The Haunted Hotel

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  1. Sarah Johannson walked through the empty lobby.
    "Hello?" Her voice rang through the room. Nobody answered. "That's encouraging," she said, her voice shaking. "HELLO?!"
    A scruffy old man entered. "Yes, dearie, how may I help you?"
    "My car broke down," she explained. "and I need a room for the night."
    "Ah! A customer! Yes, follow me, follow me."
    "Don't I have to pay?" Sara pointed out.
    "Oh, charge for a pretty young lady like you."
    Sara was taken aback. She stood at five foot ten with an athletic build and greasy black hair, with a large nose and eyes the color of coal. She had never been told she was pretty.
    "Er—thanks." She motioned towards her luggage as though to tell the man to pick it up.
    "Oh, no, miss. We provide everything for our guests. Now, come."
    Sara followed the man to her room, but was interrupted by...
  2. Katell Kitzman was a young girl, the daughter of the owner to the hotel.
    She would usually roam around the halls out of boredom.
    Sometimes she wished she leave, but for some reason she couldn't.
    Katell noticed a young woman entered the hotel and was taking a room. She followed her, almost as though she didn't know she was following.
    By the time she got to the room she stopped to look at her.
    "Why are you here?"
  3. Sara jumped a bit and turned to see a little girl. "Oh, hi. My car broke down." She smiled.
    The strange old man laughed a bit at Sara. "So nice to have a guest here," he chuckled. "Everybody will be pleased to eat—er, meet you."
    Sara faked a laugh. "That must be some joke around here. Right? Eat, meet? I've seen some interesting sitcoms about that."
    The old man was silent.
    "Umm..." Sara said, getting a little nervous. "How about you tend to the other customers? I'm sure I can find my way around here. What's the room number?"
    "202," he grunted.
  4. "202? You don't want to go in there," Katell said quietly.
    She looked at the young woman that was going to be staying at the hotel.
    Why was she here? Couldn't she go somewhere else?
    There was a big possibility this person was not going to get out of this hotel alive...
  5. "I think I can manage..." Sara said, unconciously whirling her hand around, causing a jet of light to come out. "I'M SORRY! I'll pay for that, I promise!" she said, shocked that one of the walls had dissolved. "That only works"
    She sighed. This stuff always seemed to happen to her. Why? Why is it always me? She sighed again. "So, I can't take room 202. Why is that?" This little girl sure was peculiar.
  6. "I'm not allowed to say," Katell told her.
    She cocked her head to the side out of confusion when she saw the light come from her hand.
    "How'd you do that?" The little girl asked.
  7. Sara sighed. This little girl sure was curious. "If you must know...I am a wizard. A light wizard, to be exact. I can only really produce light, and I'm still an apprentice, so my skills are not very useful at the moment." She groaned. "I was trying to get to my teacher, but then my powers went berserk, and here I am."
  8. "So you wrecked your car?" Katell continued to ask questions. "What are supposed to do with just light anyways?"
    It's been awhile since the has had any visitors, the girl couldn't help but ask those questions.
  9. "Yeah, I wrecked it. You know that one spell I did? It only works on darkness. The downside is that darkness also means black and grey stuff...unless it's a part of the user's body. As you can see, I have black hair and black eyes, so the inventor of that magic was very careful." Sara chuckled. "You sure are a curious one. What's your name?" She extended her hand for the little girl to shake it.
  10. "Damn." Jared muttered under his breath "This downpour came out of nowhere.." He said as he tried to cover his head. He noticed a hotel that didn't catch his eye the first time he passed it. I guess it's better than staying out in the rain. He thought to himself wryly. Jared ran through the entrance escaping the rain, who's chill had finally begun to set in. He shivered and called out. "Anyone here?" Jared dinged the front desk bell twice and waited.
  11. The old man looked up. "Oh, come in." He certainly had a creepier aura than before as he looked at the shredded newspaper, guffawing at random times.
    "And who the heck is that dude?" Sara added to the little girl.
  12. "I'm Katell, and that's a new visitor"
    Katell waited behind Sara until the old man was done talking to the newcomer.
    There was something about this day that must be the reason why there were so many visitors.
  13. As the older gentleman called him in he noticed something was slightly.. Off.. Jared couldn't quite put his finger on it as he approached. "Hello, how much for a room?" In the back of his mind he hoped it was very overpriced, something, any legitimate excuse to leave. Jared looked about the hotel for a moment, spotting to girls. Well, I suppose if they haven't felt the ominous air, I must be overreacting.. Just ignore the paranoia. He thought to himself momentarily. As he waited for the man to respond, he leaned against the nearby wall.
  14. Katell looked at the newcomer from behind Sara. Maybe she should talk to him too, maybe warn him about room 202 like she did for the young women with the magic.
  15. Sara looked at the old man, her black eyes narrowed. "There's something off with the old guy. Katell, who is that old man and how long has he worked here?"
    The old man did another fake smile. "No charge, for a young man like you."
  16. Katell shrugged. She thought about how long he has been there.
    "He's always been there..." Katell said. "You shouldn't trust him though.."
  17. Free? Nothing is free.. But calling him on it now seems like the wrong thing to do, I'll play along and wait it out. Jared thought to himself as he returned the smile, which seemed at least a bit more genuine than the man's. "Oh really? Thank you my friend." He shook the older gentleman's hand and was told his room number was 201. Jared headed up the stairs after explaining he'd find out where his room was by himself. As he reached the top he saw the two girls. "Hello." Jared said with a quick wave.
  18. "Hi," Sara said, waving at the new arrival. "My name is Sara. Sara Johannson."
  19. "Jared King, nice to meet you." He said as he reached his hand forward, obviously for a handshake. Glancing around for a moment, Jared noticed there was a damaged wall. Well.. It doesn't look like decay, so not just because it was old.. It must've been.. I have no guesses.. Huh. "What happened to the wall?" He asked curiously, nodding his head towards the wall
  20. Katell stayed quiet, she wanted to say hello but she didn't. Once he asked about the wall it was when she spoke up.
    "Sara used light magic. Can you do magic too?" Katell always had questions to ask. "Did you get room 202?"