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  1. As a quick note, I've only tagged the things that I think are most likely to apply to the role play.
    There may be more of less than listed, and it kind of depends on what you're comfortable with and/or looking for, as well as the characters themselves.

    So yes, hello all!
    My name is Pine. *bows*
    I've been plotting a role play with someone else and I've gotten extremely excited about it... but rather unfortunately, they've become bogged down with real life, so here I am.

    My Expectations

    Talk to me.
    I'm a little paranoid when it comes to role playing with others, especially when it comes to one on ones. Basically, if we only ever speak in formalities on occasion, I will become extremely uncomfortable and be in this constant state of fear that I'll annoy you if I ask too many questions... basically, I like to have something of an ongoing conversation with my partners, or at least get to the point where I feel secure sending you any sort of message. I'm very relaxed when it come talking out of character, so if you usually speak in choppy sentences, no emoticons, no joking around... I'll probably become terrified of you, so maybe I wouldn't make a suitable partner. This is also important for me to make sure you're still interested in the role play, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any problems you have or anything of that nature. In addition, I need someone who will help me plot out this role play. If you won't contribute with your own ideas, I can't work with you.
    Comprehension of the real world.
    In real life, people don't readily deliver long-winded speeches without breaks, so there shouldn't be paragraphs upon paragraphs of a character's dialogue when it comes to a conversation. There's also stupid situations in real life where someone will become ridiculously irritated with someone walking too slow in front of them, gum sticking to the bottom of a shoe... I like to indulge in these stupid situations. I guess what I'm trying to say is please have a good understanding of realistic sort of things. I'm not stranger to goofing off or possibly pushing the limits of reality, but... most of the time, realistic. I hope that makes sense. Also, if your character is going to have some sort of disability, mental illness... something like that, please know your stuff and have depth to your character outside of just their problem. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.
    Quality before quantity.
    I'm very forgiving of the occasional typo, and before you get some impression of me that my writing is absolutely fabulous, I never proof read... but please be well versed in spelling and grammar. Sometimes I feel like the posts I push out are absolutely crappy, but I always try to leave my posts easy to reply to. In any case, I'm not asking for any consistent post length and I don't want you to feel the need to fluff up your post with meaningless purple prose. If the situation calls for it, I hit around six paragraphs, sometimes exceeding ten, and I would like for you to be able to do the same. However, there's a time and place for that, so please don't ever feel obligated to force out more than needed. With that being said, one-liners are a no-go, and you should readily be able to push out at least a paragraph in nearly any situation.
    Be at least sixteen.
    I myself am in college, so honestly someone else in a similar situation with just as much free time as me would be nice. I may not reply on a daily basis, but at the very least, I'll probably be able to talk to you that much. I have nothing again people a little bit younger than me... but I don't have faith in the maturity of people younger than sixteen, so apologies for my bias on that. That and I can be a bit blunt with other realistic aspects that people too much younger may be uncomfortable with. You probably won't ever catch me role playing a sex scene, but almost anything else is fair game with me. Game of Thrones has destroyed my innocence, and it would be nice to have a partner just as corrupt as me.
    Policy on romance.
    I'm not a fan of romance, and this has been made all the worse by everyone's obsession with it when it comes to one on ones. If I ever do include romance into my role plays, it has to be slowly formulated, actually make sense, and be riddled with flaws. Stable relationships are a snore for me to role play, and I would much rather have some heart-breaking drama as a result of some impulsive puppy-love. I'm more of a sucker for bromances than anything. So, yeah, don't have a lot of romantic fantasies about your characters and my characters unless you like being sorely disappointed.
    Third person limited, past tense.
    All I can say is that I'm sorry, but I'd really rather our writing styles kind of match. Passive writing is painful for me to read, so... sorry.

    Plot Synopsis

    Please note that some aspects of the plot are subject to change and I'm still looking to collaborate with someone on all of this.
    Two criminal sons and their roommates.

    Two boys attending an all-male boarding school are both the sons of two of the major crime lords in England. They have been home-schooled up until recently and have learned more than just the core curriculum, being exposed to the prestigious criminal life-style their entire childhood. Their parents have taught them a few tricks of the trade, depending on their parenting style, and on occasion, they may have assisted their parents with a few particular scandals. These two crime lords have had a close relationship with each other throughout their career and have collaborated frequently on their various projects. Because of this, the two boys have grown up around each other. However, because of the nature of their relationship, they've been forced to be strictly professional up until now.

