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  1. It started out as an accident. A confrontation gone terribly awry, with two fatalities. They were found dead, murdered brutally with what police said to be a blunt instrument, most likely the lamp beside the bed. No prints were on the murder weapon, and only those of the residents that lived there. The husband and child of one of the victims. They were brought in for questioning, and when no evidence against them showed up, were released. The killer was never found.

    Seven years on, another murder, this one a mugging, a waitress at a cafe nearby was found in an alley. Blood spatter and coagulation suggested that her head had been smashed against the wall. Instant death, and then more beatings post mortem. The victim's handbag was missing, along with her phone, and jewellery. Suspects were interviewed and an ex of the victim was arrested for the murder.

    Two years later, a serial killer ravaged the streets of Sydney, fear was struck into the hearts of every citizen, as no one knew if they would be safe. They called him the harlequin. All the victims were found staged in a tableux, frozen in time and altered to perfection. A harlequin's mask was always left at the scene, the calling card of the killer. Everything had clearly been premeditated. Police searched constantly for the killer, but whoever they were, they were never caught. Until five years ago, when a new lead presented itself, leading to a man. That man was in fact the husband of the very first victim, the woman found murdered in bed with a lover all those years ago. Nine years, and it turned out he had been behind all the murders. He admitted to everything, then attacked the arresting officer. He was shot and died on scene. The boy, the son of the murderer, was found later upon search of the scene, bound and gagged, drugged with the same anaesthetic that the UNSUB had used on his victims.

    The boy was put into the care of a social worker, who helped him relocate and start over. The killings stopped, as they were expected to. The boy flourished under care of the system, and made it into medical school, changed his last name and made something of himself.

    Now the boy is a man, and he wishes nothing more than to see his father's killer pay for what they did. But in order to get his revenge, he needs to attract attention. His work is art, his skill is of the highest degree, and there is no such thing as flawed work.

    Marie was the first. She loved him, she trusted him. They were together for five years. He loved her, and he kept her safe. She knew too much. She was his weakness.

    Marie is dead.

    Now the beast has awoken, and craves power, it needs to be fed. The bloodlust is consuming. But his work will be done, and it shall be perfection itself. Because perfection is everything. Art, life, death, it's all intricate, all a part of each other.

    He will keep producing his works until he is caught, or until he gets his revenge. Whichever comes first.

    But he is not the only hunter. There is another, a woman who is on his trail. She's not close to catching him. No, he's too careful for that, but she's sniffing around where she shouldn't be, and she's caused quite a ruckus in the community. He isn't sure whether she's friend or foe, if she's a cop or a bounty hunter, or just an irritating reporter who should know her place, but it's enough for him to have marked her for his next piece of work. She'd look quite lovely in the scene he has picked out for her.

    (added info)

    This can end in one of four ways. He kills her, she kills him, they don't kill each other and end up together, or an outside party kills him. They can kill her too if you really wanted.

    In the course of this rp, Harlequin will get close to the female character, infiltrate her defenses. The way the story ends all depends on you. I warn you, I have no problems with my character dying. As long as it is in a grand way. So! Let's get cracking! anyone interested should either post to this or pm!

    (Additional additional)

    This idea was designed around two main characters, but that doesn't mean there wont be more. I'd like this to be a small group rp

    Enter the characters!!

    Occupation: (optional)

    Now, the sheet I'm putting up is very basic and will be added to at a later date. Don't think this means I wouldn't love some details people! I'm a total rp Nazi! But, if the basics are all you can give at this point in time, and you want to develop your character more, that's cool too. Just so you all know... You won't be choosing the girl The Harlequin goes after. I will, from the selection you lot provide.

    Name: Nathaniel Marx
    Age: 21
    Date of Birth: 20/5/1992
    Relatives: Both parents deceased, no living relatives
    Backstory: his mother was murdered when he was nine, leaving him more than a little damaged. with the support of his father, he made it through. He survived the loss, developing into a normal teen, with a few minor altercations along the way. Everything was alright until his father's murder nine years after the murder, where an unknown man had murdered his father at work, shooting him point blank in the head. No mercy, no remorse. Nathaniel was thrown into the system, an orphan with no family to speak of and no desire to cooperate. Yet he did so, and was out of the system in a year anyway. He made something of himself, a name, but hadn't allowed himself to become too successful for his own good. He kept his head low and find a niche comfortable enough for himself where no one could bother him. University, a few degrees and he was set for life. It was five years on from his father's death that he met Marie. They moved in together after a year of dating and have been living together ever since.
    Personality: Charming and polite, Nathaniel has a real way with women, he has a love for beauty that none can surpass, but also high standards relationship wise. He's friendly enough, but he distances himself from most people. He's an observer and often only interacts when it benefits him. He is intelligent, charismatic and slightly mysterious. No one ever knows what he's really thinking.

