The Heart of War

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  1. The god of war smiles to himself standing outside a house his dog staying beside him looking like any other human pet dog. Ares had been around this city thanks to a demigod slave. Ares decided to talk with him today walking over slightly and accidentally bumped into him.

    "Oh I'm sorry clumsy me" said smiling gently looking at him. The slave had dropped the basket of clothing and Ares picked it all up smiling gently.

    "Here " he said giving it back to the boy gently a smile on his face, kind and loving gentle. "My name is Ares like the god but of course I am not a god" chuckled gently as his dog sat beside him obediently eyes locked on the human male eyes narrowed gently and growled slightly but Ares tapped its muzzle growling gently.

    "Hey stop it no reason" said sharply and the dog grumbled and eyes close gently looking around slowly seeing the shadows move in the night streets "here I will help you" he said taking some of the clothing as they walked to his home with his parent and smiles and looked around "well go inside and hope to see you later I need to feed this dog before he latches on to pets" Ares bowed his head gently to the male slowly.
  2. "Um, thank you sir..." Leon smiles at him, eyes widening as he takes in the other male standing in front of him. His hair is dark, almost pitch black. Akin to the night sky. Leo takes a step back in order to view him fully. It's his height that intimidates him despite his kindness that he's shown to Leon. His smile is friendly almost knowing somehow and his eyes are a deep brown. Almost black if he looks at him from a certain angle. Leon can't deny that he's attractive though, his face flushes as he realizes he's staring. His dog has an almost amused look to them as if it knows he's been staring too.

    "Are you a solider? If so may I ask that you let me repay you for your kindness?" Leon knows better then to let this one incident slide without hospitality. Lord Zeus knows what would happen if the city's king found out this solider wasn't treated with respect. Though he finds it odd that a mortal woman would have the gall to name her son Ares after one of the mighty Olympians.

    He eyes the dog skeptically for a second then opens his door for the man standing in front of him. The glow of the light from within is soothing from the dangers of the night and he's warmed by the breeze that blows from the south. Lady Artemis and her moon's not yet and the stars are just beginning to shine from above. The lone house he's temporarily staying in from the state is small, but it's good enough to accommodate his needs before he's sold. He is a helot after all. Not that he has a choice in the matter anyway. Though this small act of repayment might influence the slave traders minds about giving him a kind master.
  3. Ares raised eyebrow but nodded gently "I help fight some wars don't know if I will be rejoining a new war any time soon though" he smiles as he stepped in gently looking around the house. It was cozy and relaxing and his eyes closed gently.

    "Warm house I must say don't you think so darkness?" He asked the dog that looked at him cocking its head to the side but barked once and wiped its feet and walked into the house and sat near Ares still on guard and for reason.

    "So do you have a name ?" Ares asked the boy a smile on his lips watching the boy , making sure he was ok. Yeah he might be the god of war and bloodlust and violin ace but even then he had his faults and weaker spot for the boy demigod.
  4. Leon bends down as he places the basket of clothes near the entrance. Checking behind him he closes the door softly, relief running through his fingers as he hears the soft clop as the door shuts close.

    "My name? I-I don't have a name. Not that I need one." Leon shifts his feet awkwardly as he cautiously walks past Ares' dog. "But if you want to know what the state calls me, it's Leon." He held out his hand in a shy gesture of hello. He glanced back at the dog warily as he took a step closer, closing the space between them slightly.

    However nice this solider had been he was still suspicious. Mainly because of his name. No mortal woman would dare care her child Ares. Maybe he earned it, he thought as he pictured this rock of a man standing before his enemies. Blood running down his face as he called out to others to face him. "Is Ares your father?" he blurted out without thinking, neck prickling with restlessness. "You don't have to tell me. It's probably none of my business anyway." Leo took a step back before Ares could shake his hand and walked towards the watering pan and the altar to the city's patron. The god of war himself Ares. Leo smiled slightly to himself at the coincidence of names.

