The Hatchling

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  1. The world had grown small. Too small to be comfortable or safe anymore. The little dragon could tell by instinct that his small world needed to change. He felt hungry for the first time and knew if he stayed where he was nothing would change. Tentatively he pushed at the boundary of his world. The shell was translucent, letting in light and sounds. He had heard different sounds for a long time. Some were low and growling, others high and sweet. It was time to go out and hear what had created them. He pushed harder, feeling no change in the shell. Angry, he struck out with his still soft claws. There was a crack, small at first, but larger as he pushed against it. Encouraged by the progress he hit the same spot again and again. A shaft of light came through and soon he could push his body through the opening. He felt cool air hit his wet scales as he burst from the egg. The light was bright, painful to his eyes. However he slowly gathered his courage and opened them to get a better look at the new world around him.
  2. The small yellow dragon peered around her new surroundings. It had taken some time for her eyes to get used to the new brightness, but once they did she was softly swept up by the claw of another. Despite having never seen that dragon ever before, the little one felt a strong connection to it. Protection, comfort; Mother. The small beast let out a sound of adoration, nuzzling its nose into the protective embrace of its mother. The mother, in turn, rubbed its cheek against its little one, lapping its tongue lovingly over the little dragon’s head. Another squeak, but one of embarrassment this time, left the little dragon as she playfully nipped at her mother’s nose.

    The young dragon looked around and wriggled its way out of its mother’s embrace. Around her the nest was empty except the remnants of the egg the baby had burst through. Alone, the word rang through her mind. It was a normal occurrence for dragons to have one remaining egg come time for the hatching season. Thin, lithe egg stealers lurked in the darkness, waiting for the right moment to steal the appetizing eggs for dinner. Dragons were considered lucky if they had two eggs hatch when it was time.

    The little yellow dragon took wobbly steps, curious about its surroundings. She was one of the first to hatch, and more were coming. Her little legs carried her around the small nest, and she soon grew curious of the outside. When her mother wasn’t looking, the curious dragon left her nest, carelessly making her way to a nearby nest where an egg was beginning to hatch. She looked on with curiosity, not yet noticed by the owner of the nest. It took a little while, but another small dragon burst through the egg and into the world. She let out a happy squeal, prancing her way over to the new dragon, wanting to play for she was all alone in her own nest. She stopped several feet in front of the newborn, head tilted to the side out of curiosity as she looked at him, an excited expression on her face.
  3. Sylvia crept up the hill. She never knew how incredibly rare dragons were until she signed up to be a Dragon Hunter. She could hear them, but she couldn't see them. A small temple sat at the top of the hill. Could they possibly be in there? She crept closer. This could be dangerous. The mother was nearby, she could tell by the noises. She pushed open the temple door. it was dark inside, not a good place for dragons. Despite what one might think, dragons actually enjoy being out in the open air rather then in dark caves. Sylvia headed up the stairs. Three sets and she stil saw nothing. But the noises were getting louder. Pushing open the hatch to the roof, she was amazed by what she saw. Three dragons, two children, and one mother, playing together. There were two cracked eggs. She took out her camera, and took a picture. This was perfect proof that dragons exist.
  4. Razeth just woken up thanks to some noises that were near by. She opened her eyes for the first time but couldn't see anything. She did however feel her current surroundings. 'What is this? I think I can break out of it.' She began to scratch her claws in an effort to except and right when she was starting to get bored and think that she would never get out a whole appeared. Light quickly field the whole and after about a minute her eyes was use to the light. She made the whole bigger so that she could get out. Razeth was a dark blue dragon that looked a lot like the night sky. She looked and noticed many others in the cave that seemed like her. The cave was huge to her. Razeth noticed that there were many others coming out of a place just like her. 'Wow this place is amazing.'

    As she turned to see where she had just came from an older dragon that was the same color as she nudged her over. 'This must be my mother.' The older dragon said, "Hello little one. this is your home." Razeth just tried to take it all in. "Go and meet the other young ones Razeth sweetie." Razeth was curious and went to where her mother motioned. She began to head towards some others not sure who she would try and meet first.
  5. The earth moved and transformed into different manners as a pair of black shoes walked on. Over fields and through villages they had walked through. Now as her feet crunched on the soft grass, with various birds hooting, squawking, and tweeting. She smiled looking through the branches to gaze at the sunshine. The gentle nudge of the wind pushing her head for her mission.

    The forest was a place she loved at heart. A place she always would. Her feet trudged on, and she gazed at the brown dirt path as her mind fell into her own little world. Memories flashed back. Memories of her childhood. Running through the swampy hot lands of "Black Marsh". Giggling and smiling as she ran far from home. Often getting a rather serious telling off when she returned.

    The forest cleared opening to a hilly region. Suddenly just like that her mind alerted her, bring herself slap bang back into reality. She was here for the dragons. That was her dangerous goal.

    Slowly she pressed on, seeing a temple ahead. Slowly and quietly she walked nearer and nearer.

    *someones already here!* she said to herself. Gazing at the dragons ahead. She felt she should turn and run. A beast this huge and magnificent should be left alone. But her mission popped up in her head. Her mission to analyse and protect these amazing beasts.
  6. Sylvia paused, inches from the door which led to the roof. She was so close, yet she felt like someone was... watching her. She turned around. No one was there. She fingered the doorknob, but still there was another human prescence floating in the air. She needed to know if it was going to be dangerous to follow the path that her entire career had led up to. But it was hard to know.
  7. The cave/temple? was dark, ancient, crumbling in places she noticed. A musty smell lingering in the air. As if someone had disturbed a sleeping room after years and years...It was quiet...Too quiet she realized. Or perhaps was that just her nerves? She had no experience with dragons at all. Though she had met one...Her friend Narak...Even then, with his impressive size and structure she hadn't the heart to spar with him just yet. One fire burst from a dragons flames and she could be as little as ash on the floor, or a burnt sausage....

    Randomly picking a direction, she slowly walked up the steps. Her black shoes echoing on the stone floor as she did so. Her aragonian tail swished about hear and there, acting as balance for her.

    Approaching a door, she heard the clicks and movements of something behind the door. Human? Dragon? Slowly she started twisting the door knob, a slight whine from the rusting door as a crack appeared through the door. It slowly became a little larger and larger progressively. Peaking through the door now with her yellow eye. Gazing inside...