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  1. Name: Raxgandr

    Species: World Serpent

    Age: UNKNOWN

    Appearance: Raxgandr is best described as a biomechanical terror that does not respect any sense of human aesthetics or conform to any normal of beauty. He is a mass of untamed, constantly-regenerating flesh as well as machinery that actually grows with his body, expanding and always creating new devices to use. Though Raxgandr does not have a constant form because his organs are always shifting, it is mostly just the smaller details that change. As such, he can be roughly described as an enormous snake, but the parallel ends at the general shape.

    First of all, Raxgandr’s jaw is quite pronounced, long and lined with many razor sharp teeth as well as a large variety of blades and spikes. It is covered with heavy, sectioned armour plates that let glimpses of Raxgandr’s sickly red flesh through. Even more strangely, the head does not have eyes in the traditional sense. Instead, several armour plates have a circle burned into them that occasionally open up, revealing blank, pure white eyes without a hint of an iris or a pupil in them. This is particularly unnerving as the pattern of the eyes opening and closing does not have any order to it.

    Secondly, though Raxgandr’s body is indeed long like that of a snake, there are countless large tumours connecting to it that drip corrosive pus, not to mention the skeletal appendages that appear and disappear at random. There are very few permanent appendages that remain attached to the main body, not to mention that even the tumours are migrating from one place to another. What is more, the machinery spread through his body is inseparably intertwined with his flesh, unifying them into something greater than the sum of their parts.

    Finally, Raxgandr is lined with exposed nerves and veins, strange growths that look like buildings, metal structures that resemble organs and bones that serve no visible purpose. At points, sharp metal edges protrude from his body, angled outright impractically or in a way that does not provide any protection to Raxgandr at all.

    Personality: As an extra-dimensional being, Raxgandr is completely unclassifiable, however, a few of his traits certainly shine through his alien thought process. Namely, he is manipulative to an absurd and unbelievable degree and he is extremely good at what he does. Using a combination of the most influential human emotions, but primarily pleasure and pain, Raxgandr can turn any person into his willing slave under the course of a few weeks. Not even a strong mind can resist his influence for long as he will keep his torment up until the victim no longer has the presence of mind to resist him.

    Another one of Raxgandr’s traits is his merciless nature as well as his refusal to back down. He is absolutely ruthless in carrying out his goal and he will fight even against insurmountable odds. Even when on his last feet, Raxgandr will be fighting his enemies with all of his power and he does not hesitate to kill an opponent quickly, even if doing so leaves a mess of blood along with other body fluids. But other than these traits, Raxgandr’s personality is unclassifiable.


    Manipulator – Though he has not lived amongst humans for too long, Raxgandr has a knack for preying on people’s emotions and using them for his own goals. While he has not found himself a human who was willing to accept him, he has kept himself alive by fooling people to defend him or to bring necessities to him. While he is not perfect yet, he is developing into a masterful manipulator, one who will eventually be able to brainwash people into willingly serving him, even if they are adults.

    Stalker – To put it simply, Raxgandr has learned how to stay silent and invisible using both his nature as well as the observations he made over time. If need be, he can remain completely undetected for months, lurking in spaces where nothing can see, then obliterate his enemy with overwhelming force. This skill of his also makes him capable of mentally breaking people down by dropping small hints that something is following them, but never revealing himself.


    Abstract Cancer – Raxgandr is effectively invulnerable, but not because the metal integrated into his body is so strong. While that does play a role in defending him, the greatest aspect that he has is his flesh, not the machines. When he is injured in a place, instead of a scar, a huge, tumorous mass will appear on his body that cushions further hits. Should this mass be injured, it will continue to spread, changing and growing by integrating the world around it into itself. This means that the more injuries Raxgandr suffers in a fight, the stronger he becomes. Fortunately, this effect is mostly temporary and only lasts for a few hours before the first tumours start to disappear.

    Shroud – As a being beyond human comprehension, Raxgandr’s mere presence warps the way humans see reality. In effect, it is as if he was surrounded by a thick fog that twists human perspective in interesting and cruel ways. While short-term exposure only results in minor discomfort, people who are in his presence for a long time start to experience hallucinations and eventually start losing their grip on sanity.

