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  1. Prologue

    The year 2015 was a good year for humanity. Stock market prices were rising, world economy was reemerging from a crisis and recent conflicts in eastern Europe were ebbing away. The United Nations signed fresh charters of peace with newly established countries and three new species of snakes were discovered in the rainforests of Uganda. It was a truly good year for humanity in every aspect. Until the Hatching. On September 1., 2015, in a remote part of Johannesburg, South Africa, an egg, approximately the size of an ostriches egg, was found seemingly lying abandoned on a seat at a hardly commuted train station. The only remarkable things about the egg were its texture that seemed knobbed and gnarled like that of an old tree and its peculiar, bilious green color. After a short news flash on a local TV station, the egg was left where it was to be whatever it wanted to be. Three weeks later, Johannesburg had disappeared from the world map. Another two weeks later, humanity was at war and the world as we know it had ended.

    2031. The world is a different place. Sixteen years after the demonspawn had first emerged into our world, humanity is struggling to hold its ground against the unlikely invaders. The event that would come to be known simply as “The Hatchining” was just the first of many to come. Shanghai, Cardiff, Malmo, Las Vegas, only to name the first ones to go. The eggs didn’t appear choosy where they spawned. It is unknown where they come from and what happens at a hatching. All that would be left some weeks after a sighting would be radio silence and a new domain of the demonspawn. In this humanity’s darkest hour, the gods returned.

    ~The Hatching~
    We are still here


    As you could probably already see from the prologue and that little "quote", this RP is a Science-Fantasy RPG that plays in the early 21st century after the emerging of demon-like creatures - "demonspawn" - that threaten to destroy humanity. Human kind is struggling to hold its ground and is fighting by back means of special people - "champions" - that are granted supernatural powers: magic. First I will give you some rough background information, then I'll talk briefly about what our story will look like and lastly give you some need-to-know and what the CS should look like and what I expect. In addition after the CS, there is some quirky additional information that will give the RP a special twist^_^

    Background information
    Demonspawn – Creatures born in events known as “hatchings”. Nobody knows what the exactly Demonspawn are, where they come from and why the relentlessly seem bound to slaughter every human soul they encounter. What little Intel we have about them is assembled by the Vigils and stored in their Data centers in their HQ, London. So far, there are records of roughly three types of Demonspawn, but I will go into greater details about that once the RP starts.

    Hatching - An event that spawns a large number of Demonspawn in the affected area. A green egg would appear at a random place at a random time and hatch within roughly three weeks. It is unclear what exactly happens at a hatching, but one thing is for certain: Wherever there is a sighting, there would be nothing left but radio silence, death and demospawn in the affected area. To this day, none had seen a hatching live and lived to tell the tale. After a hatching, the affected area will change in shape and form dramatically. The visually most distinctive sign of an area where a hatching happened is the looming green clouds that assemble over the area and wrap the place in an eerie light. The clouds are most densest at the point where the egg was located. Interestingly enough, the demonspawn slaughter everything in the vicinity of that area the clouds are looming over, but they don't move past that area that might sometimes be a small town, sometimes a metropolis the size of New York City. So the advance of the Demonspawn is more of a gradual appearing all over the planet than an actual marching forward like in a traditional war, which gives them another whole layer of fright: How do you fight something that appears, seemingly randomly, at any given place at any given time, wipes that place out with seemingly no way of preventing it and then just stops, right there, right then, another small speck on the map lost to us and gained to them. It is a slow advance, but very, very gradual. It is also the reason why London was chosen as the main HQ for the Vigilantes; So far, the islands of great Britain have for some reason been completely spared by hatchings.
    It is not really clear what the Demonspawn do in the places they've conquered, but the area drastically changes its face and appearance after a hatching. So far, even the vigils were unable to retake even a single city that was overrun by the Demonspawn.

    Vigilantes – The Vigils are an organization based in London that fights the demonspawn wherever it appears. It is a reshaped Templar order fitted for modern times and with one goal: Protect and restore humanity. They are based on the Templar Order from the game "The Secret World" for those of you who know it. The leaders recruit people from all over the world, normal humans, blessed and especially, champions. Their headquarters near Piccadilly Square serves as an gathering point for all those willing to fight the threat. Here, battleplans to fight the Demonspawn are thought out, and first aid is sent into afflicted countries. It is a save have for those looking for protection and peace of mind in these dark times. Lastly, it is as a training facility for newly recruited champions, as the death toll for those fighting in the war is phenomenally high. For our characters it will be one place first and foremost: Home.


    Champions – Chosen by a god, often seemingly random and with no relation to their background, these people are the champion of their god, representing them on this planet. They are granted paranormal powers mirroring the properties of the god they were blessed by.