    He put his hands in the bowl and washed his hands. His back turned to his guest and his....friend. He shook his hands when he was done and walked over to the cramped space between the walls and pulled out a small jug of wine. "Please sit down," he gestured to the small chair in the middle of the room. "I'll make you some wine and some water for your dog. Then we can give thanks to he our gods after. Is that okay with you sir?"
  5. Ares gave a smile and shook his head "No Ares isn't my father " he muses gently as he looked at the boy slowly that came back and he sat down on the chair slowly and looked around. His dog went sniffing around the house smiling to itself finding the kitchen and nudged itself around and got himself a boar roast and chomped a peice from it and then came back and laid down peacefully.

    Ares looked down at the dog "you are in trouble when we get back home darkness" he warned and the dog ears flattened and whined slightly but huffed and watched the slave boy carefully eyes narrowed at him sharply though.

    Ares smiles "sure we can do that I guess which god do you like the most. Hopefully not Zeus" he mutters gently under his breath the part about Zeus because his father could careless about human offerings and other things. Ares always wanted to know more but he liked action and making things turn into violence easily. He smiles gently looking at the boy his black hair sway in the wind slightly
  6. Leon raised an eyebrow at him. He wanted to know more that's for sure, but he didn't want to sound invasive so he set it aside for the time being. Ares was...different. With his smooth talk and gentle smiles. He was unlike the cruel soldiers who taunted him because of his skin color and the way he spoke. He seemed to want to know him. Much more than the other slaves and people of the city. He snorted to himself.

    "Personally...I like Ares the most. And not because it's your name too. I just...I don't know." Leon shrugged and stood adjacent to Ares pouring the wine into the small wooden bowl. The red liquid smooth and dark, making his mouth water with the thought of it's taste. Running down his throat helping to quench the heat of the day. "I just find him more realistic than the other Olympians. It's silly, I know." Leon stopped pouring and walked back the cabinet. Placing the wine within he grabbed the grapes that were still fresh from the morning after he picked them.

    "Do you want to eat first then pray? I find it easier to go asleep knowing that my mother is watching over me..." Leon looked back at Ares, hands full of grapes. His small hands barely able to hold the handfuls of grapes. He slowly started toward the table, watching himself to make sure he wasn't going to fall.
  7. Ares smiled he couldn't help but smile. Yes it was out of character for the god of war but hey....he was a nice soul. Ares smiles and nodded "yeah I always thought he was a better of the gods. But I don't think his mind if for thinking a lot of time just instinct and all" he shook his head gently a smirk on his face.

    "Sure whatever works well for you I am willing to do" said fallowing after him dark eased watched from the corner of his eye slightly and raised his head slightly ears perked hearing sound of some people walking down the street and pass the house. He watched ares and the slave and couldn't help but be jealous as he wasn't getting his attention.

    "Who is your mother?" Ares asked looking at the human boy with gentle smile and looked at everything. The house was small yes but it was cozy and felt like a nice home for one person. He blinked gently looking at the boy.
  8. "My mother? Her name is Oshun. Though I wouldn't expect you to know her." Leon paused and set down the grapes. "She's an African goddess and she's the reason why I'm here in the first place.." Leon glanced at Ares quickly. He was hesitant of course to be talking about his ancestry. Of course people would find his heritage strange and odd and would question why he came here to Greece in the first place. Usually Leon would ignore them and walk away, forgetting the hurt in his belly as he was not accepted into the people of the Greeks. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he was traded away by his own people as a symbol of peace....he didn't really know. Just accepted it and went to live on as a slave before the people.

    "Is your family here?" Leon questioned as he sat down before Ares, after all it was something a slave did. He looked at him his brown eyes inquisitive, but respectful. The bowl of grapes dangling deliciously from the side of the bowl. Tempting him to eat one of them first, but he refrained from it. Letting his guest choose first was after the polite thing to do. "What about your mother?"
  9. Ares was admire him now more "my my what a interesting heritage you have. It's awesome to be different you could see that as well" he mused and took one of the grapes and looked at it are it gently.

    "My mother ? Let's just say my mother could care less about me didn't want anything to do with me for the longest time. After about ten years she finally seemed to care about me" he said blinking gently at his arm that behind the armor was a mark of the Olympian gods.

