The Hands of a God (IC: Accepting Minor Characters Only)

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  1. Paris, May 13. 19:43

    "Target is Abel Reynard... One of the Bourgeoisie. Origin of money is dubious at best. He has bribed his way out of one too many run-ins with the law, once managing to escape conviction of hitting a man with his car. The man survived, but was severely injured, and unable to live a normal life. Has a record of paying off politicians to work in his favor. Investigations suggest he has a several "Mistresses" , though married, and has several children. They are innocent, though they must suffer. It is a necessary evil. He has been invited to a party tonight. As per the usual, security has been bolstered, since the last event. It is likely the inspector will be there. The party is starting at 2000 hours. He is expected to arrive at 2030 hours. To strike fear into the upper class, killing him at the party, in plain sight is my best chance. Point of entry is established. Time to head out. "

    The plan started off without a hitch. She had infiltrated the party, acquired a uniform and was in position perfect distance to attack her target. However, her Patron God had a different plan.

    "Claire, your time to fulfill your end of the contract has arose."

    The Amazon of a god that stood before her, could not have been there a second ago. Claire knew something was up, but she was not about to miss out on her chance to eliminate another corrupt official.

    "Arduinna. I'm in the middle of a hit."

    The god leered at her at the mention of the word

    "What did I say about the word 'Hit'?

    "... Hunt. I am in the middle of a Hunt."

    "Whatever, I promised to give you the power to exact your revenge. You have already killed the judge. So your revenge is taken care of."

    "My revenge is not complete, until this world is rid of corrupt politics."

    "And I can help with that. After you killed the other Vassels. Remember that contract you signed, umm... I forget, it was like, yesterday for me. Not that it matters. You are required by this contract to fight for me as of now. I'm ready for action! Let the Hunt, BEGIN!!!"

    With that, Arduinna took Claire's hand, causing her to drop the currently poisoned h'orderves. Of course, Claire wasn't going to leave here empty handed. She slipped out a knife hidden high up on her thigh, and in one single motion, flung it across the room. It hit its target dead in the back, and Abel Reynard fell to the floor, dead. The two rushed out in the middle of the confusion, and out into the Boulevards.

    "Now about this outfit? It would seem suspicious to be out after that stunt."

    "Oh. Yeah. Can't have you arrested... Yet."

    She gave her a dirty look, before her god changed her clothes into an outfit fit for a hunt. Again, another look, before one final transformation, into her normal short skirt, and Blazer.

    "So where are these other Vassels?"

    "Ha! Hell if I know."

    Not a word more was said by Claire for the rest of the night. She simply walked down the street, as sirens filled the air.

    "Besides, once I do find out, I'm not allowed to tell you exactly. But hey, enjoy the hunt, won't ya?"

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  2. GreenHair-Boy.jpg
    Ozymandias "Ozy" Hammond
    Canada, Montreal

    "What do you mean I have to find them myself?" Ozymandias asked as he looked at the tall, dark muscular man that sat down on his couch as if it was a throne of some type laying feet right on the soft piece of furniture, he seemed to have a very amused smile on his face for the moment, this "guy" was none other than Osiris, one of the most powerful egyptain gods, golden eyes stared at Ozy for a long moment before he answered the pervious question was answered, "Well, I thought that would be simple, no? I mean if I did that then what would be the fun of the hunt, also it isn't allowed, nor was it in the contract, so I am not obligated to do such a thing."

    Ozy was more than confused, it had only been a few days after the contract had been signed and such and, all this god had been bugging him about was finding the other Vessels and killing them, while that didn't sound like his cup of tea, he couldn't help but wonder where these others were, and being told this was less than reassuring, but it did give him an idea.

  3. Washington DC May 13 20:15

    Khan was sitting under a bridge. Next to him was a large pile of boxes, and some old newspapers "You do live in luxury don't you" Ares joked as he looked at the pile of scraps. The god was a large male, with a muscular build. The God of war and bloodlust, was his title. Khan looked him up and down, considering what the so called God had just proposed. "And how do i know you aren't just lying to me" khan asked as he stepped up to the God. Although he was smaller, Khan didn't act scared at all as he sized up to the man in front of me. "Well....." Ares was about to explain, but was interrupted by Khans fist flying at his face. Ares easily caught the fist, and sighed with disappointment. Whereas Khan simply grinned evilly at the Gods action. "Okay, I now believe that you are the God of war and a except your conditions" Khan said stepping back from Ares.