    Blessed – While the champions are chosen by their god and receive their gift, there is only one champion per god. And even though there are many gods, the number of gods – and conclusively the number of champions – is finite. On the other hand, there is a larger number of people that are “blessed” by any god. As such, they receive the same protection from demospawn the champions have, yet none of the magical properties or abilities.

    Tessaract – Named after the popular marvel object, the Tessaract is an object that detects the supernatural powers emitted from humans chosen by a god. It was invented 2019 by a team of scientist researching the paranormal abilities of people blessed by a god, led by a champion imbued with knowledge by his god Thoth.

    Powers - The powers the champions received by their god have a wide range. They are not necessarily always aggressive and "useful in a fight". Depending on the god the power can be more subtle or defensive. There is an uncountable number of gods, from Egyptian gods like Osiris, over Greek gods like Poseiden to Norse gods like Freya and beyond. Each culture has gods or supernatural beings, Shinto kami, Hindu gods, celtic spirits, just pick one or create one yourself. You're free to "make up" a god as long as it somehow makes sense (the cake monster that wants to devour the moon is maybe not the best pick.. But your imagination is free^^)
    As far as "how powerful is my character" is concerned I can say that over the course of the story your character will grow more powerful as they discover and train their abilities. Rougly, I'll say there are three stages.

    Three Stages:
    - First Stage: When your characters first set foot into vigilantes headquarters, they will be rookies. They will just have received their powers and still be in the process of getting to know what they can do. Their powers will be comparably weak and they will have only 1 effect they can produce (e.g. Zeus' champion throw one weak lighting bolt per 15 seconds or so)
    - Second Stage: After the initial introductory stage, your characters will train and gradually become better. Stage two is not really a stage but more of a process; As they go on missions and/or stay in London for downtime near vigils headquarters, they will slowly become more powerful and gain additional effects (e.g. Zeus' champion throw multiple lightning strikes per minute and create thunder waves/shockwaves that throw back enemies)
    - Third Stage: Towards a later stage of the RP, your characters will become fully fledged champions and as such display powers worthy of a half-god. Note that John Johnson, my "guide" character is already a fully fledged champion at the start of the RP since he has served for 9 years as a vigil already. You can observe him and take his level as the level you will reach throughout the RP. Some of you might end up surpassing him, some of you might never really get on his level, since everyone is different. But please, keep the "I've become so powerful John is no match for me muahahaha" to a minimum. (again Zeus' champion as example: throw many lighting bolts per second, powerful aoe thunder waves, create small lighting storms over his head and having a thundering voice)

    The Story
    Our team will consist of a group of 5 newly recruited champions. Freshmen, just identified as champions and brought to London to be recruited into the vigilantes. John Johnson, a bitter veteran and fully fledged champion is recalled from retirement into service as resources and manpower are wearing thin. The newcomers and the war torn man are brought together in an unlikely turn of events as they set out on a mission that would turn the tables of the war unlike anything ever before…

    That as a small window into chapter one. Overall, I will play John Johnson and narrate the story background and usher us through the preliminary storyline I have in mind. Chapter one is more or less planned out in its major events and will set the course for the whole RP, but from there I will leave you a lot of free room in personal life (stay at headquarters in London & “free time” to develop character relations and personalities) and on missions (sometimes *minor* missions e.g. missions that don’t drive the story and in between those the big missions that will drive the overall story arch forward). On missions I will occasionally point or usher into a certain direction. However, you are the players and your choices are what matters. While I do have a plot in mind that slowly unravels the secrets of what the demonspawn really are, what happens at a hatching and the true nature of the gods, I will always accommodate and adjust depending on what you do as players.

    *Edit*: The idea is basically that your characters are random, average people from all over the world who happened to be chosen by a god. Since champions are rare, the vigilantes are looking for them and as soon as a champion is identified, they invite you to London to inform you about your recruitment.
    Imagine it: The world is at war with an enemy that could as well come from the deepest parts of hell. Demonic creatures that are ruthless and kill everything in sight, apparently almost unstoppable by conventional weapons. And now, you, the average Jane or Joe, that woman who used to sell fish on the market or that guy who drives a taxi cab is recruited to the front lines, to fight a merciless battle, simply because of the fact that some random god "chose" you. How will you react? Will you curse your fate and the god that supposedly bestowed a "blessing" upon you? Or will you embrace this possibility to fight for humanity and to destroy the enemy that threatens to wipe out your people? Or will you feel something completely else?

    Need to know
    Mature [18+].
    This RP will be mature. There will be blood and gore, sometimes a lot of it and sometimes sickening to both the characters and, if you don’t have the stomach for it, the players. Even if the champions and blessed people have certain protection agains the demonspawns devastating magic, a direct hit of an ogre sized beast's fist or the quick slash of a zerglings deadly claws are still sure to bust you open like a pinata and splatter your intestines on the floor like candy. The demonspawn are ruthless and there was and will be gruesome acts in this world we will play in. Not just mindless violence, but also mindgames, psychological warfare and, if I may say so, mindfucks (I have a few things and plans in my head, if they work out it’ll be pretty awesome. Horrible, but awesome. I won’t promise too much but I hope everything will work out).