    Contract – While Raxgandr’s adult form is an immensely powerful being, he is still just an infant, someone who needs the help of others to continue evolving and eventually hatch. Until he becomes an adult, Raxgandr is capable of marking a person who is protected from his insanity-inducing presence and who can summon him to protect themselves. He can also communicate with this person using a form of conveying concepts that is similar to telepathy, yet it is something completely different. The person who is marked is bound to Raxgandr as a slave and they have to obey his orders lest they wish to die a drawn-out, painful death.
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  2. Name: Claudia

    Age: 12

    Sex: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Claudia grew up in a faithful home with her parents and her elder brother, Lawrence. She grew up knowing love, kindness, truth, peace, and obedience. Every day, Claudia would become more like that of which her parents wanted her to be, a blossoming bud that would one day be a perfect flower. Because Claudia was still young, her parents believed that she could easily escape the world’s evils. Her parents did the best they could to be sure that Claudia succeeded in school, in friendships, and in just being a little girl.

    At the age of ten, Claudia’s life began to change for the worst. On a late winter night, a month after her tenth birthday, Claudia and her parents received the news of Lawrence’s death. The first police report had said that he was killed in a car crash due to his losing control over the vehicle over an icy bridge, thus making his car skid off the side and into the depths of the water below. After the funeral a week later, a call was made to Claudia’s parents. Claudia eavesdropped as the caller told the final report of her brother’s death. He was murdered by an unknown hand due to unresolved reasons. The killer had murdered Lawrence in such a way that it was supposed to be made to look like an accident. The knife cuts that revealed some kind of torture were sliced in ways to look like windshield glass or metal from the car had cut through his skin. The caller said that whoever killed Lawrence had more intention than murdering a random person, so there was clear evidence that Lawrence had been targeted for a reason.

    As Claudia listened, she could swear she heard her father whispering, “I knew it…” in the background.

    The months that followed were tough ones on Claudia’s part. She couldn’t comprehend her brother’s death or why he had been killed. She felt anger towards the person who placed their filthy hands on Lawrence, and all she wished was for their fate to do to them what they did to her brother. Schooling became tough for her as her thoughts ran around in circles, chasing each other, back and forth within her brain, yelling at her words like, “Why?” and “Who?,” and all she could do was break down in bowling pots of tears until she was eventually sent home for the day.

    Seven months after her brother’s death and another tragedy fell upon Claudia. She was kidnapped, tortured, and almost put to death.

    It was during the summer. School was out, it was hot, and boredom passed on throughout the town. The sun was at its set, and the sky grew darker each passing minute. Claudia was walking home from the library with two books clutched tightly in her arms. She knew her parents would be angry for her coming in later than they had requested, but she had lost track of time while she had sat on the floor between two bookshelves and read a good one hundred pages of a book she found fascinating. She crossed over the small bridge that divided the small town and the small streets on the outskirts, one of which her house was a part of. She felt uneasy as she passed small family owned shops that were closed for the day, but she didn’t take enough notice to it to feel alarm as she steadily went through mini shortcuts she had found that led to her house.

    As she rounded a corner that marked three blocks from her home, she felt a breeze come forth from behind her. It was a breeze that held darkness and death. She didn’t have time to react before she felt herself falling to the ground in a cloud shrouded in blackness.

    She didn’t know how long she was out, what she did know is that when she awoke she found herself bounded by the wrists and ankles and attached to a pole. Light roared in her vision and the sounds of logs breaking crackled and popped. Very little made sense to her at that moment and all she could hope for was that it was some kind of awful dream. Unfortunately, it was all too real. Figures moved in the distance, ones of which she could not make out, and some she could. The ones she noted were all wearing robes of different colors, such as black, red, and purple. The robes were addressed with hoods that covered the figures’ heads and masks covered their faces. It was as though Claudia was thrown into a bad omen as one of these figures made its way into her field of vision. This one was dressed in a red robe and a simple black mask, with unruly red patterns, covered the face. The figure smiled at her a twisted smile and spoke, “I see you have awakened, child. It is about time.” The voice was rough and low, and clearly a man’s. The man reached up and plucked a strand of hair from Claudia’s scalp before he presently walked off.

