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  1. Prologue

    The year 2015 was a good year for humanity. Stock market prices were rising, world economy was reemerging from a crisis and recent conflicts in eastern Europe were ebbing away. The United Nations signed fresh charters of peace with newly established countries and three new species of snakes were discovered in the rainforests of Uganda. It was a truly good year for humanity in every aspect. Until the Hatching. On September 1, 2015, in a remote part of Johannesburg, South Africa, an egg, similar to that of an ostrich, was found seemingly abandoned on a seat at a hardly commuted train station. The only remarkable things about the egg were its texture that seemed knobbed and gnarled like that of an old tree and its peculiar, bilious green color. After a short news flash on a local TV station, the egg was left where it was to be whatever it wanted to be. Three weeks later, Johannesburg had disappeared from the world map. Another two weeks later, humanity was at war and the world as we know it had ended.

    2031. The world is a different place. Sixteen years after the Demonspawn had first emerged into our world, humanity is struggling to hold its ground against the unlikely invaders. The event that would come to be known simply as “The Hatching” was just the first of many to come. Shanghai, Cardiff, Malmo, Las Vegas, only to name the first ones to go. The eggs didn’t appear choosy where they spawned. It is unknown where they come from and what happens at a Hatching. All that would be left some weeks after a sighting would be radio silence and a new domain of the Demonspawn. In this humanity’s darkest hour, the gods returned.

    ~The Hatching~
    We are still here



    Fringe scientifical beings that are spawned through the common thought or belief that a higher being with paranormal power exists in this facet of reality and is capable, if not necessarily willing, to influence our realm. In the year 2019 – four years after the event known as "The Hatching" – major progress had been made into the realm of fringe science, more specifically into the paranormal activities related to human beings displaying what could only be described as “supernatural powers”. With the first Hatching there was a surge of people all over the world emerging with supernatural powers and a resistance to the Demonspawns devastating powers. Comparably small in numbers, these people had one thing in common; their powers seemed to be derived from paranormal beings existing on another plane of existence beyond our own – More commonly known, as “gods” and “heaven”. Research into these supernatural phenomena indicated that the mere thought – or belief – in any such creature would tap into formerly unknown areas of the human brain and release a distinct energy signature undetectable by any sensors used prior to the invention of the tessaract in 2019. This residual energy would bundle on the higher plane and give birth to a “god”. As such, an uncountable number of gods exists to this day. It is not gods that create believers – It is believers that create gods. On December 26., 2015, the gods descended to earth. Claiming champions all over the world and giving those supernatural powers – presumably to fight the Demonspawn – the gods gave birth to what science would come to refer to as “paranormal abilities that extend and/or exceed the limitations and rules of currently known physics and its correlating effects”. As such, magic was born in our world.”

    - "We are still here"; The annals of post-Hatching history and science, Chapter 5 [unknown author]

    As you could probably already see from the prologue and that little "quote", this RP is a Science-Fantasy RPG that plays in the early 21st century after the emerging of demon-like creatures - "Demonspawn" - that threaten to destroy humanity. Human kind is struggling to hold its ground and is fighting by back means of special people - "champions" - that are granted supernatural powers: magic. First I will give you some rough background information, then I'll talk briefly about what our story will look like and lastly give you some need-to-know and what the CS should look like and what I expect. In addition after the CS, there is some quirky additional information that will give the RP a special twist^_^

    Background information
    Demonspawn – Creatures born in events known as “Hatchings”. Nobody knows what the exactly Demonspawn are, where they come from and why the relentlessly seem bound to slaughter every human soul they encounter. What little Intel we have about them is assembled by the Vigils and stored in their Data centers in their HQ, London. So far, there are records of roughly three types of Demonspawn, but I will go into greater details about that once the RP starts.

