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    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Hamlet, was always a small happy place, filled with people. Roses and daffodils lay across green grass that the cows grazed on. Centered in the middle of the the Hamlet, was a small pond. It was filled with golden fish and lily pads that float across the light blue water. The building were crafted from a gray stone and the roofs were made from a wheat thatching. Some of the more wealthy lived in wooden houses with stone foundations that had a red tiled roofs on top. Taverns, blacksmiths, and a shops were some of the only commercial business that can be of profit in this community.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]People love, live, and work. Life is simple the Hamlet, the days were filled with hours of work and social affairs. Farmers came and went with there bales of dry yellow hay. Blacksmith bang with hammers on the raw swords. The shopkeepers count their inventory. Such a simple life could drive someone insane, but what keeps these Villagers happy was the stories that the travelers told, of adventures, dragons, and treasures.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Will you live the life of a Farmer, Blacksmith, Shop-keeper, or perhaps be a adventurous traveler with tales to tell?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This is a fantasy slice of life. You can be any occupation you want that's in a village. If you want to just do a couple of post just by a adventure, a traveling merchant, or something like that. For people you want to being in the RP you can by a blacksmith, a baker, or anything really.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]All of the villagers are in a tavern in the Hamlet after a long day of work. They are telling stories about how they came to the Hamlet or how they made a living. Basically telling everyone there back-story. Then an adventure comes in with some news. When you do your first post please make it so your in the tavern.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Elf: These slender built humanoids are tall and have pointed ears. Elves are keen with nature and are skilled with bows and arrows. Elves are the most rare race and are from no kingdom, and are often travelers. In the Old Empire, the elves ruled but when the Old Empire fell the Elves crumbled and became close to a legend.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Dwarfs: This short and stout race of proud miners are strong and durable. Dwarfs spend most of their time digging hole and mining ore. They are a uncommon race and are from the Kingdom of Oare. Dwarfs were the front line of the Old Empire and are great soldiers, but some came to a more simple life of shopkeeping and blacksmiths.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Humans: These are the most boring of all the races of the world, they are proud and varied that do what they wish and follow their own path. They are the most common of all the races, and are from the Kingdom of Aron. The humans are a upstart race and founded they're nations from the ruins of the Old Empire. Humans are well rounded when it comes to military strength, production, and magic.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Vlakte: A race of humans hailing from a desert region across the seas. They follow the serpent goddess Keket, and are quite an isolated people who have isolationist policies until recently. Three years ago, the King sent priests, warriors, and others across the lands in order to learn about other cultures, deeming their time of isolation from the rest of the world was long past.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]They are a highly religious people, and will not tolerate insults to their Goddess. At best, they are stalwart defenders of their faith. At worst, their Zealots who do not tolerate any polytheistic or other 'pagan' beliefs. They wholeheartedly believe their goddess, is the true goddess. Law, Order, and Peace fall in next in the pillars of their culture. The peoples themselves tend to be suspicious of most outsiders, but are also quite friendly and won't turn away a weary traveler should they need a bed. Just don't expect a warm reception until they grow used to you. Most of the commoners tend to be dark skinned from long days in the sun, while the priests and nobles have paler skin from spending their days being surrounded by lavishness in palaces.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Orks: Orks are green skinned gruff figures. They are pure enemies to the Dwarfs and have warred with them since the dawn of time. Orks are war-like and are skilled warriors like the Dwarfs. Unlike the dwarfs though they are not good are crafting weapons, they use crude blunt weapons like clubs and maces. Compared to Dwarfs, Orks are in more of quantity then the Dwarfs. Orks are the ones responsible for the fall of the Old Empire along with the goblin hoards.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Sylvan: Sylvan are a secretive race. They are an elemental species, Sylvan are made from leaves, wood, and plants. They are a newer race to appear they come from the Island of Grace. They had been isolated for centuries, but since the ships from the humans have found them they have been spreading to all the forest of the main land. The Sylvan are extremely passive and peaceful.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Catfolk: Catfolk are rather mysterious they are from the midlands in the desert. They are furry all over and much cat. Catfolk are very sneaky and dexterous. They had never heard of the Old Empire, when it had existed they were far north. You see, they had migrated south to the desert to get away from their mysterious oppressors.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Neko: Neko are a product of a Human and a Catfolk. They tend to not follow any path but yet travel the world in search of a purpose. Most races don’t like the Neko because of their appearance and the fact that they are a result of an unwanted relationship between a Human and Catfolk. This race is very rare since most are killed at birth.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    Fay: Commonly known as Fairy's, this race has lived for hundreds of thousands of years in forests, bartering with neighboring towns and city's. Only recently has the fey been exposing themselves, due to incredible trickish nature, and literal speech, and wide ranges of magic, they fey has made deals that has lead to many displeasures. Many has begun to speared apart from their community's, wishing to gain approval from other races, and by doing so, moving into small villages and even some city's.