    Just as they have been shipped off to school, during their parents' greatest heist yet, they've disappeared. The answer as to what happens next lies in the safe house they are instructed to go to if something ever goes wrong, which is not-so-coincidentally where the two meet up again. However they go about tackling their new lives indulging in the criminal path their parents left behind, they have many obstacles to tackle, such as their roommates keeping a watchful eye on them.

    A few quick notes:
    We'll be role playing the two boys, and we'll also role play the others' roommate, as well as several minor characters/NPCs, I imagine.
    The above plot is sloppily written but hey I sort of tried to make it look nice.
    I would really like powers to be involved, but I don't want that to play a huge part in the role play or anything super typical like elemental powers.
    I'm going to copy and paste my part of the plotting process below which, since I've hopefully managed to capture your attention by this point, will go over all the tiny details that I have planned out that I couldn't put together in those two neat little paragraphs.
    Also note that it will be extremely lazily written (the typical way I chat with people) and my ideas will be unorganized and all over the place, so... enjoy.

    Wall of text enclosed (open)

    Oh gosh, um...
    The US is just SO my comfort zone, because I don't feel like I know enough about... ANY other country, but I wouldn't mind??
    The only boarding school role plays I've ever been in were bigender and like no definitive location.
    BUT if we did some English stuff, I could probably drag in my HP character... he'd probably be good for this.
    but gosh now that you mention single gender and one nearby o m g the possibilities
    this definitely appeals to me lol
    99% of my characters are male.
    I think I'll start out with one character (a few NPCs here and there), but I usually end up... maybe doubling?
    It's been entirely too long.
    gosh none of that was actually helpful at all was it lol
    So uh... if you don't mind my potential ignorance/bugging you with questions on the setting, I'd be fine with it being in England, and single gender is kind of appealing. *w*

    These two boys have grown up together going to the schools and stuff, but their father(s)/mother(s)/something are crime lords or something along those lines (I'll have to do some research on criminal terminology tbh lol), which could be drug trafficking which also inevitably leads to things like drug wars and stuff, so.
    (But it also doesn't have to be drug stuff, and they could be like elaborate robbery plots idk.)
    So their parents have been close business partners and maybe collaborate on some things.
    Growing up they knew each other, they knew what their parents did, and they prolly know some tricks of the trade, themselves.
    There could also be moments where they were assisting their parents so... essentially, yeah, being raised to be criminals lol (but oh, wouldn't that be so fun!)
    Because of their criminal affairs and stuff and them being part of an alliance (lol like royal families with each other) they had to keep their relationship pretty much strictly professional/business-like.
    Of course being boys that found their lives relatable to each other, as younger children, there may have been moments when they tried to bond/get close to each other, but this behavior was quickly reprimanded by their parents.
    So more modern day, what happens is their parents were collaborating on some big project but something goes horribly wrong.
    They were arrested, maybe kidnapped or otherwise, which can lead up to a variety of possibilities.
    Officials may have found out about their kids and tried to take them to be "treated properly" or something (not necessarily like a full-blown psychiatric clinic, but just somewhere where they could get special treatment), which obviously doesn't settle well with the kids, so they find a way to weasel their way out of it, which may inevitably lead up to them losing their house or something.
    (This could just be an idea for one of the characters, or both, because then they could have maybe made some sort of like secret hideout to live together, or maybe it was like some place already set aside for them in the suburbs or whatever by their parents "in case something goes wrong" like what happened.
    But then again, they're at a boarding school, so they would have to live in dorms anyway... or maybe not?
    Would they even be able to be roommates?
    Like, would their parents want to set them up this way, or not to keep them distant from each other?
    Ohhhhhhhh no wait.
    If they have other people for roommates, that could help us drag in other characters into this drama! oooooooh
    Like that sort of place would just be a kind of safe house that they just temporarily go to, which may have "useful help/someone you can trust" (i.e., they don't know that the other kid knows about the place) and/or have particular instructions for what they need to do next.
    So they just meet up there sometimes, but they still live in the dorms.
    It could be interesting if like there is some sort of emergency and they have to go straight there and so when they get back to the dorm the roommates are like *suspiciously* so... where have you been?)
    With their parents in trouble like that, they could a) use questionable methods to raise money for bail b) try to bust them out of jail manually and devise some elaborate scheme c) take over the "family business" or d) all of the above/a mixture of these, and either way, they end up getting a LOT more involved with each other than their original "professional" relationship.
    As a side note, it makes sense that they would be at a boarding school because with their parents being influential criminals that they could easily afford that and want a higher education for their children.
    Also, I think they would be trained at least to some degree to kill people (this and a lot of the above factors would depend on their parenting style which could very well be vastly different between the two kids, and it could also cover the variety of ways to kill, whether it be how to use a gun, how to use a knife (switchblade?? those are always fun), poisons, vital/pressure points for combat, etc. just kind of more "cheap" tactics than being able to just being able to overpower people if, say, they were to get in a fight with a jock... they wouldn't be able to outwrestle them or anything, but they could like know how to aim for their diaphragm etc. etc.)

