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  1. Thousands of years ago, gods and goddesses of different Bounds lived together in harmonic bliss. Peace reigned among humans ruled by the gods, and rarely would a mortal fear death knowing their gods would liberate their souls and grant them their promised eternal life.
    It was until humans had discovered technology, that deities felt disdain towards humans; Some would plot to extract revenge upon the heathenish mortals, others would defend them and attempt to bring peace to their scornful brethren. Due to this disagreement, a war broke out among gods of different Bounds.

    Little did they know, that a greater deity existed - And they would decide to put an end to this war over mortals once and for all. As every god died, their souls would be sent up to the deity that had created every single god - And kept them until every god below her ceased to exist in their physical forms. At last, the final god's soul was extracted, and after much consideration - The Deity chose to grant them life again within their Heavens. Their creations would, however, be punished greatly for their foolishness; They would be placed through a series of trials, most that humans even have difficulty trying to surpass...

    High School.

    Our School Crest: The Hydra, representing unity despite divergence.

    Uniting Divinity
    With Mistaken Humanity

    • [​IMG]
      The Heavens' Academy will be a large area, in which Gods and Goddesses will be attending together alongside saved teenage souls. Older saved souls will be teachers who teach the Gods and Goddesses of human life here, and occasionally their own history to learn to understand humankind and their lives.

    • Dorms will be on school campus, in a large building structure. Students get their own singular rooms, yet they must share bathroom (there are 10 of them total) and kitchen facilities. There's also a pool out back for the hot summer days - Separate from the P.E. pool.

    • Shopping Center
      (Where students may shop for clothes, food, and other necessities. Also a place to blow off steam or go on dates by shopping, visiting the food court, seeing the latest in human movies, and visiting the arcade.)

      The Forest
      (Where students may also blow off steam, but in a more... Serene manner. Where waterfalls, lakes, and trees that reach far beyond the heavens grow - Who wouldn't enjoy a nice trip there? Plus there's a hot spring for when students may need to unwind!)

      The Square
      (A small town where an arena is its greatest highlight. Students who choose to partake in sports or observe, or even spar, may visit and enjoy the liveliness of human spirits. Occasionally a circus visits, and it becomes the highlight of everyone's night.)

    • Clubs require a minimum of four members, and meetings must be conducted at least once every week.
      Note: See me if you have a club idea, and if you have enough characters who wish to partake - I will accept it.
      • Club 1: Student Council
        • Morrigan - President
        • Mayari - Vice President
        • Nabu - Scribe
        • Apollo - Secretary
        • Ebisu - Public Relations Director
      • Club 2: Fight Club
        • Huizilopochtli - Founder/President
        • Bishamonten
        • Susanoo
        • Medb
        • Erebus
        • Mayari
        • Perun