    Claudia watched as the red-robed man walked towards the fire and seemingly threw the strand of hair in. The man turned and faced the crowd of hooded figures. “It is time,” the man spoke as he raised his hands into the air and began to hum. The rest of the crowd joined him in the humming as a figure draped in purple approached the fire and began to, in what seemed like a different language, chant. The one draped in purple danced around the fire and threw random items in, halting here and there to seemingly look Claudia straight in the eyes. Claudia began to try to unbound herself. She didn’t like the feeling she was receiving from this new figure, the one in purple, and tried desperately to escape. As she did so, she could hear the purple-robed one laugh softly while continuing his chanting.

    As the chanting continued, Claudia felt herself grow weak and almost incapable of thought. She tried to focus her mind on how to escape and how to return home to her warm bed and the comforts of her parents. She felt worthless and powerless. She felt death coming her way as the night dragged on. She felt the same uneasy feeling she had felt when she first lost consciousness.

    The second time she awoke, Claudia found herself on the same pole, but surrounded by the figures, all with knives and weapons of the sort in their hands. They didn’t move. The figures stood there like statues, all staring up at her, their eyes were lit up by the fire, making them appear full of evil and no other emotion. Claudia couldn’t look away. Her eyes were locked onto theirs and chills ran up her spine, making her whole body shake with unease. Suddenly, Claudia felt pain rush up through her left leg. She thought one of them had stabbed her, but when she brought herself to look down, there was no wound. The pain rushed up through her leg and into her thigh. The pain caused her leg to tremble and shake and she tried to hold back tears. Another shot of agony pierced her right shoulder, which made her cry out in pain. Again and again, these shots of agony were betrothed onto her, as her face was shrouded by waterfalls of tears. Claudia found herself unable to breathe after a while, which caused her to gasp for air on more than one occasion. After many minutes of the strips of pain and pure nightmares, they finally ended and the crowd of hooded figures dispersed.

    They left Claudia attached to the pole for many more minutes until the man in red made his way to her once more. He smiled his twisted smile and said, “For now, we are done with you,” and once again Claudia found herself slipping into the blackness of unconsciousness.

    When Claudia awoke for the last time that night, she was in her room and in her bed. When she tried to move, she felt pain rush through her body and she almost cried out, but restrained herself from doing so. She clung to her teddy and somehow, although in deep fright, managed to fall asleep for the rest of the night.

    Ever since that drastic night, Claudia has never been the same. She wakes up in the middle of the night most nights, looks around her room, and on most occasions, swears she sees a hooded figure in the corner of her room for a split second before there is nothing at all there.

    Over the course of the last year, Claudia has changed drastically In almost every way possible… She doesn’t even know who she is anymore.

    Personality (old): Claudia was a well-mannered child that has grown up in a faithful home. She was creative and sensitive. She was bright and intelligent with the mixture of kindness and thoughtfulness added in. Claudia loved her parents and her elder brother. Claudia was happy in school and made many friends that she could never part with, always bringing them to places with her and never leaving them out when it came to birthdays, celebrations, and even simple weekend pizza nights. Anyone who knew Claudia could easily agree that she was a loving child that held a never-ending smile upon her young face.

    Personality (new): Claudia is still quite creative and thoughtful, as well as intelligent, but ever since her kidnapping and her brother’s death, Claudia has changed tremendously in mood and in actions. She no longer carries a smile upon her face, she no longer invites her friends over for everything, and she no longer knows how to love. She has begun to feel the life threats of anger and hatred towards everything that has happened and she has begun to think of things that she would normally dare not to think of. What she has realized is that most of these things feel natural to her, although she is frightened by most of them.

    She tries to act normal in school and around her parents, but as the days drag by, she finds herself beginning to dream of goring images and of horrible betrayals done by herself. Some people have begun to pick up on her change and are bewildered by it, but they have yet to say anything regarding the issue. Her parents have made arrangements for her to have monthly appointments with a therapist, but they are unsure of the outcome. Claudia is beginning to dissolve into an abomination of her former self.

    Hobbies: Her hobbies currently consist of reading, writing strange stories, day dreaming drastic and goring tales, and waiting for the perfect time to partake in revenge towards the people who caused her so much pain.
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