    There will be death in this RP as I already mentioned above. And since death is a daily companion of champions fighting the demonspawn, the main characters of our story (the players) are by no means simply "shielded" from dying since "they are the main characters". There might be a death of one of our characters, maybe randomly and seemingly senselessly, maybe their death has meaning. But prepare that one of your characters will die during the course of our story. This doesn't mean that the respective player will simply be shut out of the rp of course. You can return to the RP in another form, most likely in the form of the person who takes the spot of the killed champion. From there, you will have to find your place in the group anew and win their trust when they will see you as nothing bu a replacement for their lost friend...

    Just be prepared that you might get killed off during the story :) If you really REALLY don't want your character to die, PM me at the start of the RP and I will see to it that you're spared. I'm no cruel man ;)

    Anime touches here and there
    If you don’t like anime, that’s fine. Your mind is your own and you are free to imagine things however you want them too. However, I need to mention that certain parts of this RP are playing in Anime format in my head. Not all of it, especially not John Johnson who is more of a British sailor guy in my head, but some parts of the RP are clearly anime shaped. Just so you know.

    No first come first serve
    This RP isn't "first come first serve", as always with my RPs. I choose players based on how well I like the CS. In case of more interest than spots (5) I will choose the players whose CS I liked most. This is my rule and I know it's biased but it's how I do things as a GM.


    God & Powers
    : Which god did choose your character as their champion and what powers did they give? The powers should somehow mirror the god. No matter who your god is, they might be gods of a completely different part of the earth and the champion doesn't even have to believe in said god!
    Personality: What's your character like? What are his traits? Personality should be detailed
    Biography: What is your characters background? Where does he/she come from? Remember, any nationality, race and sexual orientation goes. People are selected as champions randomly all over the planet. Biography too should be detailed.

    Additional Info [Quirks and facts]

    The traitor
    One of you will be a traitor. By some twist of fate, be it their own, twisted nature or by a dark calling of evil forces at work, the traitor will at some point turn and betray his friends and allies in their darkest hour. What happens after that is up to you and the story. A fall so deep there is no chance of return? A slow progress to realization of their fall and a return to their friends side to seek redemption? Or something else, unexpected, that will drive our heroes to their lowest points or lets them rise up higher than ever before?

    How this will work:

    - If you are interested in or already willing to take on the traitor role in the game, PM me without announcing this in the thread or any other place. Your characters will learn quite soon into the RP that there is a traitor in their midst. The twist is that you, the players, don’t know who the traitor is either, save for the traitor himself of course. So the game of “who is the traitor” affects the players as well; is it the dark, broody guy who is the most suitable candidate for going Anakin? Or is it the cheerful gutsy girl that no one expected to suddenly be called upon by dark forces twisting her mind to their will? The traitor is free to choose the way in which the path to betrayal works, but we will correspond via PM and work it out together so that I as GM know how to drive the story to accommodate the traitor’s switching sides

    The prophecy
    One of your characters will receive a three part presage. If the character obeys it, or if they choose to ignore it is up to them of course. The prophecy will happen openly in the thread, and all the players know about it. If the other characters know about it is up to the player whose character received the presage. The moments in the RP when the warnings or hints of the presage are about to become reality are fairly clearly marked. How your character reacts is up to you. Just know that depending on your choices, the results could be fatal. After all, who knows who sent the presage?
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  2. Bump. No takers?
  3. CS incoming
  4. Im interested ill send a CS asap
  5. Name: Winter Xypher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    God & Powers
    : Greek god Hades Lord of the Underworld. He gave her the power to create and control blue fire that covers her body and whatever weapon is in her hands the fire doesnt harm her or her weapon but burns anyone that it touches acting as a shield, it also boosts the damage of any weapon she wields.
    Appearance: 1148095769_loyal.jpg
    Winter has soft pale skin, long golden blonde hair with a few dark blue streaks through it that falls down in waves. She has one royal blue eye and one blood red one with a eerie glow to it at times. Shes 5'7 and 150 pounds with long legs and a hour glass figure, also in great shape. She has a heart shaped face with a small'sh nose, heart shaped pouty lips, and eyes that almost look like anime with usually big pupils. She has her upper ear pierced on the right side with a silver dragon going half way down her ear. She wears a black duster with red angel wings printed onto the back, a dark red turtleneck short sleeve shirt, black jeans, black combats boots with silver buckles on them, fingerless black leather gloves, and sunglasses to hide her mismatched eyes.