    Naga: A very eccentric race of beast folk hailing from small provinces all over the world with no named kingdom to speak of. Their demeanor can range anywhere from joyful and upbeat to downright homicidal. With many strange rituals for even the most trivial of tasks, many races are confused by their actions. They have dozens of variations across the lands and different characteristics and traits that are used to tell them apart. Some say they are descended from dragons. Well, the Naga said so. Probably due to the small fire resistance their hard scales have, their habit of hoarding treasures and the tale that some Naga can breathe fire. Which is debatable considering some Naga are even known to have feathers and most know that dragons didn't actually possess feathers and no one really knows a Naga alive that actually breathed fire. Some are known for their excellent swimming and others for their hunting prowess with further proves that the Naga are widely diverse despite their name. They are sometimes target to racial slurs and have difficulty reforming their tribal ways into a more civil standing in society. All in all, a Naga is a fine addition to most societies and make great travelling companions due to their intense loyalty to those they call friends. Or not. Just depends on the Naga.

    Sigh-up Sheet

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Sexual orientation :[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Staying or visiting:[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]




    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bethnic- Goddess of disease, poison, and the moon. Twin Sister of Naton.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Naton- God of herbs, health, and the sun. Twin brother of Bethnic[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sarahton- Goddess of manipulation, evil deeds, and death. Mother of Lawston and Bethnic and Naton.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lawston- God of Law, and order. Husband to Loven (Lo-ven).[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Loven- God of love and compassion. Husband to Lawston.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Keket- The single God that the Vlakte fallow.[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Kir slams his head down on the bar causing a bang to echo through the tavern, not caring for the looks he's getting he lifts his head up and lights his pipe with his favorite cherry scented tobacco and took a few puffs before sighing. His forge had covered him in soot after a damn rat had knocked a finishing oil into the fire and now he had to let the forge burn itself out because the oil was noxious when it was burned so it had to burn all away before he could enter. "At least it will kill the rats." Kir thought as he sat and smoked.
  3. Toiling away in the private garden of a wealthier resident of the humble hamlet, Tev finished up and stepped back and admired his work. The old crone that had hired him had already gone to bed so he would have to collect his coin the following morning. Slipping his sweater back on as his cold blooded caught a chill from the cool breeze following the setting sun, Tev retrieved his precious egg and cupped it to his chest. "Forgive me little one. I had not meant for you to catch a chill. Come. Allow us to go visit the tavern." Replacing the ho to where he had borrowed it from, Tev delicately handled his young as he walked about the quiet dirt roads of his home. His mouth watered at the though of all of the mead the tavern had to offer and the prospect of potentially making coin from one of his fellow villagers.

    Cradling his egg as he protected it from the chill of the night air, he pushed open the heavy wooden door and pulled it shut with the metal latch as he entered. Catching a waft of heavy cherry-smelling smoke as he examined the room. Tev called out, "Hello, friends! Tev is here to enjoy a night of merry fun! Allow us to make pleasant conversation and how do you say... get drunked!" With his lizard grin he walked quickly through the bar and flashed a smile to everyone he passed. Most ignored his glances, some shot a glare at him and a handful cocked a half-hearted smile at their strange neighbor. Plopping down on a bar stool, Tev meticulously made a small circle of peanuts to support his precious egg and then continued to stroke and coo at it as if it were a newborn. Much to the anger of a few of the less approving citizens.
  4. Frederick spent his day the way he always did, in his tavern serving the guests. He cleaned the glasses as more and more people entered after a long days work. "Watch it now, this is the time of day where it gets the most hectic. Don't get surprised if a few of the more drunk ones get a little touchy feely, just let me know. Not that I think you will have a problem." He said to a new waitress. Frederick eyed everyone walking in, he liked to see the regulars as they entered. They were the reason he was still in business after all. Dwarf smoker, check. The catfolk who likes Diane a little too much, check. Naga guy who's obsessed with an egg, check.

