The hardest promise you've ever kept?

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Promises are a big big deal. At least to me. D: I make a point to NEVER say I promise unless I know for a fact I can keep it. (The occasion has come up many times where people said "you promised! >:[" and I replied, "No, I didn't say I -promised-.")

Now what about you? How important is keeping your promises? Do you make them often or are you as tight about it as I am?

What is the hardest promise you ever had to keep?

What promise did you end up breaking?


Celibacy until marriage. Met the love of my life, totally got her toes curling. Probably will end up marrying her in the next year or two.


Hardest promise right now is staying in school. I hate schools of all types and am pretty much being forced into attending a university instead of a technical college like I wanted to. ~__~

I don't break promises because I only make promises I know I can keep. I HAD to break one once though, which was being at my choir concert my senior year. I had to get to the hospital though, 'cause I would have ruined everything with the condition I was in. I still felt bad. It was the last concert I'd ever sing in.


She's baaaaaack~
The hardest promise for me...Mmm...The one I'm keeping-Staying happy for my friends. Even though it isn't very hard for me, it's about the hardest I've made. ^^;
\Promises are really important to me, though.


For me, there is no promise too difficult to keep. My word is bond. If something is said to me in confidence, that something will go to the grave with me.
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
I don't make promises I can't yea.