    Hatching - An event that spawns a large number of Demonspawn in the affected area. A green egg would appear at a random place at a random time and hatch within roughly three weeks. It is unclear what exactly happens at a Hatching, but one thing is for certain: Wherever there is a sighting, there would be nothing left but radio silence, death and Demonspawn in the affected area. To this day, none had seen a Hatching personally and lived to tell the tale. After a Hatching, the affected area will change in shape and form dramatically. The visually most distinctive sign of an area where a Hatching happened is the looming green clouds that assemble over the area and wrap the place in an eerie light. The clouds are most dense at the point where the egg was located. Interestingly enough, the Demonspawn slaughter everything in the vicinity of that area the clouds are looming over, but they don't move past it. It might sometimes be a small town, sometimes a metropolis the size of New York City. So the advance of the Demonspawn is more of a gradual appearing all over the planet than an actual marching forward like in a traditional war, which gives them another whole layer of fright: How do you fight something that appears, seemingly randomly, at any given place at any given time, wipes that place out with seemingly no way of preventing it and then just stops, right there, right then, another small speck on the map lost to us and gained to them. It is a slow advance, but very, very gradual. It is also the reason why London was chosen as the main HQ for the Vigilantes; So far, the islands of Great Britain have for some reason been mostly spared from Hatchings, though much of Ireland has been has been devastated, initially starting at Belfast but later spreading to Dublin.
    It is not really clear what the Demonspawn do in the places they've conquered, but the area drastically changes its face and appearance after a Hatching. So far, even the Vigils were unable to retake even a single city that was overrun by the Demonspawn. While they seem to be evolving at an unprecedented pace, there were originally three breeds of Demonspawn (more will be added as we go. I leave you to point them out, be it unique individuals or whole new breeds).

    Breeds of Demonspawn:
    1. Zergling - Named after the infamous StarCraft units for their similar tactics and appearance. They swarm the skies and ground, attacking either in massive swarms or in smaller packs. While numbers are their unique advantage, they are far from helpless on their own. Strong enough to flip a jeep and with claws and fangs sharp enough to rip through steel, the creatures also manage to carry their weight in sustained flight, thus eliminating air combat as an advantage. Seven feet tall when erect, 18 feet long (counting the tail).
    2. Hydra - Thus named for the seemingly infinite number of tentacles that spring up across afflicted cities, it is theorized that there is only one Hydra per Hatching, and that the tentacles seen are only small portions of it. Given the number of tentacles, many pray that a battle never results in an encounter with the actual head. Tentacles vary in size, but the largest encountered was over 28 feet high.
    3. Afflicted - During a Hatching, there are no human survivors. Most are eaten by Zerglings or brutally slaughtered by Hydras. But those that manage to survive the initial waves are only faced with a worse fate: Affliction. The process itself is unexplained and is too dangerous to study. But what is known is that the exposure to the energies of a Hatching for a prolonged period of time result in a metamorphosis into a Demonspawn-Human hybrid. Other Demonspawn disregard them, and humans become their prey. They're very easy to kill, and are about the same size as any ordinary human, though far stronger. Champions and Blessed are immune to the strange effects of the Hatching, and as such cannot turn into Afflicted.

      Vigilantes – The Vigils are an organization based in London that fights the Demonspawn wherever it appears. It is a reshaped Templar order fitted for modern times and with one goal: Protect and restore humanity. They are based on the Templar Order from the game "The Secret World" for those of you who know it. The leaders recruit people from all over the world, normal humans, blessed and especially, champions. Their headquarters near Piccadilly Square serves as an gathering point for all those willing to fight the threat. Here, battle plans to fight the Demonspawn are thought out, and first aid is sent into afflicted countries. It is a safe haven for those looking for protection and peace of mind in these dark times. Lastly, it is as a training facility for newly recruited champions, as the death toll for those fighting in the war is phenomenally high. For our characters it will be one place first and foremost: Home.

    Champions – Chosen by a god, often seemingly random and with no relation to their background, these people are the champion of their god, representing them on this planet. They are granted paranormal powers mirroring the properties of the god they were blessed by.

    Blessed – While the champions are chosen by their god and receive their gift, there is only one champion per god. And even though there are many gods, the number of gods – and conclusively the number of champions – is finite. On the other hand, there is a larger number of people that are “blessed” by any god. As such, they receive the same protection from Demonspawn the champions have, yet none of the magical properties or abilities.

    Eye of Thoth– The Eye of Thoth is an object that detects the supernatural aura emitted from humans chosen by a god. It was invented in 2019 by a team of scientist researching the paranormal abilities of people blessed by a god, led by a champion imbued with knowledge by his god Thoth.

    Powers - The powers the champions received by their god have a wide range. They are not necessarily always aggressive and "useful in a fight". Depending on the god the power can be more subtle or defensive. There is an uncountable number of gods, from Egyptian gods like Osiris, over Greek gods like Poseiden to Norse gods like Freya and beyond. Each culture has gods or supernatural beings, Shinto kami, Hindu gods, celtic spirits, just pick one or create one yourself.
    As far as "how powerful is my character" is concerned I can say that over the course of the story your character will grow more powerful as they discover and train their abilities. Rougly, I'll say there are three stages.

