The Haunting of Harrowstone (CoC Style PFRPG)

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  1. When Harrowstone Prison burned to the ground, prisoners, guards, and a host of vicious madmen met a terrifying end. In the years since, the nearby town of Ravengro has shunned the fire-scarred ruins, telling tales of unquiet spirits that wander abandoned cellblocks. But when a mysterious evil disturbs Harrowstone’s tenuous spiritual balance, a ghostly prison riot commences that threatens to consume the nearby village in madness and flames. Can the adventurers discover the secrets of Harrowstone and quell a rebellion of the dead? Or will they be the spirit-prison’s next inmates?

    I am looking for a single person to play a female character in a Corruption of Champions style Pathfinder RPG

    Body transformations will play a huge part of this game and it will be impossible to avoid. I am not going to say when or how they will happen until they happen. So bear that in mind.

    In this adventure, a young brother and sister adventuring team are caught up in something bigger than expected. The monsters in the adventures will not try to kill the heroes, they will only try and rape them.

    Please be very open-minded and okay with things happening to your character that you may not like. I will introduce ways to reverse the changes but not until much later. Also, neither of our characters can start out as magical classes, but they can acquire magical classes later.

    If you are interested, please PM me.
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  2. Made slight changes to the idea. Still only looking for one person.