    He assumed a straight posture "So where are the others" he asked looking around a bit. "I don't know" replied Ares simply. Khan turned with a annoyed look on his face. "So i have to kill people but i don't know where they are?" Khan asked. His questioned was answered by a simple nod from the God. Khan sighed to himself " This is no way to treat a king" he thought to himself. Then he noticed something on the floor. It was a travel leaflet to France. "Well lets start here then" he said picking it up
  4. Paris, France, 13:27

    Damian shook his head slowly. People were so irrational. 10 people. 2 with crowbars. 1 with some variety of long sword. 7 of them appeared unarmed. For all the Gods' sakes, couldn't they be little bit smarter? He nodded and they became marked with a multitude of red dots. Snipers in the building opposite. Why did they think he wouldn't have covered this trade point? "So I can take this as a declaration of gang war from 'El Víper', yes?" He said calmly as the henchmen stood frozen in fear. One of them cracked a nervous smile. "Yeah and he's coming to fuck you and your bunch of shitbags in that building right up!" He shouted, his eyes wild with adrenaline.

    Damian actually smiled as he heard the three military grade L-9 bar anti tank landmines go off simultaneously. Did they really think he would've covered the entrance? They were more idiotic than he thought. He sighed and raised an open hand before closing it. The snipers fired, ripping the thugs to shreds.

    He had the majority of the police force in this area in his pocket, so the bodies would be no issue, although with the calibers of the snipers being fired into the unarmoured meatsacks behind him, he might have to begin paying off the garbage disposal. As he walked away he felt Kuk communicate with him. 'The time has come. The others drawn close'. Damian smiled coldly. This was it. He began walking back towards the centre of Paris.
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  5. Paris, may 13 20:22

    On a rooftop stood a man, who looked as if he was talking to an imaginary friend, but this was not the case, The outsider made himself visible only to the ones he blessed, " You better impress me drake, you always do... But you'd have to do something extra extraordinary." The dark man said, The other younger man ran his fingers through his hair

    "Ha you expect me to do something that great, I don't know if I got any other tricks" he joked, only to have the god frown upon him "alright alright, I get it you don't like the puns, I'm up the mood ya know?" Drake shook his head "okay, so I'm guessing they're here, or at least where we're going to be due to all the clues, and the random Paris ticket I found in my back pocket, WHICH was not there before hand..." He saw the god smirk slightly. Before Drake got to Paris, The Outsider told him it was time to fight for him, and kill the other blessed beings. Do they deserve death though? What happens if they had families? Drake ran this through his head several times...only to find the same answer, if he was to live and help the innocent from the corrupted, he would need to be victorious.

    Drake was silenced as the god leaned towards him, the air grew cold "I hope you know your life is on the line... To be honest, I don't care if you die or live, but I know it will be splendid to watch, you know what you must do, disregard their history, It should make the kill easier... goodluck drake." The god then vanished into a cloud of smoke. Drake sighed, in all honesty, he was terrified, and The Outsider not being completely direct on the subject (like always) had made him have an uneasy feeling in his stomach. If they were powered by other gods, would he even have a chance against any of them? he sat down, looking about 5 stories down from the roof sitting on the edge with his legs dangling. He pulled out his pistol, pulled back the hammer and holstered the gun. His plan was to do the normal, stick to the shadows, hope for the others to pick each other off, and take any kill he can without getting into any conflict....and get some tea while at it, ya tea sounds nice.​
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  6. Central Paris, May 13th, 20:02

    Damian had got the text through. Reynard dead. Assassin on loose. Reynard had always been a fool. To be entirely honest with himself, the killing was a blessing. There was no real good way to bump him off and seize his assets. Hell, if the assassin wasn't such a threat he might want to kiss them. But unfortunately, a vigilante that could slip by even Reynard's mediocre defence was an unprecedented threat. The problem with the strategy he was about to attempt was that it breached mob protocol. Which meant no back up. Still, he stood and waited at the edge of a back street in Paris. Based on the location of the attack and available routes... bingo! His predictions had been correct. He heard quick foot steps coming down the road, slightly feminine. This was Raynard's killer.
  7. Khan yawned as he stepped of the plan into Paris. The only luggage he had was an old rucksack and a steel baseball bat. "These powers are very useful" he smiled pulling out a large wad of cash that he had taken from somewhere in America. Ares sighed in disappointment, this was not the reason he gave the boy some of his power. But in the other hand it was interesting to watch him fight in the bank. He had defiantly chosen a promising candidate.