    Three Stages:
    - First Stage: When your characters first set foot into vigilantes headquarters, they will be rookies. They will just have received their powers and still be in the process of getting to know what they can do. Their powers will be comparably weak and they will have only 1 effect they can produce (e.g. Zeus' champion throw one weak lighting bolt per 15 seconds or so)
    - Second Stage: After the initial introductory stage, your characters will train and gradually become better. Stage two is not really a stage but more of a process; As they go on missions and/or stay in London for downtime near Vigils headquarters, they will slowly become more powerful and gain additional effects (e.g. Zeus' champion throw multiple lightning strikes per minute and create thunder waves/shockwaves that throw back enemies)
    - Third Stage: Towards a later stage of the RP, your characters will become fully fledged champions and as such display powers worthy of a half-god. Note that John Smith, my "guide" character is already a fully fledged champion at the start of the RP since he has served for 9 years as a vigil already. You can observe him and take his level as the level you will reach throughout the RP. Some of you might end up surpassing him, some of you might never really get on his level, since everyone is different. But please, keep the "I've become so powerful John is no match for me muahahaha" to a minimum. (again Zeus' champion as example: throw many lighting bolts per second, powerful aoe thunder waves, create small lighting storms over his head and having a thundering voice)

    The Story
    Our team will consist of a group of 5 newly recruited champions. Freshmen, just identified as champions and brought to London to be recruited into the vigilantes. John Smith, a bitter veteran and fully fledged champion is recalled from retirement into service as resources and manpower are wearing thin. The newcomers and the war torn man are brought together in an unlikely turn of events as they set out on a mission that would turn the tables of the war unlike anything ever before…

    That as a small window into chapter one. Overall, I will play John Smith (and whatever other character I frickin' choose) and narrate the story background and usher us through the preliminary storyline I have in mind. Chapter one is more or less planned out in its major events and will set the course for the whole RP, but from there I will leave you a lot of free room in personal life (stay at headquarters in London & “free time” to develop character relations and personalities) and on missions (sometimes *minor* missions e.g. missions that don’t drive the story and in between those the big missions that will drive the overall story arch forward). On missions I will occasionally point or usher into a certain direction. However, you are the players and your choices are what matters. While I do have a plot in mind that slowly unravels the secrets of what the Demonspawn really are, what happens at a Hatching and the true nature of the gods, I will always accommodate and adjust depending on what you do as players.

    *Edit*: The idea is basically that your characters are random, average people from all over the world who happened to be chosen by a god. Since champions are rare, the vigilantes are looking for them and as soon as a champion is identified, they invite you to London to inform you about your recruitment.
    Imagine it: The world is at war with an enemy that could as well come from the deepest parts of hell. Demonic creatures that are ruthless and kill everything in sight, apparently almost unstoppable by conventional weapons. And now, you, the average Jane or Joe, that woman who used to sell fish on the market or that guy who drives a taxi cab is recruited to the front lines, to fight a merciless battle, simply because of the fact that some random god "chose" you. How will you react? Will you curse your fate and the god that supposedly bestowed a "blessing" upon you? Or will you embrace this possibility to fight for humanity and to destroy the enemy that threatens to wipe out your people? Or will you feel something completely else?

    Need to know
    Mature [18+].
    This RP will be mature. There will be blood and gore, sometimes a lot of it and sometimes sickening to both the characters and, if you don’t have the stomach for it, the players. Even if the champions and blessed people have certain protection agains the Demonspawns devastating magic, a direct hit of a massive beast's fist or the quick slash of a Demonspawn's deadly claws are still sure to bust you open like a pinata and splatter your intestines on the floor like candy. The Demonspawn are ruthless and there was and will be gruesome acts in this world we will play in. Not just mindless violence, but also mindgames, psychological warfare and, if I may say so, mindfucks (I have a few things and plans in my head, if they work out it’ll be pretty awesome. Horrible, but awesome. I won’t promise too much but I hope everything will work out).

    YOU WILL DIE. Maybe you will be senselessly slaughtered by a Demonspawn during an attack. Maybe you will selflessly sacrifice yourself to save us all. There will be no Plot Armor defending you. If you decide to kill off your character or I pull some strings to decapitate you, you aren't banished from the thread (unless I say so). Feel free to make another character and give it another go. Enigma may not have been a cruel man, but I am. As you write your CS, know that I am thinking of the best ways to kill you. :)

    No first come first serve
    This RP isn't "first come first serve", as always with my RPs. I choose players based on how well I like the CS. In case of more interest than spots (5) I will choose the players whose CS I liked most. This is my rule and I know it's biased but it's how I do things as a GM.

