The Hauntings of Jennifer Rose

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  1. On a cold January 12, a group of Lakewood sophomores got together in a small shack -- their last few days before school started. The group enjoyed themselves with drinks and secrets. Of course the ringleader of the group was Jennifer Rose; the plain, average, mediocre Jennifer Rose. Unlike her two other female friends she wasn't extraordinary or athletic as them, but she had them on the palm of her hands, but she would never take advantage of them, never.

    She loved her friends. She would never hurt her friends. Then again nobody is truly kind hearted. Jennifer Rose was the gossip around school because of her strange presence. She was hated by the other girls in the other cliques and talked harshly. Luckily they never laid a hand on Jennifer. She was safe from any physically bullying. Alas the sounds of negative comments got to her and there goes her kindness. The bullying got to Jennifer, so she decided to mess with the pretty girls. She played stupid pranks and got blamed for them by the girls. The gossiping became stronger and so did Jennifer's malicious nature. They could be the reason for her death. 

    Into her life her parents were good people and her annoying little brother never messed with her personal life. You could say it was the perfect family. However her little brother, Matthew Rose, was as cold and callous as she was to the bullies. He played many pranks on her but nothing too serious. They were silly pranks that would annoy her to the point where she would threaten her brother with a pair of scissors. But this never affected her friendships with her friends. A strange pattern, isn't it? Everything all wrong in her life yet, it would never affect how she acts around her friends. 

    During the night of the small get together while everybody was drunk out of their mind Jennifer Rose snuck out of the group outside. The cold wind blew her dark brunette hair at her face. Before she knew it she was on the ground slowly losing conscience. Soft lips were pressed against her cold cheek, only one teardrop to be shed. She looked straight ahead at the cold flowers growing. Blood slowly gushed out of her head; her eyes stared deeply into the flowers. Before she lost herself she pulled her body staring into the sky. There the body of Jennifer Rose rests. Next morning the first to see the lovely body was the lover, next the Spartan, third the beauty, fourth the philosopher, and lastly the rebel. The hodgepodge of shocked looks, confusion, and fear filled the eerie mood. 

    The cops came only an hour later and took her body into investigation. Her skin was cut deeply allowing all the blood to flow out easily from her head. The cops declared to investigate the crime. Meanwhile two weeks after her death a funeral was made for Jennifer. Many came, many regretted what they did, and many sat watching the funeral discombobulated. The group of friends lost their ringleader, the commander, the glue that kept them together. Because of this the group went their separate ways. Only a few kept contact with each other. 

    A few more months later the police decided to give up on the case. It was helpless. There was no witness' to speak up. The group was too drunk out of their mind to pay attention to their surroundings. No marks left, no footprints, nothing. The police declared the case an accident. Maybe the girl fell on ice, fainted due to all the alcohol, or something. Was there even a killer? 


    The week before the end of the third quarter entering spring break the group of friends have now scattered around no longer the group they were in the past. Before they could forget about their deceased friend a text message was sent. The text that was sent from they're supposedly dead friend,

    Text: Find the killer.

    Of course they thought it was a stupid joke and went on with their life. Until strange activities begins to happen -- missing items, strange sounds, vivid dreams, hallucinations, and more texts. Things were strange. One by one they started to freak out. They ran right to each other wanting answers but none of them had any. Was Jennifer still here? Was it not an accident? Was it someone they knew? 

    The mystery begins.

    The Files

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    • General Rules; All Iwaku rules imply.
    • Power-play; This is not allowed. I will not tolerate for such unjust manners. Your OC is your OC her/his OC is her/his OC.
    • Realistic Expectations; This role-play is based off of modern day life with a paranormal twist. Despite the twist your characters will be human, act human, and will have the same physical attributes as a human.
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    • Posts; +2 Paragraphs per-post. One post each two days.
    • Cyber-bullying; Treat others with respect and do not leave one another out.

