon like head, still wings and a tail but is bipedal) Slight ability to adjust wind currents, but its only really useful for flight and making sure there is never a headwind. Can scuttle dust around a floor when bored. NOT hurricanes or tornadoes, etc. thats not in his range because he is primarily a fire dragon. His scales are weaker then normal dragons, only a tad bit more armorlike then skin, and as a rule anything that can harm / kill a human can still harm and kill Fire. (No Smaug like, 'Only Black arrows can kill me' here.)

    Character's Greatest Desire: Having his family Friends and home back. (at a young age his family and friends were murdered in front of him and his home destroyed.)

    In Case No or both. (open)

    Large image (open)


    Name: Ace

    Powers: Magic and the use of cards as a weapon, similar to rectangular, homing shuriken, but there are a variety of things these cards can do. has one healing spell: Curaga: When charged does a great amount of recovery to a party.

    Character's Greatest Desire: An Orience at peace and not at war

    My characters aren't in it for riches or worldly possessions. It tends to just not be my style at all.
  4. Yep. I'd allow Dragon characters. Pretty Much any character is allowed.
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  5. alright then. now, We wait for others. XP
  6. which_one_is_better__by_nichigothecat-d8qr8xf.jpg
    Character Name:Anastasia Von Schroeder
    Character Powers:Shapeshifting[Into a Wolf],Ice,Telepathy
    Character's Greatest Desire: To finally defeat her familys Enemy, Seto kaiba.
    Character Name:Zigfried Von Schroeder
    Character Powers:Manipulation, Hacking
    Character's Greatest Desire: To Finally come out on top, and to steal the worlds largest diamond.
    Character Name:Seto Kaiba
    Character Powers:Can transform into a Dragon,Quick Thinker,Expert Hacker
    Character's Greatest Desire: TO Continue being on top of the buisness world.
    Other:the dragon in the picture is what eh can turn into

    Anastasia was extremly irritated that she and her Husband had been Put on the same squad Their Arch Enemy. She wanted to KILL the person who gave them this assignment for doing this to them. She was NOT a happy person.

    Seto kaiba himself was not peticularly happy with the arrangment. Stuck with TWO von Schroeders? this would not end well for him.he Slowly cursed the name of the person who had assigned everyone this mission.

    Compared to kaiba and His Wife, Ziegfried seemed to be keeping a level head about this. his only focus was stealing the largest Diamond in the world. he be damned if having to work with his enemy got in the way of that. for now, he would deal with kaiba until he and Anastasia could kill him, and claim the jewel as their own.
  7. (Psst. This is totally the plot to a newer Doctor Who episode.)
  8. (Nope. No maybe. This really IS a Doctor Who episode.)
  10. Yeah, you're right-I must have done that subconsciously-I just really wanted to do a Heist RP. Anyhow, I won't have enough time to host this game, and there hasn't been enough interest, so I'm closing it down.
  11. [​IMG]
    Character Name: Rae
    Character Powers: Shapeshift into a Raichu, She can electric something or someone and use a hidden ability know as Lightning rod, Can find her at out of anywhere
    Character's Greatest Desire: To know who her parents are

    Character Name: Melody/Seren
    Character Powers: Eight Vectors [Elfen Lied based], The ability to infect Human males with a virus that causes their children to be born a Diclonius, Gun handling
    Character's Greatest Desire: To exterminate humanity [Seren] - or to be loved and accepted [Melody]

    Character Name: Luna
    Character Powers: Shadow Bidding, Dark magic, Walk in people's dreams
    Character's Greatest Desire: To get her banished sister back
  12. (Hope it's not too late to sign up...)

    Character Name: Jay Gordon
    Character Powers: Manipulation of Sound (Includes being able to yell at a volume so loud it could be lethal)
    Character's Greatest Desire: To be a famous musician.
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