    Mature Themes (V's Rules)
    Whatever you do, you are responsible for. Remember the basic rules of no underage character sex, and if you do that keep it in a PM or fade to black. Otherwise, go crazy. This rule is extended to both Teen and Adult members. I think most every Teen member has gone to the Libertine (T) section at some point, so I know that you know how to do this stuff. You can choose to do it if you want. HOWEVER. Under no circumstances may an Adult member do this stuff with a Teen member. Stay within your age groups. In short, an Adult member can do sexy things with another Adult member, and a Teen member can do that same stuff with another Teen member. BUT NO INTERMINGLING. I WILL KNOW IF YOU ARE, AND YOU WILL BE BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED IN EPIC COMBAT (maybe not so epic for you), THEN BANNED FOR LIFE FROM THIS RP.


    God & Powers
    : Which god did choose your character as their champion and what powers did they give? The powers should somehow mirror the god. No matter who your god is, they might be gods of a completely different part of the earth and the champion doesn't even have to believe in said god!
    Personality: What's your character like? What are his traits? Personality should be detailed
    Biography: What is your characters background? Where does he/she come from? Remember, any nationality, race and sexual orientation goes. People are selected as champions randomly all over the planet. Biography too should be detailed.

    Additional Info [Quirks and facts]

    The Traitor
    One of you will be a traitor. By some twist of fate, be it their own, twisted nature or by a dark calling of evil forces at work, the traitor will at some point turn and betray his friends and allies in their darkest hour. What happens after that is up to you and the story. A fall so deep there is no chance of return? A slow progress to realization of their fall and a return to their friends side to seek redemption? Or something else, unexpected, that will drive our heroes to their lowest points or lets them rise up higher than ever before?

    How this will work:

    - If you are interested in or already willing to take on the traitor role in the game, PM me without announcing this in the thread or any other place. Your characters will learn quite soon into the RP that there is a traitor in their midst. The twist is that you, the players, don’t know who the traitor is either, save for the traitor himself of course. So the game of “who is the traitor” affects the players as well; is it the dark, broody guy who is the most suitable candidate for going Anakin? Or is it the cheerful gutsy girl that no one expected to suddenly be called upon by dark forces twisting her mind to their will? The traitor is free to choose the way in which the path to betrayal works, but we will correspond via PM and work it out together so that I as GM know how to drive the story to accommodate the traitor’s switching sides

    The Prophecy
    One of your characters will receive a three part presage. If the character obeys it, or if they choose to ignore it is up to them of course. The prophecy will happen openly in the thread, and all the players know about it. If the other characters know about it is up to the player whose character received the presage. The moments in the RP when the warnings or hints of the presage are about to become reality are fairly clearly marked. How your character reacts is up to you. Just know that depending on your choices, the results could be fatal.

    Blatantly stolen from the late Enigma for being a dick and leaving Iwaku before even starting this RP. Editing has been kept to a minimum.
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  2. Name:
    Wyvern Jenkins



    God & Powers:
    Osiris, the God of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead. She can make anyone fall unconscious, however only a small group of people, (5 maximum.) If she concentrates on only one person, she could potentially kill them, or injure them very badly. Consequently, her energy is depleted very quickly. When Wyvern will attend her full potential power, she'll be able to kill a whole crowd of monsters, wothout depleting her energy.

    Wyvern is serious and has a cold personality. Being the champion of the Egyptian god of death depicts her somewhat rude and selfish façade. She despises laziness, and thinks it's important to be in control of your powers, and also to be concentrated during battles. She's not sure if she believes in Osiris or not, only time will tell. Even though she was blessed with this gift, she considers it more of a burden. She isn't sociable, and doesn't make friends easily. Why she does that is because she doesn't want to get close with someone else, and in the end, seeing them die, or it being the other way around.


    Wyvern was born in the small town of Presteign, England. Although she was born there, she lived on a remote farm two hours from the village, along with her grandmother. She does have that British accent, since she's British, she's also white. Her mother died when Wyvern was born, and her father had died on the field, killing those horrid monsters, before she was born. Living off the land, she never really communicated with the outside world, (also because she doesn't like annoying people. Shhhh.) Anyways, her powers were first revealed when she was running after one of the sheep who just, would not go back into the pen. She yelled at it to stop -because apparently animals listen to humans now- and it fell over, unconscious. Afterwards, Wyvern felt very tired and fell unconscious on the ground too. Her grandmother found her in the field, and the sheep, who wasn't unconscious, but actually dead. Incidents kept on happening over the next few weeks, until and invitation was sent to her from the Vigilantes to join them. She had to agree, or else her power was going to spin out of control one day or another. Now here she is.