    Khan walked into the center of Paris, finding the nearest good looking hotel to stay at. Once he had payed for his room he made his way up the stairs and entered. The first thing he did was strip down and enjoy a warm shower. It had been a long time since the boy actually had a room with a shower in it. And he was going to use these luxuries as much as possible.
  8. Paris, June 30 10:30
    "Make me a promise. No matter what happens, if the game gets destroyed, or if it doesn't... I want to never be a candidate for it again. I want to forget about it all. I live any longer with this and I'm going to end up killing somebody. Maybe me," Kai said, laying on his bed. He rolled over to look at a woman with black hair and poisonous eyes.

    "I promise, Kai Sadako, that you shall be rewarded for venturing into a hell that you know very well." The thin pale woman promised, sitting next to him on the bed. "I shall, at my own amusement destroy Zeus for what he has done. You need not wish that, that is a service I offer at no cost."

    "Good. The king of the gods deserves it. Contract signed or whatever. See you in a few months."

    Paris, may 13 20:22
    "Get a load of rooftop boy, my lady," Kai said, casually drinking his coffee. He sipped it without a care in the world, a strange sentiment for a boy who had brought upon himself to end the wars that gods played with humans. "It's convenient when like minded players appear isn't it? Makes negations and alliance forming easier." Kai placed his cup on the saucer and stood to go climb up the building where the boy was sitting.

    It took longer than he'd like, but he climbed up the stairs and made sure to kill all the plants on the way. He wasn't stupid, Demeter or somebody wasn't on his side. He'd also done some research into Persephone. Her and her mother weren't on speaking terms, so the fact that he'd recently started killing plants when he got angry was no coincidence. He waited at the door and smoothed out his hair and fixed his suit. He had a feeling that it would start today.

    Very carefully he activated as many powers as were applicable and opened the door very noisily. Hopefully, there was something in that grab bag of tricks that would stop the kid from bolting. Kai walked forward with purpose and no intention of being quiet about it. When he reached the edge - he was still closer to solid ground than it, he drew his sword from the shadows and made his introduction.

    "Hey kid, you're being kind of obvious. No worries though, not here to kill you. Yet. Depends on your answer." Kai smiled, but it looked more like he knew something that the kid didn't. "Wanna form an alliance with a veteran of this game? You get my support, and I promise not to kill you until we're the only two left standing. Course, that means we fight fair and square when that happens, if I'm going out it's not because I got backstabbed. So what say you about making the other players suffer for as long as we're able?"​
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  9. "You's really peaceful up here" Drake said quietly. Before this mysterious man made his way to him, his eyes were already on him. The ability to see through Kai's eyes allowed him to prepare. The previous Drake that Sat on the edge disappeared into a cloud of smoke. The Real drake came up from behind, a gun drawn to Kai's head with his left hand, and a hidden blade popping out of his wrist on his right. For someone that was a master of stealth, he wouldn't allow anyone to sneak up on him.

    Drake could've killed him, it was his plan too, or anyone else that took the bait... but since he offered an alliance, drake hesitated. The younglings face was plain, emotionless. "Cool trick with decaying plants crap...I won't question that...but I will question your trust. Who says if we come across someone more powerful than I, or you. Would you back stab me and side with them?" Drake kept his distance, he didn't want to be too close and end up regretting it, there was at least 8 feet between them.

    Drake did not like the situation, he didn't expect someone to take the bait so soon... His heart raced, and sweat dripped off his face. But he kept a calm head, didn't want to do anything irrational. He put his finger on the trigger before finishing "so tell me...why should I trust you..."

  10. Mmm. Teleporter. This kid would be good for recon, stealth... and he knew about the plants too. Should start carrying a gun. Kai noted to himself. "Well, kid. I've played this game before. You and me, from what I can tell we're gonna be the ones that start orchestrating things. Also, if that doesn't give you enough incentive I'm playing this game to end it, or maybe end myself. Point is," Kai took a breath and tried to activate his Curse power, the one that he assumed came with being knight to the Queen of the Underworld, "if it's you or me. It's always gonna be me who jumps to die. Like I said, played this game before. Won, too."

    Kai turned calmly around, no sudden movements or anything. He kept smiling, "and ever since I won I get to decide when it's appropriate to keep shit secret. Like this. We've already called attention to ourselves by having a standoff on this roof. If I wanted to kill you I wouldn't have chosen a roof to fight now put that down you're embarrassing me. We've got odds to even out and I don't enjoy calling you kid." Kai vanished his weapon, letting it slink back into the shadows.

