The Hands of a God (Accepting Minor Characters Only)

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  1. IC Open

    Deus ex Machina

    By the hand of God. Often referring to a situation so impossible, so coincidental, so perfect, that it can not occur without the help of a greater being. These greater beings have power. Terrible power. And just like humans, they too fight for the supreme power. However war leads to destruction. If human quarles lead to such destruction, the wars of the Gods would be enough to end far more than the puny Earth that humans reside on. That did not stop these Divine Beings from destroying one another. Perhaps the most notable war was between Zeus and Cronus. They fought with each other face to face, causing havoc and destruction in their wake. This was the last war to be waged. After this horrid display, something had to be done. The major deities came together and devised a more... Civil plan to settle disputes. A game. Played by the Gods. Their pieces? Humanity. A contender in the game recruits a single human to be their vassel. This can be done only with the human's consent. However, a God will merely have to give them one wish, and they will obey without question. That is the greedy nature of humanity. The God then blesses his Vassel, and a contract is formed. The Vasel now has a small piece of their Contractor's power. The game ends once only one Vassel remains. He is rewarded for his efforts by his patron God, now the supreme ruler of the cosmos until defeated in the games. After the game ends the current Vassel is relieved of his contract, and the game begins anew, immediately. Normally these conflicts have little effect on the world. However there have been times where they have lead to massive wars. This is not one such occasion. This game takes place in Paris. The Vassels may come from all over the world, but they for some reason all met in Paris. You can say by... The Hands of a God


    The main characters of this RP are the Vasels. I will accept Eight Vassels. As such only one Vassel per player. However, the Vassels Contractor is an important character, and will be treated as an important NPC, often informing your Vasel of what to do, what is at stake, etc. They may also end up speaking to other Gods in the game. The gods never should engage any other being in combat. If that should happen "Justice" will smite them. Justice was created with power from all the Gods when the game was established, to prevent the Gods from getting directly involved. If you wish to play a second real character, or there are no more Vassel slots/Don't want to play one, feel free to do so. Adding in some bystanders will allow for more drama in this RP.

    This is not a comedy. This is a Drama. Characters will die.

    Vassel (open)




    (From where do the hale?)

    Vassel of:
    (Name of Patron God. May be made up, or an actual deity. Keep in mind though, this is NOT Percy Jackson, so they aren't children of Gods.)

    (What does your Character have on them at all times?)

    (What powers do they receive for invoking the contract? List 2 at least)

    (Paragraph form or a few words)
    (Important. What was your character's reason for forming the Contract)

    (Pic Prefered(Anime only please) A well done description is acceptable.)

    Non-Vassel (open)




    (From where do they hale?)

    Current Relationship with Vassel:
    (List any relationship this character has with a vasel. If it is a part of the history of another player's character, be sure to discuss this with said player, and make sure they are comfortable with it.)

    (What do they carry?)

    (Paragraph form or a few words)

    (What happened previous in their life?)


    -Be relatively active

    -When it comes to combat don't be that one asshole who never gets hit

    -I do not currently have a death situation quite yet, but once I have one that works, I would rather not have anyone complaining. Thats why you have the extra bystander option (And why the games are so... open-ended...)

    -If you have a question please ask me(This one is important!)

    -Add a little extra somethin' somethin' to your CS if you have read this. Let's say... Pickleperks. Put that somewhere in your CS

    -I'm no hard ass, and I do like an innovated character, but so long as the character fits into the rp. Please don't try to import a character you had in a previous RP without editing it. Make sure the character fits in the world provided.

    -Sexy times are fun. Just remember to take it to private messages. Just the site rules.

    Begin. I will likely expand on this Opening post as time wears on​
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  2. This looks interesting, may i join? Also how many powers are we allowed?

    Name: Khan Oudo

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: American

    Vasel of: Ares, Greek God of war and bloodlust

    Equipment: Khan uses what ever he can get his hands onto, but normally only uses hand to hand combat skills. He also carries a metal baseball bat around with him.