The Lover: Ash Michael Courtland | Played by: @Valaris
The Spartan: Elliot Faye Crow | Played by: @C r o m i c a l
The Beauty: Lilianna Aria Matthews | Played by: @Casanova Del la Rosa
The Philosopher: (Reserved) | Played by: @Jerelin
The Rebel: Raiden J. (Jacob) Martin | Played by: @Rambunctious

Each role has a specific relationship with Jennifer Rose, which you are all free to make up for yourself. But before you do, please let other role-players know. I don't want the history with Jennifer Rose intertwined with other histories and into a convoluted knot.
  • Code:
    [fieldset="Enter a title or a nickname, white"][padding=10px][imga=right](Enter realistic image here)[/imga]
    Full Name: (First, middle, and last)
    Age: (15-16)
    Gender: (Male, female, trans, etc)
    Role: (Which of the five are you?)
    Personality: (List five or eight characteristic traits)
    Past: (Write a summary of their family, before they met Jennifer, after they met Jennifer, and after Jennifers' passing)
  • Confused? Ask me and I will answer them here.
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  • I would like to hold the beauty role, I would put up a char Friday or Saturday after Christmas of course.
  • @Casanova Del la Rosa
    I'm glad to see someone has taken an interest in my RP. I shall reserve the spot for you! :)
    That is understandable. Have a Merry Christmas!
  • @Rambunctious
    I'm interested! I'm going through that blog you linked in the OP to help me find a face-claim that inspires me. Thanks to that, I haven't decided on which role I want to take, yet. Can't even decide on a Sex, yet! Haha.
  • @Jerelin
    Oh yay! Another interested person. Haha, take your time. I'm just waiting for others to take interest of my role-play.
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  • W.I.P - Last Edited: 1/4/15 and 10:17PM CST

    Hadley a.k.a The BookWorm, green


    Full Name: Hadley Elizabeth Peck
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role: Philosopher
    Theoretical - Enthusiastic - Independent - Unconventional - Flexible - Unsupportive - Cold
    Past: Hadley grew up in a comfortable home in a comfortable lifestyle. Her family wasn't rich in any way, but they were able to afford some of the nicer things in life. Knowledge was important to the Peck family and throughout her life, Hadley had always been interested in learning. She was the child that would ask "Why" a million times until someone told her to stop being annoying. She grew out of that phase relatively quickly though when she entered school and quickly realized that she wasn't welcome.

    Hadley knew that she didn't exactly fit in with the others from the start. Even as a small child, she could understand what people would mean even if they didn't say it. At the time, she thought it was super powers, but really all it was was reading body language.
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  • Almost done with my char should have them up tomorrow^^ if not busy.
  • I found another FC resource that might be useful. Plenty of tags to sort by. I've never used this type of resource before, and I love it!
  • Lilianna a.k.a The Gossip Queen, magenta

    Lilianna Aria Matthews
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role: The Beauty
    Personality: Self-Centered, Conceited, Party Girl, Sneaky, Mean, Prideful, Snobbish, Fake.

    Past: Lilianna is the only child to Mark Matthews and Selena Matthews, the King and Queen of Matthew's Motors Inc. Dynasty. Everyone in their town knew The Matthews. You brought your kid their first car at Matthew's Motors Inc., anyone who's anyone knew to come to MMI if they wanted a great deal and an amazing car. Lilianna was spoiled from birth, which would explain how she thinks and acts like she's better then everyone else.

    Before Lilianna became "friends" with Jennifer she was a cheerleader (trying to take over the Head Cheerleader's spot soon) at Lakewood. People have called Lilianna so many different names; the one that stuck was "The Gossip Queen". Lilianna would either start spreading gossip and rumors or she would make up ones. Being that she was a Matthews everyone treaded lightly when it came to disrespecting her. The only person that ever actually challenge Lilianna was Jennifer, they had a more of a frenemy relationship. At first Lilianna thought she was just a weird annoying loner, but for some reason Lilianna could feel that they should be friends or something like that. Lilianna's and Jennifer's relationship was always a battle, neither one ever wanted to back down from each other; if it wasn't for their other friends things could've escalated badly. When Lilianna spotted Jennifer's body, she couldn't believe what she saw.