    In a slow, lazy movement Kai moved the gun from his forehead. "Name's Kai Sadako, one time winner of the death olympics. Vassel to Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Also, do not telegraph how you know anything to be true. That whole magic sight thing you have, do not tell anyone else." Kai moved towards the door, carefully moving to a place where he was less likely to get shot. "Powers are nice but in this if they know your weakness you're dead. Pure, simple, and as screwed up as the Gods above made it. Now, you wanna stand around chatting or do we wanna wait for the cops to show up? We can talk and go if you want, always a fan of the 'both' option. You want tea? You look like a tea drinker to me."
  11. " that makes you a veteran of some sort, am I right?"
    Drake looked the man up and down, he watched as the blade disappeared...somewhat like what he could do, " You could tell me what gods give what powers right? so that means we could have the upper hand...." Drake then took his finger off the trigger as he watched Kai move to a better location, and holstered the gun under his jacket, and receded the blade from his wrist. before moving closer to Kai "My name is Drake Yuki, Vassel to The Outsider, God of the shadows, secrets, and illusions." Drake followed Kai away from the sight of the cops.

    Drake didn't like the fact that he was agreeing to side with another... But he was a former winner, and he seemed to know what he was doing. But Drake was a lone wolf at heart, Worrying about another would cause to much stress, and it could be what ends his life... Plus how would he feel if Kai died while with him, something he would hate to go through....but one of them is going to die at the end. Now that he thought about it, things did seem screwed up, to fight for the gods like pawns on a battlefield, Things were worse on earth though in Drakes eyes. So many conflicting thoughts, lets not drag them on any longer shall we.

    "lets talk on the way there... tea would be nice"​
  12. The convent was right there. And yet... something seemed off. The area was Dark... Empty... Someone must be there. A presence such as this must be from another Vassel. She concealed her own presence, and blended into her surroundings. No foot steps, no body heat... She would simply walk by the convent and hope for the best the watcher would leave her be. There was little she could do if her base of operation was discovered.


    Footsteps running

    A familiar German voice barking orders.

    "Find Her! She could not have gotten far! She is a human, just like the rest of us! I don't care if she has escaped us thus far, she will be found today!!!"

    They were nearing the convent. She dived into the trash can a squad of officers ran past her location. Shortly after followed the inspector.

    "Damn it! How the hell could she disappear?! A knife to the back should have been obvious, even more so if thrown at a horizontal angle! How the hell did she manage to throw the weapon without anyone seeing her, but everyone able to spot the weapon as it flew..."

    He pulled out a cigarette, and light it. He tilted his head up slightly and spotted a figure on the roof. "What the-?..."
  13. "Hmmm, I believe I mentioned that before. Although I have been talking a lot. Perhaps it was missed in there that I am a veteran, much to my chagrin, but keep in mind I need to know if I know the god, first. There are so many in this world, there are Greek, Roman, Nordic, and some that I've never seen before. If I had to guess... at the very least we'll be dealing with someone who will be a Vassel of Ares, he probably loves this stuff." Kai said, walking down the stairs. He walked without a care that a few minutes ago this kid had been aiming to kill him, perhaps because he had a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.

    "It would be nice if we could send the Gods a give screw you wouldn't it? I would very much like to grab all the Vassels and make them lay down their arms." Kai confessed, loosening his tie. He meant it when he said he'd form an alliance and given what he'd just seen, this Drake would be a powerful player. Hopefully, it wouldn't come down to just him and Drake, it would be a pity for Kai to just up and kill himself that late in the game. Drake seemed like a nice enough kid and Kai didn't want to give him a reason to hate himself later. "Just a big everybody give up. Trust me, sir Drake, these wishes... they'll tear you apart."

    "I see you found another Vassel. It's good of you to spare him this early on." Persephone said, appearing from the shadows. "However, I do not think the other Gods will appreciate your delusions of grandeur. Also, before you ask, it is once again fruitless to ask me to find the others. They are here in this city and that is all I know."