    Powers: The main skill Khan uses is his Presence manipulation.
    1) Superhuman physical skills: Khan has become a lot faster and stronger and more agile than other humans. Thus helping his fighting skills. He has also developed keen senses and a mild healing factor. His recovery from fatigue has also improved.
    2) Presence manipulation: Khan can freely manipulate his own presence. He can make it into a giant soul crushing presence, that is so scary others are forced to do as he commands (like bowing before him, you know since he thinks he's king). Or he can make his presence null, this makes him practically invisible. It's not that he is invisible as such, the human eye can still see him. But because the brain doesn't register that he is there, it blocks him out allowing him to get close without anyone knowing.
    3) Control over wars flames: This power is specifically to those blessed by Ares. Khan can create and control red like flames. These can be used for defensive and offensive maneuvers. This includes destroying and burning the landscape, or disintegrating projectiles shot at him.
    4) power hunt: Khan has the ability to drain a portion of the enemies energy and power, to use as his own. But this skill can only be used at melee range, and not only their power is drained

    Personality: Khan believes he was born a king and everyone else a servant to him. His ego could be called king like, as it towers over everyone He shows a casual disregard for the feelings and safety of other people. It could be said that the boy has a superiority complex. But he also hides a darker secret. Before he was even blessed Ares, Khan had a strange desired to fight. He would often get wrapped up in street fights and end up almost killing his opponents. This meant that he was feared where he lived.

    History: Khan was abandoned at a young age by his parents. But they didn't have the heart to leave him in an orphanage. No. They left the young boy under a bridge to die. But incredibly the boy managed to survive. He lived off any food he could fined and built his house out of old boxes. Around 5 Khan developed his King like ego. This was probably due to his lack of a hero figure, or someone to look up too. So he became that someone, he became his own hero....his own king. Shortly after Khan found a strange enjoyment in fighting. This was after he got into one with a bunch of kids who went to a near by school. So he began to train, he would peek in on boxing gyms and martial art dojos. And soon had developed his own unique fighting style. Khan accepted the offer on the condition that he would be given the ultimate ruling power

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  3. Accepted. I'll post mine in a bit
  4. Cool, thanks
  5. Name: Damian Otaktay

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: England

    Vasel of: Kuk, Eyptian god/godess of primordial darkness and chaos

    Stave of Kuk, a stave consisting of a bladed bottom with and onxy orb on the top. Can be manifested and disintegrated at will but is usually just kept on his back.

    Mask of Kuk,

    1: Dark Energy Control

    Kuk is the first thing in Eyptian mythology, made out a sort of dark energy. Damian has the abilty to manifest and control this dark energy. He does this in the form of bolts or spikes mainly, and the power of these are amplified by his stave.

    2: Dark Energy Form

    Kuk is a being of nothing yet everything. Damain has the ability to change his form into this immaterial dark energy, allowing him to pass through objects and jump short distances. He cannot keep his entire body in this form for long.

    3: Demon manifestation

    Kuk is the being that brought all other gods and beasts into existence. Damian, in turn, can create small shadow creatures. These can range from the size of ants to the size of dogs, but the number of creatures scales also. The easiest way to see it is that he has a 'pool' of material to make creatures from. The smaller the creature the more he can make.

    4: Temporal shifting

    Kuk is both omnipresent and nonexistent. Damian can take advantage of this and teleport short to mid ranges.

    Sociopathic, manipulative, analytical, calculating

    Damian never really fit in. Told too many lies, played to many people. When he finally made a mistake his web of lies was uncovered. His drug ring, illegal smuggling operation and various bribery cases. All his work, gone. It was a hard pill to swallow at 14. He instantly moved, opting to migrate to mainland Europe from England. Here he quickly worked his way back to notoriety. This time he was more cautious, allowing his devilish instincts of deceit to take over. His cartel now rules the majority of Europe, his influence stretching back into the UK and creeping into Russia. Kuk 'appeared' to him late at night. Their presence was hard to make out but they communicated their message quite clearly. After some consideration he accepted. He knew whatever powers he gained would help him greatly in a world dominated by normal humans. His wish is yet to be specified or used.
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  6. No more than eight, but i doubt many people are willing to put that many in... I might just based on how my character fights
  7. Okay then. I might add another power to my character.
  8. Almost done with my Vasel. I will then begin with an Inspector, who will not be a vasel, for the sake of suspense, yada yada yada
  9. When is the IC going live?
  10. When we get four or five vasels, perhaps
  11. Claire Blanc