    I definitely agree that any involvement of powers should DEFINITELY be on the side.
    I kinda' like the idea of having powers being frowned upon.
    Maybe it's a sign of lower class because their blood isn't "pure," perhaps?
    I don't know tooo much about applying lore when it comes to this role play, but I've had an idea for kind of subtle magic that I had for another role play.
    "There is a peculiar energy residing in every living being called magic. This energy gives off a particular aura that grows stronger the more an individual is in tune with their magic. Of course, all of this is unseen, but some that are particular well adapted to their own magic may be able to sense it on another who similarly has a strong aura. Magic tends to interact with other magic in a positive feedback system sort of way; stronger magic tends to make magic more easily accessible to anyone within its vicinity.

    All humans possess their own unique power, but most people are unaware of this and their power lies dormant their entire life. In order for a human to unlock their particular power, they have to connect with their power in some sort of way. A person connects with their powers when they experience some strong emotion related to it or something physically relevant to their power. The abundance of magic that's in the hostel from all the supernatural activity allows humans to connect with their power easier, rather than the extreme conditions that would normally be required, on par with someone having to survive being caught on fire.

    Since a human discovering magic is so rare, and with their powers all being so varied, there is no one to coach them, making dabbling in their powers intentionally to make themselves have better control dangerous. If someone inappropriately tries to draw on their powers, it is likely to backfire violently. Everyone has their own unique way that their powers can be properly utilized, though it usually is relevant to how they were feeling at the time they unlocked their power. Also, in the event that a person does something radically opposed to their power, they risk losing their power permanently. This isn't necessarily a morally wrong thing, but just something in opposition of what they originally did to attain their power. If the power has been developed a lot already, the power may backfire against their body as a warning, but otherwise they will lose their powers suddenly and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to get it back.

    Another risk that comes with working with magic is when they develop their powers too much. In truth, humans do not have one single power, but instead just have one that is unlocked first. If a person works beyond mastering their first ability, they will begin to be mutated by the magic into something else, and from there be able to attain their other powers. However, the more powerful they become, the less they are able to make rational decisions and even have a conscious. This is where monsters come from. Each person develops in their own unique way, too, and the initial slight variations in appearance are what people would call demons. After having decided to risk their human form and conscious, they will turn into a species of their own and truly give into primitive, violent tendencies. Essentially, all the existing monsters in the hostel were once human.

    At a certain point in a creature's development, the magic becomes stressed and shut down and makes the monster comatose. After that, certain conditions have to be met in order to awaken the beast again. These things are specific to each creature and are along the lines of superstitious. For one creature, five vanilla candles may have to be lit, or for another, it may have to be rubbed in frog mucus. After a creature is awakened, it will rampage without a second thought, giving in to what is purely destructive instinct. While a creature is in this comatose state, their magic is still very much present, and occasionally there will be surges of some sort where the magic affects the nearby environment. Though very rarely do this do more than make some pieces of furniture float a little, there are times when the creature's malicious intentions may cause it to do something in n attempt to murder a passerby by maybe having a beam that they were standing under fall on them or something to that effect."
    I'm just copying and pasting and not actually thinking about what elements I would even want to incorporate... maybe just kind of the concept of magic being an energy, but not necessarily all of that tricky discovering stuff, because also we could have it like... they know from birth and it's marked down on their birth certificate, so things with government affiliation (school) would know, but it would still maybe be possible for them to try to pretend like they don't...?
    Hm, I'm not sure...
    The home schooling makes sense, but I don't know about them wanting to escape school as a whole...?
    I mean, not that I'm super keen on role playing classes all the time and stuff, but I also like the idea of them just having to life semi-normal lives and pretending like nothing is wrong or w/e?
    Also, like... I don't know about your character as a roommate, but I was thinking my roommate would be... y'know... normal and without powers, so IDK about that sort of think about them just being there for gov regulation and what not.
    I mean, maybe they would mix that in to make sure they don't suspect the school as being strange, and that could make them keeping up their criminal activities more difficult, maybe more interviews... but if they do "escape", what about the roommates...?
    And like I said (or maybe not, my thoughts are all over the place because I'm with a friend watching him play LoZ lol) I'm not sure about a role play of them being on the run.
    BUT... MAYBE??
    I mean, if they're new to the school after being home schooled, that would help with them not having to already have friends or anything, because pfft making up NPCs (no jk I just hate writing extended scenes by myself with characters I don't really care about lol).
    So... I'm not sure.
    I think we should go with the home schooling thing/gov regulations and stuff maybe if like... well, I want the main focus to be them committing crimes as opposed to avoiding trouble... I mean, obviously they'll still have to do a bunch of that, but not as like SUCH a huge focus.
    You get what I mean?

