The Hauntings of Jennifer Rose

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  1. On a cold January 12, a group of Lakewood sophomores got together in a small shack -- their last few days before school started. The group enjoyed themselves with drinks and secrets. Of course the ringleader of the group was Jennifer Rose; the plain, average, mediocre Jennifer Rose. Unlike her two other female friends she wasn't extraordinary or athletic as them, but she had them on the palm of her hands, but she would never take advantage of them, never.

    She loved her friends. She would never hurt her friends. Then again nobody is truly kind hearted. Jennifer Rose was the gossip around school because of her strange presence. She was hated by the other girls in the other cliques and talked harshly. Luckily they never laid a hand on Jennifer. She was safe from any physically bullying. Alas the sounds of negative comments got to her and there goes her kindness. The bullying got to Jennifer, so she decided to mess with the pretty girls. She played stupid pranks and got blamed for them by the girls. The gossiping became stronger and so did Jennifer's malicious nature. They could be the reason for her death. 

    Into her life her parents were good people and her annoying little brother never messed with her personal life. You could say it was the perfect family. However her little brother, Matthew Rose, was as cold and callous as she was to the bullies. He played many pranks on her but nothing too serious. They were silly pranks that would annoy her to the point where she would threaten her brother with a pair of scissors. But this never affected her friendships with her friends. A strange pattern, isn't it? Everything all wrong in her life yet, it would never affect how she acts around her friends. 

    During the night of the small get together while everybody was drunk out of their mind Jennifer Rose snuck out of the group outside. The cold wind blew her dark brunette hair at her face. Before she knew it she was on the ground slowly losing conscience. Soft lips were pressed against her cold cheek, only one teardrop to be shed. She looked straight ahead at the cold flowers growing. Blood slowly gushed out of her head; her eyes stared deeply into the flowers. Before she lost herself she pulled her body staring into the sky. There the body of Jennifer Rose rests. Next morning the first to see the lovely body was the lover, next the Spartan, third the beauty, fourth the philosopher, and lastly the rebel. The hodgepodge of shocked looks, confusion, and fear filled the eerie mood. 

    The cops came only an hour later and took her body into investigation. Her skin was cut deeply allowing all the blood to flow out easily from her head. The cops declared to investigate the crime. Meanwhile two weeks after her death a funeral was made for Jennifer. Many came, many regretted what they did, and many sat watching the funeral discombobulated. The group of friends lost their ringleader, the commander, the glue that kept them together. Because of this the group went their separate ways. Only a few kept contact with each other. 

    A few more months later the police decided to give up on the case. It was helpless. There was no witness' to speak up. The group was too drunk out of their mind to pay attention to their surroundings. No marks left, no footprints, nothing. The police declared the case an accident. Maybe the girl fell on ice, fainted due to all the alcohol, or something. Was there even a killer? 


    The week before the end of the third quarter entering spring break the group of friends have now scattered around no longer the group they were in the past. Before they could forget about their deceased friend a text message was sent. The text that was sent from they're supposedly dead friend,

    Text: Find the killer.

    Of course they thought it was a stupid joke and went on with their life. Until strange activities begins to happen -- missing items, strange sounds, vivid dreams, hallucinations, and more texts. Things were strange. One by one they started to freak out. They ran right to each other wanting answers but none of them had any. Was Jennifer still here? Was it not an accident? Was it someone they knew? 

    The mystery begins.

    The Files​

    • GM: @Rambunctious | Spots: 5 | NPCs: Unlimited | Rating: PG-16 | Tone: Serious​

    • General Rules; All Iwaku rules imply.
      Power-play; This is not allowed. I will not tolerate for such unjust manners. Your OC is your OC her/his OC is her/his OC.
      Realistic Expectations; This role-play is based off of modern day life with a paranormal twist. Despite the twist your characters will be human, act human, and will have the same physical attributes as a human.
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      Posts; +2 Paragraphs per-post. One post each two days.
      Cyber-bullying; Treat others with respect and do not leave one another out.​