    En Francais

    Vassel of Arduinna
    Gallic: Goddess of the Forest and the Hunt

    Always has a few knives on hand, and a silenced pistol. However in at the convent she takes residency in, she has an arsenal full of the tools of an assassin. They are hidden in the gardens.

    -Chameleon: Not invisibility, however Claire has this strange ability to blend into her surroundings. It doesn't require her to change her appearance. It just simply... happens

    -Presence Canceling: Claire can conceal her presence. Cancelling her breath, footsteps, body heat. She can still be seen with this ability, but that would be the only way to tell she is nearby.

    -Marksman: Blessed by the Goddess of the Hunt, Claire is perhaps the best marksman in the world. She can account for wind speed, movement speed, and trajectory with minimal thought required. She will only miss when something does not follow the norm. (i.e. target has speed and can dodge in time, suddenly being attacked by the time she strikes.)

    -Sensory Augmentation: Claire has heightened senses, allowing her to scan her surroundings, and an increased reaction speed.

    -Superhuman Speed: Claire is far more agile and flexible than the average human, allowing for quick getaways, and dodges. She also has slightly boosted strength, but it is one that is possible to obtain naturally.

    -Favor of the Forest: Allows for plant manipulation, minor earth control, and an affiliation for animals.

    On the surface, Claire appears to be a normal girl. She is a good student, and attends Church regularly, as is mandated by the Convent that has taken her in. She attends to her duties there, after study hours of the convent. She is a fine student and a hard worker. She is friendly enough. But underneath is a broken girl. One who longs for vengeance. She is a political assassin, and an anarchist. She cares for little else in the world, save another young orphan in the Convent.


    The word still resonates in her head, shortly followed by the judges gavel pounding out the sentence. That was the moment that started it all.

    It all started years before now. She was a privileged child. Her father was a politically active man. Her mother was a frail woman, who could not take much stress. However they were a fine family. Her father often held parties, and she was shown off to the mass of rich folk and politicians. However, at one such party, tragedy struck. One of the help was discovered dead in one of the bedrooms. Due to his sudden disappearance, during the party before the body was discovered, he was one of the prime suspects. Later, it was discovered that he was having an affair with the women. This only raised suspicion of his guilt.

    The ruling passed, and he was sentenced to life in prison. Well he would have none of that. He killed himself only six months into his sentence. At that point his wife lost her mind. She believed he was still alive. She was sent to a Clinic to be cared for. Just like that, her family had collapsed. She ran, before she could be taken into custody. It was then that she was blessed by the presence of a God. She promised the young girl the power to seek revenge, if, and only, she would fight for her when the time should arise. She was only 10 at the time.

    All records of her existence had disappeared. She was given a new name: Claire Blanc, and taken in by the Convent. She had done little with the power given to her until 4 years after. She had discovered that the judge that had given her father the sentence. She did not care whether his father was innocent or not. She wanted the man who destroyed her family dead. That was the first time she had killed a man. She discovered that he was bribed to give the sentence. By a rival politician, no less. She shot him. A few drops littered her face. But she did not care. This government was corrupt, and evil. She was the one to cleanse it completely.

    Gonna work on a Inspector and the aforementioned orphan​
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  12. Professor Franz Bismark



    Current Relationship with Vassel
    Claire: Hired to track down the most recent Serial Murder in France

    Mauser Pistol

    Charming and Charismatic, though extensively methodical, and scientific. Logic rules his world, and as such he see little room in the world for greater beings. To be honest, he is very unmotivated, not wanting to take a case... Unless compensated heavily.