    Her red hair shows her fiery personality, and her cold blue eyes depict the walls she was built around her as to not hurt others or herself.
    Who knows, maybe someday she'll open up.​
  3. Name: Cheng Wei

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    God & Powers: Hades: Cheng is able to raise people of past lives from the dead to do his bidding. He has control over shadows. (ex. If Cheng felt threatened by another he could simply have a giant hand form at his feet and that hand could take that threat down in anyway Cheng wanted it to. That includes pulling them down to the underworld. The only beings he can't pull down to the underworld are the demons.) He can also do this thing he calls shadow travel, which is simply traveling from one shadow to another.

    Before Cheng received his powers, he was an excellent mixed martial artist, arsonist, and marksman. There's virtually no weapons he doesn't know how to use.

    Personality: Cheng can get violent quite quickly. He has a short temper, but never really shows it (Unless you lay a hand on him). He doesn't get annoyed that easy. He has a leader-like attitude about him. Is always flirty, but tries not to be cocky. Has a sexual style with almost everything he does. There is also a very slight chance he's insane.

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Biography: Cheng Wei comes from humble beginnings. He grew up in the streets of Hong Kong stealing, robbing, and doing whatever he could to buy medicine, and food for his ill mother. His Father was never really around, but whenever he was, he would let out his drunken anger on poor Cheng. When Wei was 17 his mother finally passed, expectedly. Cheng's drunken father was convinced that it was Wei's fault at this point, so Cheng's father set out to kill his only son. Little did his father know, that at this point, Wei had lied about his age for the past few years and entered a major branch of the Triad gang called the 18k at only 15. So when his father confronted him in the apartment Wei grew up in, he was immediately beat down and shot twice in the back and once in the back of the head, by none other than Cheng Wei, his cold hearted, ruthless son, who, at this point, had more than enough of his father's bull shit.

    Two years later, Wei was appointed the leader of the 18k at a young age of 20 right after the Grand Master Elders. Of course, he was still believed to be two years older than he actually was. He stayed leader for 5 years committing ruthless crimes and rising further to the top, taking over other gangs, betraying and backstabbing so many different people. The world of course was turning to shit. Asia, however, was not being affected as harshly as the rest of the world was. By the time he was 25 the 18k had taken over most of Asia, including Japan. It was on his 26th birthday when Asia had finally been taken over by the demons and supernatural beings. Most of Asia had been swallowed by the catastrophes that have been taking place all over the world. Wei was able to escape on a private jet. It was then when he was chosen, by the ruthless god of the underworld, Hades. The plane spiraled out of control, by an unknown force. He blacked out on the way down, but he awoke. His eyes fluttered open to the site of what looked like American Civil War veterans standing over him. Once he came to his senses they seemed to have faded away. He woke up only to see a devastated and broken city of Baghdad, Iraq. He got up to his feet and felt something pocket. He took it out to realize it was an envelope with no writing or stamp on it. He opened only to see an invitation. He read it over a couple times not believing his eyes. He was going to be part of the Vigilantes. What shocked him even more was finding out he was chosen by the infamous god, Hades.

    (Not all that sure how you want the characters to get to the place, so I'll just leave it there until further notice lol)

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  4. Name: Emerald

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    God & Powers: Loki, god of mischief and lies.Her power allows her to shapeshift in to any being she has seen in her life, except for any of the demonspawn. She takes on all the physical traits of that which she shapeshifted in to, in effect she becomes a perfect physical replica of that which she shapeshifts in to. Though she can shapeshift in to the form of other champions, she is not a champion of the god of the champion she shapeshifted in to, and therefore has no access to the powers they possess. While she can maintain the form she has shapeshifted in to indefinitely, each time she shapeshifts without returning to her original form becomes more tiring for her.

    Personality: Emerald seems to only really care about her own life. She would willingly abandon everyone to the demonspawn if she could actually transform in to one in order to hide amongst them. She does not care at all about her fellow champions, or in fact other humans. Despite not caring about others, she is not by any means antisocial. In fact she is quite social and talkative, though she does seem to have a love for books as well. Loving mischief and mayhem, Emerald is always on the look out for objects she can steal from others or for ways she can prank others. She seems to gravitate to trouble with ease and whatever comes out of her mouth is just as likely to be a lie as it is to be truth.

