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  1. Links
    Character Index, Sign Up, and Info Dump: Here
    IC: Here

    The IC is open! The link is above.
    I look forward to seeing everyone interact with each other.
    I'll still be updating the Info Dump and my characters for the length of this roleplay.

    Keep all conversations in the OOC friendly! Feel free to talk about whatever. If you have any questions asked them here.
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  2. Taking a break, but I got some work done!
    • More information in the Info Dump!
      Added "The Haze" section to get a better look at our infected friends.
      Added Lake Hamilton in the Settings section. I plan on adding more in the coming days
      Will be putting characters into the Character Roster section once they are accepted
    • Finished up Isiah Belmont, my first character. Added a place holder for his daughter, Eliza Belmont, and a place holder for CJ "Jet" Colt, my third and final character.
    • Added some rules in the Rules section of the Info Dump! They are the following:
      • Don't be stupid! While I won't be killing off our characters at every turn, if you do something dumb, it may have bad consequences! (Ex. Don't charge into a horde of infected with nothing but your fists, and expect to come out alive)
      • I will give warnings if I think your character is pushing the like between survivor and unkillable god.
      • Have fun! We are telling a story together, and while I may guide us in certain directions, the course of this is up to y'all!
    After lunch and running a few errands, I will start looking at everyones characters!
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  3. SO
    About the Hazed, do they start out alive or do normal human functions stop somewhere in the transition? Because obviously if the Hazed are alive at any point, they would die of dehydration, no? Or maybe even have a small window for reversal of the infection if the right antibiotics were invented sometime in the future?

    How's technology in this stage of the storms? How long after the first storm hit their area does the RP start? Because if it's still early, wouldn't cell phones still work, along with their being able to connect to the internet and use computers in libraries? Maybe being able to charge phones in abandoned homes or anywhere there's a electrical socket?
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  4. To sum it up:
    Infected don't need food or water.
    Food helps their physical attributes and well fed ones are faster and deadlier.
    Water makes them slightly smarter, doing such things as avoiding hazards and flanking.
    They don't use the bathroom, but rather throw up when too full.

    The Green Haze virus basically strips people from their humanity. Simple human functions like walking and climbing are retained,while more complex ones tend to be forgotten, such as using weaponry and driving. Hydrated ones show minor signs of intelligence. Food is used as a fuel source for the infected, so if their well feed they act more feral. Running, climbing, and attacking faster. If they over eat they will throw up a green paste rather than crapping it out. If an infected person fails to eat for some time, they move at a much slower pace, limited to stumbling and crawling.

    Ill be adding more information on the Hazed and the Virus itself once I get the characters accepted and my characters made. For now the information in the Info Dump is very basic knowledge.

    I was toying with the idea that people could ward off the infection if caught in time, but there is no miracle drug that stops the infection. What do y'all think?
    Here is what I had in mind:
    Stage one is similar to a cold, its hard to tell if you are infected or not. Keeping well fed and hydrated can stop the infection before it becomes worse. Your body can help fight it off.

    Stage two you start to feel better despite a mild fever. If advanced to this stage, staying well fed and hydrated, along with the use of antibiotics give a chance for the person to feel better. Rest is highly recommended. As long as you don't exert yourself, keep taking medicine, and stay hydrated you can prevent the infection from worsening.

    Stage three severe fever, throwing up, and skin color starts to change. Very hard to ward off infection, but possible. By this time its a game of chance.

    Once you hit stage four the virus spreads from your lungs to your brain. You are unconscious, and die during the time. There is no cure.