    Franz is one of the greatest Forensic Inspectors in Europe. He currently is teaching at a college level, however he is a Private Investigator. One of France's politicians hired him, for fear of his life. As such, he was paid half upfront, as an incentive. This was still a large sum of money. He began his investigation, utterly baffled. When his employer decided to throw a party in order to gain the support of others, Franz pulled some strings to set up a perimeter around the building. However, what occurred was inevitable.

    He was slain. Stabbed in the back. The knife was untraceable. No serial number, no prints, no manufacturer, anything. This intrigued Franz. His employer was dead, so the rest of his pay would never arrive. But for the first time, he was interested in solving a mystery for the sake of a mystery. He swore to find this murderer. His only lead, a piece of paper with only two words... "The Huntress"

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  13. I admit I'm Quadra posting. But who all is still here?
  14. Name
    Ozymandias Hammond (Also known as Ozzy)







    Vasel of

    Osiris god of the underworldand the afterlife.

    (A picture because I was feelin fancy)


    Ozzy usually just carries an old knife on him as he doesn't really think he will be attacked, but he also carries at least when summoning it, Osiris grants him a custom staff like, double sided Khopesh.


    Reactive adaptation
    Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured by or exposed to, this is only a temporary effect, for about 5-9 mins.

    Superhuman endurance
    Ability to have a higher resistance to one or more forms of damage before being injured as well as the ability to exert oneself in an activity indefinitely without becoming tired and survive for long periods of time without consumption or water.

    Ability to understand any form of language.

    Ability to bring inanimate objects to life or to free an individual from petrification.

    Ability to summon beings or objects for assistance. This means Heroic Spirits from Eygptian times.

    Ability to disintegrate matter through shooting beams from his hands.

    Superhuman Combat
    The ability to be able to use any weapon put in his hands as if he had mastered it.

    Ozzy is often thought of as too laid back as he is exactly that, it seems nothing can get through to the young man, he is often considered lazy and in a way untrustworthy when it comes to big tasks, of course that is what he does around people he barely knows, while he is lazy and annoying, he often around people he respects gets jobs done quicker and more efficantly than others, he also seems to deeply care about others without even thinking about it, one of the reasons he formed a contract.

    Ozymandias Hammond was born on the 23rd of March, in Canada Monteral, as a kid he was often a loner not really wanting to be around the others and such as he found them boring, but that completely changed when a random strange jumped in the way of Ozzy and pushed him from being hit by a car, the man dying on impact, of course this changed how Ozzy looked at things. At the age of tweleve beind people's back he would do community work as he wanted to help people out, at the age of fifteen he dontated money to orphanages even if it was a small amount he still did it to help.
    When he hit ninteen his first year of college, he was surprised on his fisrt day as when he got home someone was sitting in his livingroom just smiling and staring at him, the man said he was a god, and of course at first he didn't believe him, but the man proved himself as he summoned the man that had helped him so many years ago, of course Ozzy was freaked out as most would be.
    The god Osiris soon explained why he was here, and what Ozzy wanted in return for such a hard task and Ozzy simply wanted to do it for one reason, to make an evil person didn't win this game of sorts, he explained he would instead ask that if he won, then he would be able to bring something that gave peace to this world.


  15. Accepted. I may look up a picture for my own god. Not exactly copying you, noooo... :P
  16. As I said before, I'd like to start the ic now. It'll likely be up my Tuesday at the latest, sound good? Course Eqinox, it would be nice to have yours done
  17. Sounds okay to me :)
  18. I'm kinda surprised. I was expecting more interest :/
  19. *debates intensely about joining*
    How many Vessels are there so far? I counted seven but I'm not sure.
    Also what kinds of gods are allowed? Are Greek and Roman Gods separate deities?
  20. Nope, only four so far, and one isnt finished. The inspector is a non-Vasel. As for Gods, you may consider them separate deities. course, don't be afraid to make one up