    Kai shrugged. "Not what I need 'em for anyway. Now Drake, we're going to be civilians for as long as possible. That means no roofs, get a reason to be here, and whatever you do, stay by me." He smiled, not because it was some kind of twisted game of chess he was playing but because he did care. Maybe he could spare this kid the game. Maybe he could spare every kid from this forever. What he wouldn't give to win, if it was possible.
  14. Japan, May 13. 24:43

    Dante was sitting on his bed, watching his goddess pace back and forth with a worried look on her face. She knows that today is the day that her bragging rights get taken away. Nemesis suddenly turned towards Dante and grabbed his face by his cheeks. " This is how its going to go down you worthless piece of shit. You are going to go to Paris and then NOT. DIE. " Nemesis let go of the boys cheeks and let him fall back onto his sleeping area while resuming to pace back and forth. Dante himself was unfazed by this, as it was a common occurrence with the two. He wrongfully spoke, "Miss, I hate to burst your bubble, but I have things to do... No time for any extra thi-" Dante was cut short because of the loud slap that radiated around his room. "You worthless human. Just go there. And do nothing. Take your stupid books with you or whatever. Its not like anyone is going to miss you for a few months." The woman spoke with a sour tone. " I should have never contacted you. Much less give you power. " The woman seemed to finish her rant, her dislike for anything of human life apparent in many ways. Dante himself stood at the side of his bed and walked towards his closet doors while the goddess started ranting about his pointless piece in the world.

    Hours later with his weapons packed within his bag and all of his savings in his pocket Dante was almost out the door before he was stopped one last time by his goddess. " I am not helping you. Not like I can, but I still would not if I could. You can not do anything useful to contribute to the human world or any god world. " She grabbed Dante by the throat, her scales still floating beside her as if nothing was going on. " But I swear, if you die first. No one could or would save you." She let go and pushed him out the door.

    Japan, May 13. 25:43

    Dante went to the library.
    He thought this was some stupid joke that she was playing on him. Nemesis appeared beside him in a secluded area of the reading section, while drawing her sword, she spoke with the most demonic voice Dante has ever heard.

    Paris, May 13. 19:43

    Dante, now more frightened than ever. Disembarked the plane and headed to the closet tea shop. Tea. Yes. Tea. Need tea. Non-soul sucking tea.
    Once entering the tea shop, Dante took a table closest to the window. Allowing easy access to a way out if some god decides to destroy his soul. The sunlight reflected beams off of the bronze scales attached to his side, with his weapons of choice being hidden under a drifter jacket he decided to bring along. Tea. Hotel. Be hidden. Easy enough.

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  15. Drake followed along quietly, His mind running through thoughts as he listened to Kai talk. He seemed to be sentimental about the games, something he wouldn't expect from a veteran, but life can surprise you in many ways. " I wish it was like that too, but we all can't have what we want...and don't worry about me, I can handle myself." he spoke calmly while tailing the man. He followed him all the way to the bottom of the stairs. "so what your trying to say is, we're going to stay on the side lines and avoid any conflict if possible? because that was my original idea..." he joked slightly.

    They got to the exit, Drake peeked around the corners " seems clear, guess the cops had no idea how to get to us, either that or they're on another path." Drake spoke looking back at Kai, "you lead the way mister noble" he said giving a hand gesture to the exit. Just then he could hear The Outsiders words echo in his head " In the will be left, don't forget that" Once he heard that, his spine shivered. "yea, I know" he muttered under his breath.

  16. Ozymandias Hammond
    Location: Canada, Montreal

    "Why go to Paris, when they can just come here, let them duke it out and I will just wait on home turf, I mean how long can this little war last anyway?" Ozy asked as he looked at the god that sat before him, the god looked at him with his old irises he was obviously hate really Osiris hated human's but at the moment Ozy was the best shot he had at winning and the contract had already been made, still he wanted to get him to stop being lazy and move.

    "Because I said to, I am the person holding the contract and you will obey what my plan is, so go and do it."
    Ozy shook his head, green hair going back and forth as red irises looked back at the god, he sighed lightly and shrugged, "I mean Canada pretty much is France soooo, I am kinda where you want me to be."

    Osiris just dissapeared and Ozy smiled as he stood up, it was time to get to work and what that meant was simply to get some attention and this was the perfect time, he flipped off the t.v and walked outside of his apartment looking around for a long moment before walking to shadier parts of town it was starting to get pretty dark, and cold, thankfully he was wearing hoodie that covered his face, after walking to one of the closing supermarkets he was confronted by a group of people, one with phone obviously recording,

    "Hey I found one!" One of the guys yelled as he walked over to Ozy, and smiled he had some type of pole in his hands and smiled, "Hey man want to help us out?" He asks as he swings the bat at Ozymandias's skull, Ozy had been hoping for more cameras, maybe the day time would have been better, oh well he made sure his face was hidden completely and well he just lets the bat hit his head, his head not even moving.