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Biography: Born in New York City, New York, United States of America, her parents moved to England when she was only four years old. It was two years later that she would discover what she could do. There family had a fairly large german shepherd as a pet, and one day she had been chasing it. Focusing only on catching up to the large dog, she suddenly changed shape, going from running six year old to running giant dog. Her parents saw and ran after her, wondering what happened. Blinking at her parents, she then turned back to her original form. Knowing of her power her parents begged her not to use it, and she slowly nodded. It was only months later when her mother's life was taken and she and her father fled from England to Egypt where they would stay for the next couple of years. For ten years she remained with her father until when she was sixteen she had had enough. She wanted away from him, to be on her own. And so, in the middle of the night she slipped out of their apartment and changed her form in to that of her now dead mother. Once outside of the city where they were staying she shifted in to the form of the german shepherd who had been her pet when she was younger and made her way towards the African wilderness. Living as an animal in the wild for three years was not the most comfortable for the female, but it was her life for that time.
    Then came the recruiters, the ones who somehow sensed her for what she was. Transforming in to the form of a human, she gave them the name Emerald as her name, though she refused any other information. When they asked for her to come with them she asked what was in it for her. Most of their comments were worthless to her and therefore met with stubborn resistance. It was when one man mention safety from the abominations, the only beings she had ever failed to shapeshift in to, did she end up accepting their offer, and now here she was, ready for the next portion of her life.

    It is unknown whether this is her original form or simply the form she feels most comfortable in, similar to how it is unknown whether Emerald is her original name or just what she goes by in order to hide who she truly is.
  5. Name: Jonathan Smith


    Sexuality: Straight


    God & Powers
    : Chosen by the Greek deity Zeus for his valor and skills as a leader, John is imbued with the might of the storms and sky. When he was younger and just developing his powers, he had little more than the ability to fire off precision lightning bolts. Now, years after the first Hatching and his retirement, he has masterful control over electromagnetism and electrokinesis (absorption of electricity and manipulation of the same energy) and can successfully fly.

    Personality: Once upon a time, John was a socialite. Right out of college he was a pub crawler and a ladies man. His friends were superficial, his actions immature. Then he crashed his car and killed a mother and her child. Following his house arrest and the cutting off of his source of money, he grew morose and depressed. Life lost its meaning, and Jonathan died in a way no one would understand. Following his parole, John tried to and still struggles to reform himself, abstaining from alcohol, maintaining a cool composure, and getting angry only when it helps the situation. With his training with the SAS, John became even stricter, refusing to disobey rules or orders from a superior officer or higher power. He lacks the hatred most humans express towards Demonspawn, focusing on the nature of the job rather than trying to find an incentive for fighting harder.

    Biography: Born to a wealthy oil tycoon from northern Scotland and an automobile heiress from New York, John was spoiled from the moment of his birth. He was showered with gifts, surrounded by friends bought with promises of money and toys, and basically told he could do anything he wanted. The name of his father, McGregor, was an all-access pass to whatever he wanted. As he grew, John's behavior worsened. He was arrested twice in Rochester for drunk driving, and four times in the UK for disorderly conduct. But the money kept rolling in, and John kept doing his thing. Until he drove home one day from a fraternity party in America and swerved off the road. Strangely, no one was hurt except for a pregnant woman in the final days of her third trimester. It was only the intervention of his father, who hired a notoriously successful lawyer to get him out of the situation. He got away with house arrest, but lost the trust of his parents. For eight years (one spent stuck inside his house), he was on his own. His "friends" abandoned him, his living spaces dwindled from great mansions to rundown shacks. John's life was over.