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  2. Question: can I be an outside party like an assassin of sorts.
  3. I suppose if you wanted to?
  4. That wouldn't mess up the plot with it? I truly wouldn't want to ruin such a great story
  5. This sounds super interesting :D
    I like it~
  6. What if we did a group roleplay. @Haunter could be the girl and I could be the third party
  7. Well, It's become a group rp. I suppose I ought to make a character skele for this
  8. This still open?
  9. Hey there, I was wondering if I can play a SWAT Operator/Officer? You're doing good with the story Night, be sure to make this happen; it's a awesome RP. :)
  10. Just fill in a CS and I'll take a peek XD I feel much better about this now
  11. Love this plot idea. Is there room for one more?
  12. well considering no one has made a character yet. yes.
  13. Who is playing the woman in your plot?
  14. No one and there'll be no calling dibs because I choose who it is that Harlequin goes after. So you can make any character you want but there's no guarantees that you'll be picked to play his target.
  15. oh ok. i get it.
  16. So do we just make our characters here for you to look through?
  17. That's generally the way these things work
  18. Name: Trent Von Faulkner

    Age: 24

    Nationality: English/German



    Occupation: S.W.A.T. First Captain

    Relatives: Unknown grew in an orphanage

    History: Trent grew in an orphanage and knew nothing of his parents; they say he was there from when he was even born. Growing up he was known as a ghetto punk, he would often steal from others with his friends from the orphanage, and he went to school and had average grades. After the age of 18 a total change for him happened, he expressed a deep interest in becoming a police officer. Seeing how he made a quick push through the police academy, they decided to put him into an S.W.A.T. unit; a thing which he never even dreamed off. Slowly but surely he rose through their ranks and now is a First Captain in the unit, but his nickname always remained “Pretty Boy” due to his physical appearance that differentiates him from the other officers. He and his unit are often called in for operations around the city since the recent news of many killings that have been reoccurring in the city, from search operations to raid operations they have been in uniform almost 24/7; he carries a handgun at all times and is known to have knowledge of wide arrange of martial arts.

    Personality: Laid back in calm; he despises dishonest people and people that take advantage of others. He is quick to judge, bold and rash… he has a short temper and can burst out at moments. He never thinks twice when pulling the trigger.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Marlowe Sionis Sinclair
    Age: 23
    Nationality: Italian & French
    Occupation: Forensic Scientist
    {{. Kendall Sionis Sinclair | Older Sister | 25 | Detective .}}
    {{. Henry Sionis Sinclair | Father | 42 | Prisoner .}}
    {{. Nora Sinclair | Mother | 42 | Deceased .}}

    Relationships / Connections *Personally added*:
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  20. Name: Cooper O'Connell
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Irish
    Occupation: Crime Scene Photographer
    Mother - Susan O'Connell (45)
    Father - Davis O'Connell (48)
    Sister - Danielle O'Connell (17)
    Brother -Christian O'Connell (13)
    History: Cooper is the first born child of Susan and Davis O'Connell. He grew up as any boy would, attending school, fighting with younger siblings and getting into the odd scrap with the neighborhood bullies. Nothing he couldn't handle though and the black eye now and then was never something to be ashamed of. So the years went by and he eventually found himself the hobby of photography. From animals to landscapes, to a portrait now and then. He enjoyed it very much and finally combined it with a second love (a love probably nurtured by cop and law shows). He became a Crime Scene Photographer. And what better way to make a name for yourself in such an occupation than to get a few shots of a Serial Murderer's victims.
    Personality: Cooper is a bright and enthusiastic man, especially considering his job and the things he sees. He likes talking his mind and isn't afraid to follow a lead if it get's him the perfect shot that he might be able to sell to a tabloid. A man has to eat, you know? Something he is afraid of though is a spider.
    Other: Something he thought would be of importance, and because it's "cool", was getting a firearm license and with it the gun of course.

    (Hope it's okay if I posted a char! I saw the Banner and thought it'd be interesting)

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