    • The Lover: Ash Michael Courtland | Played by: @Valaris
      The Spartan: Elliot Faye Crow | Played by: @C r o m i c a l
      The Beauty: Lilianna Aria Matthews | Played by: @Casanova Del la Rosa
      The Philosopher: (Reserved) | Played by: @Jerelin
      The Rebel: Raiden J. (Jacob) Martin | Played by: @Rambunctious
      Each role has a specific relationship with Jennifer Rose, which you are all free to make up for yourself. But before you do, please let other role-players know. I don't want the history with Jennifer Rose intertwined with other histories and into a convoluted knot.​

    • It has been past five weeks since the paranormal activity has begun. The numerous of texts from a familiar number, the missing items, and strange vivid dreams of Jennifer Rose. The group of friends have all contacted each other and knew that it wasn't just one of them, it was all of them. Once they all knew they were all being targeted they decided to meet up at the shack. The same shack that Jennifer Rose died. ​
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  2. Elliot Faye Crow, the girl known by wrestling and being the oh so very Anti-Social person. The only person she could truly trust was Jennifer Rose, even though she had a few friends, she didn't really trust them. No one knew her darkest secret besides Jennifer; Liking Raiden, one of Jennifer's friends. It was weird, but she was able to hide it pretty well. It seemed pretty cheesy, in a sense. Hell, even Jennifer sometimes made of her, but in a friendly way. Of course they laugh it off afterward.,but it was still quite dumb. Emotion wasn't something she could express properly, which was why she didn't feel as sad as the others had when Jennifer died. Once they found her, one by one, it was like everything crashed around her Reality began sinking in, and she truly felt alone despite her small group of friends. Jennifer's death was quite an uproar to everyone, people began questioning each other and the small group of people that had been around Jennifer at her time of death even though none of them could answer because they were drunk. Her so called 'Friends' had all been trying to sort out their own minds, not even paying attention to one another. No one thought anything of her death until a few months later when she had gotten the text.

    The text had said 'Find the killer', she had ignored the text because it had said that it was from Jennifer; But that couldn't happen. Since the other female was dead, and has been that way for the past few months, she just thought that someone had somehow gotten Jennifer's phone and had decided to fuck with people on her contacts list. It wouldn't have been very surprising if one of those girls from that 'Popular' Clique had one of their Daddies ask for the phone from the morgue. Who would've accepted that though, even though Jennifer had messed with those girls terrible, none of them still wouldn't have the balls to ask. Plus, wouldn't it be just too weird for people to ask for a phone of a dead person unless it was family or they're just so.. Weird. Who knows. After she had brushed it off, after about two weeks, strange things began to happen.

    Strange things, such as moving or missing objects, noises, and weird sightings. Normal people would think that she was crazy, and of course she hadn't ever told anyone due to not having anymore friends. Of course it wouldn't have been hard for her to make friends, she just didn't like talking to others anymore after the incident. It was getting harder to contain now, with everything that's been going on. Jennifer texting her, was she the only one getting them? Or were others getting them too?. It may be a bit rude to say but, she kind of hoped that the others had been experiencing the exact same things as she had because she didn't want to be crazy.

    Finally she had gotten a call from one of her old friends, strangely enough. Elliot had first thought that something bad had happened, but then was told to meet them down at the shack.. Of course, nothing was explained during the phone call so she wasn't very sure exactly what happened. She grabbed her Skateboard, and began her journey back to.. The Shack, the one place she hadn't been to in about a year now. It terrified her, and she just couldn't really handle the thought of what happened there. She didn't live too far from the shack, so it was easy for her to get on the main road. The one, single road. It didn't scare her, because she'd come there a lot as a child and teenager. She almost felt safe, home in a sense. That thought alone terrified her. Once the Shack was in Eyesight, Elliot stopped, picking her board up before walking towards the Shack.

    Elliot was the first one there, making her sigh softly. She decided to climb onto the roof of the shack, her legs hanging over as she waited for others to join her. It hadn't changed very much, just became a little bit dusty and.. Smelly? God, it still smelled as bad as it had the first time they visited. Being alone made her feel like someone was watching her, listening to her. Maybe it was just paranoia, the shock possibly could be coming back from the past. The wind blew softly as she began to kick her legs around, hair flowing with the wind. "Man this is like some sort of.. Horror, Romance type of Movie.. The eyes, wind, now all I need is a boy." She stated sarcastically to herself, a small groan could be heard from at least a mile far.

