The Happenings of Camp Lejeune

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  1. Camp Lejeune is a Marine base on the coast of North Carolina. You are a highschool student who lives here. Near your house, which is in one of three areas, maybe two, is an old building that used to be the middle school. The sign in the front says "Berkley Medical Annex." In the back is a little playground. All the room with windows have old air conditioners, the ones that you'd put in your window with the streamers flying out, and archways dot the path that runs in the area between the two main buildings. The paint on the archways is peeling, revealing rusting iron. This building looks exactly like a movie where a bunch of stupid teenagers go in to stay the night and get killed by vengeful spirits. But that isn't exactly the case.
    You live in either Berkley Manor, Watkins Village, or Paradise Point. You can walk from the first two, but take a bus to school from Paradise Point. You can be anywhere between a sophomore and a senior. Hopefully, you're a guy, too, especially if this is to be a onexone. I'm not telling you much about the SL right now, because I want to reveal plot points in a terrifying manner, making you have to guess at what is going to happen next.

    So, one night, you are at a function at school during the Winter months, so it is dark when you leave. The function can be anything, from prom to simply an art show. As you are leaving, a janitor comes up behind you, knocking you out with something. This can be whatever you want. When you wake up, that is when the real story begins.

    This can be a modern group rp or a mature 1x1. If more than one person wants in, then it'll be a group, if only one, it'll be a 1x1.