    - Agni, Bishamonten, Huitzilopochtli, Nabu -

    - Hecate -

    - Ao -

    - Janus, Xi Wang Mu-

    - Benzaiten, Mayari, Nu -

    - Medb -

    - Perun -

    - Ereshkigal, Ishtar -

    - Ebisu, Erebus, Freya, Nyx -

    - Eris, Morrigan-

    - Apollo, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi -

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  2. I will be making the first post once we're all set, so I'm reserving this spot~
  3. Autumn, Week 2
    Monday, 7:00 am
    [BCOLOR=transparent]- 1 Hour Until School -[/BCOLOR]​
    Clothing (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The only sound heard in a particular room was Classical music playing from an antique gramophone; and most knew this to be the room of Nyx, the goddess of night. The music helped the goddess rest easy when she went to bed late in the night, after her nightly practices with the stars and moon. A small shred of light poured into the darkness of the room, and onto the pale cheek of the night goddess; with a light cringe, she would awaken and slowly rise into a sitting position, groggy despite the serene melody playing in her room. Yawning softly and rubbing her crystal eyes, Nyx would finally slide out of her bed and dress herself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was yet another day… All she had to do was get through it… She reminded herself constantly, slipping on a navy blue sweater to pair her black jeans and boots. Nyx was determined to get through the day, and reward herself with an enjoyable trip to the Grand Library at the Square. Oh yeah, she could definitely do this with a reward like that.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Afterwards, she sent herself to the one of the vacant bathrooms to wash her face, brush her teeth, and all of the other mundane morning tasks she was required to perform. Normally Nyx wouldn’t eat breakfast, but she had skipped dinner the previous night due to her little… disagreement with her brother the previous night. The white-haired female shut herself in her room all night, and let her classical music play as she read herself to sleep without saying goodnight to anyone. Needless to say, she felt bad. Quietly leaving the bathroom, Nyx started down the stairs and reached the kitchen, where she made a cup of tea and a bagel; Freyja was there, but Nyx didn’t pay too much mind to that, she seemed too into her book, and Nyx was too focused on eating.[/BCOLOR]
    Clothing (open)
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sunshine flooded the room, and Ebisu was already up and prepared for the day.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He was normally up by 6, simply because he slept early so he wouldn’t have to worry about being alone for too long; Ebisu wouldn’t have to worry about the past. That was just it: The Past, or at least that’s what he was told, this life was supposed to be a new start and yet… His past haunted him. For a God of Luck, Ebisu sure was unlucky when it came to things involving himself, but he never really paid any heed to his own needs -- Others has far more serious issues than he.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Already dressed up and had his food, Ebisu was wandering outside the dorms and awaiting the rest of the students to leave for school. He drew his mind away from the worrying thoughts to enjoy the nature around him; It was chilly outside, as it was every Autumn morning, but he didn’t mind. The wind, however, seemed excited -- He suspected that it would rain, possibly storm, later on in the day, which was funny to think of considering they were technically “above the clouds”. The sound of leaves wildly rustling were what captured his attention: The sound was so sharp yet relaxing at the same time.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The sound of crisp leaves below his shoes soothed him, and to pass the time he put his earbuds in and silently listened to the music playing from his phone. He needed to focus on other things, since focusing on waiting only made the waiting longer -- He was patient with people, but impatient at the same time.[/BCOLOR]
    Clothing (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Long blonde hair flowed in the breeze of the autumn air as the young goddess of, well, mainly Love, sat upon the pane of her open window. A deep inhale, and her lavender eyes slid shut for the moment; brows knitted together, and cream-painted nails lightly dug into the pane. Biting onto her lower lip, her eyes slowly slid open again as her vision focused on one of the trees near her window. Gently smiling, she lifted a fair hand to gently caress a crisp amber leaf, before hopping off the pane and rising up onto her feet again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Let’s do this…” Freyja whispered to herself, closing her window and gliding over to her full-body mirror; she had dressed earlier, and was wearing her white fleece oversized sweater (which she had insisted for all three years was a dress), along with a pair of black thigh-high stockings, and her favorite high-heeled combat boots. With a smile, she grabbed her necklace, the Brísingamen, and carefully set it around her neck.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She was ready.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Leaving her bedroom, the goddess quietly shut her door and sauntered her way down the steps and into the kitchen of the mansion. Her eyes practically twinkled upon the memory of one of her secret admirers sending her strawberries the previous day, and she clasped her hands together as she rushed to the fridge to retrieve the ruby fruit. From there, she spent her time quietly eating on the kitchen island, flipping through the pages of a Horror novel she had picked up from the Library last Friday.[/BCOLOR]
    Clothing (open)
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Darkness. The only thing found in the room was complete darkness. However, the sound of footsteps passing his door awoke the god with a cringe. Here we go again… Erebus thought with a light growl, as he sat up in his bed with painfully tense muscles. No wonder people say ‘never fall asleep angry’, now his muscles were sore as all hell. It was almost hard to breathe, but he managed. He and Nyx rarely had disputes, but last night really did get on his nerves; it all started off as Nyx asking him for assistance in honing in her powers, and it ended with her storming off with held back tears. All because Erebus dealt with some stress he didn’t care touch upon.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The god wore all black, as usual, and he mentally hoped that she wasn’t feeling too down this morning. Sure, Erebus could be an ass, but he wasn’t that terrible; he did feel bad in the end, especially after being scolded for his actions -- But did he let it show? Hell no. Sometimes he wished that he didn’t have to put up a front, but he couldn’t let anyone take the god of darkness for granted. That’s not what his past self would have wanted, holding so much power. However, as of now, he was all Nyx had in terms of family.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After proceeding with his daily routine, Erebus was going to enter the kitchen for a small breakfast - Only to see his sister there, luckily not looking in his direction. For a moment, the brother froze, unsure of how to apologize, and in a cowardly retreat he found himself stalking into the living room to watch for anything in the weather report. He’d deal with his sister after school, for now he had to rid himself of the unbearable pain in his muscles.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]How fuckin' fun.[/BCOLOR]
  4. Beeping... annoying, loud, obnoxious beeping. It doesn't stop, cruel tormenting sound that reaches into very being, promising yet another cycle of suffering. Hand reaches for the source but misses to hit it's mark.

