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    For hundreds of years there has always been slaves, even in the ancient times... The poor unfortunate souls who served the wealthy and lazy were none other than the mutants, or so they were called.. There were many names for them such as animals, savages, mules, wretches, untouchables, replaceable...


    There was a black-market and they were big in on slave trading, and breeding two species, two different kinds of 'mutants' together to get a new type... But the most expensive and rare was the 'purebred mutants.' mutants that only had been bred with their same kind, and held no other mutant mixture in their blood... But those were extremely rare to come by.

    There were many different type of mutants. But first let me explain the basics of what a mutant exactly is. A 'mutant' is 'supposedly' half human half animal. They were thought to be a mishap, an abomination, an accident gone wrong by the Gods when creating the world, creating the land, creating the creatures in it. There were all different types of mutants, half lizards- humans with scaly arms, legs and torsos, some with tails even and with slitted lizard-like eyes, half canine or wolf, with ears, even tails, and animalistic behavior such as the urge to howl or to mark territory- or protective instincts. Other mutants could be bird-like. With Long or short wings spans... Some bird mutants with the capability of flying while others rendered flightless.

    All these different types of mutants were all reigned over by the 'Elementals.' There also wizards and witches that ranked above them as well, but the Elementals were at the top of the Pyramid. They could bend the Earth's natural elements such as Earth, Air, Water, and Fire... But as the population of mutants grew, so did the Elementals powers. Elementals and wizards started mixing, creating new Unimaginable powers. People could control lightening and thunder, they could control blood, almost anything you could think of... They took over the mutants, they chained them, took away the little freedom they had left to roam over the vast rolling lands and made them their slaves... Bent their will to theirs... They used them for all different horrific needs and desires... And the mutants could do nothing but listen to them and obey...

    There were many rare types of mutants, but none as rare as the half feline half Human mutants. Nobody knew why, but they were equal scarce and equally hard to catch. Only the top hunters in the Elemental society were sent out to capture the extremely rare feline mutant.

    They managed to capture at least three, but all of them were male. Shockingly enough two out of the three males tried to mate. They then later found out after an examination from both of them, that one of the males, could get pregnant. It was rather shocking to the wizards who were basically scientists observing the caught feline mutants. The pregnant mutant was able to give birth to a litter of kittens around eight feline mutants total, but two died after birth from being too small and underweight. The six were kept. healthy and under high observation.

    Soon they were bringing in more feline mutants, some males that were able to get pregnant. It seemed that it a recessive disorder- a mishap almost that kept happening in rather submissive young males.

    There was a leak, and the black-market got wind of the news that submissive feline mutants could get pregnant and immediately they started hunting for them. Still, the type of breed was rather rare- but it only made the price much higher as well as the demand for them...

    That's where our characters come into play... And a whole chain of events is set into play....
    He lived in the wild forests, his rather small clan of feline mutants trying to hide away from the great cities built by the wizards and Elementals in the ancient times... One night, his home was found out about, and they were raided by humans....

    He was taken... And the humans just thought he was just a regular feline mutant, but there was something different... You see, his mother had been in fact a feline mutant, but his father... He had been an Elemental. His mother had been sold to him as a gift when his father had turned nineteen. But an unimaginable thing happened... They fell in love and she became pregnant. He did not want her to be harmed in anyway, so he set her free, he made her go to the far East away from the greater cities and into the ruins from the the ancient wars where she could hide out. But she eventually found the forest, and the small population of feline mutants, and there she gave birth to him and his five other siblings. But he was the only one born with feline physical characteristics, and elemental powers.

    The small clan of feline mutants new they had to keep this from the rest if civilization... He was never a loud out of their small piece of territory, he couldn't make secret trips like his brothers and sisters could to small towns and villages to help collect food and supplies for the winters.. He was completely confined, almost like a slave to his own people.

    So one day, he decided to venture out of the forest greens... He snuck out late at night, completely ignoring the dangers, and finally taking his first step past his small clans boundaries and into uncharted territory. Into vast open rolling hills and plains.... And that's when he saw it... In the distance.. Smoke rising... He heard faint rumbling... Almost like thunder in the distance and he looked over across the plains and saw a small spot... A small village.... And soldiers, Elementals who were taking a village of felines that were not too far away... With little thought, he ran out to help.

    When he got there all there was, was utter chaos. Young children screamed and cried out for their mothers as they were torn away and locked in small cages, thrown into wagons pulled by the Elementals horses, led by the Hunters themselves.

    He bad never known about this other village of feline mutants until now.... Until it had been completely taken over by the horrible Elementals... That's when he saw you.... In the midst of all the fighting.. You stood trying to battle off the Elemental hunters who tried to reign you in like some wild animal... They tried and failed a couple of times... Until you were caught off guard one moment when you saw him... A unfamiliar face.. But you saw he was part feline... He was trying to save some of the younger feline mutants from the hunters... And you saw him use Elemental powers... You thought you had been the only one... Your mother had been an Elemental and your father part feline.... You Never thought you would see another just like you... And then you were captured... And he was taken as well.

    You were both caged together and you were both scared for your lives... Especially when you were taken to the black-market headquarters... You Know that you either would be sold... Or kept as breeding stock... And the poor other boy has no clue what the hell is going on...

    Will you stick together? Will you battle through this? What other secrets will be unraveled? Will love conquer all?
    Looking For-
    Note- Mpreg will happen.
    1) 1-4 paragraphs please! And in third person.

    2) like said above, I am looking for someone to play the dominant/alpha neko. My character will be the submissive/omega neko who will be able to get pregnant.

    3) I accept anime and any kind of realistic picture. I do not accept drawings, or at least really badly done drawings. cx

    4) This will be taking place in the libertine threads, not through pm's or email please!

    5) Comment below or pm me if interested! ^.^
  2. And Yet again I find another one of your beautiful plots. XD
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  3. Haha XD thank you! this one I went a bit overboard, but I couldn't help myself. XD
  4. This one is really amazing too. You make a very hard choice. XD This one or the other one. because I am only choosing two rps to me back in the groove. One with my being a dominant role and the other a sub role.
  5. Hmm, how about this one then? Since nobody has taken this idea up with me yet. ^.^
  6. This one could actually totally work for my Feline-Ice Elemental demon I made years ago!
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