    Weapons: She carries duel swords across her back in black sheaths. 4e8ea27b4719a_225788b.jpg

    Personality: She is a naturally quiet, independent, and calm person slow to anger unless the people she cares for are threatened than she reveals a dark side that isnt afraid to kick anyones a*s. She is friendly and caring but never quite completely open with others like shes hiding a part of herself. Shes loyal and trustworthy when she makes a promise she does everything she can to keep it. She loves animals and children and has a habit of listening to music if not otherwise occupied. She refuses to harm any innocent and will loose her temper if one is harmed in front of her. People tell her she has a very calming aura and reasonable mind that can solve disputes without harming anyone.

    Biography: Winter is from Greece she is Greek, Irish, and English she has a Greek accent. She comes from a poor family that had a business in construction. She has 3 siblings shes the youngest of a twin brother/sister, and oldest sister. Her two sisters were killed shortly after The Hatching started trying to find safety, her mother and father died a year after sacrificing their lives to the Demonspawn to save Winter and her brother. Winter and her brother stayed together until she turned eighteen thats when her brother decided to go separate ways and he moved to America, he was never a really loving brother. Being completely alone and abandoned at 18 she worked hard to survive becoming a master swordsmen until she made a pact with Hades. Shortly after Winter was recruited into The Vigilantes.
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  6. Great to see interest popping up after all.

    I noticed I failed to put an "appearance" tab into the CS requirements, that's a mistake on my part. Please create a section "Physical Appearance" in your CS right after "God & Powers*. I'll update the thread accordingly.

    *Edit*: @Obsidian yes please fill in her appearance as well :)
  7. Okay I filled it in =)
  8. Right, a few things:

    1. Okay, I know your thing says 18+. I'm 17, but I'm close to 18 as is, I've seen, heard, and thought of a lot of stuff that could be considered questionable, sociopathic, and downright insane, so I can be prepared for gruesome, and would be disappointed if this was watered down blood and gore. And pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, could you make an exception in that rule? I feel this is something I'd excel in, and would love to have a chance at it.

    2. What sort of gods are we talking about? Any gods from lore, generated by the belief of their followers?

    3. What exactly are the appearances of demonspawn? Are each unique, or can they be classified by breeds?

    4. Shouldn't the Templars be pretty pissed that some of these new gods are pagan? (This is a joke, you need not respond to this fourth question).
  9. 1. I'm fine with letting you join but if any of the site's administrators are unhappy with that I'll have to budge. No worries the RP is not going to "water down" with blood and gore. Gore is not there for the sake of gore but because it underlines the brutality of the world this rp plays in, and I'll likely not go overboard with it.

    2. As I said in the top post of the thread, any kind if deity anyone has possibly ever believed in goes.

    3. I will go into greater detail about the appearences and forms of demonspawn once the rp starts.

    4. The vigils are a reshaped Templar Order with new goals and motives and as such no longer carry the religious values of the original order
  10. If you get the link to the "zombie sword" on the bottom of my post, ignore that. It was my representation of Alain's katana, but decided against adding it too late.
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  15. If you like I can make another character and play as 2, can be male or female
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    Being that you are my minion (at least, I believe it's you) on another RP, I COMMAND THEE TO JOIN THIS STORY!
  17. As you wish my lord *Bows*



    Name: Haven Delrick
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21

    God & Powers: The Greek goddess Artemis blessed Haven with great eye sight, even at night. She also has fast hands and quick reflexes. Artemis also gave two strange gifts to Haven, the first was a puppy, found on the familes front porch on her second birthday. The second was a strange bow and matching quiver full of silver arrows, that appeared on the front porch of the house. Haven had a knack for shooting it, and has used it since.

    Personality: Haven is nice, sweet, and observant. She is protective of her dog, Arrow, and her bow. She is proud of her aim, and if is ever insulted gets rude quick, getting in a pretty bad mood for a short time.

    Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Haven grew up with three older brothers (Drake, Devin, and Dylan) a loving mother (Brooke) and loving father (Bryan). The men grew up loving hunting, which also caused Haven to be sort of a "tomboy" and also go hunting once or twice. She doesnt seem to like guns, and used her bow to hunt. Arrow even acted as a hunting dog, retrieving the small animals she shot with her bow. At the age of 19, the two oldest brothers, Devin and Drake, moved to Florida. A week after the two left, her youngest brother got in an accident and has ever since been in a coma. The family was devastated her mother being the worst. In her sorrow, Brooke went a tad bit psycho, blaming Haven and nearly killed her. Confused and fearing her mother, Haven stole a large amount of money and ran away, taking her bow, quiver of arrows, and her dog with her. She got an apartment in Colorado. She lived there for two years, and now 21 the group known as the Vigilantes contacted her. She took their offer and booked a flight to London, burning the unopen letters from her family before she left.

    Her Bow


    Arrow, Her Dog
  18. Lol now I dont know if we can make more than one that's why im asking gm. And im sure you can't play god XD
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