    "Mmm... shut up..." Perun mumbles as he still tries to reach for the alarm clock "Just five more decades... I'll get up... I swear..."

    Beeping continues, becomes louder with each passing second. Finally, fingers feel the shape of the clock and desperately tries to find the little switch to turn it of... but alas, no success. He grumbles louder and raises his hand up. Sparks emerge from now balled fist that slams down, shattering the object of his most dreaded fears.

    "I'm up!" He shouts and very slowly sits up. His hair is messy, drool hangs from edge of his mouth and eyes blurry, barely able to see finger before them. One thing was always clear... he is not morning person and anyone who knew him for one day would realize this and few would even abuse this. Fact was, for first ten minutes after he wakes up, there is absolutely nothing in his head, complete tabula rasa. Fortunately for him, not everything in his head is in complete chaos, in fact, morning routine has been so deeply imprinted on him that he could easily fix himself into presentable deity... but that wouldn't mean he would remember any of it.

    So it was for this morning as well. He closed his left eye while right one looked to his right, noticing the small nightstand beside the bed where numerous pieces of alarm clock were scattered. Slowly, broken pieces became fusing together... scattered components danced back as they were before and within no more than ten seconds, alarm clock was once again whole and without a single crack. How convenient... now he will be tormented by its bellowing voice tomorrow as well.

    "Ponedeljak (Monday)" he mumbled as he stood up from bed and took a folded towel "Zar je već ponedaljak? (Is it Monday already?)". With zombie steps he walked out of his room and headed straight toward the bathroom. Memories... they are returning... yes... he remembers. Everything is coming back. There was a gathering... deities everywhere and ambrosia... too much of it... no wonder he remembered nothing from last night.

    He looked walked into the bathroom and stood before the mirror, flinching at the sight of strange apparition that appeared on the other side.

    "Oh, it's me..." Perun mumbled as he finally realized it was indeed mirror. It had to be, otherwise, whoever is on the other side is mimicking him perfectly but more importantly... he had to be mad to allow that kind of hair to be on his head. Now he is waking up and first thing he had to do is to get a long shower. If there anyone in the bathroom, be it god or goddess... he would not even register them... well, not yet.

    "Water, cold" he said as he entered shower and cold water ran down on his body, washing away the terrible stale smell off his skin. Now that felt heavenly and it brought him back into the land of reality... and he is going to be late.

    With hastened pace he returned to his room and quickly dressed up. He was supposed to be on the way five minutes ago, but this is nothing new. Perhaps he should set the alarm a bit earlier for tomorrow. With clothes being put on along with two rings that he placed on index finger and middle finger of his right hand and bracelet on left with symbol of axe. Now... he is presentable and ready to depart, finally.
  5. Light poured from the open curtains, the light kissing a young teenaged boy that was sleeping on a bunch of written papers. He had been busy last night, studying. For what? Nothing, he just wanted to study for upcoming classes, even if there wasn't a test. The sound of his own alarm beeped and his eyes fluttered open. Nabu slowly lifted his head and took in his surroundings. Is it already morning? he thought to himself. He gathered his papers together, inspecting them in case he drooled on any of them. They seemed fine, which satisfied him. He placed the papers in an organized folder and immediately went to the bathroom to do his business.