    One day, after scrounging up what savings he had, Jonathan (now going by his mother's maiden name of Smith) moved to the United Kingdom, hoping to reconcile with his father (his mother having since cut him off herself). He never succeeded in even meeting the man. Determined to not make a waste of his life and seeing no other way to regain what shreds of honor he could, Jonathan renounced his United States citizenship and joined the Royal Air Force after months of training. Several years later, at the age of 32, Jonathan was selected to join the Special Air Service and managed to pass the tests. And in his eyes, he became the man he was meant to be. He saved lives, stopped terrorists, fought international enemies, and slowly the face of that woman faded from his nightmares. Yet all his training and skill could never have prepared him for what happened in Johannesburg, when several special forces teams from across the globe were called in to investigate and eliminate whatever threat was brewing in South Africa. The mission went relatively smoothly at the beginning: The various teams rendezvoused at the city limits and entered the city. Then the Demonspawn showed up. The first breed ever, a Zergling pack, managed to decimate the Delta Force squad mobilized to the east, leaving only one man to be found by Smith and his team. He spouted nonsense of monsters and massacres, and promptly blew his own brains out. Deciding their numbers was the best advantage they had, the squads met back up and slowly crawled through the city. They encountered more of the Demonspawn, and even some of the Afflicted. After a week of being stuck in the city, with the monsters surrounding them and unable to call for an evac or even air support due to radio interference, many of the soldiers started showing signs of Affliction. In two weeks, Jonathan was alone in the streets of a foreign city after having had to kill everyone who he had lived and trained with for years. On the last day of his mission in Johannesburg, Jonathan was surrounded by an aerial swarm of Zerglings. In an act of final desperation, he prepared to commit suicide by blowing himself up with a grenade bandolier. Instead, he ended up blasting one with a bolt of lightning, which promptly ricocheted around, taking down ten more. At the same time, the manifestation of a strange, bearded man appeared and blasted the rest out of the sky with a small lightning storm. Without introductions, the man claimed Jonathan as his Champion and teleported him out of the city.

    It was a short year later, following extensive debriefings and even his discharging from the military, that Jonathan was introduced to the first group of Vigils, who swiftly put him through a crash-course on fringe science. This was followed by his initiation into the group and training with his electrokinesis. He was deemed the first of the Champions, that of the Grecian god Zeus. With his powers, he led several more successful missions with better trained squads of Blessed and Champions for another eighteen years before it became too much for Jonathan. The fact that absolutely no ground was gained, that no lands could be successfully reclaimed, and that Hatchings continued to occur across the globe pushed him to the limit, not helped by one of his closest friends and students going insane. He left the Vigilantes, threw down his gun, and swore never to use his powers again. More than once was he approached by his former comrades to come back, but until recently rejected them. The argument that finally won him over was that the Thoth Division had been working on a secret weapon to use against the Demonspawn, or more specifically, their unique biomes. And it especially hit him when they said that more Champions than ever were dying off, sent off to the battlefield without proper training. With this thought in mind, a retired and battle worn Jonathan returned to London after his self-imposed exile in the Scottish wilderness.

  6. Two dead gods, one trickster, all three with psychological issues? Jesus Christ (the aptly named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Roleplay), how many of you are going for the traitor role?
  7. I wasn't specifically going for the traitor role, if I was I wouldn't have made my character unable to turn in to the demonspawn. I did that mostly to give her a reason not to turn against humanity.
    I. AM. DYING.
    ^so.. don't think of ways to kill me...

    okay time to write a CS ^^
  9. Name:
    E i r a F r a n c o i s
    Eira, meaning :snowflake:snow:snowflake:

    pronounced : AI-RAH FRANCE-WAH

    Well. Judging by the fact she can give birth:storkgirl:, and bleed monthly...


    God & Powers:
    Eira's God is Poseidon, God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and the creator of horses. It was said that Champions were chosen at random, completely disregarding where they came from. If that were true, it would be a cool coincidence that Eira's name happens to relate to Poseidon. After all, snow is merely another form of water. Obviously, her powers aren't going to be the ability to throw fire balls. Her power is control over the element, water. Controlling the element water also gives way to a secret ability, communication and control with sea creatures:dolphin:. She can actually call one with her shell:crab:. She has a miniature shell hanging from a silver chain that goes around her neck:seahorse:. Ever been told you can hear the ocean through a shell:orcawhale:? Well the ocean can also hear you:starfish:. That being said, she still enjoys the taste of sushi:maki:. Although Poseidon is also the God of earthquakes and the creator of horses, she hasn't yet been able to cause an earthquake and can only create horses out of water. Even though she can't yet master her earthquake ability, she has control over her elemental power-the control over water. Eira has complete control over the element of water... Even the different forms of water. Although she may not be very powerful, she can-with given time,- turn about a quarter of a cup of water into solid ice, or water vapor. Since she's not powerful, she hasn't yet been able to evaporate anything but water. It just takes time. In terms of power, she may be behind her fellow Champions, but her variety or range of powers extends farther.