    "Yeah I can help." He whispers and his palms start to glow a grayish light and the bat starts to dissolve into nothing, this was the Disintegration power at work, the guys all backed up, but it was to late as Ozy, pulled his knife out which turned from knife as a golden dust surrounded it, turning to his custom weapon the double sided axe staff, he got in a lazy stance as if he were just standing normally, the other guys back up the phone still recording, they simply ran and Ozy smiled as the last thing the guy had recorded was him standing there with the weapon on his shoulders arms over is like a pole, "You should upload this!" Ozymandias yelled as they ran.

    When Ozy got home he cheered, "I looked so fuckin cool!" He yelled as he laid on his couch turning on the t.v and yawning, as he chuckled, "Time to let the internet do its thing, now they should be easily able to figure out where I am." He muttered as he feel asleep tired, as the video was uploaded and started to gain more and more views, easily surpassing one million in only a few hours mos people thinking it to be fake.
  17. "See? I have excellent taste in allies, I can just scoop 'em up off of roofs without getting shot." Kai waited back while Drake checked around for police. There weren't any, but Kai found it suspicious. He thought that he'd seen someone point at them and yell about them and dash off but he supposed that it might have just been some civilian. Still, better to be leaving the building now so the cops wouldn't be able to find them. Kai had no intention of becoming infamous this early on.

    "Mister noble? Heh, that's pretty funny, considering I am indeed very rich. I suppose that I am a noble." Kai smiled and laughed a little, walking out into the open street. Safety in numbers, after all. "Speaking of, do you have a place to stay, Drake? Being homeless here isn't going to get you an advantage." Kai held the door open to the cafe, waiting for Drake to enter first.
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  18. Drake paused, crap...didn't plan for that.
    "um...sadly I didn't even think about that... guess I've been to busy on getting here to even remember to bring cash" The young man had said scratching his head embarrassedly before walking into the café, It was true, he didn't think to bring cash, but then again what cash could he have brought when he had to use all his money for a ticket to Paris. He looked over to a table and proceeded to make his way to it, before pulling out a seat and sitting down.

    Paris wasn't someplace drake himself would visit, It was foreign land to him, no knowledge to the terrain made things seem risky, so it wasn't like he knew where he was at all times. He was lucky enough to get here, especially with the financial problems he had been having. See he couldn't just kill without having a reason, even if it was for money, some of the jobs he'd just turn down. And only take the hit if the target deserves death...made him feel important, like he was cleansing the world. Normally his list would be full of rapists, gang lords, and prison convicts. It was rare to find political hits, killing political figures for their crimes. Someone who is supposed to protect the people, not make them suffer more for their own gain. When he had the chance to end those scum, he'd take it. Drake felt he was the one to protect people from corruption...he knew he couldn't help them all, but he could try, right?​
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  19. Kai needed a moment to reboot after Drake's comment. "Dare I ask why you're here then? Because clearly it's not for the game, so it's gotta be something else." Drak could not stay with Kai, unless Kai liked issuing that much trust to get stabbed in the back in the middle of the night. Brilliant. I had to pick the one kid who had no interest in getting a roof over his head.

    "Also please say you can speak French, I took a stab in the dark with English," Kai asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He walked up to the counter and ordered quickly in French, he waited for Drake's response to see if Kai would need to add Drake's tea to his order or not. Kid's smart in terms of fighting, but I have no idea how he wasn't spotted earlier by someone who is playing for keeps.
  20. "Okay look I'm not the brightest when it comes to money...see I should've used the ticket I found for Paris...but I ended up giving that away for a little girl so she and her mother could go see the daughters father" He said blushing slightly "I couldn't help myself, she looked so sad when her mom came up with only enough for one ticket, so I helped out. And spent what money I had on a first class ticket, since that's all they had left." He laughed in embarrassment rubbing the back of his head.

    "I figured I'd find some way to make money here, sleep at a motel or something. But if worse comes to worse, I'll just do without, I lived most of my life like that, so I should be used to it" he said nonchalantly before stretching back and yawning. "Um....puis-je avoir un thé chaud noir avec trois sucres se il vous plaît" (may I have black hot tea with three sugars please) drake asked nicely. But hopped Kai would pay, he did say he was rich "and why does it matter to you if I have a place to stay or not? It wouldn't affect you much if I ended up sleeping on the streets, or in one of the gardens...they sound nice" Clearly Drake was not aware of how dangerous that would be, then again he was young.