    Toiletries. He was always fascinated by the things humans invented, toiletries and shower and the toilet itself being one of the many gifts the humans gave them. Honestly, he was more than happy to have pumps bringing water to his sink, which he used to splash his face after brushing his teeth, getting rid of the residue that dripped from his face. He looked solemn as he stared in the mirror, though he allowed himself one tiny smile. Today was the start of school, wasn't it? He'd best go change. With that, the boy went back into his room and rummaged through the closet.

    What to wear today? His eyes scanned the area before he grabbed a brown long sleeved shirt and flowing gold pants, decorated with brown patterns on it. Oh, and underwear, don't forget underwear. He smiled as he began to dress himself relaxing at the feeling of light clothes on him. Hmm, yes, made it easy to move around in and all. The boy, once dressed, made his way to the papers from last night and his school bag. Did he have everything for today? He checked to make sure, spending the next few minutes organizing his papers before heading to the kitchen for breakfast. After all, a healthy diet proved to help with tests and studying, did it not?

    Huitzilopochtli found himself groaning at the annoying beeping that was the local alarm clock. Ugh, just shut up already, he wanted more sleep. He rolled over and glared at the offending object, eyes slightly blurry as he turned the cursed thing off. Okay, he was up. Now what? With a groan, he put on the clothes he tossed haphazardly to the side of the bed, every single one of them. Yeah, he didn't sleep in his clothes at all and those who snicker at him for that would get what's coming to them.

    He slowly made his way towards the bathroom, scowling as he did so. Even after all this time, humans created things for the gods to use. How droll. More glaring as he picked up a toothbrush and toothpaste. Ugh, hygiene. He had learned to clean himself up at least because the teachers demanded he'd not smell like a a llama's pooping spot and at least brush your teeth twice a day, take a shower every so often too. The hygiene thing was just as annoying as ever.

    Once he brushed his teeth, he went back into his room to prepare for the day. Yeah, he'll just reuse the clothes he wore yesterday, he'd already washed most of them the day before yesterday and they needed to be worn again. With a grunt he went into the kitchen to get himself some corn flakes. Ah, corn flakes. Now there was a thing humans made that he didn't mind at all. They were amazing, how they made maize like that crunchy and tiny. He generally ignored whoever else was in the kitchen and contentedly ate his corn flakes with milk. Made it taste better in his opinion.
    Agni blinked awake at the sound of the alarm going off. Ah, already morning? He should prepare. His head spun a little when he tried sitting up. Ah, that was right. There was a party last night, wasn't there? He was present for it and then...well, it was a rather grand party. He smiled softly as he remembered the events. Yes, celebrating with gods is a nice pastime.

    He hopped out of bed, got an extra change of clothes, and made his way to the bathroom to shower. Showers usually revived him, especially overly hot ones. He didn't understand why most hated the hot showers he took, they were simply divine. Ah, and the brushing of the teeth! He couldn't get enough of the minty freshness it left in his mouth, though he had to look up what mint actually was before he could give it proper praise. Humans truly are wonderful creatures, he thought to himself as he showered. He couldn't help but sing a Vedic chant while he did so, though he did that every time he showered.

    Once that was done, he donned a new priest outfit and went to put away his dirty clothes in the hamper. He'll wash them later, right now he had to get breakfast. He briefly wondered what he should have before making his decision, right as he entered the kitchen. Maybe that honeycomb cereal? Yes, even though it didn't have any honey in it, it was still particularly sweet. He greeted the other god that entered the kitchen as he was pouring his cereal into a bowl, along with milk. He sighed contentedly as he ate. Today was going to be a great day, he was sure of it.
    Bishamonten was already up and about, having woken up at around 5 in the morning. That was so he could meditate and train in the courtyard, as he wasn't allowed to train just yet at school. He was just finishing up his daily routine when he put his spear down, giving a satisfied noise. Train hard every day, that would keep your body and mind sharp. He went over to his pagoda and took it, beginning his trip back to the dorm. He had to prepare for school, after all.