    As they took seats, he went and started to prepare drinks for them all. Plopping some drinks on the serving plate of the new maid with a simple "Don't mess up." he personally brought drinks to those sitting the bar stool. With the dwarf and naga now sitting there, he coldly called out. "So what do you two drunkards want? The usual?"
  5. Tev absentmindedly examined his egg for any smudges or dirt acquired from carrying it around with him constantly. Flicking off a bit of dirt he sighed contently as Frederick called out to them. He was always fond of Frederick. Probably because he didn't understand his insults and took most of it as friendly banter. Scratching at his scaly chin as he pondered the question. "Ahhh, yes. The usual as you say, please. It will warm me a bit more on this chilly eve! Thank you for your kindness." He sat silently for a second before piping up again. "Would you mind giving me something warm for my... Ummm how do you say? The uhhh... Egg? Yes egg! Something for keeping it warm. It is a bit too chilly a night for it to sit without a warmth." He said as he realigned his peanut wall protecting his egg from tipping. He was always paying more attention to the egg than himself. Even though most people had no idea it was actually his unborn hatchling. Everyone just assumed he was a little mad but Tev was none the wiser.
  6. Kir looked up at the bar keeper and shook his head. "Not today Frederick just water for now." Kir turned toward the Naga and spoke. "If you want I could make something for that egg of yours to keep it warm and protected, especially with winter on the way to this little land of our's." He offered to the Naga that had arrived in town with just that egg and his odd manner of speech awhile ago.
  7. Tev glanced over at the dwarf. "You build for me?" He sat shocked for a few moments before jumping out of his seat in excitement and swung his egg around in circles cheering. "Yes, little one! Nice Dwarf help keep you warm! Wait, I can still hold egg after you build... Thing? Cause I would still like to hold egg." He asked expectantly as he slowly leaned closer waiting for an answer. While across the bar a shuffling was becoming more prominent from a group of human travelers who were a little less friendly than the hamlet's residents. They didn't like the different races being so cordial with one another. Especially to a Naga who they thought had no right to live in civilized land. For all they cared he was a hyped up, ignorant tribal. That egg irked them the most. An ignorant Naga carrying around a useless egg like it was some sort of grand treasure? Humans had little to no concept of Naga birth. Hell, not many races were actually sure how it worked. Only a handful had actually seen a proper Naga hatching.
  8. "Got it you two." Frederick took a few steps back and grabbed two glasses. The dwarf, Kir was an okay enough fellow, he picked on his smoking habit because its about the only thing Frederick had against him. The snake guy, Tev? That was another story, always carrying around that egg like he was a chicken or duck. Frankly, Frederick wanted to see something cool happen to it, like hatch into a dragon or a mini Tev.

    "Alrighty you two, the usual for the Egghead, and a water for Kir. Now maybe I should get a drink myself, because a day a dwarf says no to a drink is an auspicious day indeed."
  9. Kir saw the travelers approaching and got off the stool he was on and blew out a puff of smoke and looked them in the eyes. "You all best back off, you may think you can take us in a fight but I assure you if you continue on this course most of you are gonna end up broken or worse and I may be a smith but I was a solider much longer so come test your mettle if you are so inclined." The human travelers seemed to hesitate for a moment before the lead man rushed for the egg Kir grabbed the man and slammed his head into the bar the stomped on his kneecap shattering it, before the man could start screaming Kir knocked him out with his large fist. "That's one down boys and I ain't even winded, now take your trash and leave we have no need for bigots in this town." Kir sat back down and sipped his water before looking at Tev. "Now where were we, ah yes the egg, why yes you could still hold it hell I could even rig up a strap so you can carry the whole pouch on you with the egg."
  10. "Ahh, yes. Drink." Tev announced as he got cozy on his stool again. Hearing the commotion caused Tev to glance over his shoulder and chuckle at the short scuffle. "They want egg?" He directed at Kir. "Why they want egg? It is mine. Are they challenging for egg?" Tev stiffened at the thought and his scales bristled down his neck. No one probably understood what it meant to challenge a Naga but Tev didn't know that. Seeing that Kir had it under control set him at ease though. "Strong Dwarf is Kir! Very good! What is a ummm... 'Soldur'? As you say!" Tev nodded in agreement at the pouch idea and grinned the best a reptile could. "Yes, please! Egg stay close to Tev. Would you like to hold?" He said pushing his egg in Kir's direction. "Careful, friend. Only have one."