    Sure she and Jennifer didn't get along with each other all the time but she didn't want to see her dead. Lilianna thought that her and Jennifer could be the new Thelma and Louise, except cuter. Jenni and Lili was what Lilianna would've call Jennifer and herself. After getting the creepy text messages and all the other cryptic events happen Lilianna just wants this all to end...soon.

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  • @Casanova Del la Rosa

    How did you make the banner for Lilianna? I would love to do that for Hadley, if I could!
  • you can go to and pick a font, and then pick if you won't to glow like mines or not. It's a lot of different fun fonts. you just download image and then you put it on a image hosting site photobucket imgur etc...
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  • Thank you! I thought it was some website, but I couldn't figure out which one. It's a great idea for personalizing CS's. :D
  • Yeah that's why I like using them lol.
  • So now we need a lover and a spartan I hope some more people join^^.
  • Hm.. May I reserve The Spartan? ^^'. Which I'm guessing is a guy, if I'm wrong then please excuse my mistake x'D Even if the Spartan can be a girl, I'm all up for it. :3
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  • Yeah! You joined^^.
  • Super sorry for not replying at all! Something happened and I didn't get notifications and its all a big fat mess. Once again I apologize.

    @C r o m i c a l
    It can be any gender you wish. Reserved! Thank you for joining. :)
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  • ^^' Alright, thank you! And you're welcome :3
  • Elliot A.K.A The Spartan, violet


    Elliot Faye Crow.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role: The Spartan.
    Personality: Arrogant, strong-willed, idiotic, witty, anti-social.

    Past: Elliot is one of the very few children from Yang and Joseph Crow, she had three brothers, all of them were in their twenties so she's the youngest out of all of them. Her brothers names are Jay and Sen. Her parents owned the smallest Mac store, yet they still made quite a few money. Since they hated the name 'Mac', they called their store, strangely enough; Alcatel Shanghai Bell. The name came from her mother, being Chinese, her mother thought she deserved some part of her heritage to be apart of them. Her father, Joseph, is from Michigan. Elliot takes on more of his looks, than her mother even though she was granted the height of nearly five foot, and honestly that's all she got from her mother. Her brothers look almost like replicas of her mother, except they're boys and are much taller. She isn't spoiled, and she usually treats people as if they're actual people even though she rarely talks.

    As a child, Elliot used to be very lively and actually dressed like a huge girly girl. She made friends quite easily and eventually had met Jennifer at the Middle School; Midway Middle School. They got along well, and Elliot just kind of began kind of changing. Her personality, her clothing, hell even her looks. She used to have long brown curly hair, now it's usually either cut or up in a bun. Elliot's new personality doesn't make her any worse though, she just rarely talks unless she's with Jennifer and their other 'Friends'. She began wrestling, making her much stronger. Jennifer and Elliot didn't got into fights often, always arguing about the most dumbest things but they never actually stopped being friends. Hell, she, Jennifer, and her lover had always gotten into quarrels with each other. Sometimes they even did bets that were pretty much counted as 'Wars' to little kids and possible adults. They dared each other to do dangerous things, and sometimes almost got caught in the act.

    During the night of their small party, everyone had gotten drunk. Most, could hardly stand nor talk correctly. When the night was over, she hit the sack and almost immediately fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning and found Jennifer, it seemed as if just everything shattered. Their group began to distance themselves with each other, and Elliot had begun hanging out with other friends. She didn't keep in touch, once things started happening.. Things that are unexplainable, it was strange. Jennifer was dead, and yet the messages came. Her death coming back again, and it wasn't a good sight for any of them.
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  • I'll be taking on the role of The Lover, then. CS will be up as soon as I'm done with it.
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