    "It's kind of amazing your really here as well. I am sorry though that you are a slave it should have never happened to you" he said slowly looking at him gently. Ares looked at the slave once more a. Small smile of comfort on his face.
  10. Leon looked at, shock apparent across his features. That's....different. Mainly people would laugh and agree that is was good that he was a slave. Little by little Ares was surprising. Mainly because men who were that intimidating usually flaunted their masculinity. Leon felt with a prickle of surprising relief that he had held his breathe awaiting his response.

    "Ten years ago? Well I'm sure she cared you back then just as well as right now. I mean, you're hard not to like." Leon grinned at him, posture visibly relaxing as he now felt comfortable around this giant of a man. Leon was shocked of course. Usually it took months even years to be this welcome in somebody else's presence, but Ares was...different. With his kind smiles and gentle nature he seemed like the perfect partner if Leon weren't a slave. If I weren't a slave, Leon though regrettably and little irritable. There was no way someone so handsome and charming would ever settle for someone who had no rank in the system of the city. Leon sighed as he gestured to the wine on the table.

    "Do you need anything else? I'm sorry I don't have much." Leon glanced around and his eyes settled on his dog. "What's his name? He is a he right?" he smiled cautiously at the large canine.
  11. "Oh yes I am not hard to like but appear toy my mother never saw that in me. " he shrugged gently looking at him with a soft smile and looked at the dog that was laying on the ground asleep "that dog is named Darkness thanks to his black pelt" ares noticed smiling as the dog eyes opened their deep brown color seemed to almost be a red tint to it.

    "Your a nice person you know that I dearly hope to lord Zeus that you get just as a nice master as you are to me" he smiles kindly eyes kind and loving gently. He smiles looking around slowly eyes looking at the slave enjoying his presences in the room made Ares feel......brighter for some reason . Ares smiled and took a deep breath "no this is fine as it is" smiled
  12. It was odd really. Talking to this man whom he'd only just met a mere 40 minutes ago. His lack of resentment and arrogance was what really impressed Leon. Leon could see him again in his mind. Not bloodthirsty and eager for battle, but sparing his enemies and giving encouragement. Or maybe he was only pretending, it wasn't new that a solider would lie to someone every once in a while. Leon hoped for the first and gave him a genuine smile and walked towards him closing the gap between them. He reached up on his tip toes and kissed Ares on the cheek shyly. Lips brushing past the stubble and his face flushed as he stepped away.

    "Sorry," he giggled slightly, a little shocked at his display of gratitude. "It's how my people would say thank you." He watched Ares through playful eyes and turned his back to him reaching behind the store to the nuts and berries he picked out yesterday.
  13. Ares smiled gently till he was kissed. His body froze and he fell out of his chair amazing. It was like getting kissed by an angel and eyes wide and held up a hand "I'm fine" he said and got up as he smiled a bit flustered now as well "it was a very nice thank you I must say" he said slowly as he looked at him.

    Watches the night rolling in and knowing the gods would have wandered where the war god was and smiling gently "I unfortunately must go I am sorry about this. My family would waunder where I am " he said apologetic. He got up slowly and looked at the slave. He then kissed the slaves cheek gently and then whistled and he walked off with darkness out and seemed to have vanished.

    Ares walked through the shadows and to Olympus . He swiftly moved around to his room and smiled gently as the deep red colored room and went to the breath room and changed into his under garments and then looked over to his bed and froze seeing the goddess of love there.

    "Oh hey Aphrodite what's up" he asked as he was looking himself through a glass slowly smiling gently
  14. "Ohhhh nothing."~

    She purrs at him as she rakes her eyes down his body. She's made a good choice, she likes to remind herself that. She loves to tell the others, especially nymphs that she managed to bed the god of war himself. Something she prides herself on daily as they hook up. She grimaces at the though of her husband, Hephaestus, all sweaty and greasy from working on his useless machines. She hides her frown with a perfectly painted nail and runs in across his pillow slowly. Letting him get a good view of her slender hand.