    He took in the peace and quiet of there being few people out and about on the campus this time around. They were usually inside getting ready at this time, he couldn't blame them. The young man, however, had already did those things. The teeth brushing, the showering, the breakfast, all of that he already did when it was still dark out. He had to have a strict schedule if he wanted to remain in tip top shape.

    The young man entered the dorm, making his way up the stairs and down the halls until he reached his room. He quickly unlocked the door and entered, closing it once more. He then made his way over to his bag to sort what he needed. He glanced at the pile of textbooks neatly placed on the shelf above his desk and immediately grabbed the ones he knew for certain was going to be used today. Binder? Check. Necessary folders? Check. Necessary textbooks? Check. He paused for a moment before taking a couple more books off the shelf. Possible books needed? Check. He snapped the bag closed and shouldered it, taking his precious pagoda and putting away his spear. He wasn't sure what today would bring, but he would be at peace with it, he felt.​
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  6. The morning sun woke Hecate up bright and early. Well, okay, early at least. The young goddess sighed at the light of dawn. Tartarus take her, she was associated with moonless nights, not mornings!

    On went the blue, low-cut dress that showed just a hint of skin. A pink leather handbag Aphrodite and Hephaestus had made for her on her right shoulder, filled with so many magical bits and bobs that if it wasn't for the spells she'd laid on it, they wouldn't all fit. A flowering sprig of yew adorned her hair. She was ready.
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  7. Mayari

    Mayari was looking out of the window. It was a large window, easily a meter and a half tall and wide enough to comfortably fit 4 people side by side. The lower half was wide open, and she was leaning on the windowsill. She liked this time of day. The sky was dark enough that the moon was still visible, while light enough that the ground was also visible. It also helped that the early morning tended to be accompanied by hordes of birds with peculiar songs. She sighed heavily, and turned slightly red when she remembered that the school year had begun again and she needed to regain her elegance. Fortunately, it was still early and most people were still in the dorms, so she was unlikely to have been noticed. As for herself... she was busy dealing with all the paperwork that had stacked up over the summer break that no one else seemed to want to do. She commanded herself to ignore that this was supposed to be the secretary's job, and powered on. It wasn't that bad once you got into a pace, and she actually quite enjoyed reading about the school's goings on. By 7:30 she had given up though, and headed back to the dorms to get breakfast. She entered the kitchen and frowned somewhat at the very solitary attitude within it, despite there being several people there, and said a polite "Good morning."
  8. It was warm, the summer sun beating down on the back of her neck as she swung her glaive before her. The grass twinkled with morning dew, and the sounds of metal rubbing on metal filled the air. Ah it was a beautiful day to be alive. The smell of battle - sweat, blood, metal, dirt - drifted across the open field, as the enemy army faced off, swords bared and blue face paint glistening in the sun. Medb tapped the curved blade of her weapon on the side of her chariot, tossing her black curls in jittery anticipation. She loved the anxiety before a battle - it was almost as good as sex. Almost as good as the feeling of her blade slicing through warm flesh.

    Music burst through the stillness of the air, blaring into Medb's ears with a reality unmatched by the rest of the scene. "Oh we're not gonna take it..."

    Medb grabbed a pillow and covered her head with it with a groan. It had been such a good dream... "No, we ain't gonna take it..." One hand poked out from beneath the covers, smacking at everything on the side table. A book and a watch tumbled onto the floor, and the radio nudged just out of reach.

    "Oh we're not gonna take it, anymore..." Medb groaned louder, and surged from her bed to slap the top of the radio. The music cut off abruptly. Medb swung her legs to the floor, holding her head in both hands. Another day of torture. How long must this last? Four years felt like an eternity, even to someone who was immortal.

    One bleary eyelid raised, and Medb's bloodshot blue eye stared at the clock. I wonder if I could skip the first class, she thought, watching the clock tick from 7:01 to 7:02. Just a few more hours of sleep and she would be right as rain. Who needed class, anyway? All she ever got day in and day out were a bunch of nagging teachers telling her what to do. Fuck them. Fuck school, fuck all of this. Ugh, I need a smoke.

