The Harovich Castle

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  1. Okay, so here our out of character thread. First, let's make our character sheets. I was thinking something like this:

    Character name:
    Appearance: with a picture if you can find one
    Bio (Backstory):
    Family History:

    So yeah, if I forgot anything let me know.
  2. Character name: Jasik Harovich
    Age: 207 (looks 17)
    Appearance: Light skin, spiky black hair with bangs that cover half of his face. Black eyes (his eyes turn purple when he is angry or uses his abilities.)
    Personality: Jasik is normally quiet but can be aggressive when he is angry.
    Family: Jasik has one brother, a mother and a father
    Family History: The Harovich family has been feared and outcasted for a very long time. They do their best to blend in with the humans and for the most part are successful outside of those who suspect them to be either vampires or demons
  3. Name: Adelaide Rivière
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Her hair is light brown with loose curls that go to the middle of her back. Her eyes are bright amber. Her hair is normally pulled back in a loose braid to keep it out of her way when she is working, though strands of it always seem to find their way to her face. When not working she leaves her hair down. Her clothes consist of a simple dress. When she is working she also wears an apron over her dress that is often covered with flour.
    Personality: She is a hardworking girl and will often work until very late at the bakery just to help her dad get everything done. Another quality of hers is that she is a very kind person. In fact, whenever they have bread and pastries that they don't sell she gives them to the poorer people around the village . A few of her faults are that she is a bit naive and is often too trusting which can get her into trouble.
    Family: She is an only child. Her mother died when she was young and so she was mainly raised by her father.
    Family History: Her family are the owners of the village bakery which bakes a variety of breads and pastries. They are not rich but are better off than most people in the village.
  4. Ok, now that we have our characters. Shall we start
  5. Okay, I'll go ahead and make the thread.
  6. Sorry, it took me so long! I got kinda busy... But it's up now so go ahead and rp. :)
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