    Glancing back at Frederick with his arms still extended towards Kir he thanked the barman graciously. "I travel when I was young Naga but you... Uhhh Fredreek? Make best drink. How do you do this?"
  11. Frederick gave a small sigh as potential customers ran from the bar. "Come now, they weren't the best of people but that doesn't give you the okay to dirty my bar with their blood." He grabbed a rag and walked over to start cleaning it. "Coulda' waited for them to buy some drinks first before you smashed them in. I woulda got my money and you woulda gotten your blood frenzy cured." He began mumbling to himself as he cleaned the spot. "Damned rank'n'files always starting up trouble, even if they're retired."
  12. Adrian puffed on the pipe again and looked at Tev. "I can only assume that they wanted to harm your egg and before you rush off and try and do something about it don't they are cowards and will run at the first show of force as I did they should not come back. The word is solider and it is like a naga warrior, I fought for my clan, my family." Adrian picked up the egg with a surprising amount of caution, he had felt naga eggs before and they were all warm but this one was well not cold but not warm either. He held it to his ear and heard the small heart beat inside but it was slow as if in a hibernation, he set it back by the naga and turned towards Frederick. "Your greed does not take priority over a life friend and at least it's just a little blood I could of cracked his skull on your bar making the issue much worse." He then turned back to the naga. "Tev, how long have you had that egg exactly, I know what it is to you but shouldn't it of hatched by now? It also doesn't feel as warm as other naga eggs I've held."
  13. Tev looked horrified at the though but quickly calmed down from the Dwarf's words. "They not harm egg." He said flatly. "Ahh! You warrior! Very good. I warrior once too. Long ago." Glancing to Frederick he said, "I would offer clean for coin but Dwarf friend has kind words for Tev." He said with a smile. Tev thought about how long he actually had his egg and how to word his response. "I have had egg for many, many years!" Tev said stroking his egg gently. "Egg takes many years to hatch even under best condition. Ten years if lucky? Egg also slightly cracked at birth which makes it harder to keep warm. This egg has been with Tev through many adventure. Egg is smart and knows when it should not hatch. Needs safe and warm. You know this? So, my egg has been with Tev, maybe twenty year? It is stubborn egg! I come here cause it tells Tev it is almost ready. You come to watch hatching?" Tev said with a grin.
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  14. Lilen ran down the thin dirt road with her hands out wide, pretending to be a bird. Her tail fallowing right behind her. Lilen's was smile so adorable, as the sun sets behind her. She loved the Hamlet, it was small and cozy; everyone was mostly friendly and there were so many nice people. As Lilen ran down the road, she saw her daddy or Mr. Granet as most people called him. "Daddy! Daddy!" she yelled out to him as Lilen ran down the road ready to embrace him. "My Lilen, you are home at last, did you water the garden?" He said as Lilen looked up from her childish hug. "Oh yes, I think we well be ready to harvest them tomorrow. They are all nice and ripe for picking" she said excitedly for the coming harvest. "Very nice, I got one last chore for you though. Can you deliver this basket of bread to Fredrick, I think I remember him ordering some this morning, if not just give them to him, say it's my treat." Granet explained with a smile only a father can have. "OK, daddy," Lilen said gently. She started to run off to the tavern, to give the basket to Fredrick. Lilen was at the door when she stopped.
  15. Finished with leaving the counter blood free, Frederick gave a satisfied breath. "Haah, even blood is nothing for the trees of this area. I was kinda worried it would end up staining or something." Outside the front door however, was the town's resident Neko. Dusting off his clothes, he made his way over to the door. "Hey there pipsqueak, what are you doing in front of a place like this?" Looking down, he noticed her basket. "Ahh, I see. Daddy's having you run his errands again isn't he? What guy sends his little girl to a place like this so late?"
  16. Chione shivered, pulling her cloak around her body tightly as she stopped for a minute to rest as she leaned on her staff. She would never get used to the cold air in this land, especially at night. Certainly the nights in the Vlakte desert were cool, but the days? The days were blazing hot and while she was never directly in the sun herself, the temperature remained in the low triple digits most of the days. What she wouldn't give for the warm touch of the sun on her bare skin again, instead of having to wear this damnable cloak because the people in this land were too modest. Thankfully, though, her trek for the day was almost over. In the distance, she spotted the little Hamlet. A relieved smile made its way across her lips. Finally, she'd be able to get some decent food and rest a bit. Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she gave one last push and headed towards the Hamlet.