    Medb wiggled her toes on the treads of the carpet, trying to will some energy into her sleepy brain. One, two, three, and up! Nothing moved. "I said UP!" she growled, surging to her feet. Her body teetered, threatening to fall back over into the warm, comfy bed, but she regained control of it at last and forced her feet to shuffle over to the wardrobe. Grabbing, inspecting, and rejecting various articles of clothing, she tossed them over her shoulder onto the floor of her room until she came to something acceptable. Grumbling and moaning, she pulled her tight black jeans on, hopping first one way and then the other. She threw on a low-cut black tank top and a few dangling gold necklaces, which dipped down into her bra-less cleavage cooling her breasts. Her mouth curved slightly into a half smile - she loved the feel of gold on her skin. It reminded her of armor.

    Finally, Medb shoved her feet into black combat boots and then stumbled over to the bathroom. Blind to any other occupants, she splashed some cold water on her face and ran a brush through her dark locks. Mmm, she thought, glancing at her reflection in the mirror and pursing her plump lips. Medb didn't need makeup or really anything to look good. She was naturally sensual, with creamy bronze skin and strong, symmetrical features. Her light blue eyes against her dark hair and tanned skin were so striking there were few who could ever look away from her gaze.

    With a bit of a bounce in her step, Medb headed toward the shared kitchens. There she found a gaggle of goddesses, mostly ones she didn't like. She shot a glare in Mayari's direction, and trudged over to the fridge, staring blankly at its contents. Medb hated breakfast, to be honest, but she knew she'd never make it through the morning on an empty stomach. She pushed around the contents of the fridge with a look of disgust. Seriously, how did people eat this much sweet stuff first thing in the morning? Finally she found a few slices of leftover pizza, and grabbed those. She had no idea whose they were, but that didn't matter, of course. Medb took the cold pizza to one corner of the room and sat chomping on it, staring out the window.


  9. "For the love of Hades what is that blasted sound!" she said growled as she threw her pillow across the room. Knocking the alarm clock on the floor, this only causing it to jump and skip in spot as it was tied to the wall plug. Huffing a bit, Ishtar slung the covers back, and kicked at the bottom of it with her feet, slipping her bared feet to the floor, she let out a sigh of relief. . Istar hadn't been able to keep a room mate in her four years so far, and that was perfectly fine with her, just meant that she didn't have to be bothered, with putting something on the knob when she had company, along with the fact that she didn't have to worry about their clothes staying on long either, not that they did anyways. Seriously though, who would keep their clothes on around her? Ishtar couldn't resist it. The idea of seeing a man just there, was simply scrumptious. But that clock was going to have to stop, snapping her fingers, the clock burst into a small fire, and quickly fizzled out, ah, being immortal had it's perks. Ishtar lifted herself from her bed, and made her way over to her closest, opening the right down, she plucked one of the clocks off the shelf and sat it on her desk, plugging it in, and resetting the time. After a while, she found it was just easier to have a stock pile of them.She was glad that she had gotten her shower in the night before, she was in no mood to deal with the hassle of what was going on in the community area this morning. Last night had been a bit of a long one, and well, she had snuck her way back into the campus, after a rather eventful night had been had. Poor dears wouldn't remember. She quickly got dressed, and looked at the newly placed clock, 7:30am-- She still had a half hour.. opening her window, she did a dove call, and a small white bird floated over to her window and landed on her shoulder, "Hello there Peach, how is my lovely this morning?" she chirped at her, as she pinched a bit of the seed from a small bowl into her palm and held it there for the bird to peck at. Cooing, as it ate it's morning snack. A knock coming to her door, several times... "I am coming, I am coming.." she shouted out, as she put the bird on the ceil, as she grabbed her books and made her way out the door.
  10. Nabu had finished eating and was currently washing his bowl and spoon when he craned his neck to see what time it was. 7:45. Ugh, why did he have to be a slow eater? Putting away the dishes, he dashed into his room and checked to make sure everything was in order. Did he have some books he forgot? Check, double checking, nope, not all! He grabbed the necessary textbooks and closed the bag. Right, that should do it. With that, he exited the dorm and headed to school. Better be there before the first class bell ran, right?

