The Haunted Forest

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    40 years ago the most Dark and mysterious Death came into the world of the kingdom of Asher. The princess had died in a way that forever haunts the kingdom. The world was shocked kingdom's from Near and far came to mourn over the princess that many kingdoms wanted their princes to marry but that was more then a lost dream. But that was also when the Kingdom became cursed with that of ways that people died. One day one man was walking outside to the forest to put a rose on the ground that the princess was found dead to give respect, that when he found himself surrounded by those of wolves, demonic spirit wolves. Without warning the wolves jumped and attacked the man killing him before leaving, he was found three days, but there was no paw prints around it.

    But that was only the begining, the king was found dead in his chambers, hove marks on his body his skull had been smashed in by the hooves. but the only thing was no one saw a horse and no prints where left behind. That lead to the princes death which the maid had seen, he was trampled and mauled by those of nature's animals, the last thing the maid saw was that of a form of the princess on her stallion and her wolf beside her. the land was cursed, their princess was wanting them all dead, but why and what killed her.....rumors had that there was written on her body when she was found, but to this day people are too scared to talk about it. Afraid that the ancient Curse would fall onto them and they meet their grizzly death.

    Many accounts ever since came pouring in of people seeing the Princess, but many said she was never alone, she had her stallion who's hooves where that of gold, her hound who's black fur was dark as the night. Many said looking into their eyes made you part of the victums of the curse. She also had dead soilders of her fathers army partol the forest around the outskirts of the town, ever since no Knight, king or human beings dared enter those woods.

    Lady Luna a spirit mage sat on a rock in a village as she watched the chaos in the village insue and finding it troublesome she and her three soul hounds went off and went to the library to go and reasearch about this curse of the princess. All she could think about where the lives at risk in the world that came forth from this curse. No human made weapon could harm these creatures, no bow or arrow, no sword could perice these animal hides, only one thing could, freeign the princess from the curse on the land.

    Dark Mist was the stallions name his smoldering red eyes that glow with flames snorted deeply as he stood on a hill with the princess watching everything go into flames around them, shadow wolves tore through homes and darkness pleagued the village, fear gripped every heart. The horse snorted deeply and reared up and whinnys sharply and every mortal thing around it dropped to the ground in fear and pain. The horse snorted as it took Alina back to her forest camp where she would be safe from danger, though the princess could kill a human easily with her powers.

    (Lady Luna , will be helping your knight fix the curse. If you ever want to Rp the Wolf she has you can. the wolf can speak with Alina)​
  2. Taegan waved goodbye to the family he had found being attacked on the road. He'd had to summon his spiritual sword to keep the monsters off them. He frowned slightly as he led his horse through the village.

    The roads had been getting much worse for the simple travelers. His family may not agree, but Taegan had always felt a need to help those who had no power. But there was far too little he could do on his own.

    "I need to find out what caused this Lipsher," he said to his horse. He glanced at the liabrary door he had just passed. He tied Lipsher to the posts outside the building and went inside.