    There's nothing really special about Eira's personality. She's neither shy, ambitious, obnoxious, or particularly well mannered. There is one thing, however. Eira never seemed to grow out of her teenage rebellious period. Her sarcastic remarks never seemed to fade, and neither did her inability to follow orders. For every one word that comes out of your mouth, Eira always seems to have a hundred waiting. She can find flaws in all of your words, not to mention loopholes. The worst part, is that she's stubborn. Whether it's something simple as picking up her clothes from the floor, to a problem that could be life threatening, if she says no, she means, no. Whether she's right or wrong, if she believes she's right, you HAVE to be wrong. As stated earlier, she's not particularly shy. Raised in a relatively high social standing family, shyness wasn't really an option. Growing up, the only objective she ever knew was to become the heir of her family's company. She never had any ambitions of her own. Raised in a rich family, she learned to be respectful, yet she wasn't very well mannered. That's where her sarcasm and stubbornness comes into view. It doesn't matter if you're a king, a queen, or a minister. She will speak up in a straightforward manner if she has something to say. Keeping it in isn't really her style.

    Eira was raised like a princess:valentine::carousel::princess:.
    Born in Europe, particularly France, as the heir to the sixth most influential family in the world, she was a big deal. She was raised to be a heir, but came out a Champion. What a weird turn of events. Her family wasn't exactly the most religious, but when the Devilspawn emerged, and Eira was chosen as a Champion, even they said, "Oh my God!" When Eira found out she was a Champion, it was the Vigilantes that had informed her how the system worked. She had realized she had powers, but didn't realize that people that were similar to her that were also chosen by Gods were called Champions. Weeks before the Vigilantes had come, she realized she could do things she never could before. One day, while drinking tea:soup:, she burned her tongue. She cursed and silently wished that the tea were cooler. She took another sip. It went from burning hot to icy cold. Sure, it was weird, but it wasn't as weird as when she took a swim in the pool, and moments later half the pool water evaporated:swimming:. The vigilantes invited her and her family to join them in London where the vigilantes headquarters were. As soon as her family heard that the area of London was the least affected, they agreed immediately, leaving everything behind but their wealth. Would you leave behind billions of dollars behind even if there was an apocalypse? Didn't think so.
    As Eira was said to be raised as a princess, it's only natural she grew up on fairytales. And in every fairytale, there's a prince, a princess, and a happy ending. That's the only ending she knows. One with a prince charming to her princess. Put bluntly, she's heterosexual.

    albino 2.jpg < Click to view full image
    albino.jpg < Click to view full image
    Surprise Surprise. Eira was born albino, and therefore named Eira, meaning snow.
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  10. Hmm... Evaporation? No, no. Maybe a brutal, violent aquatic Demonspawn attack? Maybe a concentrated beam of heat, boil the skin right off of her...

    Hey, what?! Oh. Yeah, you're in.
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    You terrify and intrigue me at the same time.
    I hope to never meet your acquaintance in real life:cheerful:.
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  18. I'm more frightened about what you just said then of my math test on Monday.
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  20. Name: Liliya Kaminski



    God & Powers
    : Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. Said to be created from the foam of the sea. And just like this beautiful goddess, Liliya has a way of controlling the opposite sex, well even the same sex, with her charming allure. Its easy for her to get her way, with just a wink she can have almost anyone under her spell. She discovered it one day in a coffee shop, jokingly wishing out loud for someone o buy her a coffee. Five people returned with a coffee for her. After a few more social experiments she came to the realization of what she could accomplish. But she's not too good at using her powers. At the moment, she's only skilled at getting information out of them by subtly using her powers. She still has much to learn, but has potential to be a powerful seductress, and able to control multiple people for extended periods of time.

    Personality: Liliya is young and innocent. Childish, but pure of heart. Which is good and bad at the same time. Even though her power can control people, she is pretty easy to manipulate. With a few kind words, anyone could have her ready to live, and die, for them. People tell her she's to reckless and trusting, others say she's loyal and sweet. All are true, but she's a good person, and tries her hardest to impress those around her. Most of this stems back to the fact she just wants to be loved and affectionate with someone, but due to the current state of the world, its not exactly easy for her.

    Biography: Raised in the Ukraine, Liliya was a ballet dancer. Starting at age two, her parents shoved her into a tutu and pushed her on the stage. For years she trained, strengthening her body with rigorous dancing. Day after day, year after year. She won countless medals, trophies, and competitions. Her parents wanted it, but her heart wasn't in it. She dreamed of one day growing up and leaving the life of a dancer, to settle down and live a normal life, and find someone to share it with. But then The Hatching came, and the Demonspawn began to run rampant in the streets. Her parents were killed, and she was left alone. Months later, she discovered her powers in the coffee shop, unknowingly where a vigil was watching her. They followed her for a few weeks, before confronting her about being a Champion.

    Sexuality: Straight

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