    Huitzilopochtli dumped his own dishes in the sink, his scowl having returned. The guy he was sharing the kitchen with was way too loud in his opinion. He tried to pay it no mind as he slammed the door closed and went back to his bed. What he wouldn't give for more sleep. He checked his clock, scowl deepening. 7:38? He had time. Why bother checking if he had everything now? He much rather preferred doing nothing.

    Hui glanced out the window, noting how beautiful the day was. ...He could use a little sun. But then that meant he had to pack up and go outside. Ugh. Heaving a sigh, he checked to make sure he had everything in his bag before slinging it over his shoulder carelessly and heading out the door. Once he made it outside, his frown softened a little. Yes, sun, good. How about he played with fire to pass the time. A smirk now growing on his face, he made a flame appear in his hand and tossed it as far as he could. It fizzled on the stone pathway and died. Good, he could alleviate his boredom that way.
    Agni, too, had finished his breakfast and was currently sorting out what he needed for school. Once he was satisfied that he had everything, he slung the bag over his shoulders and began making his way to the school. He smiled as he exited the door, basking in the sun's light. Ah, something like this could never be ruined- And then he noticed Hui throwing flames everywhere as he walked out of the door. He frowned. Take that back, needlessly using powers could ruin a fine day like this.

    Letting out a huff of breath, he began approaching the fellow fire god, in case he needed companionship. "You know, you'll get in trouble if you set something ablaze," he pointed out. Hui scoffed at the statement.

    "That's why I'm throwing it at the ground here," he countered, his usual scowl back on his face.

    "But what if you hit someone? What then?"

    "Stop, drop, and roll, as the humans called it?" Agni took note of the grimace that flashed across the other's face.

    "Still, be more careful."

    "I am careful, and I don't need your nagging to tell me what to do!" The god of fire and knowledge let out a long suffering sigh. Day slightly ruined.
    Bishamonten was sitting on a bench, waiting for school to start. He noticed that some of the gods were indeed coming out and heading towards the school building. But he could wait, he could practice clearing his mind in the mean time. His eyes remained closed as he listened to the area around him, letting his mind not wander. If it did wander, he would rein it back in. He frowned as he began to hear the sounds of squabbling. ...Well, he wasn't able to concentrate from that, that's for sure. Opening his eyes, he grabbed his bag and made his way to the school. Considering that some gods and goddesses were already on their way, he might as well go too.​

  11. The sun had just started coming through the window of her room, ahh, the heat of it, seemed to warm her very soul. Though really, she was always warm. It was most likely why she didn't have any room mates, the fact that the thermostat was always set to highest possible, to make it feel like home. Ereshkigal, was the Goddess of the Underworld, who unfortunately had to go to school. The clock blared loudly at 7 am. She never could understand why anyone would get up this early. They were Gods an Goddess, this shouldn't be allowed. Stepping out of her bed, she stretched, and let out a yawn. The idea of having to fight all the others for a shower wasn't her idea of a good morning start. Ere thought that perhaps she could get by, until her first class was over, and then sneak back to take a shower. Yesterday was her lazy day, so she hadn't done much, but did take a shower last night. But she was one of those that had to take least two or three a day. Perhaps it was because of all the heat. Who knows. But she got herself dressed, and shook her head, as she pinned her hair back on her head, her sunshine eyes seemed to turns it's shades of green, as she admired herself in the mirror. Yes, she did look good, what could she say. Given the fact that when she wasn't in school, she was down dealing with dead people, well she did have to have some fun. Looking at the clock it was already 7:30. She figured she should make her way across campus, and slung her satchel over her shoulder, sighing heavily as she made her way out the door.
  12. Hecate sauntered into the common room with a spring in her step. Pouring herself some cereal. she looked around at her fellow deities. "Say, anyone else have basic magic first, or just me?" It would definitely help to know who her classmates were for various subjects. Not that the goddess of witchcraft expected to have any trouble with basic magic, but hey, you never knew.
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