    It didn't take the traveler much longer to reach her destination. Motivated by the thought of food and a place to rest quickened her pace. She just had to find the...tavern, as the people in these lands called it. Thankfully, she located it quite easily and made her way there. She got a few looks from some people as she passed, but for the most part people left her alone.

    As she reached the tavern she saw a Neko and a human. The cat person looked to be delivering some bread to someone.

    "Ah, hello." She interrupted the pair. "This is the...tavern yes?" She asked. Her accent would easily mark her as a traveler, not to mention her clothing should she lower her hood or remove her cloak. "You wouldn't happen to know if they have a room I could stay for a few nights, would you?"
  17. Tev drank wistfully as he enjoyed the freshly stoked fire of the tavern and using a sleeve he dampened in his drink to wipe down his precious egg. The tavern was bustling as usual from townsfolk, traders and the rogue adventurer crew here and there. Tev lusted to go on adventures again but he knew that life was to stay behind him. Especially considering the fast arriving hatching of his egg. He worked on the perfect hatching area every night after he left the tavern. Many restless nights was common for a Naga expecting young but it was rare for a male Naga to hatch an egg by himself. He considered Kir and maybe a few other townsfolk to accompany him in the endeavor. Considering the complicated process of a Naga hatching, it would take quite a bit of effort. He absentmindedly rolled his egg back and forth on the counter and caught it with his tail each time it tried to roll off onto the floor.

    Spinning around on his stool, he looked all about the tavern before spotting the group at the door. Tev was not the most well versed when it came to normal behavior for other species but he knew hooded figures probably weren't a good thing. Wrapping his tail around his egg, he held it behind his back and waited for the scene to unfold and readied himself to fight if necessary.
  18. Lilen looked up at Frederick with a smile and said " I brought some bread for you, my dad said you bought some. He also said if you didn't buy them you can have them. His treat" She did start to notice that it was getting dark out, but it was normal for Lilen to be out this late she had lots of work to do. If it wasn't fall, it would still be sunny out. Her ear twitched as she heard the voice of someone, she had a strange foreign accent. Lilen's smile ran off her face, she didn't like the travelers from the outside lands, specially humans they scared her the most. She didn't say anything to the Lady, she knew Frederick should properly answer her question and plus she was a little anxious.
  19. "Oh yah? That's awful nice of him. Sadly I can't take this for free. Tell him next time he comes, the drinks are on me!" He took the basket from her. "But look, at this time of night lots of drunkards walk amok this street. People aren't at their mental best during that time. I just don't wanna see your dad posting 'Lost Kitten' signs all over the place, okay? It looks bad for business." Shortly after his little chiding, a voice came from behind the Neko. Lilen's smile quickly fell, but that was usual around strangers for her. The new person was not a native, but she was most definitely a customer.

    "Ah don't worry about the little girl here, she scares easily. Even more if you're a human. But just like a cat, she'll slowly grow on you. It's in the blood I tell ya'." He gave a small chuckleat his own joke. "There's always room in The Crimson Flail. Especially if you got the coin..." He looked closer at her, she really didn't look like she was around here. "I gotta say though, that accent is pretty new, and this is coming from a guy who's been around the block. Where are you from?"
  20. Kir looked at the situations he saw before him, the neko Lilen had just delivered bread to Frederick and now this stranger had entered the tavern and everyone seemed tense. He walked over to the newcomer after Frederick had greeted them and stuck out his hand for this female (if her body type was to be believed) to shake. "Hello, the name is Kirdot but call me Kir, what might your name be friend?"
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