    Basically I haven't thought TOO much about my actual character, but I know I have two ideas (I was waiting on the a-okay on powers and crime and backstory and stuff haha) for my character.
    One is just kind of like being more specific on that he would normally keep his head down when walking past someone... like, he would rather look at the ground/his feet than looking at people (oh, and I also guess I want him to be rather plain-looking and wear a beanie and stuff).
    As for the power, I was thinking like his would be kind of a double-edged sword, which super makes him not want to use it (as opposed to just societal obligation).
    So basically if he touches water (a liquid?? I haven't thought TOO much about specific conditions/drawbacks), he can bring it to a boil.
    Problem is he isn't immune to the boiling, so it'll burn him, too, whatever he's touching it with.
    But I have like this mental image of it just having rained or maybe one of them kicked a pipe to spray someone's face/body, and either way he just clamps his hand on their head and essentially melt their face...?
    yeah i like the idea lol

    (further clarification from another conversation; this is what i'm really adamant about)
    Here's how I see it for the most part.
    Whoever has assaulted their parents were simply trying to take down the threat of their presence, whether they be law enforcement or competitive criminals that may have been hired to work against them or simply because they were going after the same thing too many times, thus capture, torture, manipulation... something to give them an edge in the world.
    Their parents, as I see it, have been very careful about the involvement of their children.
    As previously mentioned, between the two of them, their relationship is very professional, and while they have been involved in past crimes, they're mostly kept on the back-burner, or in the background, if you will.
    That being said, with an assault on the parents, they likely wouldn't be trying to get to their children, who are a lot less capable.
    If they wanted to do something like that, they could easily have taken the children and used that to play against the adults.
    The safe house would be entirely discreet and something that hasn't been touched since the last time their parents had showed them where it was over a decade ago, so it's unlikely that whoever had attacked their parents would even know about it.
    It's not like a regular hang out or anything up until the point of emergency, which is now.
    From there, if there was any note to be found, I figured it would be instructions from their parents.
    I don't want it to really be them like being RELUCTANTLY forced into the crime business, but more as the way they have been raised and this is how they view it as a solution to the problem, does that make sense?

    It's just that I don't view the powers working that way... like, they wouldn't change sex organs.
    As interesting as it might be to role play out, it's not something I see happening in my vision of this world, which is largely realistic, with just a hint of magic and powers.
    I also wanted both of the characters to have roommates because that adds another element to the role play (thus a little bit of the hilarious situations).
    First of all, we could still have some role playing going on when they're in their rooms, a minimal amount of the school, having to deal with concealing themselves as "normal" kids while they most certainly not.
    The safe house would be rather accessible from either point they're at, so there wouldn't be any need for them to take a leave from the school.
    Because of the nature of their parents' influence in England, they would want to keep the fact that they've been "defeated" as underground as possible, and I don't imagine they would be told through some super standard way, if that makes sense.
    Perhaps a code in a phone call from one of the remaining parents... SOMETHING like that, but overall, they would be trying to put up the air that nothing has happened and that, again, they're totally normal kids.

    I know this all is probably very confusing, so please let me know if you have any questions, thank you!​
  2. Hi! I'd be interested in joining. I didn't read all of the note, but from what I did read, you have excellent ideas!
  3. Ahh, I'm really sorry, but I already found a partner elsewhere, and I was looking for someone closer to my age and ahhh, I'm sorry. ; w;
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