The Heavenly Wars Unfold

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  1. High up above the city lights on a barren rooftop sat a small woman with pure white wings. She sat ever so still gazing down at the lights of the city. Upon her face sat a small smile as she watched the one thing God had created that he would always love. No matter what these humans did, God still carried an unprecedented love for them and it was easy to understand. They were so naive and misunderstood. The woman fluttered her majestic white wings and sighed as she watched the night life of New York. "If only I could fit in somewhere." She said aloud.
  2. Remmy was sitting in the club, he was favored and he was happy to be out and about. He was suave and rugged leaning against the wall drinking the house scotch. He would choose a woman and take her home. He didn't hunt unless asked, but he enjoyed a pretty face to look at in the morning. Perhaps his greatest weakness
  3. The angel her name being Epitaph, or as she had come to be known on Earth, Adaire. She gazed over the edge longingly and jumped off, dropping like a rock and only opening her wings right before she hit the ground. Before anyone could notice her wings she hid them, and her angelic aura so that to anyone would see just a normal human. She deemed it fit to enter into a nearby club and take a seat in the corner. She stayed silent and kept only to herself.
  4. He saw her when she came in and he perks up, gorgeous,,. And something about her was familiar so he got up and went over to her, he was dressed well and had a drink in his hand for her, " m'lady is this seat taken?"
  5. As she saw him a spark of familiarity flashed in her eyes. She knew his face, but could not place it. "No, absolutely not, I'm alone, but you're certainly welcome to join me." She smiled and something flashed behind her violet eyes. She gestured for him to sit down with her.
  6. He smiles and sits by her handing her the drink he brought for her, "you know you are very pretty, you should have a handsome man to hold onto" he leans back in his chair, she was entrancing. Something about how her hair fell perhaps?
  7. Her laugh filled the room, sounding like tinkling bells. "And I suppose you think that you could be that handsome man?" She smirked at him. If he was going to have the guts to approach her and flirt, then maybe he was worth her time. She leaned forward and placed her hand on his arm and blinked in surprise. Something about him was so familiar. Maybe it was something in the set of his jaw...
  8. He grins rogueishly, "actually angel, I am that man. If you want me?" He smiles and strokes her cheek with a smile, such a delicate frame... any man in this bar would want her. She lit up the room with her mere presencce
  9. She laughed at the irony of the word 'angel'. "Oh really? And what gives you such an edge over all these other men in the club? Why would I pick you out of all of them when I could have any of them?" She smirked at him and widened her eyes just a bit, turning up the charm. She batted her eyelashes slightly, letting him know that if he answered correctly she might continue to give him the time of day.
  10. He grins devilishly, " well, we all need a little mischief and I make a hell of a bad boy. You look bored, you long for adventure? I can show you some" he practically purrs for her
  11. "I'm not sure you could show me adventure that I've not seen. I've done a lot in my lifetime." She winked at him. "I hope your not counting on a bed partner tonight, because it's likely you won't get one out of me."
  12. He arches a brow,, "Oh? And what would I get out of you Angel? Would youu just lay in the bed? I do so hate sleeping alone and as much as I would hate to give up such a charming catch as yourself... I will go to someone who will keep the bed warm. Apologies."
  13. Epitaph remained where she was as a stray thought ran through her mind. She briefly imagined the man in front of her with a pair of pure white wings. If he didn't appear so rugged and with just a touch of a glow. He reminded her of... "Cas? Castiel? Is that you?" If this was Cas.... Would he remember her?
  14. His eyes immediatly darken at that word, "I have not been Cas in many years. Do not mention that name. You must be an angel. Truly. How sad. I will not associate with you, lovely as you are, and always have been Epitaph. I cannot abide angels" with that he stands , hands in his pockets and leaves the bar. Disgusted.
  15. She ran after him and grabbed his arm. "Cas, you don't understand! I no longer have any ties to heaven!" She released his arm quickly. "Shortly after he cast Lucifer and his followers to hell he turned his eyes upon me. I did not fight in the war, I couldn't take a side so he sent me here and forbid me any contact with other angels."
  16. He looks at her, "you made your choices. I am Lucifer's agent and if he knew I spoke to you he would demand me kill you. There is no point in us speaking. You and I have history. I would hate to plunge a dagger through your heart"
  17. "Cas.... We were once friends, all of us. Dear Lucifer was a friend to us both. What have I done so wrong? I did not go against him, just as I did not go against God. Why am I being punished so?". She touched his arm with sadness in her eyes.
  18. His eyes narrow, she was beautiful.... They had once loved.... And for the slightest moment they soften, " I'm not castiel. I'm remmy. Don't. Go find yourself someone else to save. I'm already hells agent." he turns away from her offering no explanation, " I just want a womAn tonight..."
  19. Tears came to Epitaphs eyes. "You will never be anyone but Cas to me. No matter what you've done since then you won't be anyone else." She didn't attempt to grab his arm again though. "Is this what you've come to? Cheap drinks and even cheaper women? Your better than this Cas. You are."
  20. He glares at her, " I sleep with no whores. Do not judge." he leaves her to her tears and she sees his eyes settle on a girl crying in the corner. He picks her up a drink and goes over offering it to her and her eyes light up with her and she smiles and snuggles to him and he begins whispering sweet nothing's in her ear as she starts to get sleepy, he sweetly offers to let her crash at his place and she sees her nod