The Hapless Bunch

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    You are one of us, one of the few survivors left in the world. Something went down a few years back but now we must survive. We are the Hapless Bunch; those who were unfortunate enough to have to live through this. We run, we fight, we survive. Don’t stay in one place for too long otherwise they’ll catch up. What are we fighting you ask? Why do we continue to go from one place to another? To survive the walkers of course. They are mindless eating machines and worst of all they don’t stop no matter what. Only way to kill them is by a bullet in the head. No matter what happens just keep going. Those who don’t obey this rule will die. Now are you willing to survive with us or die on your own?

    The pandemic started with the Chinese government. They hired the expertise of the Japanese to create a weapon they could use in the case of war breaking out. They only wished to defend their country but things got far too out of hand. What the Japanese had created was much more than they intended. It was a few years back that the research began. Japanese scientists were given the task of creating a disease, known as Project Extermination or Agent X as most scientists will say, that could be detonated and spread around a small area. This disease was supposed to come with a cure to ensure containment. That idea did not come to light as they soon found out there was no cure.

    July 19, 2002 13:04 pm – They did their first testing of the experiment by injecting it into a captured spy of an enemy nation. The subject slowly died of the disease until all brain functions had stopped. It was a few hours later, at 17:56 pm to be precise, that the brain restarted and the subject had shown signs of rebirth. There was only one difference; the subject had only the primal instincts of the brain still active. All other functions had seized to exist. After more analysis the subject was terminated.

    With a report to the higher ups about the results of the experiment, they were very pleased to hear success. It was time for a field test. Somewhere in an undisclosed location a small bomb was dropped filled with a gas form of the disease. The area was unaffected for the first two hours but then signs of death spread around. In the span of about ten minutes the whole area was filled with creatures roaming around mindlessly. There was nowhere for the creatures to escape to since the area was walled off to the rest of the world so the officials deemed it safe to leave them there.

    September 3, 2002 07:22 am – The creatures were found to still be roaming aimlessly around the area. They had not died off or stopped functioning after it had been a few months. One of them was captured for further research. In the effort to try and cure it the creature mutated into something more deadly that then murdered half the team. It was stopped and put down but this lead to further development. The other dead scientists came back to life much quicker than expected and were thrown in the pit with the rest of the bunch.

    In the next year a war broke out in Iraq. Americans hired the help of the Chinese who negotiated that they had a solution to their problem. During the second phases of the war, Chinese bombers dropped the gas in the unsuspecting country of Iraq which in turn led to the death of millions. The Americans thought the war was over and the Chinese thought they had everything under control. This was when everything went to hell. The creatures couldn’t be contained because their numbers far out matched their forces and they continued to infect the living through biting. Eventually the entire government was taken down and the disease spread throughout the country. Many tried to flee to other countries but no one escaped the disease. Now the whole world was infected and no one can save it.
    This section will constantly be updated as more information unfolds throughout the story.
    Agent X: Disease that started this whole pandemic. It is spread in the air that everyone breathes. There is not a thing in the world that isn’t infected with it. The only difference is that the change doesn’t happen until death. Being bitten by the dead or infected by the dead only speeds up the process to become one of them.

    Walkers: Disgusting beasts created by the disease. Timeframe of when they jump back to life varies between ten minutes and four hours. They feel no pain and have no cognitive thoughts, only to consume and continue to consume. These are the most common kind found everywhere imaginable. They tend to form into hordes or wander as stranglers and are capable of running to catch their prey. They can infect through biting or scratching, as long as they get to the blood system. The only way to stop them is with a blow to the head; via a blunt weapon or bullet, whichever available.

    Bulldozer: This was genetically mutated with giant muscular arms but with tiny legs that can’t support its weight. These move at a moderate pace, faster than normal walkers, and can smash through anything. These are extremely resilient due to all the muscle and the best way to survive an encounter is to disable its legs then go for the head.

    Slicer: This kind was mutated so that its hands became sharp claws that can cut through skin like butter. Another mutation was that it cannot smell anything. It can only see whatever is directly in the line of sight. The quickest way to kill it would be to lead it to a more enclosed space where it can’t move freely or to just shoot it in the head as soon as possible.

    Tracker: This kind was mutated to the point where it cannot see. They can only find their prey by smelling their scent. This is one of the more agile walkers found more commonly on the outskirts of towns or the forest. It is the same way to kill them as normal walkers but it is best to cover your scent before taking it on.

    This section will constantly be updated as time and seasons pass as well as the group moving from place to place.
    The progression of time will more than likely go very fast at some points.

    Current location: Small island off the coast of Miami, Florida
    Date: May 25, 2006 10:18 pm
    Season: Spring – Clear and Sunny
    Current objective: Get to the base in Summerville, South Carolina

    ♦ No one-liners! It doesn’t have to be paragraph after paragraph and fill up the whole page but it has to be enough to give people something to reply to so we can continue the story. Another thing is try to be somewhat literate so we can all understand what you are saying. I won’t be the grammar police and kick you out if you aren’t very literate but I will still forever wish to feed you to the walkers :3
    ♦ No being a meanie in the OOC :C I’m sure no one will have a problem with this one. Everyone here is nice~
    ♦ Let’s try and have an even ratio of males and females. I know it won’t be exact but just don’t go and make two girls when there’s already twelve girls and eight boys m’kay~?
    ♦ Character limit is three please and thank you. If your character dies, which I’m sure some of them will eventually, then you may make another. Characters must be accepted by me before they are ready to be used in the story. Also NPC characters don’t need an application and there can be as many as needed.

    If your characters are all lovey dovey and ‘in the mood’ please make it fade to black in the thread but if you wish to act it out do it in pms or somewhere not in the thread thank you very much~
    ♦ If you wish to have a little side story with eachother’s characters be my guest. You don’t have to ask me. Just do it in pms or somewhere not in the actual thread.
    ♦ Please please please be active. I cannot beg you enough to be as active as possible. I know life is your main priority, I completely understand, but don’t go and never reply. For those who will be extremely active don’t go write three pages worth of stuff and leave everyone behind. Please wait for people to catch up here and there.
    ♦ All Iwaku rules apply here. You all know what they are.
    ♦ MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL TIME : : : : : Have darlings~ So I know you read all of this write Pineapples somewhere on your character sheet and bold it.

    [For now only two children are allowed, must be under the age of 12 but over the age of 7 and they must be the opposite gender]
    Appearance: [Realistic photos only please~]
    Date of birth:
    Age: [18+]
    General Description: [More can be put here than just hair color and eye color]
    Weapon(s): [If any then be reasonable; children are not allowed to have one]
    Relationships: [Just ask eachother]
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