    The storms are just like normal storms, some worse than others. Ill have more information about the start up of the RP the closer we get to starting up.
    As for electronics, most of the power has been out for a while, generators can still be ran to provide power, but can draw infected to them. Phones can be charged by running generators, but phone lines are busted so texting/phone calls/ anything that uses data isn't usable.
    In theory the internet could still be working, but the servers would likely be off due to no one staying around to run them, and if any big storms would come around shutting off power that would make matters worse.
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  5. Update
    I finished up with the Info Dump for now, I added some more information.
    • Added four important ares to Redhill, may add more through the course of the RP.
    • Added alittle bit more information on Lake Hamilton (Nothing major)
    • Added information on where exactly the RP will be starting. Its located in the Wilderness tab off the Setting thread of the info dump.
    • Put more information for the Hazed down, I recommend reading.
      TLDR: The infected have four stages of aggression, depending how much and how often they eat. The more they eat the deadlier they get.
    • Put information on how to treat infection before you turn and how long each stage of the infection lasts.
    Things I'll be doing
    I've sent a few of you messages regarding your character, I will be trying and finish that up today.
    Finished it, everyone should have been messaged! If I didn't, my bad! let me know.
    I'll be working on the character roster shortly after that, putting in a list of who is accepting, who is alive (everyone ATM) and who is dead.
    Finished up! Take a look, and if you don't like it I'd be glad to change it up.
    After that, I'll finish my last two characters. This all should be done before Monday, so it looks like we may be starting this before my deadline of the 21st
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  6. (Another) Update
    I believe I messaged everyone about their character, and I got the character roster done. (Mostly, going to add one more touch to it later.
    I'm also going to add information on the first established Bandit group in the area of Red-Hill, a crazed group of fire worshiping cultists known as "The Church of the Sacred Flame".
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  7. I’m still interested! Just been busy the past few days. :)
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  8. You're good! @Vio
    Tonight I'll finish my characters, add the bandit group and maybe get the IC up
    IC will be up tomorrow regardless
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  9. Update
    Its getting late, so Im calling it for the night.
    I got most of Eliza's CS done so if you'd like to check that out you're welcome too!
    I also put in a new section in the Info Dump, labeled "Bandits". Inside is the first major group, The Family of the Final Flame, and more will be put in if we encounter any more.

    The Family is a cult ran by Christopher Kelt, and are cannibales bent on saving the souls of the world by baptizing them in fire. Tomorrow after the IC is up, I will put more info on them: but first things tomorrow around noon the IC will be live everyone!

    Goodnight, and I'll see everyone in the wasteland tomorrow! ;) xD
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  10. It begins!
    The In Character is up! Click the link at the top of the page, or the link to the left to be taken to the page.
    I'll be getting a posting order going after the first few posts to get alittle structure going.
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  11. Question! Are there any hazed within the fence of crossroads at the moment (hidden or otherwise)?
  12. Totally up to you! If you want to include them go for it.
  13. I mean I dont know enough about the setting. Would they have been able to climb the fence? Like would there be some that would have and some that got caught on the spikes or is this abandoned place actually safe for right now?
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  14. Oh I misunderstood, my bad.
    Some could probably get through by climbing the fence or going through the gate or a down section of the fence, which I intend to include later on.
    Most however would probably brush against the fence and spikes unless they knew survivors were inside, then they'd start climbing
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  15. Oh and for more context for everyone!
    You don't have to start at the Church if you don't want too, and you're free to include any bandits/hazed you want too. I'm not too picky on the details of the buildings either, so if you want too go ahead and design the inside of the liquor store and include some details be my guest!
  16. Can't wait to get started! My post will be up some time tomorrow!
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  17. I'll be posting tonight or tomorrow!
    Hope the others join in soon ^-^
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  18. Haven't heard from y'all in the OOC yet, just a quick reminder incase you're not getting notifications!
    No rush or anything, just excited for this to take off xD
    @Lady Laureline
    @Hannah is Fire. She is Death.

    No rush or anything, and if you're busy thats fine! I would like to see your character up soon as you can get around to it so we can work out any kinks if we run into them! (I'm sure we won't, just ready to add another character to the roster!0

    @ all

    I plan on introducing CJ once everyone gets around to posting, it'll give me enough time to finish him up how I want him.
    I started on it tonight, and I feel like he will be a fun addition to the group indeed! I recommend taking a quick peak at him if you can spare a few minutes.
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  19. Hi I’m alive. I’ll try to post today!
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