    "Where have you been? Lady Hera was wondering were you where..." she raises a blonde eyebrow at him as she watches him. She stands up with a graceful swing on her feet and saunters over to him. She stands behind him and curls her arms around his waist. Excitement prickling as she feels the firm cord of muscles and she places her chin on top of his shoulder. She looks at him through the mirror and purrs audibly for him. She's waited all day for this.
  15. Ares eyes widen slightly as he was hugged from behind by the goddess of love "oh there is not just nothing going on with you" he muses gently eyes closed gently eyes closed. He opened his eyes and smiled turning looking at the goddess

    "Now what do you wish from the god of war tonight? I was in the human realm seeing someone that's interested me for a long time. A boy slave that a demigod of an afraid an goddess" he said slowly looking at her slowly.
  16. Aphrodite looked up from where her head was and looked at him interestingly. "An African goddess? That's new." she licked her lips and curled her arms tighter around his waist. "But enough about him, I mean he's a slave didn't you say? Why be with him when you can have me?" she whispered in his ear. her voice smooth and a hint of a threat was laced within her tone. It's not like that slave boy could offer things she couldn't right? She's a goddess after all. And a damn well good one if you ask her.

    She unwrapped her arms around his waist and spun around until she was in front of him, blocking the mirror. She slowly drew her gaze up and down reveling in his presence. God of war indeed, she thought to herself. So, much better than her coward of a husband. After all she was always right in the matter of love. It's an important job for an important goddess after all. That's why it was given to her by Lord Zeus. And it was her job to fix things in the matters of love...and war if needed so. That's the reason Paris picked her over her sister and step mother right?
  17. Ares raised eyebrow at her words, well if she really wanted to know he didn't have an answer yet but he wanted to try it.

    "I'm going to try it out Aphrodite , you always say try out new things and I want to try out a slave for once and for your information the slave is very nice and well kept and kind and gentle" he said his voice stern and sharp. He then sighed.

    "Ok now that's good and over with would you please give your husband some love I mean I know the guys strange and crippled but he is your husband whither or not you like it. So give him some love" ares said pushing her to the door and then put her out of his door.

    "Now I will talk to you tommrow or so now good night" he said closing the door and stood there frozen. He felt it serge of joy and love oh man he loved it so. He craved the slave boy more and more.

    Zeus was working on humans world remixing some broken lands edis outset I'll he saw Aphrodite storming in and raised eyebrow "something the matter ?" He asked looking at her confused.
  18. Robe billowing around her ankles she stormed in. A clod of smoke following her as she glared at her father. "Yes, something is the matter." she hissed at him. Eyes blazing as she scoured the lands for something to wreck havoc upon. She slowly drew in a deep breathe, exhaling, letting her shoulder fall as she glanced at her father. Her eyes softening to a degree. "Ares, has found someone else. And before you say anything he's a slave boy." she drew out the words with a unladylike grunt.
  19. Zeus looked confused lightly and sighed gently "well I'll be Ares does have a heart....well I guess I'll have to stop him if it gets out of hand" he mutters.

    Few days later

    Arkus was taken to the slaves bidding and smiled darkly seeing the of Leon "300 gold coins" he smirks darkly people fell silent and looked at him but he ignored them eyes dark and unfriendly.

    "Sold" the man said and Leon was shoved toward the man sharply and Arkus snickered slightly "come along slave" he smirks and leaves taking Leon with him. Leon would see Ares standing there shock on his face but he narrowed his eyes gently.

    "So that's what you want to play fine father I'll show you what I can do" he growled darkly and looked at Leon sadly and waved slightly . He just said "stay safe I am watching after you" he said gently eyes closed and walked off.
  20. Where am I going?

    That was his first thought as he was forced to walk with Arkus along the lit path toward his maser's house. It was dark, and the path was rough on his feet. He had been forced to take off his shoes before the auction. It was humiliating, he concluded, to stand there like cattle as he auctioned off before the people of the city. He was so tired and all he wanted to do was curl of on his thin blanket inside his old home and curl up and sleep. But it wasn't his place anymore, he had no place. He was even lower than he was before he was sold. He glanced a look at Arkus and opened his mouth to say something. He decided against it and snapped it shut, thought dragging as he lowered his gaze.
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