    Maybe she shouldn't have come, because who knew if the others would or not?..
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  3. The Gossip Queen/The Beauty, magenta


    Lilianna was getting ready to meet her old "friends" and find out what this whole text crap was about. The past fives weeks made Lilianna so freaked out that she has been missing cheerleading practices; that didn't look good if she wanted to be the head cheerleader someday. Lilianna put on some more makeup and got her dress on. She checked herself out at least ten times like always, she even took a selfie on her Galaxy Note 4 cellphone. She then got her dog Magenta's leech and collar. "Let's go Magenta time to go meet these...uhh "people". Lilianna being home alone, her parents were always at work. She got her keys to her jeep and sat Magenta in her doggy car seat and drove.

    Lilianna was the second to arrive, which was a shock since she usually was fashionably late to everything. Once she parked her car she got Magenta out and walked to the shack. Magenta started to bark; she wanted to be here just as much as her owner wanted to be. Lilianna got goosebumps, she hadn't been here since the "incident". The first person to be there was Elliot, Lilianna and Elliot weren't the closest in the bunch; they had two way different likes and dislikes. The only reason they were friends was because of the little group that they did have. Magenta started to yip-yip happily when she saw Elliot. "Awww,look she still remember's you Elliot." That was Lilianna's way of saying "hi, how have you been?, did you freak out about the text too?" Now she would just wait around for the others, awkwardly fixing her hair and checking her phone.

  4. "Fuck..." Another missing photo of Jennifer and him on his phone. The boy paced around his room looking through photos. With each swipe of the thumb pictures would start missing. His phone was rather old, then again this has never happened, and the only pictures that went missing were of Jennifer. He bit his lower lip lightly. Another photo went missing, one of Jennifer and the group. He shook his in disbelief thinking it was the lack of water. Raiden walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. He rummaged through the slender bottles of beer and leftovers from dinner. He pulled out a water bottle that hid behind the slender bottle of beer. He slammed the refrigerators door shut tight. He twisted the bottle cap. The sound of clicking from the bottle cap filled the silence in his house. He popped open the bottle and took a large gulp of water. Once the water entered his system he pulled out his phone once more, swiping through photos, only to see, more vanished.

    Frustration built up within him. He threw his phone against the wall only to realize he was an idiot. He quickly picked up large chunks of his phone attempting to fix the broken pieces. The glass shattered, the backing of the phone was slightly chipped, and the hardware was scattered around the kitchen floor. He scoffed out of frustration and picked up little pieces and threw it in the plastic waste bin. The phone was far from salvageable; he was stuck with his old flip phone that constantly died. He flipped open the phone, looking through his contacts. While he did he stopped at Jennifer's number, which seemed to still be on his cellular. Looking at the arrangements of numbers he remembered he was to meet up with the old group -- Jennifer's group. Raiden hesitantly grabbed his keys and left the house.

    The feeling of nostalgia struck him harder than he expected. He started the engines to his rusty truck. He drove past the small shops that were lined up perfectly next to each other. The pathway to the old shack brought back old memories of him and Jennifer. The constant memories flooded over him. His eyes stared at the road. It was empty as always, no one drove up to the old creek. His car drove past the empty road. The road was dangerous; there was only one wide road with no yellow line that bisected the wide road. Raiden always felt his heartbeat faster than normal whenever he drove down this road. It still did. He could feel his heart fearing for its life.

    He took a sharp turn stopping in front of a run down shack. In front of his vision he noticed a blonde and a brunette talking to each other. The familiar faces brought ease to his heart and emotions. He took in a deep breath. He could feel his body stiffen and his grip on the steering wheel tighten. His knuckles turned white as snow. Raiden rolled his shoulders and opened the car door and slamming it as loud as possible to get the two girls attention. A big smirk appeared on his face as he walked towards the two girls.

    "Long time no speak!" His voice boomed.

    Raiden casually placed his arm around Lilianna knowing the girl would be annoyed by it. "So hows it going Lil's? And Ellie? My two favorite." He joked. He glanced around unable to find the other male and dark skinned girl of the group. He expected to be the last person to arrive.

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